Joaquin Correa scores twice for Lazio in 4-3 win vs. Genoa


Joaquin Correa scored twice for Lazio in their 4-3 win vs. Genoa.

Correa continued his fine form as for the second match in a row, he scored twice. He would receive the ball in the penalty area for the first goal, control it with his left foot but the defender would try and clear the ball as it bounced off of Correa and into the back of the net to give Lazio the 1-0 lead.

There was no luck on the second goal. Correa would get the ball inside the penalty area as he would cut inside and his right footed shot could not be completely stopped by the goalkeeper as it would go in for Lazio’s fourth goal of the match.

The Argentine has now scored 5 goals in his last four matches and is expected to be part of the final Argentina squad for the Copa America.


  1. Nowadays my team is,,,,

    —————————Musso – – – – – – – – ————
    ——Foyth – – C, Romero——Martinnez–——

    ________Messi_________Martinez ________

  2. Right Back is not major problem anymore. There are four candidate for that role. Foyth,Sarvia,Molina and Montiel.All are pretty good but the trick is to select the best player who should be in the good form.
    C. Romero, Emi Martinez, and Emi Buendai needs to be the squad as soon as possible that would be great for Argentina.

  3. Messi misses another penalty, it’s true that his penalty abilities do not match his other abilities at all. De Paul also conceded a penalty which is sad because I was hoping for another Gaich esque win over Juventus (with only a Molina goal), but nonetheless he had a good game with good stats. Would be beautiful to see all the players that Vikin mentioned play at inter

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