Leandro Paredes scores free kick, assists for PSG in 4-1 win vs. Strasbourg


Leandro Paredes had a free kick goal and an assist for PSG in their 4-1 win vs. Strasbourg.

Paredes would provide the assist for the first goal of the match. A ball into Mbappe as the World Cup winner would go passed his defender and score from a difficult angle.

With fellow Argentine’s Angel Di Maria and Mauro Icardi not playing, Paredes was the only Argentine representative on the pitch for Pochettino. PSG were awarded a free kick and it was Paredes who took it as his right footed effort beat the goalkeeper to give PSG the 4-1 lead and the win.


  1. Palacios and Alario are both starting for Bayer Leverkusen (and rightfully so), I can not watch Bundesliga football at the moment so if anyone knows how they played or watched it would be great to know, specifically Palacios

  2. If I were Scaloni I would try Romero (as a number 6) and Lisandro Martinez (in a number 2 role) partnership. They would complement each other well.

      • Lisandro proved me wrong. I was hesitant about him at first. He has fighting mentality and footballing brain. He has forced his way into Ajax XI as CB. And he is doing very well. He fights for every ball, whether it is in ground or air. He sometimes gets beaten in physical battle but he does not give up, he continue to chase his opponent. His positioning has also improved. He will continue to grow.

        Him and Romero will complement each other well. I would beg Scaloni if it was possible.

  3. About the Quarta discussion, I think that is is indisputable that Romero is our best defender. Personally I am thinking more of doing Romero-Lisandro right now. At the same time though, saying that Palomino or Phil Jones are better than Quarta is just silly. Quarta had a horrible first game for Fiorentina and after that Fiorentina waited until he was ready and then he got player of the month. I don’t think that Quarta can’t improve if he tries. It is true that his man marking is bad but like Romero has somewhat improved his discipline I hope he improves this aspect of his game. I do think that Quarta should be called up because we don’t have many better options at least for the bench. We can’t be using Otamendi and have to get past him, his good performances are coming against teams in Liga NOS and we all know the way he plays against big teams. Hopefully Scaloni tries Senesi to give some competition and gets passed his dislike of Lisandro

    • There are good teams in Portugal league,Porto knocked out Juventus.Otamendi is playing good. Best four CBs for Argentina-
      1 C. Romero
      2 Otamendi
      3 Foyth
      4 Pezella
      5 Medina

      • You can’t possibly say that Senesi and Lisandro aren’t better than Medina, the Quarta/Foyth/Pezzella things are certainly disputable but you hook yourself into stats like speed and height which don’t define a players ability

        • Medina is a raw diamond. Raw. He needs a lot of polishing.

          I would forget about Otamendi and Pezzella. Enough from them.

          Foyth, Balerdi, Medina and Perez are work in progress. We will have to wait another year or two. Perez has wasted one year ay Granada. No growth.

          In my opinion, Romero, Lisandro, Senesi and Quarta are more matured young cb. We have to try them immediately.

          Balerdi and co will take another 2 years.

  4. Christian romero got twice MOTM in the champions League.He is the only one Argentine defender this year if I am not wrong. Christian romero & Lucas martinez is not same brother

    • Agree Quarta is overhyped especially since he came from river plate , he’s fast and good in the ball but defensively he’s super average and I have watched more games for fiorentina than 90% of members here .

      C Romero is miles ahead

    • Angileri is becoming one of my favorite players. He is balanced in attack and defense, has an athletic body. His forward runs and link up play is very good and his low crosses. He deserves a call up.

  5. Lo Celso needs to leave Tottenham asap. This club is dead, fanbase is crappy and medical personnel are terrible, just terrible. Gio has never been a injury prone player until he joined Spurs.

    Spurs offers him no personal growth. He has been professionally wise and quick to react. When psg benched him, he moved to Betis. I hope he does the same here. Spurs is not an elite club, there is no reason to stick with this hospital of a club. Don’t be another Lamela.

  6. Let me try to put perspective fiorentina and Quarta situation la viola having one of the worst season in thier recent history
    They already changed coach’s twice in this season to play team like that won’t be easy for any player Let it a lone lmq who having his debut season in Italian Serie A

    I understand that Quarta didn’t have good game vs atlanta and penalty he concluded was very soft it was ball to hand rather than hand to ball. Everyone can have one or two bad games but to say He isn’t nt material it’s bit exaggerating based on one bad game when he has already had impressive Performances on la viola shirt.
    First two goals fiorentina Concluded wasn’t
    Quarta fault rather was German pezzella
    Who lost his marker.

    Quarta played 4 compatative matches for arg nt. 3 wins one draw conceded 2 goals.
    In my opinion Quarta better than otamendi and pezzella

    • He has been like this in all important matches. Watch quarta against both Milan team. Both Ibra and Lukaku made small work of him, just like Atalanta made him today. I have been closely following him this season, I am not exaggerating. He was better last month, but mostly against weak teams.

