Angel Di Maria’s home broken into, family present


Angel Di Maria’s home was broken into on Sunday night with his wife and two daughters present.

Di Maria was substituted out of PSG’s game on Sunday night by PSG coach Mauricio Pochettino with Pochettino seen walking down the tunnel with the player. Reports out of France confirmed that there was a robbery at his residence.

A report by RMC Sport in France states that the thieves broke into Di Maria’s home through a sports room he has in his basement. They then took an elevator to the second floor where they stole €500,000 worth of jewelry and watches. Di Maria’s wife and two children were on the main floor but did not see the robbers.

This would not be the first time that Di Maria’s house has been broken into. A similar situation occured while he was playing with Manchester United.

Unfortunately, Di Maria’s house wasn’t the only one broken into. Team mate Marquinhos had his parents’ house broken into where thinga reportedly got very violent.

Our thoughts are with both families during this difficult time.


  1. This is so heartbreaking news for the Argentia and PSG football supporters! Angel Di Maria is a real talented soccer player who had proved his ability several times. I am a student of the history department and recently I have made academic homework on the history of football with help of online resources – you can visit this website for some free essay examples on different topics and inspiration! When I have my leisure time I enjoy football. I hope he will find his best form soon again!

  2. Despite scoring just one goal, Klimowicz has started more matches than any other Argentine in Bundesliga. He plays as a false 9 or an AM. He has huge potential and other than not scoring enough, and a bit physically fragile, he has adapted to Bundesliga very well. Hopefully, Argentine FA intervenes.

  3. One person like Angel that grow up inside one poor hard working family in Rosario he will get over it soon. Angel is strong and he had passed harder situations than that in his life.

    God be with him and his family.

  4. Luckily the family wasn’t involved or even aware of it happening. Obviously it would still make you feel unsafe knowing that you’ve been robbed..
    €500 000 worth of jewelry and watches is a lot of money but Di Maria recovers that amount in 2 weeks… Better off spending it on increased security this time

    • Wow, just shows how the media likes to play it off as a violent attack or that they were held as hostages. Either way it’s horrible but I’m glad they were not aware of it

    • Shows how much AFA fails at calling up players, both in youth teams and the senior team. If Germany see worth in him then we should too, especially since he’s playing in the Bundesliga… but no, we end up choosing players like Colombatto instead. If he ends up with a good career and playing for the German National Team then AFA should feel fully responsible for it

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