Lucas Alario injured for rest of season, will miss Copa America


Lucas Alario is out injured for the rest of the season, according to Bayer Leverkusen.

Alario, along with Bayer Leverkusen and the Argentina national team received bad news as it was announced that the striker is out injured for the rest of the season. An injury to his right leg will mean the Argentine will miss Leverkusen’s remaining matches and the Copa America.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni will have to start thinking of another option instead of Alario. The club announced on Friday that he has sustained a muscle tendon injury in his right thigh while training and that it will keep him out for 6-8 weeks.

The Copa America is from June 13 until July 10 and it would surely mean that Alario would at best case miss the start. Alario looked to be one of the forwards certain of a spot in the team for the tournament.



  1. Brazil just lacks midfielder otherwise they are equal to Argentina in attack and better in defence and goalkeeper squad
    CB -Marquinose, T. Silva, Eder Militao,Gabriel
    LB -Lodi, Alex Tellas
    RB -Danillo, Emerson
    CF -Firmino,Gabriel
    LW – Neymar, Vinicius Jr
    RW -Richalison, Raphina, Lucas Moura
    Goalkeeper -Allison, Ederson
    CB -Otamendi, Pezella, C. Romero, LMQ
    LB -Acuna, Tagliafico
    RB -Foyth,Sarvia
    CF -Lautato Martinez, Aguero, Icardi
    LW -Nico Gonzalez, J. Correa
    RW -Messi, Di Maria
    Goalkeeper -Emi Martinez, A. Maschrain

    • I have never liked oh my goal videos because I think they are a pretty low level of football understanding and make mistakes but this one was pretty good and accurate. He is very clinical in front of goal and many River fans get pissed that Borre starts ahead of Girotti who is very much the opposite of clinical. He is a true number 9 and a very physical presence. When he comes off the bench he never fails to impress, against San Lorenzo he scored a goal and then very nearly doubled it for a draw with a header that went off the post. River fans call him haaland mostly as a joke, I still don’t want to be saying he is the next n9 of the NT or a big player in Europe without seeing him get full games as starters and seeing if he can keep up the numbers. I don’t want the goals to end up only being luck from only a few minutes of game time and seeing he can’t do it across whole seasons (although I do have a good feeling about him).

      • add me too in the list of those fans. personally i am so pissed with Borre the last 1 month now. especially in the game against San Lorenzo i was almost to damage my tv because him. i don t want him play in the crucial game against Banfield.

    • don t give attention to this things. Girotti is a young talented kid which need hard work to arrive in the level we desire. Now he is not yet and he has long road in front of him to succeed it.

  2. Aguero with dazzling devastating finish. I think squad list for Euro 2021 is 26 player is sanctioned by UEFA because of recently 5 substitution rule in football same should be followed by CONEMBOL.
    Aguero, Lautaro Martinez, Icardi must be in squad,Center forward position is overcrowded.

  3. Aguero gets game time & a goal. Timing is good for NT. If he gets to play all next league games, he wld be in good match fitness & shld make it. Crucial games coming for icardi for redemption. Mbappe seems injured & mostly out of 2nd leg of CL semi. Also tight ligue 1 games as they try to pick all points & hope lille drops a few. If he scores some crucial goals now, will be v tough for scaloni to ignore him also considering alario injury. We need a CF back up for lautaro.

  4. It looks like Argentina got new best midfield 3
    Emi Buendai. Paredes. De Paul
    Lo celso can be used as substitute.

    • Emi buendia won’t be in the squad let alone in the first 11.
      Lo celso may not be having good times at spurs, that’s true. But if I remember correctly he was our best midfielder in the last 2 qualifiers.
      I’m happy he is performing for argentina instead of his club.
      And I also rate Palacios ahead of buendia too.
      I love buendia his style is attractive, he should be in the argentina squad but again getting the best player award in 2nd division of England doesn’t make you world class. This year will tell how good he is.

      • Shubham, but buendia did well in last year PL also. Norwich played bad & ended last – but individually he did well. He in 23 man NT squad i feel is justified – but clearly looks like he wont make it due to coach perceptions

  5. as always the N/T problem is injury and the coach mot of the time will select the ‘off’ not ‘on fire’ player; Icardi could be the right choice to replace Alario..

  6. Best replacement is Mauro Icardi.As a Center Forward there is no weakness in Icardi.If he had played against City instead of Verrati with the same player PSG surely had won the match.Alario was not in form neither getting minutes but he will be back stronger. He is best super sub for Argentina.

    • Instead of Veratti, Veratti was the reason Psg dominated in the 1st half he was the orchestra of the midfield. Without Veratti psg stands no chance.

  7. Ugh.. this always has to happen right before national team games. It even started happening before the qualifiers that were postponed. Luckily we have other options but it is a pretty big bummer for him. Wish him the best in recovery

  8. Best Copa 11 should be..

    ……………….Emi Martinez…………
    De Paul…. Paredes…. Lo celso..
    Messi…. Lautaro…. N. Gonzalez..

    Sub: Acuna, Guido, Palacios, Icardi, Ocampus❤️❤️❤️

  9. Possible replacements: Joaquin Correa who is not really a CF but he can play there I guess, Gio Simeone who is nothing to get excited about, Gaich who has a great potential but still raw, Icardi who I doubt will be called, Chimy Avila who is not back to his best yet and getting few minutes…

  10. Its NT match time i guess. Our players are now starting to get injured. Lets hope there wont be more injuries till June.

    Icardi can replace Alario. But donnow if he will be selected due to the obvious reasons. J. Correa also can be handy.

  11. Here we go again…. I don’t know how much we would miss Everytime when we r ready for nt games, our players start to get injured 😑 surely he would hv been a good edition as a super sub and inform player…he is tall too,good with header, maybe we would miss a good in-form striker!!
    Simeone and aguero out of form too!! J. Correa should be his replacement!! Or Icardi maybe!!however good thing is that we hv good enough players to replace him!!

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