Alejandro Papu Gomez scores winner for Sevilla in 4-3 victory vs. Celta


Alejandro Papu Gomez scored the fourth goal for Sevilla in their 4-3 win vs. Celta.

Papu Gomez was the super sub for Lopetegui’s team with his match winner. It was a Marcos Acuña corner kick which lead to Sevilla scoring their first goal of the season. Lucas Ocampos would start alongside Acuña and both Argentine players would play the 90 minutes.

Gomez was substituted on in the 67th minute and would manage his second goal in the league. Lucas Ocampos with a flick pass into Gomez but the ball would reach the Celta defender as Gomez would steal the ball off him. A left footed shot from the edge of the penalty area by Papu would be the seventh goal of the match and prove to be the winner.


  1. off topic…

    really surprised to understand that these days Aguero does not even make it to the bench. Man City and Pep is really shutting him down.

  2. About Paredes and defending… it is true he is not as good in that aspect as Guido, but he is certainly not bad. Luckily we have other players that are willing to help defend (Ocampos, De Paul), and even Lo Celso can put in some great tackles. As a unit we have other players that are willing to help. You need a balance. Seeing we know how good Paredes can perform as a midfielder for PSG in the champions league he should be undisputed.

    • I think overall Paredes has improved a lot in his defensive duties. He’s no Masche but he brings a different strength to our play. A vital piece of our NT. Scaloni also plays him all the time…

  3. i am waiting unpatiently Romance king to tell us what gone wrong and his sure about gangbang didn t happened. i hope he will not disappear.
    what happened Romance king? look like the “farmers” gangbang your beloved Bayern.

    i hope this will be a lesson to you for your arrogance and stop be insulting.

  4. Great game from Maria, Paredes and ofcourse Poch. I have to say that Paredes’s ability to weave through high pressing is a sight to be hold.
    I didn’t see Manchersin’s match but apparently he did really well.

    I’ve seen some of the posts regarding LMQ and I have to chime in, Quarta IMO is an excellent defender, great reader of the game, strong in the air and ofcourse his ability with the ball is world class. With that being said he’s nowhere near perfect and nor should he be because he’s still 24yr and CBs tend to peak later than other positions and Lucas needs to work on his man marking, which is somewhat of a glaring weakness of his.
    If I had a choice, I would put C.Romero and Licha Martinez ahead of him in the pecking order but Quarta has been integrated into the team already and the former 2 haven’t and I would be more than happy to have him paired up with Romero or Martinez.

  5. Emiliano Martinez, Marchesin and Musso should be the 3 goalkeepers for Copa & WC..

    Guido, Peredes, De Paul, Ocumpos, Lo Celso, De Maria, Papu Gomez should be in midfield…

    Taliafico, Romero, Foyth, Acuna, Otamendi, Montiel, Pazella sould be in difence…

    Messi, Lautaro, Dybala, Aguero, Alario and Joaqin Correa should be in attack…..

    • I think in deffence position Acuna, otamendi and pezella are average right now…we have a better option than them like licha, senesi, medina, angiller, lmq even though we use molina who has a good prospective.

      otamendi and pezzella have experianced bt we didn’t see to use their experiance in NT game. They made lots of mistake all the time.

      Acuna is good track in recent time bt its my personal opinion i hvn’t seen any tactice or beauty in his game. he is just good in cross bt he has no sense what should he do.

      licha, lmq, c. romero, foyth, medina, monteil, senesi, molina, angilleri all are young stage in their carrer. they should take time. they all are very good future. if the managment nursing them they definitly would be lead the Argentina in future for a long time.

      • LMQ better option 😂. If he played with france mbappe would destroy him. Lmq is trash like Emanuel Mammana

        • Dear friend i mentioned here lots of telented name along with lmq.
          in case of lmq we should given time to him. if we give more and more chance to otamendi pezella then why not lmq???
          He is young now, day by day he will learn and hope he reduce his error.

