Argentina U23 coach says Lautaro Martinez will be on Olympic player list


Argentina U23 coach Fernando Batista stated that Lautaro Martinez will be on the preliminary list of 50 players for the 2020 Olympics.

Fernando Batista revealed that the Inter striker will make the initial list of 50 while also hinting at other names. Some of the other names being mentioned along with the Inter striker are those of Juan Foyth and Exequiel Palacios. Should Lautaro be selected for the Olympics, he will also likely be picked for the Copa America which will be played before the Olympics in Japan.

Speaking in an interview with TyC Sports, here’s what Batista had to say:

“Come the moment in June, we will see how every one is doing to be able to pick the players in the best way possible. It’s difficult, there are a bunch of guys that are at a fantastic level.

“In the list of 50 players, I will put Lautaro Martinez, he is a player within the age limit. Today, there are a few players that are with the senior national team like Juan Foyth, Exequiel Palacios or Lautaro and one can pick them.”

In addition to the three names mentioned, Fernando Batista spoke about Lisandro Martinez, the man from Ajax:

“He was supposed to be in the last trip but because of the pandemic, he couldn’t leave the Netherlands. Not him, not Marcos Senesi. He wasn’t able to go to the pre-Olympics but he’s within the nominees. I like him as a center back. I saw him on the wing and he did well but I like him as a center back, where he’s always played.

“He gives you the possibility of being a center back, a full back or in the middle. When you have 16 outfield players, those players are sometimes important. As a coach, you evaluate these things and in those positions, he does well.”

Regarding clubs possibly not releasing players:

“We live with that all the time. There are coaches that left, like Tata. But you don’t have to get angry, you have to be prepared for that. Sometimes it hurts you more when it comes from the local league. Sometimes you’re planning something and it angers you. What I do is always look forward.”

As we reported earlier, Argentina will be one of four seeded teams when the draw takes on April 21 in Zurich.


  1. Bielsa’s leeds stun Man City with ten men. Seeing they are capable of doing this, I think that if they had gotten Buendía, De Paul, and Emi Martinez they would be readily challenging for European football. It’s a shame that didn’t happen

  2. About the Ocampos discussion my opinion is very much in the middle

    About being a key player: I think he is a key player only to an extent. Not as much as De Paul but I think that he is an important player to have fit and available, although he can be switched around with other due to form such as Nico without leaving a gaping hole in the team.

    About the importance of having workhorses: I agree with Chori that having a team full of workhorses does not mean the team is good, finishing and passing is also highly important. For me having a couple of those players like Ocampos does help, but I am also on the fence about it because it is true that this season he has not had much end product. At the end of the day, I do not think that his Sevilla season should stop him from playing for us or at least being rotated around, as is attributes do help us. I think that to make up for this we should use Acuña, not only because they play on the same flank for Sevilla and are developing good chemistry, but also because Acuña will be able to provide some good crosses from that Ocampos maybe can’t.

  3. Chori, personally, there is no way to get you wrong about Ocampos, actually you are one of the members in here whom i really like reading comments from. Actually i replied to Kevin and i agree with you about Ocampos’ form which is significantly dropped lately and i hope he regains it the soonest possible.

    • Between J. Correa and Ocampus,J.Correa is much better he is better dribbler,better shooter, better speed, more clinical in front of goal than Ocampus.Ocampus had just one good match vs Brazil in Saudi Arabia. Ocampus is work horse does not count much everyone needs to do his primary duty.

    • wave, you too my friend. I always look forward to your insights.

      For the reply, mundos mobile website doesn’t have indentations for comment replies so its hard to tell whos responding!

  4. Dream team for Argentina copa is

    Nicolas gonzales Lautaro Messi

    Lo celso paredes Palacios

    Acuna Lisandro Romero Foyth

    Emiliano martinez

    Sub : Di maria, Icardi, Dybala, Joaquin, Tagliafico,Otamendi,Quarta,De paul,Guido,Montiel,Merchasin, Musso ❣️

      • Ocampos has competition on the left attack, play whomever is in form.. but De Paul! He is our most important abd consistent player other than Messi.

