South American World Cup qualifiers for March suspended


It has been made official, the South American World Cup qualifying matches for the month of March have been suspended.

CONMEBOL announced through their official Twitter page that the qualifiers have once more been postponed. There was a meeting held on Friday between CONMEBOL and FIFA officials where there was discussion about possibly postponing the matches due to European COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Argentina were set to play both Uruguay and Brazil this month. No new dates have been announced.


  1. i am so ungry with all this really.
    that all remind my beloved DIEGO. i miss him. i wish he was alive. i want to sing like him to conmebol and all our enemies.

    Argentina va a salir campeón
    Argentina va a salir campeón
    se lo dedicamos a todos la reputa madre que lo reparió…..

  2. I knew it its Brazil who insisted those matches not play because they re the ones who has most players in EPL
    One thing is for sure Brazil have so much influence in conmabol weather we like or not.

  3. Dont know what to say. Only hope of seeing our NT is copa. No idea whats gonna happen to that tournament. Its already March 2021.Usually south American qualifiers would have been nearly been 75% over by now. The WC is suddenly very near. There is no time left.What the Hell is happening.

    Covid will be with us forever i guess. We may have to evolve and live along with that. Damit china ruined everything. Everything…How r humans gonna get back to norms now…

  4. So we played 4 games in 18 months. I would not be surprised if they skip the results and make 2 groups of 5 teams. There just aren’t enough dates available to play 18 games and leave room for a playoff for nr 5.

  5. Just please, don’t postpone Copa. Forget logic, none exists in Conmebol, we won’t play them in Europe we HAVE to play them in SA.

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