  6. Emi Martinez and C.Romero should be incorporated into playing eleven as soon as possible. All Argentina players are looking good in their clubs. Lisandro,Acuna and Angilleri looks best option for Left Back role. Sarvia looks better for Right Back but in tournament he underperforms like Copa 2019 so Foyth is reliable candidate for Right Back. C. Romero is must in CB role.

    • Have u seen lisandro playing as a left back? Thats just a backup position for licha. I dont see any reason tagli should be dislodged. For offense, acuna can come in as a sub.
      On right back- saravia shld first come out of his injury & start playing in internacional . Till then he is not in picture. He also didnt impress in porto. Foyth & montiel shld be RB depending on match situation.

      • Lisandro is better in providing crosses,in chip balls and in speed than Tagliafico whose upper body strength is very weak goes to the floor easily. Tagliafico does not have speed I can remember only one game where Tagliafico was phenomenal when he played against Brazil in Saudi Arabia other then that his performances are pretty average Lisandro will be very helpful in Left Back position. Montiel is decent but I would prefer Foyth in any match.

        • Kavi, as always highly idiosyncratic views. Licha virtually never plays left-back so this is either your imagination or conjecture and speculation.

          • This Kevin guy is hilarious he always come up with something very odd.
            Listen mate tagliafico is best lb Argentina have righ now lich martinez can’t and he will never be better lb than tagliafico however lich martinez is fantastic centre back probably best one arg have now. Listen I’m even saying he is better than C. Romero.

          • Yeah Lisandro does not play Left Back but that does not meant he can never play Left Back. Lisandro has good crossing and chip balls so he can be useful in Left Back role. It is proven truth that Tagliafico lacks upper body strength and speed against fast wingers he will suffer against physical winger he will suffer.

          • Godin 11 you think Lisandro is better CB than C. Romero then you need to watch game more closely. For me C. Romero and Otamendi are best pair for Argentina.

  7. my ideal team for Copa:

    GK: Emi, Marchesin, Armani
    RB: Foyth, anyone who can be a good backup(Montiel/or any makeshift CB like Romero)
    LB: TAGLA,acuna
    CB: LMQ, ROMERO, OTA, Pazella, licha
    DM: Paredes, guido
    CM: DePaul, Celso, Palacious, nico/a correa, Ocampus/Dimaria,
    Frw: MESSI,dybala, Alario, lautaro, aguero/j correa

  8. the good things are happening…. all our players getting in the form before Copa..those who needed playing time is also getting playing time in their respected clubs ..even Dybala will be ready for Copa after his disaster injury and form season…now only Aguero needs to find his form and Alario need to bang in some goals that’s it..not sure about campus. Otamendi already playing ok after some of the bad pau, Paredes, Acuna, guido, di maria, Lautaro, Foyth, LMQ is the regular team member who is in beast mode right at the moment. Palacios, Alario are getting much-needed playing time… Dybala, Papu is finding their form too…some player like Romero, Licha should get into the team. I know lo Celso would find his form too asap… I don’t follow others…so missed them intentionally….our core is ready.
    I feel like EMI can go into any team, any tournament and with any defence he can carry on his form..he should, without a doubt, start at Copa … merchesin looks good too… he doesn’t do exceptional saves but does save all of the saveable one….he is also rated by Casillas we are good in this depertment too

  9. Its Bayren who won the game at Psg home ground just psg has gone through. Bayren has outclassed Psg in all aspects of the game besides notable injuries like Lewandowski and Goretzka. Luck is needed on KO cups like UCL Bayren didn’t have this time.

    • defending a lead is different than chasing a lead…. it looked like PSG’s plan was to somehow draw by playing counter-attack and just hanging in there. they didn’t play a full defensive mood but executed the plan perfectly…

  10. A good game from PSG vs Bayern, a lot of lesson can be learned; Poche so far is being doing a fantastic job as well as free from injured players. Paredes and Di Maria are having more fun and getting more trust

  11. Leo paredes is complete midfielder
    Honestly I don’t see anything Verratti better than paredes
    Other than he got more hype from the media.

