Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni says Paulo Dybala likely to miss World Cup qualifiers, Sergio Aguero, more


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni arrived back in Argentina where he spoke about Sergio Aguero, Paulo Dybala, the World Cup qualifiers and much more.

Scaloni will announce his list for this month’s World Cup qualifiers in the upcoming week. Several injuries to key players as well as travel restrictions could be a problem as the team go up against Uruguay and Brazil later this month. Having only drawn one match and won the other three, Scaloni’s team are second in qualifying. They host Uruguay on March 26 before traveling to play Brazil on March 30 in two difficult games.

Speaking to the media, here’s what he had to say:

“It will be two fixtures just like the others but this one will be particular in that we have been observing the players. There are some who are not in the best conditions but we have time to wait until we give the final list.”

Regarding the possible travel restrictions from countries due to COVID:

“I believe there will be a reunion with CONMEBOL to reach an agreement. If the countries decide not to release the players, we can’t do much, we hope they can get here because they are important players.”

The coach has several injured players including Gio Lo Celso, Lucas Ocampos, Marcos Acuña and Nico González:

“I don’t believe there’s a problem, there are players and choices. We hope they can play in any of the matches for them to get to better fitness. If the opposite were to happen, we have other options.”

Sergio Aguero is another one who has been battling injuries this season:

“I spoke to him a month ago and hopefully he can get into the rhythm, We will decide the final list in the next week and he is always in consideration but he has to be in the best condition and we know he won’t get here 100%.”

Paulo Dybala could miss both matches due to his injury:

“We spoke four days ago and there was no solution to the pain in his ligament. He will undergo treatment and it will be difficult for him to be here.”

Marcos Senesi of Feyenoord is being looked at by Scaloni:

“There was a big change, he’s playing several matches and in a competitive league, he could be an option.”


  1. Cristian Romero is a better CB than Senesi, but he’s a stopper type or number 6 in Argentine tradition whereas Senesi is more of a ball playing type or number 2. Ideally you need both types of CBs, a stopper type who sweeps and the play-maker type who also comes out defence more often. Also ideally you should have a right footed and a left footed defender.

    No 6 type for us: Pezzella, Romero, Kannemann
    No 2 type: Quarta, Senesi, L. Martinez, Foyth

    Btw, Foyth’s club number is 8 which is possibly indicative of how he himself sees his playing style.

  2. Mark my word without cristian romero in defence & emi martinez in goalkeeper we are not going to win anything & poor messi will get all the blame ……..

  3. Selection of the national team is always a surprise. It is simply more complicated and political than it should be. It is just not simple on merit.

    There are quotas it seems. The head coach need to keep some local clubs happy. I can see that not having local players from local big clubs (local supporters) could result in lack of interest on NT. Otherwise I cannot even understand why no reporter even ask the question about Emi Martinez or Romero.

    While Scaloni has done well, in my assessment, he is guilty of some inconsistencies. He mandates regular playing time for clubs but then goes ahead and chooses Balerdi or even Palacios. At this point of time Emi and Romero not being in the team is scandalous.

  4. Sensei does not look like a class player he is slow reader of game,does not understand what is happening around he is not mentally sharp so should not be selected. C. Romero is much better.

    • Kavi, I am not trying to argue with you but I am surprised that you like Angileri and Payero but don’t like Montiel, since Montiel is a better fullback than Angileri. I mean it’s good that you see Payero’s talent but the difference is surprising. Is it because your a fan of Foyth or you don’t like Montiel for whatever other reason?

  5. What world are we living in? Senesi is being considered? It’s a small step up but I am still worried that I’ve heard nothing about Romero. If I see Balerdi I will be shocked. I was also shocked to see the Salvio article the other day and shuddered when I realized he was actually in consideration. Buendía deserves a call up and I honestly believe he can help make it more difficult for Brazil.

    • Senesi scored some wonderful goals, but against strong opposition (ajax, az, psv) his shortcomings become clear. He is slow, makes mistakes and is often involved in conceding goals. Romero is much better.

      • I agree that Romero is better, but either way Senesi himself is better than Balerdi and Kanneman so for those reasons he should at least be on the bench

  6. As per rumours Carlos Izquierdoz of Boca and Matias Suarez of River are being considered by Scaloni and co. If true I think this would be necessary. In my opinion only Montiel and maybe (a big maybe) Angileri deserve to be called up from the local league. And I am saying that as a fan and a supporter of local league.

    If you need to replace missing forwards or wingers call Joaquin and Angel Correa, Alario and even the pelotudo Icardi (as much as I don’t like him and his imbecile wife). Also call Buendia and for LB we can use Medina who played as a LB for us in U23.

    Cuti Romero is a must and if Scaloni needs a left footed CB then he should really consider at least one of Lisandro Martinez, Senesi and even Kannemann.

    • When Europian based players are clearly better why Scaloni is choosing Argentina league player is beyond my understanding J.Correa,Icardi,C.Romero must be in the team.From home league Payero(Banfield) and Angeleri deserves national call.

    • I am totally in agreement with you enganche, for me the only player should be Montiel and maybe Angilieri given the injuries. Honestly Izquierdoz being called up makes me sick to my stomach when we have other much better options from Europe. Suarez has been in form recently but he too has far better European counterparts.

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