Marcos Acuña scores, Lucas Ocampos misses penalty for Sevilla in win vs. Atletico


Marcos Acuña scored for Sevilla as Lucas Ocampos had his penalty saved for Sevilla in their 1-0 win vs. Atletico Madrid.

It was an Argentine on Sevilla sinking Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid as the Liga race is completely open. Sevilla were awarded a penalty kick and it was Lucas Ocampos who would step up to take it. Despite his previous track record from the spot being solid, Ocampos would miss his second penalty of the season. His first miss coming vs. FC Barcelona and now this one as he saw goalkeeper Oblak save his effort.

Acuña would end up saving Ocampos in the second half. A cross sent into the penalty area would find the 29 year old who’s header would give Sevilla the 1-0 lead and the three points. That goal was Acuña’s first of the season to go with his one assist.

In addition to Acuña and Ocampos, both Alejandro Papu Gomez and Franco Vazquez were brought on as substitutes. Atletico’s only Argentine representative on the pitch was Angel Correa who was also substituted on by Simeone.


  1. .I feel like this is the list of players who we can’t lose due to injuries/loss of form until after the WC:
    GK: Emi.Martinez/A.Marchesin/J.Musso
    Back 3: J.Foyth/L.Balerdi – C.Romero/G.Pezzella – L.Quarta/L.Martinez
    Defensive Pivot: R.Depaul/E.Palacios – L.Paredes/N.Dominguez/G.Rodriguez
    Attacking 2: L.Ocampos/A.correa – G.Lo celso/N.Gonzalez/M.Acuna
    Link 2: L.Messi/P.Dybala – J.Correa/A.Dimaria
    Striker: L.Martinez/C.Avila/L.Alario

  2. Were were discussing penalties in the last thread, sharing my thoughts

    There are two types of good penalty takers:

    1. Who looks at the GK. I have a habit of pausing every penalty. If you do that you will notice almost 99% times GK makes the first move. The leg tilts in one direction. If you see that you just place it in other side. Eden Hazard and Neymar are very good at it. Not saying they have not and will not miss penalties. But just look at their style. None of our players fall in this category. Messi, for example, almost seems like is scared to look at the GK.

    2. Who hits very well. Some are very good at hitting it hard and at places that even if the GK guesses the right direction, they are not going to reach it. Cristiano Ronaldo, Harry Kane comes to mind. Once again, Messi is not great at this, at least not always.

    Most of our players score a penalty, not because its a great penalty, but the GK did not guess right or goofed up (Maxi Rodriguez winner against Holland in 2014 semis, one of the worst penalties in such a moment. Maxi otherwise was good). Most of our players look at the ball and not the GK and often hits at a place that is within the reach of the GK. One player I always felt confident with is Ezequeil Garay. He hit it with venom, almost impossible to stop.

    • That’s why i love Dybala’s pens…the dude blasts it into the net often. Csabala also posted Dybala as statistically the best.

      For fun, I would pick 5 Dybala, Messi, Aguero, Paredes, Nicolas Gonzales + Martinez/Lo Celso/De Paul

  3. Joaquin Correa is fine. His first touch, ball control and dribbling is top notch. It is his finishing that let him down. Even in last Lazio match, he missed two big chances. At Intl level, he should be a great addition, like the Bolivia match. He can do the penetration, others will take advantage.

    Nico Gonzalez is the hottest prospect in left wing. Injuries are not permanent and his are minor ones. He will be back within 2 weeks.

    Ocampos’s output is low and his is in off form right now. Still against physical opponents, he is useful. He does a lots of defence. At Intl level, he can be useful too.

    • For work rate Argentina already have Lautaro Martinez and De Paul. For a significant threat on attack J. Correa is needed because Lautaro Martinez is not a great threat in final third he is more of a link between forwards.
      Alario,Aguero,N.Gonzalez,Messi and J. Correa are significant threat.

      • So you think only two workhorse players in De Paul and Lautaro is enough? With Messi hardly pressing and running without the ball we basically need most other players to compensate, especially against stronger opponents.

    • Compared to the 17 goals he scored last season where he was selected in la liga team of the year, yes this is a poor season HOWEVER that has no been a bad season for him at all. Lucas’s off the ball movement, his tireless running and defending makes him a nuisance for any defense.
      Nico Gonzalez is showing to be very injury prone while Correa is inconsistent and doesn’t put in the defensive effort and when it comes to the bone crunching, win by the skin of your teeth SA WCQs I would take Ocampos over both of ’em.

      • J.Correa is better in forward movement and can cause significant damage.J.Correa gave Argentina 3 points in WC qualifier vs Bolivia. N. Gonzalez is all round kind of winger.

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