Sergio Aguero scores for Manchester City, closer to Premier League title


Sergio Aguero scored for Manchester City in their 2-0 win vs. Crystal Palace as they are closer to winning the Premier League.

Aguero scored a goal which, not for the first time in his career, may have won Manchester City the Premier League title. Back in the starting eleven for Pep Guardiola’s team, Aguero delivered. With the score at 0-0 in the second half, Aguero received the ball inside the penalty area. Argentine controlled it beautifully and struck it into the rood of the net to give City the 1-0 lead.

Regarding the Premier League title, should Manchester United lose to Liverpool on Sunday, Manchester City will be crowned Premier League champions.

While they would go on to score a second, Pep Guardiola praised the Argentine after the match. Speaking to BT Sport, here’s what he had to say:

“What a goal, what an action, what a player, what a man. I’m incredibly delighted he’s back. We’re going to enjoy the last games with him, and he showed with his goal what he has, being what he is. I’m in love as a person. An incredible guy.”

Kun himself spoke about the match and the upcoming second leg clash vs. PSG:

“I’m ready. Before, I said, ‘finally I could play’. I feel good, my knee is so good. I’ll just wait to play. I hope Tuesday, if I don’t, it doesn’t matter. I want to be with my team. Every player wants to play. We’ll see.”


  1. German pezzella a long with Caceres are sh…t if those two are better than Quarta than he doesn’t deserve to play football let a lone playing for arg nt.Somehow I’m glad Quarta didn’t start this fiorentina fragile team playing sh…t with C garde coach g. pezzella is no way near nt player even world class player like Ribery looks lost because of s…t coach.

  2. Rodrigo Palacio hattrick vs Fiorentina (from 3 assists of 20 years old Vignato), he had only 1 goal in the season so far, per xG his finishing is horrible nowadays, maybe the worst after Dzeko in TOP5 league. 25 goals from 43,11 xG before the match.

  3. Joaquin Correa 2 goals.

    C Romero and Lisandro martinez starts for their teams.

    Quarta on bench vs Bologna while Pezzella starts. So it looks like Quarta can’t make into XI of Serie A’s 14th team while facing the 12th team. But he will probably start for Argentina while facing likes of Brazil. Irony.

    • I keep hearing about this kid but the problem in Argentina (and pretty much everywhere to be honest) is that players get over-hyped way too quickly so like you said Majd we’ll all have to keep an eye out for him.
      Speaking of the primera, well I am ashamed to say that I stopped watching it since COVID hit and for many reasons (including time constraints) I haven’t gone back but some of you have been talking about Boca and their young midfield so I went and watched their latest game against Santos in the copa-lib and holy crap! A midfield consisting of Almendra (22)—-Valeri (19)——Medina (18) all starting in such an important game and to top it all off they were pretty damn good!
      I honestly thought maybe this is a fluke, perhaps COVID hit Boca hard and they had to use their youth in desperation but low and behold this is pretty much the midfield they’ve been using for the last half a dozen games or so including other youngsters like Capaldo and Maroni.
      This is wonderful news IMO, I’ve been disillusioned with Boca for a while now because of the way they prefer to get either veteran Argentine players like Salvio and Tevez or foreign players from other SA nations to start all the while ignoring their famous youth academy and it’s youth. However now they seem to have a glut of young talented midfielders who aren’t just getting game time, they are STARTING regularly!! I might just start watching Boca from now on.

  4. Please excuse me guys I don’t like to put fatancy lin ups
    But I want share with you the realistic lin ups scaloni will go weather I like or not. it may please some of us and may not. This more likely lin up under scaloni
    ————– Armani
    Montiel———- Quarta——— otamendi—– tagliafico

    ‐———— de Paul ——- lo celso/ palacios

    Messi —- Lautaro— N. Gonzalez/ Ocampos

    Personally I would love this line up

    E martinez

    Montiel—– C. Romero——– lich martinez—– acuna


    De Paul —- palacios

    Messi—- Lautaro—– N. Gonzalez / Ocampos

  5. Yeah Aguero looked razor sharp he is looking fitter than ever. For finishing,you need Aguero.

  6. Aguero looked so sharp he is far from finished as player. I hope he stays EPL maybe move to Chelsea is more realistic he is true premier league legend.
    The only little disappointed he has when comes to arg nt either was injured or managers perfer higuain over him
    Which was bit odd at that time

  7. Ray Hudson would have said “absolutely astonishing from the man from Argentina, who is cleaner than Neutrogena with his finish.”

    What a beautiful goal.

  8. He’s up and down, he played some brilliant games and became a starter and then he dropped off and became a sub, Alexis is still finding his footing in England but I think he will succeed eventually, especially if he does well in the olympics.

    • Yes, he’s had to adjust to English football which is a pretty big leap from South America. The games I watched I liked but I have not seen his performances every day so I’m assuming it’s just a matter of adjustment. Even if he is not a starter he still comes off the bench regularly so it is nothing like the Bosz-Palacios situation

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