  12. Marchesin kept a clean sheet for Porto against Chelsea and won the second leg 1-0. But his team got eliminated due 2-1 aggregate in favor of chelsea.’s top rated goalkeepers in the UCL this season (5+ apps):

    1️⃣ 𝗠𝗮𝗻𝘂𝗲𝗹 𝗡𝗲𝘂𝗲𝗿
    2️⃣ Edouard Mendy
    3️⃣ Agustín Marchesín
    4️⃣ 𝗞𝗲𝘆𝗹𝗼𝗿 𝗡𝗮𝘃𝗮𝘀

    We have one GK who is one of the best in PL, another one plays regular UCL football. But we are stuck with Armani, 34 years old Gk whose only contribution has been saving a weak penalty.

    • Due to respect in Argentina we always see that the players whom are going pick time in their carrer, at that time the players are highly ignored either coach or the management. They called up when end of their carrer life. Armani, Cabellaro, Gomez all are same. Now we see the same things happen with E. Martinez, C. Romero, Senesi and some others.
      I don’t know why it being always heppened in Argentine players?????

    • E.Martinez shoul be given a chance, age wise 28 yrs and have full confidence at this moment; above all it solve the GK problem and can be more focus on defender issue

    • Emi, armani & musso for copa with emi being undisputed starter. Hope to see marchesin coming in as Olympics overage player as starting GK. Marchesin’s knockout & penaltyshoot experience with his fine form will be super handy in a knockout tournament like olympics

      • Don’t you think that Marchesin would be better than Armani? I mean in terms of appeasing the press maybe it will be okay as long as he doesn’t play

  13. ratings, with 8 Being the highest and 4 being the lowest. Both of our man got highest ratings.

    Leandro Paredes – 8 – Outstanding at negotiating the Bayern press. Really coming into his own as a dominant force. Immense block on the line midway through the second-half to keep Bayern out. Just flawless.

    Angel Di Maria – 8 – Constantly releasing the front two with penetrative passes. Also avoiding the Bayern press with his slick dribbling. Always the Argentine was the big man for the big occasion.

    • Paredes was always as good as he is now… Bt tuchel couldn’t use him….one thing is for sure paredes plays much better when the italian bustard doesn’t play as dm or cm or not play at all…a physical presence always compliment him best like de paul or gueye…. When poch came he upgraded verratti in more attacking role and leo improved his performance immediately….
      That’s why playing de paul in gueye role and lo celso or Palacios in more attacking roles is the best for Argentina…..he balances the mid with defensive and attacking output… Ah! De paul has to sacrifice his lethal playmaking talent for this as arg don’t hv quality workhorse mid.. So hv to do with makeshift de paul…after that if anybody tells de paul is a Fraud or farmer as he don’t hv assists for Argentina, for u, u should only enjoy football and then forget it, shouldn’t make any comment about matches certainly not in any football site

      • De paul is the balance of our team. He is the one who makes Scaloni ‘s tactics work. I compare nt de paul with Matuidi as winger+midfielder role he had in Russia worldcup for France.

  14. Di Maria was flawless, superb. When Davies made bad tackle from behind and di maria was in pain, I knew Di Maria took that personally. A motivated Di Maria is one of the best in the world. They had to sub off Davies.

  15. Great game by Di Maria. He has underperformed for NT. Make no mistake, I say underperform, not failed. We don’t have a player of his quality for many years.

    Paredes had a good game too. This is the level players need to play in. Not second division etc. Sorry but I am from the school that our players need to perform at top level play at top clubs. Suffer and succeed through tough games and against top players. They can bring that experience and skill to NT. Does that guarantee NT trophies, NO? But chances are better. Unfortunately, our players are not playing at this level. Very few. Its Messi, Dimaria etc.

