Guido Carrillo scores winner for Elche in 2-1 victory vs. Sevilla


Guido Carrillo scored the winner for Elche in their 2-1 victory vs. Sevilla.

Carrillo scored his third goal of the season to give Elche the three points. Elche were leading 1-0 and awarded a free kick. A cross sent into the penalty area found the Argentine who would head the ball as it would strike the post, cross the line but be cleared by the goalkeeper. Upon review, it was shown that the ball did cross the line and the goal would count.

Already 29 years of age, Carrillo has never been capped by the Argentina national team.

Along with Carrillo, Ivan Marcone and Lucas Boye would start the match for Elche. For Sevilla, both Lucas Ocampos and Alejandro Papu Gomez started the match.


  1. Romero and Sensi was going to get a call up anyway. Obviously it would have been criminal to ignore them. Romero not only knocking at the door of Scaloni,infact he actually breaking the door. Apparently they will give 3 match of WCQ instead of 2, I hope they give more time aswell. It was sad to see the qualifications to be cancelled but if they put 3 game and more time it will be good for us. More game to watch for fan too

  2. F**k man…just watch Romero against Inter. His tackle against Lukaku in 55 mins. Man this guy is a monster now. His speed and control over Lukaku is top notch.

  3. Top 6 midfielders for Argentina
    1 Lo Celso
    2 Paredes
    3 De Paul
    4 G. Rodriguez
    5 Martin Payero
    6 A. Gomez/E.Palacios/Erik Lamela
    Top 6 Central Defenders for Argentina
    1 Pezella
    2 Otamendi
    3 C. Romero
    4 LMQ
    5 Foyth
    6 Medina
    Top 5 Fullbacks for Argentina
    1 Acuna
    2 Angileri
    3 Renzo Sarvia
    4 Tagliafico
    5 Montiel

    • A.Gomez doesn’t count as a midfielder from our coaching staff. He is an attacking option for Argentina NT. You missed N. Dominguez. Also most probably all will be in squad for long time unless anything bad happen. Otamendi should be replaced after Copa for sure.

    • I went to start watching the game at 2:1 and it was very surprising to watch as well. Velez seemed to implode and every attack was perfect and lethal

    • I only watched part of yesterday’s game but if he plays in that position against river I most certainly will tell you what I think

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