Argentine Europa League preview: Juan Foyth, Javier Pastore, Gero Rulli


The semi-finals of the Europa League will take place today as there are still six Argentine’s left in the tournament.

Three at Villarreal, two at AS Roma and one at Manchester United and at least one of them will make the final later next month. Manchester United host AS Roma in the first match with Villarreal playing hosts to Arsenal in the other.

For Manchester United, the only Argentine remaining at the club is goalkeeper Sergio Romero who had been linked with a move away from the club over the past two transfer windows. No longer back-up goalkeeper, Romero will not be taking part in the match. Their opponents, AS Roma, have double the representatives.

Javier Pastore and Federico Fazio have a slightly better chance than Romero in taking part in the match. Already 31 years of age, Javier Pastore missed the entire first half of the season due to injury. He has taken part in only two league matches, both of them coming earlier this month.

His team mate Federico Fazio has played many more matches this season and even took part in Roma’s last league match vs. Cagliari.

Juan Foyth has been getting many more opportunities and matches at Villarreal as opposed to his time with Tottenham. In his own little personal north London derby, the former Spurs man will try to shut down Arsenal as Unai Emery’s men look for a place in the final.

Team mate Ramiro Funes Mori has been in and out of the squad for Villarreal and it remains to be seen if he will start the match vs. Arsenal on Thursday. The third and final Argentine in the team likely has the best chances of starting the match.

Geronimo Rulli has started 10 of the 12 Europa League matches this season for Villarreal and is their cup keeper. Still only 28 years old, Rulli signed a four year deal with the club at the start of the season.


  1. Team A;
    Emi martinez
    Fyoith, romero, ottamendi, acuna
    De paul, paredes, lo celso
    Messi, lautaro, nico gonzales
    Team B
    Montiel, lm. Quarta, pezella, tagliafico
    Palacios, guido rodrigueZ, papu gomez
    Dimaria, icardi, joachin correa
    Team C
    Juan musso
    Saravia, senesi, balerdi, licha martine
    Nico dominguez, ascacibar, pereyra
    Angel corea, aguero, ocampos
    Team D
    Casco, kanneman, f. Medina, angeleri
    Lamela, perez, zaracho
    Alexis, alario, ?

    • Good move, if he develops well in the youth teams. They have produced foden, brahim Diaz, and Sancho. He is very talented I am excited for his future

  2. Spurs fans are crazy about Juan Foyth some are saying Foyth is always prime Zanneti while some are saying Foyth is next Lahm.
    It feels good that Argentinian players are being appreciated. Villarreal deal was good for Foyth he got minutes and he showed his class consistently.

        • so how long does he remain a kid? 🙂 What’s the definition?

          He is 23 years old (officially adult), plays professional football for quite a few years, played at 2 decent European clubs in top European league. And I can go on and on.

          Not questioning, just want to understand.

    • Zanetti?! Lahm?! They are delusional! Let’s assume for a second that Foyth is a great player but he would still not be in any way, shape or form similar to Zanetti or Lahm, both of whom used to be very dynamic fullbacks, bombing up and down the flank all the time! Foyth is a completely different type of player!

      • Foyth was bombing up and down against Arsenal even participated in 1st goal build up,winning free kick. He had good match.Kid is performing.

        • No, he did not. Check the heat maps if you don’t believe me, he barely got beyond his own half. He tended to stay on his side of the pitch. The opposing RB for Arsenal, Chambers in contrast spent most of his time in the opposite half, parallel to the penalty box, in a position to cross the ball, something Foyth does not do.

          As a RB, Foyth basically plays as a ball playing CB or even a midfielder. His passing is excellent, no doubt about that, but it’s mostly vertical or diagonal, consistent with his strengths. However, a modern fullback has to be high up the pitch on a regular basis to cross the ball which Foyth does not do. He is nowhere near Zanetti or Lahm or any other modern fullback for that matter.

  3. Leaving a player like Emi Buendia who is “Championship Player Of The Year 2020-21” out of 50 men squad is criminal offence.

  4. Emi Buendia has won the Championship Player of the Season award.
    He is also voted Norwich City player of the season, gaining 66% of the fans’ votes.

    14 goals, 16 assists in 37 games
    3.2 key passes per game
    18 big chances created

    3.2 key passes per game is the most of all our players. Up from 2.3 last season in EPL. For scale, Messi has 2.3 per game this season, De Paul 2.4.
    18 big chances created equals Messi and only De Paul has more with 20.

    The Guardian on him meeting Messi 6 years ago:
    “He asked: ‘What do you want to do? Do you want to play for Spain or Argentina?’ Quickly I said: ‘Of course I want to play for Argentina. I want to play with you – it is a dream.’”
    “The target this year was to be back in the Premier League, so that one is achieved, but everyone wants to play for his national team,” says Buendía, who has three caps for Argentina’s Under-20s. “It would be something very special for me. I work every day to try to be better and to try to get this chance to represent my country.”

    At least comforting to read that he really wants Argentina and not Spain. I hope he gets the call for the qualifiers and then Copa, but I would be happy with him going to the Olympics and then being integrated to the main squad.