    • Di maria was great in the game… I think we should use him as poch did… On the right side he is the best…we used him on the left side all this years,wasted his talent,after 2014 world cup we couldn’t use him and most of the time he was also responsible as he played selfishly with un necessary dribbling and shots…. He is the best in the right mid, behind 2 strikers and with a attacking mid/playmaker….. He is not the forward… Remember when we had fantastic 4 up front, he used to play in this system, Aguero used to came from left partnering with higu, messi slides into mid and creating tons of space for him….
      He played almost same way in mou’s real, ronaldo used slide in the forward with benzema, ozil in the middle so he could easily play in the right, going up and down like a perfect mid….

    • Big clubs, big matches. You learn in your club how to win those matches.

      When you face a big match for nt, you already know how to prepare, what to expect and how to win.

      Small clubs, small matches. Suddenly Copa America semi final is too intense for you and you don’t know what to do.

      It is important to aim for best in your professional life. According to small club analogy, if you are a CS grad it does not matter if you join a start up or google.

      It makes a great deal of differences.

      • Ha ha agree with u… Now, should i take that personally, as I’m a Cs grad and working professionally in a startup🤣🤣
        As i said earlier, our players should aim for CL clubs, they are too good too play in lower level club without any european we shouldn’t judge only based on that, for example, u know player like de paul or emi would do the same for bigger clubs… The analogy is that, there are some CS grad who is good enough to work in google, somehow couldn’t make it because they are happy or google don’t know them,don’t hv reference to make into interview or they never applied..ha ha…on a serious note, today’s market mostly based on hype, who u can sell most, in this terms brazilian or Portuguese are doing far better thn our players….it’s unfortunate our players are doing better thn anyone bt can’t create enough hype! Imagine some English player playing like bundia, or some france player is playing like de paul!!

        • I am a CS grad too. You are right, many deserved to work for Google but never got the chance. Lack of connection, luck, many other factors…

          Same goes for some small team players. Lack of good agent, lack of hype, situation etc.

          Prime example is de paul. He deserved to play in UCL. So is emi Martinez. De Paul has less hype and probably a bad agent. Emis case is unfortunate.

  16. Leandro Paredes’ game by numbers vs. Bayern Munich:

    100% aerial duels won
    100% dribble success
    90% pass accuracy
    73 total touches
    6 fouls suffered
    2 interceptions
    2 tackles won
    2 clearances
    1 big chance created

    • Man in this game whenever i saw him, i thought he would tackle anytime and can easily win the ball… He is as clean tackler as masche…. He is good on the ball, press resistant currently best in our squard, bt his off the ball movements makes me nervous… However, he always Somehow manages with Intelligent positioning…. Maybe his off the ball movement is his way to reserve his stamina😐

  17. Paredes had a great game. This was his most challenging club match so far. And he was excellent. This type of winning experience will help with nt for sure.

  18. About the defenders discussion, i would like to throw my opinion as well. I agree with many in here that Romero is the best defender we have currently. Although Argentina is traditionally well known for it’s gifted forwards and midfielders, it has produced some phenomenal defenders as well, some of them being among the best of all time, like Perfumo, Passarella (despite playing most of the time as a sweeper), Ruggeri, Brown, Ayala, Sensini, Chamot, Samuel, Garay and others that surely i am forgeting right now. Some of them used to be good with the ball as well, others not so good but all of them had something in common: In terms of defending, marking their man were second to none and all of them used to have a strong mentality, they were tough as nails!

    Despite Romero not being that good with the ball at his feet as Martinez is, he is the type of defender like the aforementioned ones and he also has this old school grity mentality a tough defender must have! I am not saying that Martinez Quarta is not good, i like him, but i believe that the opposition attack will be much more intimmidated by Romero rather by Martinez by any means!