      It is not the performance I am worried about. No. You can have a bad season, not a problem. I am talking about Quarta’s basic attribute as defender.

      Can he mark a player? No
      Is he good at physical battle? No
      Is he good at one vs one? No
      Is he good at interceptions? Decent.
      Is he good at passing? Yes
      Is he good at ball control? Yes
      Is he fast? Yes.

      Please prove me wrong on these points. I will accept he is nt material. I have no bias.

      Otamendi is better than Quarta. Far better. After initial problems, he is now an important player at Benfica and fans love him. He is having a good season.

      Quarta is faster than Otamendi, that’s it.

      My point is we have better defender than Quarta. Romero and Lisandro miles ahead of him. For arguments sake, let’s just say Quarta is having tough time for situation at Fiorentina. Let him turns thing around, we will wait. But no underperforming players at nt. Only the best.

      • Mafioso I really respect with you knowledge about football but certain things I don’t agree with you. yes definitely Quarta have certain weakness like any other player which he can improve on since he is playing elite league like Serie A but isn’t that bad you all making it certainly he won’t do any worse than recent arg defenders like rojo example.
        Legends like Passarella and zanatti talk about him highly add to this do you know? Walter Samuel recommended fiorentina football director daniele prade to sign Quarta that shows us how well the coaching staff rate him.
        We all talking about C.Romero saying he is that or this however playing arg nt is completely different ball game. And C.Romero has big weakness which is discipline and that was the main reason He has been subbed yesterday game avoiding to get red card.
        For me best Argentina defender is lich martinez.

        • C Romero’s yellow card tendency has lessened. Last night’s one was not deserved, he got the ball first but his second leg hit the player. He has a good manager and good team. He will only improve.

          If we forget about yellow card for a moment, his defensive prowess is unmatched. He is a beast when marking, dueling, intercepting and in aerial game. Adding to that he is fast and a good passer. He frequently bring the ball out of defense and join the offensive play.

          C Romero is a gem.

        • Dear Godin,

          “We all talking about C.Romero saying he is that or this however playing arg nt is completely different ball game. ”

          I agree it is different ball game. But has Quarta done very well with NT? No. He is the one who lost Marcelo Martins against Bolivia. He is the one who gave up penalty against Paraguay. These are facts.

          Has C Romero performed against best teams of Serie A? Yes. Has he performed well at UCL? He performed excellent, he has the best numbers in group stage of UCL.

          But has he been selected to nt? Has he given any chance? No.

          These are the facts.

          UCL is the biggest test of a footballer. If you pass it, you can pass for Conmebol. Actually C Romero is built for dirty Conmebol teams. He will beat the sh*t out of dirtbags like Angel Romero.

          • Dear mafioso yes I agree Quarta was fault of those goals but please tell me a defender who doesn’t conced penalties or sometimes don’t lose thier marker those kind things can happen any defender.
            Again we all agree C. Romero has to be in the nt not as member of the squad but as starter but our differences is which player he should replace my humble opinion he should take otamendi’s spot and you my friend saying Quarta’s spot anyway going forward should be those young defenders lich martinez C.Romero etc not otamendi.
            Having saying that we all want to see arg nt lift a trophy regardless our choices or opinions

          • Argentina have better defenders than Quarta.Quarta needs time he is not national team material C. Romero, Foyth,Medina and Lisandro Martinez are much better than him.C.Romero should definitely start.

        • Christian romero got twice MOTM in the champions League.He is the only one Argentine defender this year if I am not wrong. Christian romero & Lucas martinez is not same brother

  7. Ascacibar is back to his combative best against Borussia M’bach. He has improved his offensive play and it seems manager has given him more freedom to move around. Good for him. I always believed in him. He is talented.

    Pal Dardai (Hertha Manager) :

    “Ascacibar is a fluid player with good movement and works well for the team. With Tousart suspended, I’m very happy that he can play.”

  8. Since Pezella and Quarta became duo for Fiorentina they have conceded 19 goals in 11 matches.Pezella is not good in tight spaces and Quarta is good at nothing other than passing they both do not know how to do their primary job which is defending. Pezella is little bit better than Quarta.
    Otamendi and C. Romero are best duo for Argentina consistently performing in their league.

  9. Lisandro Martinez : He had a usual good game today against RKC
    Waalwijk where his teammates have underperformed, even though grabbed a 1-0 win.

    Licha made 2 tackles (100% success), 2 successful dribbles, 1 header won and was never dribbled past.

    Whoscored ratings : 7.35

  10. Quarta is subbed off. That is a forgettable match for him. But this gives you an idea why last two goals Argentina conceded came form him. He is good with ball control, running and passing but defending? No, he is not a good defender.

    I have no bias against him, I would love to have him a strong game today. It 2:30 am here and I have office tomorrow. I want Argentine players to prosper. Quarta is a huge disappointment. And he is already 24.

    I hope Scaloni selects Romero over him and starts him in Copa.

