Rumored Argentina U23 team for first friendly vs. Japan


Argentina U23 coach Fernando Batista has apparently an eleven in mind for the first friendly match vs. Japan.

Preparation for the Olympic games are under way with a friendly match against host nation Japan. Per a report by TyC Sports, Argentina U23 coach Fernando Batista will reportedly field the following eleven:

Jeremías Ledesma; Hernán De la Fuente, Nehuen Pérez, Nazareno Colombo, Milton Valenzuela; Santiago Ascacibar, Santiago Colombatto; Fernando Valenzuela, Matías Vargas, Agustín Urzi; Adolfo Gaich.

The match is at 7:00am in Buenos Aires which is 8:00am Eastern (New York time) and 5:00am Pacific in Los Angeles.


    • Batista is not given the team he wants . Still they win today. Japan is a very good team & extremely focused on Olympics. So i think we did our best within the limitations. Only Ledesma ( now ) , Perez , Gaich & maybe Vargas/ Urzi/ Fernando Valenzuela will be starters if Batista has his way & AFA pushes clubs to release players. He virtually had U20 subs today

  1. lich, cuti Romero, lmq and Senesi
    Are all better than otamendi in my opinion
    But scaloni trust the guy solely because he is good in the air. but that isn’t enough to keep him in the squad
    Otamendi’s marking or his concentrating level isn’t good compare with his age and amount of high level games he played and he supposed be experience one right
    he so rushy and will committed a lot fouls
    Which can lead easy penalties he hasn’t got pace either. I don’t see anything good about him that is me.
    Everyone else is entitled on thier opinion
    My point is this if Otamendi is the best defender available for Argentina than they can forget winning copa let it a lone world Cup.

    • Sensei is slow everyone knows it, Lisandro Martinez is too short what he will do in corners and in free kicks they are major part of games for conceding and scoring goals. His ball playing is good but other defenders also have that skill. Pezella and LMQ are good but constantly conceding goals in Serie A matches. So Argentina have C. Romero,Otamendi and Foyth for Center Back options,they are top 3 material for right now

      • Senesi isn’t that slow it’s myth keep accusing he is slow if that is the case why teams like ac Milan seville napoli even leeds who plays high defence line target him to buy this summer
        Senesi has physical structure to be top defender.

  2. It had to do with his father. Diego Klimowicz played in Germany for many years. Poland asked him to represent them but he denied hoping for a call up from AFA but he never got one. Mateo might have spent years as a kid in Germany, which might have influenced his decision as well. In any case, a loss for Argentina.

  3. Brazil
    Defence-Danilo, Marquinose, T. Silva, Lodi
    Midfield-Fabinho, Casemiro, Lucas Moura
    Defence-Sarvia, C. Romero, Otamendi, Acuna
    Midfield-De Paul, Paredes,Lo celso
    Attack-Messi, L. Martinez, N. Gonzalez
    Gk-Emiliano Martinez
    Midfield-B. Silva, Mountinho,Bruno Fernandes
    Attack-D. Jota,Felix,C.Ronaldo
    Gk-Rui Patricio
    This world cup going to be very tough many teams have world class player at almost every position. England,Spain,France,Belgium,Germany have world class player in almost every position. Even Turkey and Ukraine are looking good.

  4. Playing for Germany being an Argentine is traitorous beyond imagination and Mateo Klimowicz is guilty of that… Don’t know, I am hating him…

    • I’m very sad to hear about that it’s break my heart.But klimowicz’s point of view – AFA does not give him chance & he wants to play & the opportunity catch by Germany very beautifully..I think AFA should have give him chance to convince him & it still available. I think he still eligible to represent Argentina senior team…AFA it’s time to convince him❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • i don t know that for sure but from his last name he probably will have German roots from his grandfathers etc
      so maybe it is not so surprice to choose Germany. anyhow i wish him luck with his new country. i don t want we force anyone to choose Argentina over one other country.
      or you feel or you feel not to be with our country.

      Personally inside mundo i have see here people that they are more Argentines than this so called “Argentine” that choose Germany.

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