    Morever, i also believe that Lisandro Martinez is the same type of defender regardless his small stature, therefore, i think that they have to be integrated to the team immediately! And the same goes to Emi Martinez as well! He has all it takes to start without any second thought! And for those who are thinking that he hasn’t played a single game for the nt, i will say that they surely have a point as continuity is vital, but sometimes some risks should have been taken too and i will remind them Goycochea, whom after Pumpido’s serious injury, he came on from the bench and became a legend with his performance in 1990 wc!

    Finally, i agree with you Kevin that Guido Rodriguez is a must and a very important player for our team.

  19. No one talks about Guido Rodriguez he is also one of the most important player for Argentina between him and Paredes I can take any of them. Against Bolivia after substitution of Paredes and De Paul, J. Correa and Guido Rodriguez came and helped for winning goal in 15000 feet height.
    Guido Rodriguez is one of the best defensive midfielder in La Liga.Guido Rodriguez is underrated star.

    • Guido & acuna are our critical subs & sureshots for copa. Absolute asset as a DM..but a tad slow like parades. Jus that parades’s build up orchestration is better. A big night for parades & pochettino tonite as psg enters bayern CL match with a first leg lead.

  20. different topic:

    I think the problem we have here is that we judge our players based on the club they play in. yes, it has some merit but some good players play in lower-level clubs. look at Acuna when he was not at Sevilla he was still pretty decent to play as backup and always has been a great system player. now he is at Sevilla everyone is asking him to be a starter. everything depends on the system. so if the coach doesn’t call up somebody we lose our mind. look at Romero, he is very good for his age but I’m not sure how good he can be if he plays in 4 man defense. he has been playing in 3 man defence system for almost 2-3years from his genoa days. and about foyth, he is a pretty decent RB. always been reliable when he played but he is not attacking-minded but I think it’s alright. we don’t need to change him. bt everybody is looking for other players to play RB. why? as long as he is ok our RB is also sorted out.
    I think this time we can try out 3 man defence system, our new gen players are playing 3 man system in club.

    • Traditionally argentina struggles with 3 man defense……it could be tried though…but not sure whether it is the right time as copa america is very close….

    • I wonder if Foyth’s ideal position is on the right of a 3-man defense. Not sure if he has played that role before but since his natural position has been in question this season, it makes me wonder.

      • I can’t think Lisandro, is good enough for a 3 man system. Romero, lmq, sensei might fit. maybe foyth can too. bt, I can’t see him beside Romero and playing well… whatever, it’s good to have so much CB talent, a couple of years ago we couldn’t even imagine that…
        Romero is already a defensive leader at Atalanta and playing CL too…foyth already found his form and hoping he can play in the same position every game, ideally rb/CB…we can make him makeshift RB if he plays CB in the club just like Spain did with Ramos in 2010… long as he plays ok and doesn’t leak any goals I don’t care about his attacking output… we need extra protection in the right side anyway because of Messi/Dybala whoever will takeout some burden from de paul…
        I wish all our defense play in CL, at the very least in the Europa League…
        most of our players need to change their club anyway, they should better go to cL club and fight for the position.

    • “I think the problem we have here is that we judge our players based on the club they play in.”
      in this sentence you said it all. nothing more to say.

    • Juventus play a four man defense, he has hardly played for them but hopefully when he goes back he will be integrated into it. For me trying a three man defense is too much risk. The idea of Senesi-Romero-LMQ/Foyth sounds good in theory but we don’t have a lot of time before Copa and after Copa Romero will possibly be back in Juventus playing as a starter (hopefully) in a four man defense, and given Romero is our best defender I do want to accommodate the defense a little more for him.

    • Scaloni should stick to 4-3-3 as std formation. I jus hope he integrates emi martinez & c romero in playing 11. No other changes for now with copa being next game.
      Nicog – lautaro- messi
      Locelso- parades- depaul
      Tagli- lmq- romero- montiel
      Emi martinez

  21. ‘You can’t think of Ajax without Lisandro Martínez anymore, who played 15 full games out of the last 16. It’s not only his fighting spirit.. he is so good on the ball, he never panics. He also has the willingness to give 100% every single game.’

