Lionel Messi scores twice to help keep Barcelona in La Liga race


Lionel Messi scored twice in Barcelona’s 3-2 win vs. Valencia to help keep them in the league race.

Messi didn’t have the best of matches but still managed to produce two goals. It was 1-0 Valencia when Barcelona were awarded a penalty kick. A repeat of the 2014 World Cup semi final clash between Argentina and the Netherlands. It was Lionel Messi vs. Jasper Cillessen. At the World Cup, Messi got the better of Cillessen but this time around, it the opposite.

A poor penalty by Messi was saved by the goalkeeper but Busquets would pass it over to Pedri who’s shot would fall to Leo and his second effort would end up as a goal to draw Barcelona level. Barcelona would score a second through Griezmann and take the 2-1 lead.

The Argentine would redeem himself for his earlier penalty mistake, despite scoring the rebound. A free kick for Barcelona and it was Lionel Messi who would take it and his shot would hit the post and into the net for Barcelona’s third of the match. That goal would prove to be the winner. Per Opta, Messi has now scored 50 direct free kick goals for Barcelona in all competitions.

He continues to lead the league in the Pichici race as La Liga’s top goalscorer this season with 28 goals.


  1. with time foyth will be great potential for argentina. sometimes he fell like great potential to be a defensive midfielder.. foyth needs to play more he needs understanding of team chemistry he has equal talent with time and experience his error will lower.. who says he can’t cross, those who says they are fools.. only things to concern on foyth is his fitness.. his fitness feels not natural or shaky

    • foyth has pace, but his forward run with ball not as quick as other right back. now foyth presence most of the time in his own half when his experience will raise and gain some solidity the position where he is playing now he will be courages enough go forward more and more i think coach needs to help him more for further development. i think his talents more than the others

      • Against Arsenal Foyth’s forward run was awesome. He was a real threat in that game for Villarreal. First goal was result of Foyth’s forward run, he won free kick in opposition half, provided through balls

  2. Fiorentina conceded 34 goals in last 17 matches and Pezella started in every single match,Quarta Martinez started 85% of those matches. They are conceding 2 goals per match even relegation threatening teams does not concede 2 goals per match in PL and in La Liga.
    Argentina staff needs to be careful about selection process.

  3. My frnd Enganche… “Quarta already 24 and has not played as a RB much in his career.”

    How many matches did Juan Foyth play as a rightback before 2019 Copa America?

    • So what ? Stop to create position for DC. TO be a RB or LB deserve some quality Quarta is not speed enough et cant crosse.

      Stop to talk like if Foyth was a crack. His season with Villareal is really poor

      • Foyth had great season with Villarreal and at Right Back position in Villarreal there are 3 players competiting for that role and all are good and Foyth is front runner.
        Mollina needs little time to develop he has good potential.

  4. My frnd olive majestic…It is samuels duty to scout all da potential (monitor closely on Molina) players. They have their eyes on 100 players. That doesn’t mean that, everyone is worthy among them. Molina is promising but not ready at dis time.

  5. a lot of people praising molina suddenly bcs of some game this is weired, i think molina still not brings to the quality that is needed. he is showing some energy and pace in the offence but he is not still up to the mark. he needs more development.. i m pretty much sure without improving further he will not effectful in important match of the game and it could be sudden blank of talent.. he still lack quality that is needed.. it is his energy that is suddenly noticing people

    • Not just because of this game, the guy has 2 goals and 5 assists and has now become a starter for his club, add that to the fact that the RB position is a huge problem for Argentina at the moment with only Montiel (who is decent at best) and Foyth (who isn’t a fullback) as options.
      I still want to see how Monlina finishes the season but from where I’m standing he is far superior to either Montiel or Foyth when it comes to attacking and he has now a solid understanding and chemistry with De Paul, all of which are big advantages for the NT.

