Lionel Messi, Paulo Dybala, Rodrigo de Paul in new Argentina home shirt


Lionel Messi, Paulo Dybala and Rodrigo de Paul wore the three Argentine male players used by Adidas in their campaign to unveil the official Argentina national team shirt for the 2021 Copa America.

While it had been leaked for several months, Adidas officially revealed the new shirt on Monday. The home kit will be used for the 2021 Copa America as well as the World Cup qualifiers.

It’s the traditional sky blue and white vertical stripes on the shirt but with a sort of camouflage look on the blue. In addition to the shirt, it will be black shorts and blue stripes on the side, per visible in Rodrigo de Paul’s image. The away shirt is expected to remain the same.


  1. This is bad, In fact the worst Jersey ever for the NT. They have some how ruined a great color combination, Sky Blue and White stripes are such a good Color combo. It takes something special to ruin it. Goddammit…

    Well we already have been going through trauma of not winning a trophy for last 25 years, Add this too.

  2. I am a purist, my like the one with the solid stripes… But when it comes to argentina I love everything about that team….. Vamos

  3. Yes it looks like Adidas has not got a creative designer; better with solid blue rather than camouflage shady blue and or the hand shoulder is blue. Agree 2010 and 2014 are much better

  4. My team for the Copa America

    ———-Lo Celso———–Messi
    Gonzalez–Paredes–De Paul–Montiel

    Sub : Icardi – Ocampos – Dybala – Palacios – Buendia – Guido – Acuna – Foyth – Tagliafico – Pezzella – Musso – Andrada

    • I think that you completely hit the spot…. I am 💯 with ur idea…. Everyone is moving to three defenders and for the first time we have the personel to implement it…. Great idea bro….

    • What a selection.however I would like to add dimaria and aguero instead of icardi.dimaria instead of Andrada.we dont need four keepers.and Papu too eventhough he is off form.lisandro as well but we don’t have that much spots.look at the talents in the front.messi,Lautaro,Nico gonzalez.,Ocampccuero,Dimaria, Dybala.i thin no other nations this kind of forward line.if our midfield can deliver properly I feel goose bumps.on the midfield we h

    • Alario is farmer, Indeed good for Palacios who has more talent as well as potential than Valverde.

      • When Alario was getting regular chances in Leverkusen he took only 17 shot to make 7 goals(3header which is most in league) )so conversion rate is 41% which was better than Lewandoski’s 35%.At that time he was 2nd goalscorer in scoring chart in Bundesliga.
        Cesar Luis Menoti once said “Alario is second best Argentine after Messi”.
        No doubt Alario has lot of potential. He is good replacement for Aguero.

      • Alario has 9 goals already in 122 minutes of playing time while Shick who was the undisputed starter, with much more playing time, 169 minutes i think, he has one goal less. Alario is not something special, but he is very prolific scorer and a very good CF, he is certainly a prestigious sub for the attacking department, not many teams have the luxury of such depth when it comes to strikers.

        You are using the definition “farmer” in a very disrespectful way, something which is way to irritating at least to me. What about your boy Icardi? At least Alario is among Bundesliga’s top 10 scorers with such limited playing time, have you checked how many goals Icardi has scored up to now?

    • Oh thank you god!! Even though I don’t want to see any one fired during this difficult COVID period but I can’t help but be happy about this piece of news. Bosz was a complete idiot and he was destroying Palacios and Alario, so good riddance!

      • Amit you right it’s great news
        Now we will know what is made for palacios.
        Peter Bosz thought bayer Leverkusen paid all that money for palacios and not getting proper chances
        It will go down well with bayer hierarchy.
        Football is business now days and Peter Bosz was idiot not realised that he was keep giving chance
        Guys like Demarai gray who flopped big time in Leicester City and he didn’t give palacios quarter of that.

    • Great news! Hopefully a smart coach is put in place of him, actually, what am I saying, it does not take a genius to play Palacios ahead of Amiri, Gray, and Demirbay. Either way the fight is not over, sadly Pala has lost an entire year of his career and one that is crucial for development due to both idiots Romero and Bosz. He needs to work hard and good luck will be important.

  5. De Paul is underrated, Argentina should rate his brand value. De Paul deserve to play at least mid table or top4 challenging club instead of bottom table club fighting from relegation

  6. I’ll always prefer traditional but I don’t mind it. Really liking the extra attention to detail by adding a sun to the back neck. Also liking black shorts with blue striped. I’ll go opposite to Amit and hope the socks are black

  7. Why couldnt they keep the stripe plain blue without multi shades of blue? Then it wld have been good. The neck is the old retro look which is nice. Consolation is that this is better than the pathetic pale & patchy jersey we had for copa 19. But i still prefer the 2010 & 1986 jersey. & hope the socks is white & not black.

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