    – Ronald de Boer,

  22. I think Lisandro Martinez should be tried in Left Back position for Argentina and say good bye to Tagliafico. Lisandro Martinez, Acuna and Angilleri looks good for Left Back role. Lisandro’s passing and crosses are good.
    For Right Back position Renzo Sarvia is the best. Foyth can be used there too.

    • Renzo saravia is trash brother. Juan foyth awarded 3 times MOTM in the Europa Leaugue . Renzo saravia 😂

      • Renzo had one exceptional match against Neymar. But at copa, he was very disappointing. Foyth is the safe bet against strong opponents.

        • More importantly… Saravia has not played a single football match since September 2020. That is 7 months ago. Saying that he should be our main RB for Copa is as ridiculous as saying that Chimy Avila, who was injured just as long, should be our main striker for Copa. You don’t know how the player will be after serious long-term injuries.

          Foyth can act as RB but then we handicap ourselves offensively on the right side. Against certain opponents it may be tactically rewarding but in general Montiel is the better bet

      • Renzo Sarvia was good in Internacional in Brazilian league. Foyth is good too I can take any one of them.C.Romero and Foyth are most intelligent defender for Argentina. Lisandro Martinez looks very hard worker kind of defender always tries his best in the pitch.

        • Licha is plain average as a left back. His position is clearly left CB in a 4 man defense. Maybe a DM in long term. Left back is just a back up role for him in case of mid match injuries or suspensions. No need to change tagliafico who is set. Acuna & angileri also are decent 2nd choice options. I think scaloni is not inclined to a tagli – licha combo as left back& lcb as both are relatively short. So mostly it will be lmq & romero with otamendi as CB sub.

          • I choose lmq for:
            1) consistency – scaloni has selected him continuously for last 4 games. No point doing mass rejigs
            2) scaloni tactics is building play from the back. So lmq’s ball playing skills super useful.
            3) he has moved to a new league/team & managed to fight & move from a sub to a starter. Lets keep in mind fiorentina has had 3 coaches in this season. So given all this context he has settled well & was even player of month recently. While he has had a few bad games, i would still give him time as he shows promise & a full season in serie a will make him a better defender.
            4) licha- scaloni is not going to select him for now. So lmq is next best option. I personally believe we should move beyond otamendi.
            5) romero – lmq can be a good combination that complement each other

  23. Exequiel Palacios Vs Hoffenheim:

    -90 minutes
    -78 touches
    -56 passes completed (84.8%)
    -3 long passes completed (75%)
    -3 dribbles completed (100%)
    -6 ground duels won (66.67%)

    Decent stats. But for a midfielder, passing number is low. Must improve on this.

  24. Palacios Report:

    I watched Bayer-Hoffeinheim game from the second half. Palacios was okay to good, but not exceptional like previous match.

    He played in the right side of double pivot with Chilean Aranguiz in a 4-2-3-1 formation.

    He looked a bit static. He is usually a willing runner and dribbler with NT. The reason can be he is also a one touch passer. He passed many times to his winger but never received a return ball, the players at his side was ball hogger.

    He made some great recoveries and tackles. Setup some attacks.

    I think he should run with the ball more and play more long and vertical passes. All of his teammates run with the ball given chance, he should do same to be in rythm.

    Overall a good match to keep hold of starting spot. He played whole 90 minutes. At this stage this is the most important thing.

    • Thank you for the report. Good thing Bosz was fired before Copa so that at least Palacios is getting some game time and experience

    • Acuna made 5 tackles yesterday, with 100% success. 2 interceptions and was never dribbled past. Does this sound like horrible defending to you?

        • Yes, for third celta goal Mendez’s first touch was too good. And yes, it appears Acuna did not see mendez coming and was caught off guard. Then again, no one challenged Mendez for that goal, whole defense was caught off guard.

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