Rodrigo Palacio scores hattrick for Bologna, sets new Serie A record


Rodrigo Palacio scored a hattrick for Bologna as he set a new Serie A record in their 3-3 draw vs. Fiorentina.

Palacio continues to score and this time even breaking records. Despite all of the Serie A headlines going to Inter for winning the league, 39 year old Palacio made headlines as well. With Fiorentina leading 1-0, a pass into the penalty area found Palacio and his first time effort would beat the goalkeeper to draw Bologna level.

Fiorentina would retake the lead but once more, Palacio with a goal. A cross sent into the penalty are found the flying rat tail and his well placed header would get the better of the goalkeeper.

The 39 year old would make history before it was all over. For the third time in the match, Fiorentina would take the lead and for the third time it would be Palacio who would score. A pass into the area found the Argentine as he would take a touch, control the ball and place it in the corner of the goal.

That goal would create Serie A history. Per Opta, Rodrigo Palacio is now the oldest player to score a hattrick in Serie A at 39 years and 86 days.


  1. I think how Pochettino organized his midfield is really the best way to allow Paredes to play his best football : gueye or Herrera played as the 1st layer, verratti box to box and Paredes stayed behind. It didn’t work against city because of many reasons, but I think overall Poch did good job, he helped psg to eliminate bayern and barca. City just played a much better football.

    regarding icardi, I wasn’t surprised by his performance. he usually plays bad if he plays with no winger who cross or no ball possession. that’s why I think in the national team he can only be sub.

  2. Sadly with the red card, D Maria will not be called to N/T , just lost the temper no need to stamped ; Paredes are getting better under Poch

    • “Paredes are getting better under Poch” i dint see anything in him over the two legs to be called better he was extremely poor in both matches, Veratti was the only midfield presence Psg had.
      Even Lo celso isnt looking the same player after injury hope Argentina doesnt fell into midfield crisis because De paul- Paredes – Lo celso is our best midfield trio.

      • Paredes was great against Bayern Munich and has been better in Ligue 1 games and a more important/integral member of the squad. There has been a positive trend

      • Paredes wasn’t good against Mancity that’s true but he was excellent against Bayern and was also excellent againt Barca in the first leg where they won 4-1. I don’t think that Leandro is world class but he is a fine footballer and I think he has gotten better (atleast defensively) under Poch.
        Celso hasn’t been electrifying that’s true but honestly in the last Spurs game he was played as a no.5 in a double pivot and we are talking about an attack minded CM who made his name in Betis by being high up the field and creating/scoring goals, so what do you expect?
        Celso is class and Paredes is solid while De Paul is undoubtedly one of europe’s best CMs (according to stats not just my opinion). Add all that to the fact that Palacios is finally getting starting game, Guido’s been one of the standout defensive midfielders in Spain and Papu Gomez has now shown that he’s just as good in CM as he is in the attacking areas, so personally the midfield is the one area I’m not worried about, the defense on the other hand……….

        • Lo celso does not perform good in advanced position look at Copa 2019.Lo celso’s best position is in deep spaces and from there he loves to carry the ball to final third.In last game vs Sheff united that is why he looked better than other games.In flat midfield Lo celso will play good

          • Kevin this one I agree with you totally
            Lo celso plays very good when he plays
            Deep in the midfielder and carry the ball That is where he looks classic midfielder. As nu 10 not soo good as winger average.
            Lo celso is kind player shines when his team retain more possession and get involved more that is why Mourinho wasn’t kind lo celso manager.

      • Paredes was good against man city in first leg but in second leg that snow in the field weakened Paredes’s passing prowess. Paredes is best for Argentina.

  3. Marquinhos is da best central defender in da world i think. The aerial monster. Infact the whole Brazilian Defence Danilo, Marquinhos, Thiago silva, Eder militao, Alex sandro, fabinho, Casemiro, Richradlidon etc all are aerially monster type of player. How could we stopped them ( Corner or set-piece) god knows. God help us.

    • Even Argentinian are good in air Otamendi, Pezella, C. Romero, Aguero, Foyth,Icardi,Alario,N.Gonzalez,Paredes,Emi Martinez.

    • God only helps those who help themselves and Argentina certainly doesn’t need god to beat Brazil, especially if you go back and watch their last match, which Argentina won. In that match Argentina ran circles around Brazil and that match was so one sided that a final score of 1-0 really, REALLY flattered the yellows.
      If Argentina go in there in good physical shape and a good game plan I see no reason why they can’t be the tar out of the Samba boys.

  4. – Icardi is the best striker in the world after Lewandowski
    – Farmers are made for farming only
    – Bayern will gangbang the farmers
    – Roberto Pereyra excels in Scaloni’s bed

    Repeat, recycle and reshuffle. The pinnacle of eloquence and sophistication.

  5. hah hah look who came back from the shadows 🙂 🙂
    the nonsense guy ha ha !!!
    i can t wait to tell us about the shitty Bayern hah !

  6. Is there any way to contact Roy to ask for an ignore button? It’s the only method that would work and it’s the most logical

    • mundo . albiceleste @ Gmail . com
      (without spaces)


      In the meantime I recommend everyone to just ignore the trolls… Don’t answer them, don’t mention them, don’t acknowledge them.
      Our reactions is what keeps them going…

    • That means whole munich teams depend on 2 player. If city can beat PSG without stirker then why not Munich ? What a lame excuse…

  7. If this game doesn’t perfectly encapsulate Icardi’s style of play, I don’t know what does. He can only poach goals when he gets service and that’s it. Best as a substitute when teams are desperate to score goals and create chances. But not for a drawn out 90 minutes. First the Bayern game, now this, I wonder where the football philosopher “raj” is, after all Icardi is the best striker in the world after Lewandowski right?