      • I agree with De Paul aka energizer bunny but for Ocampos, “hard work” isn’t enough. He needs to score or at least provide endless pinpoint crosses, both of which he’s lacking right now. Not saying he isn’t great or anything, but Nico is more clinical up front so maybe he should start instead??

        Side note – some Mundo members overemphasize hard work. They think throwing 11 hardworking players together will result in trophies but I couldn’t disagree now. Tournaments are challenging, often there are only 1 or 2 chances at most and clinical finishing is crucial. No amount of hardwork can cover up poor finishing.

        • The team that you put together is nothing but an elusive dream that will never be materialized. How can u imagine a Scaloni’s without DePaul, LMQ, Tagli? Honestly, I am not a fan of Tagli, I would rather put Acuna but It will not happen. LMQ is our best option. It’s not realistic to change the entire team that was doing really good. I want Ota and Arma to be out… Will see

        • Ocampos is not just a workhorse. I have been saying for a long time that i have been watching him since his early days in River and i can tell you that the guy is very good in terms of technique. He has very good dribbling and ball control, you don’t need to watch him from his first years, just watch how he was teezing Brazilians in the superclassico. He has very good shooting technique as well, just watch his goals when he was in Marseille. He can also use both feet, he has pace and he is good in the air too. If you combine all the above to the fact that he is physically strong and tall too (1.87 m), as well as he is a workhorse, it can justify that he is a great asset to our team.

          In my opinion, barring Messi, the key players are De Paul who can’t be replaced, Ocampos, Nico Gonzalez and Paredes.

          • Don’t get me wrong, I do like ocampos and I agree with you for the most part. He dribbles really well, has blistering pace, very physical big body and can defend. My comment is more about his drop in goals and assists. There is no question about his addition to the roster, its his current form that leaves a bit to be desired.

    • We can’t have Bambi as a right back! Unless he has improved drastically in Spain this year! He was sloppy, careless and clumsy.
      Yes I called Foyth=Bambi
      Looking like a baby deer when first born … sloppy legs with no coordination! Lol

      And ocampos will start over Gonzalez but I love the bench… will 6 subs Argentina has a huge quality advantage against every South American country except (neutral with Brasil)

  5. I have made a comparison between Marcos Senesi and Ruben Dias. What I have found is interesting. They have played same amount of minutes, 2400+. Here are important comparison , Senesi vs Dias:

    1. Ball Recoveries : 217 – 120
    2. Tackles : 63 – 21
    3. Clearances : 98 – 76
    4. Interceptions : 64 – 31
    5. Duel contested : 268 – 160

    Senesi wins in all of this area.

    Dias has better Aerial success, Senesi has slightly better ground duel success. (around 60% for both players).

    Dias is much clean on defence. He committed 19 fouls while Senesi 34. Both got 3 yellow cards so far.

    Both has similar height, but Dias is faster and stronger.

    What I don’t know is how Senesi marks a player and uses his body. For that I need to watch him regularly. But interesting player if you think Ruben Dias is interesting. I think in a low block he can be an asset.

    Check comparison link :

  6. Improved area for Foyth this year is his clean defending. He used to be very clumsy during Tottenham time. Dangerous and mistimed tackles, foul at dangerous area, giving up penalties were his trademark. These things have improved under Emery.

    What he needs to improve on is his body strength and usage of upper body during defense. His teammates Albiol and Torres barely gets dribbled past (0.2 times per game). He can learn it from them.

    • Foyth said that language was problem in Tottenham while in Spain he is comfortable with local Spanish language in pitch or in dressing room.

  7. Olympics start July 23. Copa finishes July 11.
    Playing in both tournaments will not be okay for Inter.

  8. When are the dates for the Olympics? Would this conflict with Copa America schedule? If it does not conflict with anything having Lautaro would be great, hopefully they can turn around the mess of the Japan friendlies and call up the best players and have good depth, it would be very possible to win based on that.

    • Copa is 11june to 10th july. Olympics football is from 21 july 21 to august 7th. Considering conditioning camp before olympics, no chance copa player will make it.

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