Lisandro Magallan scores for Crotone in 4-3 win vs. Parma


Lisandro Magallan scored for Crotone in their 4-3 win vs. Parma.

Magallan managed his first goal of the season for Crotone and it was an important one. With Crotone last in the standings and all but officially relegated, they were up against 19th place Parma.

Crotone were awarded a corner kick and it was the Argentine who leaped up and scored the header to give his team the 1-0 lead.

Still only 27 years of age, the center back joined Crotone on loan from Ajax at the start of the season. He has yet to represent Argentina at the senior level.


  1. It looks from this blog that we have not found a combination of players for RB and Defense position. That means we have weakness going into Copa rounds. Best way for us is to stick to counter attacking football and win it dirty!! All the WC winning teams had their weakness especially in defense which they were able to nullify due to Midfield and Attack for eg – Italy,spain, even Germany (Boateng and hummels were slow and subject to presuure) and France. Need to find a way to cover it up so that no one dares to launch attack with full team. Playing without ball would key!!

  2. On the other hand, Romero kept a clean sheet, won a penalty. Later in that match, Romero was fouled and Bologna player was shown red. Romero ahead of Quarta. Quality ahead of bias.

  3. Fiorentina 1-1 Juventus

    Quarta did not start the match but was brought to field after the halftime. Morata beat him for throughball from Cuadrado, Quarta followed him to the box but Morata once again beat him with a turn and scored a wonderful goal.

    No to Quarta as Seleccion starter. He can’t mark and can’t defend.

  4. can anyone have any idea on this player

    marcelo weigandt

    julio buffarini

    hernan de la fuente

    amongst this three i think marcelo weigandt and julio buffarini more talented than the others which is in discussion
    i see julio buffarini is decent option right now, marcelo weigandt only 21 years old. i’m against both saravia montiel my choice is right now buffarini, i see a top player

    • i wonder how good this player could if he had experience of europe.. buffarini he is really talented one, marcelo weigandt is only 21 he also looks top player. i think buffarini should choose before copa. to nurture the potential

      • sorry i thought buffarini is only 23 years. now i see he is 32 years old. still he could be decent option. argentina lacks in top talents in right back position. montiel is good but not exequites. foyth is defensively good but i still see when the ball movement with team he has lackings and error he needs backup for error.

    • Buffarini was never a top player and he will never be a top player. Weigant is like Bustos a below of average player. Guys please stop dreaming…. If ur definition of top player is Bufarrini or Weigandt you don’t know top player.,… If you wanna know if a player is a top right back just try to compare him with Javier Zanetti…. The one and only

      • i will also suggest you never undermining any player, bcs every player has potential to be great, about buffarini i thought he is 23 years old in that age with his performance he will obviously have plenty of scope or talent to be top player, but unfortunatly his age was mistaken

  5. I do not understand this obsession with Montiel he is an average plate that is why he is not in Europe. He is not an answer at RB for world cup there will be too many great teams in WC qualifiers but against some South American teams he can be seen as option but not far.

  6. come on, give foyth some space!!! yes, mistakes can happen….it’s always his lack of concentration in a game…remember, when he let Jesus go for a goal against Brazil in the last Copa??? however, he is solid most of the time, arguably better RB for arg, better than current rb’s of Argentina…he just need put more focus on the game….otherwise there is no reason to keep him out of the first xi suspecting he would do the same thing every match… he is still gathering top match experience, playing as a starter this season…so can’t complain much…hope he will learn from his mistake this time…he is mature enough now

    • too much mistake. TO be in selection is a prize to be good and solid with your team. Foyth regulary make dumb mistake. That type of player are very dangerous because they are destroy by their emotion he is the kind of guy who can make you lose game you win because of his regular mistake. Now Argentina have better center with Romero, Senesi, Quarta or Pezzella… and better Right back with Molina and Montiel. It’s a fact

