FIFA requesting to postpone CONMEBOL World Cup qualifiers


FIFA are reportedly requesting to get the South American World Cup qualifiers delayed.

With the COVID restrictions all around the world and with many South American players based in Europe, FIFA will reportedly request to CONMEBOL to get this month’s South American World Cup qualifiers delayed to a further date.

The reason being that the European clubs would refuse to let their players travel to South America to play the matches.

This would not be the first time the South American World Cup qualifiers have been delayed with them having been already delayed twice last year. Argentina would play Uruguay at home on March 26 before playing their second match on March 30 away vs. Brazil.


  1. De Paul this season Serie A:
    1st in successful dribbles
    1st in big chances created
    2nd in fouls received
    2nd in key passes
    3rd in successful long balls
    Needs to find a bigger club, but above all one that will play to his strengths so he continues with these stats

    • Recognized by the Italian media as a world class midfielder and consistently one of Serie A’s best midfielders. Argentina is lucky to have such a midfielder in it’s ranks and with Paredes improving and starting in PSG under Poch and hopefully Celso getting over his injury woes Argentina could have it’s best midfield since 2016 copa (Masch-Banega-Augusto).
      With the NT De Paul plays on Messi’s side and spends all his time covering for Messi’s lack of defensive work hence why he’s nowhere near as ‘fancy’ or as productive as he is in Italy but make no mistake De Paul is essential for the NT, without his tenacity, athleticism and defensive discipline Argentina would be wide open for attacks on the right side.
      I watched Udinese’s game against Fiorentina and Milan and DePaul is forming a nice partnership with Molina, this could work out really well for our team because Molina always has an eye for goal and I can totally see a Messi-De Paul-Molina triad developing, I guess we’ll have to see.

      • I agree, our midfield is reaching a new level and Lo Celso still has room for development. Personally I would like to see Lo Celso move to Juventus because he needs to leave the premier league and Juventus have become synonymous with a bad midfield today. I wonder if that would work tactically. Argentina though has had a stereotype of having a world class attack, an average midfield, and a poor defense (over the past 4 years). If everything progresses well I’m sure our midfield will be on the same par of our attack, and good news is we have many young options in defense. I believe in WC 2030 or 2006 we may have one of if not the best midfield in the world with Lo Celso, Almada, Velasco, Romero, Luna (I believe is an enganche), Palacios, Domínguez, Mac Allister, Urzi, Matías Palacios, and maybe even Fausto vera or sosa. De Paul has always been one of my favorites to watch but I will definitely pick up with that since we now have Molina as well.

  2. I watched Barca vs Sevilla yesterday… Was very impressed with Acuña… at least in the first half..
    As for Ocampos I’m a big fan but yesterday was one of his worst Matches.. I’m not talking about the missed Spotkick, can happen, He’s attitude was really bad yesterday…
    He was a lot of time on the ground mostly for no reason. Although not as often as Neymar of course..😂😂😂

    Also a lot of unnecessary discussions with players and refs…

    And Messi had not his best Game but Messi is Messi…

    Papu Gomez is a pure disappointment since he’s changed Club… A very bad waste of a great Player..
    I really hope for him he’ll get back to his Standards

  3. Well its been a while, (Its generally a boring time when there is less NT matches), Nothing much have changed from 2020. The pandemic is still on full swing, this is frustrating times, it is what it is, And it will be like this for this year and may be next year. Hopefully all r safe here.

    I think this Decision by FIFA if it is accepted by AFA may be a blessing in disguise for us. (Even though we all hate to wait again for some more months to see our NT play) Considering the Injuries to Ocampos, Acuna and Nico those 3 are very important for Scaloni (Even though Ocampos and Acuna played for Sevilla i think it will take time for them to be 100% back on form) Brazil and Uruguay are our toughest tests in these Qualifiers so we may need all our best players fully fit.

    Armani meanwhile has dropped so much of form, he is now conceding with schoolboy errors, He is 34 cant expect to be better now. If Scaloni don’t start Emiliano now then its a bizarre decision, We may have to doubt on what criteria these players r selected and started, based on Club Form or based on personal Choice? Andrada too is not in convincing form now, it has to be between Emiliano and Musso from now onwards. May be Andrada as Number 3. Emiliano should be the Number 1, Its a no brainer. Lets see what Scaloni does.

    • Argentina still have enough quality players to play march Qualifiers.Not a blessing in disguise. Ocampus Acuna Lo celso Tagliafico have good back up player for their positions. So no need to worry.

    • Armani is Blue Eyes to saloni along with Alario so that how much we like Emi Martinez or Icardi and their club form hardly matters when both Armani and Alario excels on scaloni training sessions

    • Armani should be dropped from NT.

      But I am still betting on Musso than Emiliano. Currently Emiliano has edge…but Musso will be the best choice at the time of WC.

    • Then why Sevilla was so rushed to put him play against Barcelona? According to the time required for his recovery he should’t even make the bench.

      I tell you what: Ocampos is a far cry, way more significant player for the team than your boy Icardi! Actually he is one of the most important players, no need to remind you how he was teezing Brazilians’ sorry asses at the superclassico!

      And by the way, i also like Icardi.

    • Orothpaedics is not my specialty but good lord how the hell is Ocampos back already?!!!! From what I’ve read about his ankle ligaments injuries I estimated that he’d be out until atleast April. So Ocampos and Acuna are back and that’s good news, now if only N.Gonzalez and Celso hustle up and maybe N.Dominguez’s injury doesn’t turn out to serious then we could be in business……………….but then I remember that the WCQs may not happen so *shrugs shoulder*.

  4. In a way I am bummed about this, but logically it might not be the worst thing because there may be be time for Nico, Lo Celso and maybe Dominguez to get back from injury, with Agüero, Dybala, Tagliafico, Montiel, and Palacios maybe getting more fit/match ready or getting more minutes. (Remember Acuña and Ocampos both returned today and I don’t know what kind of magic the Sevilla medical staff used) In terms of our team alone it seemed a bit rushed to try and do as well as possible given the injuries and fitness issues. I just hope it is no more than a month.

  5. This crap is frustrating but these are unprecedented times, oh and btw Nico Dominguez is out injured and it might be serious, which may mean that it’s just De Paul and Paredes with Celso and Nico out and palacios having ZERO match fitness, so WCQ might be a blessing in disguise.

    • Not only that, Ocampos is among the substitutes! They claimed that he would have been out and ruled out from the qualifiers and now he has made the bench.

      • Crazy! I came here to deliver the same exact news. What an unexpected miracle considering we thought he might not even play qualifiers. Sadly Ocampos came on and missed a penalty

  6. i don t understand the point. the same can continue further in future. what they will wait? the virus will die later in future? this is start to became joke anymore.

    in same time it will be one good solution all the teams of Conmebol to use players that play in our continent. without Europeans for March.

    • That actually seems like a really cool concept, all local players for all countries. It’s obviously not the same as having all of our actual players but might be interesting to see. The problem is chemistry and getting all of these players in one system.

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