Eduardo Salvio injured, will miss Argentina’s World Cup qualifiers


Eduardo Salvio injured himself on Sunday while playing for Boca Juniors and will miss Argentina’s World Cup qualifers as well as the Copa America.

Salvio was substituted early in Boca’s 1-1 draw vs. Sarmiento with tests done on him on Monday. The tests concluded that Salvio has torn his ACL and will be out for 6 months. This would mean that he would not only miss this month’s World Cup qualifiers for Argentina but also the Copa America in a few months.

The Argentine has been selected by Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni in the past for the World Cup qualifiers.


  1. Ideally best team for Argentina
    Emi Martinez
    Sarvia Foyth C. Romero Angeleri
    De Paul Paredes Lo celso
    Messi Aguero N. Gonzalez
    2nd best team for Argentina
    Montiel Pezella LMQ Acuna
    Erik Lamela Rodriguez. N. Dominiguez
    Dybla. L. Martinez. J. Correa

  2. It is not that i want the players get injured, but as always to bring the potential and good players, injured are needed to replace the existing regular players. Otherwise the coach will just look and bring plus repeated the same squad regularly without even trying to figure out and given a chance to new comers…

  3. The other day someone mentioned guide Rodriguez
    I don’t know who was but guide Rodriguez is another level now very good defensively good passing on the ball even there some rumours juve linked him the guy is unnoticed but is doing so well at betis
    As salvio I’m sorry for his injury and hope he recover soon however he is no way near to be or even been nt material player I always frustrated when local media hype undeserved players for nt particularly boca and River.

  4. Ok i have an idea!

    What do you guys think, cox4, choripan, mamoun, csabalala, olive majestic, ddr123, godin and others, what if we go and play against Uruguay and Brazil instead because the way i see it, we will have no players available for the qualifiers while Brazil and Uruguay seem to have supermen instead of comon human beings, as their players don’t get injured.

    • My friend we will have enough players I’m even more than hopeful nicolas gonzalez and gio lo celso will be available for the nt in order to face Uruguay and Brazil
      However I will very much doubt if Mourinho and spurs will allow lo celso to go and play qualifiers.
      If was scaloni will call Emi Buendia plus N. Dominguez and Alex MacAllister relatively been good

    • my friend when i was young at school era i used to play as LB. so the team don t need me because in my position exist player to cover my position 🙂 🙂 🙂
      plus against Brasil i don t want to play because i will take red card sure before even the halftime 🙂 🙂 🙂
      exept the joke now i believe that it is in our hand to take good result. yes they look better and maybe they are better than us but the key is not their performance. it is our performance.
      if we play smart and we follow gameplan that fits to the players that we will have then we can win. we need little luck too and the most important for me is NO EASY STUPID MISTAKES in midfield and in our defence line area.

      • My friend, i know exactly what you are saying, if i was going to play against Brazil, i would have awarded a red card as well, actually, i wouldn’t have reached halftime, VAR would have given me the red card even before i would enter the turf! 😁

        Anyway, in my humble opinion, a complete Argentina squad without any injuries, is no way inferior to the yellow team but i totally agree with you that we have to play smart. We need energy against Brazil and this team is blessed with lots of energy already, but the two most energetic players we have, Ocampos and Gonzalez, are both out, even though i personally think that at least Gonzalez should have been ready.

        So you used to play as a LB? I used to play as a RB ☺. But against Brazil i could have played as a CB or DM as well, unleashing my notorious kickboxing abilities!😎

        Are you left footed?

        • my friend i don t know which players finally will be available to play but i know one thing which they teach me in football.
          if you want to win a game with teams play like Brasil there is only 2 ways to do it. Or you will choose to play with speed players in wings to counter attack fast or you will play with passing game use players that can keep the ball well and make your opponent run for the ball. not the opposite.
          so the gameplan should be decided few days before the game according to which players will be available then.

          as about me yes. i was LB. my football story is little strange. i was right “good” foot is the right but just because the most of children was right footed too the coach didn t use me.i was in bench the most of time. so one day i spoke with my coach. i asked him what i should do to put me play. where i should arrive in level to use me play. he said to me “if you had left foot you could play all the time. we need left footed players as you see”. that was it. it take me some months hard trainning but i succeed to play with my left. from then i was the starter LB. the only thing i never succeed to do well with my left foot is make shoots. i mean shoot strong. like penalty kick or direct strong shoot. for those i used right foot.
          i had played small number of games as LM too when it was needed but i was LB.

    • I could cover at defensive midfield, but we need someone that is able to play at RB, at this point anyone can walk into that position😂. In my opinion Ocampos and Lo Celso are the losses that will hurt us the most.

    • Lol. Quality post, my friend

      Ummm. I used to play CAM but even thinking about running for 90, makes me a bit wheezy :). I suppose we could all pair up, sit on each other’s shoulders and create a human barrier in front of goal. Good luck to Uruguay and Brazil penetrating that Mundo human wall!!!

      And after we inevitably beat them 4-0 each, I’ll break out Choripanes, alfajores, and beer. Perfectly balanced nutritious post game meal.

      • Perfect idea my friend! Especially the one which included beers! Just a tiny proposal: Instead of beers, it would have been even better if we had ales, as an old, one of the oldest mundo members actually and a good friend, Pablo, used to say.

    • Why the heck not, I won a regional 5k competition in Auckland 3 times in a row, so I can run and I played regista in college/university.
      In all seriousness the list of injuries are growing and Ocampos and Nico are big losses to be sure but I would start worrying if Paredes and DePaul get injured (god forbid).
      I think it’s high time Buendia, A.Correa, Icardi and especially C.Romero get called up. The former 2 are especially useful in a 4-2-2-2 system that won Argentina the match against Brazil the last time around:


      ———–De Paul——————————————————-Correa/Buendia


      Honestly I don’t know what heck is NEVERkusen’s problem with Palacios, he hasn’t had a single damn minute to get his match fitness back up, what a s**ty club and an even worse coach.

    • I played as a striker during my school days and was good at sneaking up and score goals, was good at hiding…lol! I guess those Paolo Rossi type #9s are not appreciated these days…lol!!

      On a serious note, we will always have a team. There are lot of players. Salvio is not a loss at all. I wish him quick recovery and good health but I am not missing him, quite the contrary.

      I have said many times and agree with you all too, for once we need to play smart. Our kind of possession and attacking play is exactly what Brazil’s counter attack love. Lot of space for their players to run against our slow CBs. For once I want us to sit back and not let them counter. Not because we are weaker but because that’s the smart think to do.

      If they are waiting for us to attack and give space, keep them waiting. I will take a 0-0 at Brazil. I will see that as Brazil’s failure to beat us at home ground, with ref and VAR.

      Another thing, for heaven’s sake prepare to defend set pieces. I won’t be able to take Casemiro scoring a header in 88th min.

      We should avoid red cards against Uruguay and try to get a win there. Watch out for Suarez diving and rolling over.

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