      • Molina won’t be able to handle the RB position defensively… he is way too attacking… yes Montiel can be a good competition for starting xi but again can he be able to handle someone like Neymar and Coutinho on his side… he is still not the level of foyth defensively… I’m ok with him starting against defensive teams…but with better players team like chile, brazil, and Uruguay we need extra protection… we have enough firepower for the right side with our mid and attackers…..but not enough defensive power…and about too much mistake? it’s almost the end of the season, he played most of the match still was pretty solid in cb and RB, just made a mistake… yes he did a couple of the same mistakes in the spurs, be fair, did he get enough playtime to correct his mistake?? now he is playing regularly and getting experience in the top flight, have a coach like emery who adores him, I’m sure he would be able to learn… and either way, we need a defensive RB, which works well with scolani’s tactic….

  7. Papu assist to Ocampos goal. Papu has shown that he can play in central midfield when necessary although playing him there is not without risks. His low defensive contribution and inadequate tackling skills can backfire if he is played as a CM in a 4-3-3 formation. He’s definitely not a box-to-box midfielder. In that regard Lo Celso, Palacios, De Paul and Nico Dominguez are much more suitable for a CM role for us than Papu. I think he’s great as a AMF, number 10, LWF or as as second striker though.

  8. Just a fun little reminder about something that was discussed a few months ago, today San Lorenzo plays River. Remember Romero who didn’t get sent off and injured Palacios? I’ll be hoping that river players try to return the favor.

  9. Villarreal coach kept his faith in Foyth and did not substitute him.Griezaman was not supposed to be on the off side position. Foyth was being pressed so he passed the ball to goalkeeper but Griezaman was already in off side position. Not a mistake but just lack of awareness of surrounding.

      • Foyth got no time to think and then pass he was being pressed. But coach believed in him. What would you say about Frankie De Jong’s mistake when he missed a sitter.
        Foyth looked solid on that match other then that back pass. I think you embrasses yourself by choosing lame player over good players. You just see one or two skills in players and thinks that player is perfect for the job.Be okay with others opinion and give facts do not not try to insult others opinion.

        • Coaches rarely substitute a player after a mistake. You wanna call De Jong’s miss a mistake? Be my guest, it has nothing to do with Foyth though.

          He may have played well after the mistake but the scoreline was not in his team’s favour after his back pass. At the end of the day, that’s what matters. Foyth is an error prone player, it’s not his first one.

          • Oh I do not know what a moron kind of person you are. Coaches substitute a player after mistake, Rojo was substituted after penalty vs France, last Barça match Mingueza substituted by Koeman there are many examples. De jong’s mistake nothing to do with Foyth but it has to do with the game. According to you if mistake does not turn into goal then it is not a mistake. You are being result oriented man.
            Forth’s first mistake after 30 appearances for Villarreal in all competition.

        • No Kavi, other have also noticed your lame opinions as of late, you have highly idiosyncratic views that more often than not do not correspond to reality.

          Not sure, how can one insult other’s opinion lol

          • Kavi, resorting to ad hominems is not going to get you anywhere. I criticize your opinions not you personally.

            Football is a results oriented game, scoreline matters, trophies are won by a team who scores more goals than their opponent. Even this elementary stuff has to be explained to you?

            Like I said, many are clearly seeing how you consistently spew nonsense, over and over…

          • It is just you who have problem on my opinion,do not say everyone has problem do not hide behind it and if you only cares about trophies, scoreline then do not watch match bro just see statistics of the match.Just talk about skill sets of players in which area he is good or bad do not say your views are idiosyncratic or other.Just say about player skill set and counter the argument wisely

  10. Acuna unbelievable long pass, then great controll from Ocampos, finally fault against Papu=penalty, but Ocampos doesnt kick penalties anymore, Rakitic scored from a shit penalty.

  11. Juan Foyth is a top class stupid player. Every time same error, same mistake. At first every coaches likes him, after that all coaches lost their faith on him. Error pronens King Foyth.

  12. Magallan, one of the most overrated CBs to come out of Boca. I always wondered what Ajax found in him, he is not at all their type of player, unlike Licha Martinez…

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