Adolfo Gaich’s agent wants player at Inter, Juventus, Milan or Roma


Adolfo Gaich, currently with Benevento, scored on the weekend to give his club the 1-0 win vs. Juventus and his agent would like to eventually see him at a bigger club.

Gaich, still only 21 years old, has scored twice for Benevento this season and speaking with, his agent Pablo Caro was asked about Gaich’s future. Here’s what he had to say (credit to SempreInter for the translated quotes):

“Let’s hope he can have an extraordinary future in Serie A, like Gabriel Batistuta at Fiorentina or Hernan Crespo at Parma and Inter. We hope we can have a similar opportunity, Adolfo is working every day to improve himself and to try and FULFILL this kind of dream.

“Let’s see what happens, hoping he has a good chance to one day join a team like Inter, AC Milan, Juventus, Roma… Adolfo had interest in January from some of those clubs, as well as a few informative phone calls, but it never became anything serious. Obviously that interest was pleasing all the same, although today we’re more than happy at Benevento.”

Regarding his goal vs. Juventus, Caro stated the following:

“Gaich knows that was an important goal he scored. Caro admitted. We know what Juventus mean within Italian football and that having scored against the Bianconeri is something that will remain (in history).”


    • actually they lost 4-2. what a shame for Conmebol to be forced to cancel our games when the Europeans playing football normally. we are B class world here.

      • That is correct amigo, they lost 4-2, my mistake. You are correct, too bad they cancelled south american qualifiers, i am curious when are they going to announce the new dates.

      • Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador all playing friendlies in this international break. AFA misses a great opportunity to debut emi martinez & c romero. We not being able to organize a couple of friendlies in europe is plain inefficiency by AFA. Even in case of fernando batista’s squad, AFA couldn’t even push local clubs to release alvarez, enzo fernandez, de la vega, galappo, payero, capaldo etc. Half of the spots are wasted & more of u20 backfills. We couldnt get licha released while japan has got 3 eredivisie players in squad.

  1. We had a player called Javier Bartlet in AS Roma in the 90’s that guy scored one goal at the end of the game to level the game, all of a sudden the whole football world was talking about him, the week later he started the game. He barely touched the ball. As the days passed he started to fade away that everyone forgets about him…. Let’s be realistic, Guaich was struggling in a very average league few weeks earlier. I wish I could salvage his career but please leave alone and give him time to work.

  2. I found this comical! At this point “El Nazi” just needs to keep working and improving. He scores a back line give away that he puts a good finish to but now he deserves Inter or Juve?! Lol way to put too much pressure on the kid comparing him to Batigol and Hernan!!! He is a poacher that has a nose for goal and if he continues to get minutes and experience for another 2/3 years at Benevento, Juve or Inter is realistic!

  3. Currently he is on loan. Let him score 10+ goals this season.
    Then join a mid table team in Serie A (Like Udinese, where he can get more chances) for next 2-3 season.

  4. Please be humble and keep the feet on the ground. work hard and keep moving on getting better; single goal against Juve does not mean a lot of bidding from elite club; be patient and lets the performance sounds

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