      • For Molina sky is the limit now. Of course he is not Dani Alves but What are the Argentinan Options ? Montiel a RB from River who didnt find a spot in Europe ? Saravia with Knee Injury ? Foyth who dont have the quality of a modern RB (cant crosse) ? Molina look the best option… enough to have his chance with the NT

      • when it comes to international competition selection in high level. you can’t praise high based on few matches or one season without top tensed game. one the other hand i think defence is the most important part of football game without good defence you have no chance to win a tournament. i prefer defence more than the offennce.. this is where molina lacks.. in tight fence of opposite defence i think without creative run with or without ball and chemistry molina will suffer.. foyth defence is his strong points and he is developing game by game at first i was against him.. but things are changing slowly

  6. J. Foyth have partial muscle tear in his hamstring which will take four weeks to heal so he can be available for Copa 2021 which is going to start from 14 June. Scaloni must select him ,Molina is also looking good,he provides energy in right flank.

    • The time frame between recovery and Copa may be a little tight. Hope he recovers fast we need as many options for RB as possible

    • So you want Foyth (who ll not play during 1 month) to be titular and Saravia who didnt play 9 months to be his back up …

      Do you know real football is not FIFA ? When a player have a injury he need time to find his best condition again. NT dont have time and need players in perfect condition to be good directly on the field.

    • who knows,Nico Gonzalez was choosen from Bundesliga second division.At that time Stuttgart was in Bundesliga 2.

  7. Foyth is injured and most probably out for the rest of the season ( Could be Copa 21Too).

    In my Point of view, Lucas Martinez Quarta can be a option for a right back. If Martinez Quarta can be played in the right back option, then Martiniez will do better than juan foyth specially in Overlap and attacking threats.

    I followed Quarta on last march (player of da month). He is really very good at overlap, dribbling, positioning senses as a right back what was effectively missing by Juan foyth(Good passer, good defender, good Errors 😂). Quarta also played 2 matches as a right back in Fiorentina.
    I think This matter should not be overlooked by Scaloni and walter samuel.

        • OK, 1 game, that’s statistically an extremely small size sample to draw any conclusions. Need to see more of him there, which is unlikely given that Fiorentina mostly uses 3-5-2.

          • I didn’t say that.. Martinez Quarta is a solution as a rightback. I just said Martinez quarta can be an option for a RightBack bcoz of Foyth absence & Scaloni likes him also.

          • I don’t know, it seems to me that for a calibre and pedigree of Argentina National Team, it’s best to have natural fullbacks, those who play in the position week in and week out. Perhaps Quarta can do a decent job there but it’s a bit of a gamble given that he’s already 24 and has not played as a RB much in his career.

      • Molina is not even close to the edge of scalonis radar. And obviously scaloni, walter samuel, Aimar and co.. Are not a stupid.

        • Molina is a much better option than Quarta and your idea that Mac Allister is below average is pretty uneducated. He’s adjusting to the most physical and demanding league in the world. He was crucial for the pre Olympic tournament last year. He’s not a Kevin de Bruyne or anything but he has potential to become a decent option for us. I don’t think that he “isn’t close to their radar” is Samuel literally went in person to scout him.

          • You’re correct Olive, heck even De Bruyne wasn’t De Bruyne until he came to Mancity under Pep’s tutelage, when he was at Chelsea he was completely rejected and cast a side.

            Alexis is a real talent and I think he will come right sooner than later, I really hope he goes to the olympics and kicks ass like he did in the olympics qualifiers.

    • No different, people would say its poor shot if he blast it too high or too wide like in 2016 Copa final, or if its was saved.

      Maradona kicked it that way against Yugoslavia and was saved but it went in against Italy in the next game. No matter how you kick it, luck always involve in PK.

      Remember Dona Doni or Sniejder penalties against Argentina? those were great shots and still didnt went in.

        • Yea but what I do notice is that he often end up scoring from the loose ball if his penalty gets saved in middle of the game (not in shootout). If you remember, in most recent friendly against Brazil, he scored after his penalty was parried… and he kicked it that way.

          So he probably thinks if he blast it powerfully and it goes wide / hit the post / over the bar, he has no chance to tap the loose ball (Against Chile in 2016 final). Just my observation .

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