Argentina assistant Walter Samuel scouts Nahuel Molina of Udinese


Argentina national team assistant Walter Samuel was present as Udinese got the 1-0 win vs. Fiorentina where he was scouting the Argentine players.

With the Argentina national team playing two World Cup qualifying matches vs. Uruguay and Brazil in March, the staff gets ready to call-up some players to the team and the scouting has already started. There were five Argentine players who took part in the Udinese and Fiorentina match. It was Rodrigo de Paul, Juan Musso and Nahuel Molina for Udinese while German Pezzella and Lucas Martinez Quarta represented Fiorentina.

But per reports, Walter Samuel was a spectator where he kept particular attention to Nahuel Molina. The 22 year old right back could replace Gonzalo Montiel in the team.


  1. Goalkeepers stats (domestic leagues+european cups+domestic cups if available)(stats from, imo only save% and saves/90 are significant, CS% mostly correlate to their team’s strengths:

    Emiliano Martinez 120 matches, 74,8% save%, clean sheets 37,6%, 3,13 saves/90
    Juan Musso 125 matches, 74%, 27,2%, 3,10 saves/90
    Walter Benitez 178 matches, 71,8%, 28,8%, 2,66 saves/90
    Geronimo Rulli 209 matches, 70,1%, 31,3%, 2,64 saves/90
    Agustin Marchesin 238 matches, 72%, 37,4%, 2,48 saves/90
    Paulo Gazzaniga 112 matches, 73,5%, 27,5%, 3,04 saves/90
    Jeremias Ledesma 97 matches, 71,5%, 26,8%, 3,02 saves/90

    Sergio Romero 235 matches, 77,5%, 43,1%, 3,09 saves/90
    Wilfredo Caballero 396 matches, 71,9%, 33,0%, 2,85 saves/90
    Mariano Andujar 311 matches, 72,0%, 34,5%, 2,80 saves/90.

    Manuel Neuer 576 matches, 76,9%, 45,1%, 2,75 saves/90
    Gianluigi Buffon 785 matches, 77,4%, 45,4%, 2,77 saves/90
    Jan Oblak 352 matches, 78,1%, 50,1%, 2,62 saves/90
    Ter Stegen 378 matches, 75,8%, 39,4%, 2,86 saves/90
    David de Gea 492 matches, 72,6%, 34,4%, 2,82 saves/90
    Ederson 261 matches, 73,4%, 45%, 1,97 saves/90
    Alisson 226 matches, 75,6%, 42,9%, 2,57 saves/90.

    Esteban Andrada 164 matches 78,8%, 44,5%, 2,84 saves/90
    Franco Armani (since 2017) 208 matches 80,1%, 51,0%, 2,41 saves/90
    Nahuel Guzman (since 2014) 219 matches, 76,8%, 38,8%, 2,71 saves)90.
    (Weaker league can explain such high numbers.)

    • Nice addition to the list I posted in the last thread! Thanks

      I took my stats from (more updated for leagues) but looking at Emi’s profile on, it’s easy to see where his career took a turn and stats started improving

      18/19 with Reading (18 matches)
      77.3% save rate
      4.16 saves/90
      5 clean sheets (27.8%)

      19/20 with Arsenal (9 matches)
      81% save rate
      3.66 saves/90
      3 clean sheets (37.5%)

      20/21 with Aston Villa (24 matches)
      78% save rate
      3.83 saves/90
      13 clean sheets (54.2%)

      If we add these 3 seasons up, this is the average we get:

      51 matches played

      77.8% save rate
      3.92 saves/90
      21 clean sheets (41.1%)

      257 shots faced
      200 saves
      57 conceded

  2. Why not scouting Christian Romero??? It would be Crime if they don’t pick Romero an Emiliano in first XI.

    Foyth/Molina-Romero-Quarta-Tagliafico should be the ideal Back Four.

    • Few good plays. Showcased his speed, dribbling, first touch, and defense. He could have an assist after regaining possession but the teammate biffed it.

      Looking forward to seeing more of the big man

  3. Molina has lots of potential, a very attack minded full back, dare I say in the Brazillian mold, *runs for cover* don’t hate me everybody!
    I would say that he needs a full season to really prove himself but Argentina is desperate in the RB position even though I think Montiel will recover in time.

    • Brazilians, whether we like or not, are the point of reference for fullbacks, the gold standard of the past decade..dare i say – *quickly runs for cover behind mamoun elpipita*

      I didn’t get to watch the game but i listened as i cooked and did chores. Molina seemed quite involved as the announcers called out his name often. Few good crosses and tackles, and almost scored a banger.

    • With current medical situation of montiel, Molina surely is getting called up. Tough test for sure… Hope it dosent become like bustos where critics passed their verdict v soon. But i guess scaloni will start foyth at RB.

  4. Played Foyth as a right back.. Just wasting a position. He Doesn’t know how to Overlap, doesn’t know how to attack, doesn’t know how to cross.He played just like a 3 man central defender.(not today, almost every match as a RB)

    • Have you seen Foyth’s stats vs Atletico Madrid he got 8.0 rating in
      2 chance created, 61/67 passes, 4 aerial duels, 4/4 tackles, 89% final third accuracy,2 interception, 8 recoveries.

    • What are you talking about. Foyth was Villareal’s best player last night against Atletico. He creating many chances, combined very vell with Parejo and was Defensively Solid.

      • I think u guys were those public who didn’t watch the match live, but fallowed sofascore regularly. Yes he played well, 2 key passes…but all he was doing as a(like 3 man) central defender… Not a Rightback

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