  11. Quarta gives up a penalty, for a handball in d box. 2-3 in favor of Atalanta.

    Romero was subbed off due to yellow card. Palomino took his position in middle of 3. Vlahovic scored 2 quick goals, in both of which he was unmarked. Romero was marking him in first half.

  12. Half time report :

    Quarta: I primarily focused on every move of Quarta, with or without ball. He is out of position most of the time. He is always 5 feet ahead of Atalanta strikers. He charges on rushing atalanta midfielders instead of keeping track of strikers. And he misses both. He follows the ball, not the players. At one vs one, he lost several time to Zapata and other Atalanta players. I will get hate from River fans, but he is not nt material. Even Pezzella better than him.

    Pezzella : An ok defender with limitations.

    Cuti Romero : Never forgot his marker, always in right position to make interceptions. Opposite of Quarta. Got yellow card for a valid tackle. A tackle that stopped a dangerous counter.

    Palomino : Did not pay attention to him.

    Atalanta lead 2-0. It can easily become 4-0 or 5-0. God help us if Quarta or Pezzella is our starting defender in Copa. But club politics is strong in Argentina and Scaloni has limited power as newbie.

  13. Best lineup for copa

    Nico gonzales Lautaro Messi

    Paredes Ascersiber Palacios

    Acuna Lisandro martinez Romero Foyth

    E martinez

  14. Fiorentina – Atalanta is a must watch game. Quarta, Pezzella, Romero and Palomino all starring. It will be interesting to see how Quarta handles Zapata and Muriel, both Colombian are starting.

  15. If Sampaoli remains in OM, Balerdi will turn into a big star. Sampaoli has complete trust in him. I read a recent interview from Sampaoli. He mentioned that he always thought balerdi was a big talent. This is why he called him as sparring during Russia WC. He thinks that he must stay at OM and continue to grow. If he returns to Dortmund, they will send him to another loan and his career will never develop.

    It is refreshing to see such trust and care for an Argentinian youngster from a Club manager. I will forgive Sampa for wc madness if he can develop Balerdi to a class defender.

  16. Last 5 years most number of free kick conversation in the world:

    Messi is number one with 21
    Dybala is number four with 7

    No one is even close to messi….

  17. Leo Balerdi had a great game today against Montpellier.

    4 tackles
    3 interceptions
    2 headers
    9 clearances *
    Dribbled past once

    The game ended in 3-3 draw. OM’s one defender saw red at 62 minutes mark, so Balerdi’s side played with 10 man for 30 minuets.

    Final whoscored rating : 7.3 which is the 3rd highest in OM XI. Only Payet and Milik got better rating this match.

    • Messi is ok close range, but he is inconsistent far out. Dimaria has excellent free kicks, and both Paredes and Depaul have biting long range shots.

      • De Paul? In champ 27/0 never scored from free kick compared to a guy who hit 55 times cmon, Paredes 57/4 nothing extraordinary. Dybala and Di maria are great, but only try from perfect angles.

  18. Bielsa’s Leeds beat Man City is something to be remember, playing with 10 players; Bielsa is a master class, unfortunately got unlucky at his own homeland.

    Good job for Parades ! Messi almost make a goal from corner..maybe a rollover on someone else take the penalty or free kick can be a good delegation ; Barca did not have a lethal #9

  19. Messi should seriously stop taking free kicks and penalties. Someone else should take it for our national team too. It’s a total waste of chances these days.

    It has been on my mind for some time, but I think it’s about time.

    • What? He scored 55 free kick goals in his life, and maybe will beat even Juninho Pernambucano all time record (75) he scored more free kick goals in the last 5 years than any other european team overall. Shit rainy conditions, you can score from free kick only with two deflections and with pure luck as Kroos.

    • Stop taking free kicks??? I think you’re confusing our boy with CR7, Messi is one of the, if not THE best free kick takers in the world.
      As for penalties, well he’s not great at them but honestly who in the NT is better at them? Dybala, Ocampos, Kun and De Paul have all taken penalties but they all missed quite a few. Garay was on the only Argentine player whose penalties were a almost a sure thing.

    • I understand you guys. I hope I am wrong. But I am seeing a trend that I don’t like. It’s not about skill. But the overall trend is not good. I don’t like it. He has not scored in 7 clasicos. Somehow he is not delivering in big moments. The free kicks are not looking lethal anymore. I think it is psychological. He cannot make a difference in a big game anymore.

      Hope I am wrong. This guy needs a change of mood.

        • Except 2018 last qualifier vs ecuador, Messi has never saved argentina in diffcult situation, same for Barca, Messi normally can score goals when it is 0-0 or when his team is winning.

          • “Except 2018 last qualifier vs Ecuador, Messi has never saved argentina in diffcult situation, same for Barca, Messi normally can score goals when it is 0-0 or when his team is winning.”
            2014 vs Bosnia, 2014 vs Iran, and i can say vs Switzerland too, the goal was mainly his, 2018 vs Nigeria…in Barca a lot of times.

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