Australia, Qatar out of 2021 Copa America


Australia and Qatar are out of the 2021 Copa America as it looks like there will be no invited teams to the tournament.

Qatar was the first team to withdraw from the Copa America as Australia have now joined them. The second round of AFC World Cup qualifying has been postponed until June because of COVID means that both teams cannot participate in the Copa America.

The 2022 World Cup hosts announced on Tuesday that they would not be competing in the this year’s tournament which will be held in Argentina and Colombia. Australia later followed them and confirmed that they wouldn’t be participating.

Argentina, draw in Group A, would have had Australia in their group along with Bolivia, Uruguay, Chile and Paraguay.


  1. Sosa at this age is a phenomenom! I believe that Argentina will always introduce such extremely talented players who will justify any hype about them. The point is the development of these players because in my humble opinion, i can’t really say, at least for the last decade, that a good project on this issue has been put on the table sadly.

    • not an attacking midfielder/enganche/second striker type player? PSG, Real Madrid, Manchester City and Bayern Munich have entered into a four-way transfer duel for the opportunity to land Gonzalo Sosa, who has been dubbed “El Talentoso” in Argentina.

        • I move Dario Sarmiento, in terms of goals and assists in primera you wouldn’t think he’s that good, but if you watch him you will be impressed. Very quick, amazing at dribbling, and I have a feeling he can become an elite attack even but just watching a couple minutes of a game.

  2. Good, Leverkusen lose in the round of 32 to young boys. What do they think is going to happen when they bench their once prolific goalscorer and utterly disrespect one of their best talents? Absolutely deserved

    • LOL! You spoke my mind olive, I was thinking the EXACT same thing! Alario is no.5 on the most clinical strikers in the bundesliga and he’s a sub and palacios hasn’t even been given a single minute to get his fitness back! Peter Bosz can go f**k himself, I hope NEVERkusen keep losing so that a**hat would get his marching orders.

      • Yep. Even some of their fans like to say “alario > schick” and “play Palacios”. Kind of unbelievable that this is still a problem and it honestly borders on complete disrespect

      • No they want to replace those teams. this is the priority of Conmebol.
        if things don t go well for find 2 teams to replace them then as last choice they will make copa with 10 teams but as it look the picture this moment it is not the the most possible senario to happened.

        • Thats the same thing I was thinking. So odd it was to see those two countries, while we even have countries like Suriname and Guyana that don’t play despite being in the continent (Although they are pretty bad)

        • oh lol…yeah that’s true, nothing to do with “America’s”. i do care about competition too so i’d welcome stronger opponents in heart beat like Mexico and US over those 2. i always felt calling crappy countries is like stealing candy from a baby. I suppose Conmebol wouldn’t want non america team finishing first. imagine if England won Copa?? lol

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