    He is linked with Arsenal, Liverpool, Atletico Madrid, Aston Villa

    • If I were slightly pessimistic I would say the following:

      7. Tagliafico
      8. Quarta
      11. Lo Celso
      12. De Paul
      13. Palacios
      14. Ocampos
      15. N.Gonzalez
      16. Messi
      17. Lautaro
      18. Dybala
      19. Alario
      20. Dominguez
      21. MacAllister
      22. Kannemann
      23. Otamendi

  5. Best Argentina team for Qualifier and Copa-
    Emi Martinez
    Foyth. C. Romero. Otamendi. Acuna
    De Paul. Paredes. Lo celso
    Messi. Lautaro. N. Gonzalez
    2nd best team
    Sarvia/ Quarta. Pezella Tagliafico
    Palacios. G. Rodriguez. Papu Gomez
    Di Maria. Icardi. J. Correa

  6. Spurs fans crying about how well Foyth is doing. Many want him back as he would easily be a starter. All the guy needed were minutes but i think he’ll stay in Spain.

    • it may be because he’s been around for so long and hasn’t cemented his starting role in League or NT. Inconsistency is his enemy but I do really like him. It’s also just bad timing as its hard to squeeze him into the 23 given all the current options.

  7. Just saw Foyth and Rulli in the starting squad…does anyone know if Rulli is starting due to merit or is Ansenjo coming back from an injury?

  8. Molina there is no significant defence work. Offence is not either impressive. Still young to complete review. If foyth improve his attacking movement pace with tikitaka im sure his errors will be lower with confidence. Foyth should work in this sector. Saravia if not injured then without doubt another right choice

  9. 1st team
    Emi Martinez
    RB. C. Romero. LCB. Acuna
    De Paul. Paredes. Lo celso
    Messi. Lautaro. N. Gonzalez

    2nd team
    RB. RCB. LCB. Tagliafico
    Emi Buendai G. Rodriguez. Papu Gomez
    Di Maria. Icardi. J. Correa

    I think Emi Martinez, C. Romero and Emiliano Buendai sooner or later will get into the Argentinian national playing eleven. If more than 23 player going to be selected then Dybla,Aguero,Palacios etc can be selected. 85% team is done.

  10. Perez is starting in a line of three against Barcelona. An interesting stat is that granada has the most goals conceded in the league, not sure if it is the fault if the center backs but you’d think it’d be easier for him to displace them

    • Perez has not played much this season and in today’s game he is nothing special. But he’s still very young and might yet develop into a great CB. The initial signs from him were very promising.

  11. Clearly Molina and Buendia are the controversial omissions.

    For Buendia, we already have to drop a few from this list of 15 – Mid (7) and attack (8) – Of these 15 players, who would you drop to include him?

    Mid (7):
    Rodrigo De Paul, Leandro Paredes, Exequiel Palacios, Giovani Lo Celso, Lucas Ocampos, Guido Rodríguez, y Alejandro Gómez.

    Attack (8)
    Lautaro Martínez, Sergio Agüero, Paulo Dybala, Mauro Icardi, Lionel Messi, Nicolás González, Joaquín Correa, Ángel Di María

    Same with Molina..Foyth, Montiel, Saravia, and even Ocampos can play wing back. who would you drop? given the mid is already stacked, there’s no way to drop one so has to be someone in defense.

    • Saravia has not played due to injury, I would drop him for Molina. Unless Scaloni and co don’t really see him as a proper RB and also are not planning on using 3 at the back.

      • Yes agreed. I only included saravia for those that want him. Even then, Molina, Foyth, and Montiel are too many. Would you drop Foyth or Montiel for Molina? Keep in mind Ocampos can also play wing back type role.

        • I guess for me it depends on who are the CBs that Scaloni wants to take and whether he sees Foyth as someone that can fill in a number of position.

          My personal opinion: Starting CBs – Romero, Licha, bench – Pezzella, Senesi. Starting RB- Montiel, back-up Molina, starting LB – Tagliafico, back-up – Acuña.

  12. wing back is very important part whole match they contribute in both attack and defence. both foyth and saravia defensively good, but montiel is not as good as them in defence its true. if foyth has as like as fast movement with ball like montiel. how good it could be for argentina. i think all these three player has some pace but foyth pace slow down when in attack team movement with ball like tikitaka style. this is the only lacking foyth had other than error. his error is no factor if he plays as right back or has a backup if his improvement happens in attack. then he is the ideal placement for rightback position..

    • I think that would be a good idea, him or Ledesma (If he still can do it due to his Copa America exclusion). Having an overage goalkeeper can be a huge asset and they provide security and experience which is important in that position.

      • Ruilli will be a good choice. He was also 2016 olympics keeper. But i would ideally want marchesin to get the spot. Anyway emi martinez (if common sense prevails with scaloni) & armani are there. So why waste him as 3rd gk. Marchesin is in prime form. Worst case ledesma is also good & anyday better than batista’s youngster gks

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