  8. Neymar wanted to be a hero.. header that hit post… di Maria open goal missed.. And icardi wide open and never received pass.. game in a nutshell for u guys

  9. Sad for poch but happy for Aguero. A problem with psg is that their talent is concentrated in attack but their full backs and defenders are nowhere close to that. Hopefully poch is intelligent in the market because I believe that with more time (a year or so) he can seriously win it, also if they keep Mbappé and Neymar, especially if they get messi

    • Yes PSG full backs are really average . I was also wondering how our defence will block Marquinhos during a penalty corner. The guy is aerially so strong.

  10. It has been a while since I watched Icardi play.Today against Man City he had 8 ball contacts in 60 minutes, most of them useless. I have to see he did not receive not a single good cross due to the egoistic performances from Neymar (always runs with the ball never passes) and others. Nevertheless Icardi was running and running to no avail. Needs to get back to Italy fast. Di Maria provoked and bye bye PSG.

    • icardi was on the open, neymar could have passed him the ball…..he is an old school striker, fox in the box….give him the ball he will score….but could hv easily scored that,if neymar passed that…paredes acts like an idiot in every game…… di maria got provoked,he should hv kicked in that brazilian cunt’s ball…

      • Bad night for all argentines in PSG pack . Parades always looks like he will collect a card by fighting in big games . Dimaria had a decent game & inspite of all his experience displayed foolish emotions. I really dont think Icardi can help Argentina . He desperately needs crosses to come from flanks & we dont have that breed of full backs. Only solace was to see some 5 mins of Aguero as a sub.
        The first goal showed what a ball distributing GK & a pacy full back can do . The goal killed PSG when they were starting to dominate.

  11. Scaloni ideal 26 man squad:
    Lo Celso
    De Paul
    Matias Suarez
    Di María

      • It’s Scalonis loss. I get everyones hesitation due to his injury record but i dont think theres anyone better to help close down games. Sub the lunatic on at the 70th minute against tired legs and he’ll be their worst nightmare. Or against really physically teams, a guy like Lamela with GRIT is needed. Were a bit soft in the midfield right now, especially with Masche gone. Funny also that Lamea has an incredible talent at avoiding cards…

        • chori bro we have lot of speedy players like that…ocampus, j correa could be our super sub…. lamela will go in the tournament get injured, same as di maria…. di maria is a must for Copa….don’t know about Aguero…. angel Correa is so underrated, as a second striker he is better than j felix…but he had to stuck being a sub in atm or left mid… simione is not suited for him….

  12. UEFA confirms that Euro 2020 can have 26 men squads . For a specific game the squad will remain 23 while tournament squad will be 26. So in all probability Conembol will also apply this rule as pandemic is more impacting South america . So lot of our debates like J Correa vs Ocampos ; Icardi vs Aguero will also vanish as most of corner cases will make it thru.

  13. Favorite squad for Copa America 2021
    1 Emi Martinez
    2 Armani
    3 A. Maschrain
    4 Otamendi
    5 C. Romero
    6 Acuna
    7 Foyth
    8 LMQ
    9 Montiel
    10 Tagliafico
    11 Paredes
    12 Lo celso
    13 De paul
    14 G. Rodriguez
    15 Papu Gomez
    16 Emi Buendai but Palacios in 50 squad
    17 Messi
    18 Aguero
    19 N. Gonzalez
    20 Di maria
    21 J. Correa
    22 Dybla
    A good defender like Marcos Senesi or other.

    • Emi martinez
      Juan Musso or marsesin

      Juan foyth

      De paul
      Lo celso
      Di maria

      Nico gonazales

      If Scaloni select 7 defender…then there is a chance of j. Correa, papu gomez, Icardi.

    • Most likely Scaloni 23 going to be
      1 Armani
      2 Emi Martinez
      3 A. Mascharain
      4 Otamendi
      5 Pezella
      6 LMQ
      7 C. Romero
      8 Foyth
      9 Tagliafico
      10 Acuna
      11 Montiel
      12 Paredes
      13 De paul
      14 Lo celso
      15 G. Rodriguez
      16 Papu Gomez
      17 Palacios
      18 Messi
      19 Lautaro Martinez
      20 Nico Gonzalez
      21 J. Correa
      22 Aguero
      23 Di maria

  14. in exactly 1 month from today our team have the first match against Chile.
    and 10 days after that begining our Copa america effort.
    i can t wait.

    • what to do it my friend? when we needed him he was not there.
      he and Higuain cost us the world cup in 2014 when they throw to garbage our huge chances to score.
      now i don t give a damn about him even if he scores 100 goals for his club.

      • Yep those 2 still give me nightmares. I don’t care for him like you said but I was I just joking about his famous hairstyle. Dubbed ugliest haircut in WC history.

    • Hahaha the rat tail I forget exists sometimes and every time I see it I am equally shocked. Wonder what would happen if someone comes from behind and cuts it off?

      • Lol he would have freaked out. I just googled to see why he recently cut it off and stumbled across this gem of article. it made me chuckle.

        November 6, 2016 Jason Rothman
        Like many things it began with the Beatles. George Best’s ’60s mop top coincided with the rise of the post-war celebrity footballer. Once an afterthought, a footballer’s hairdo has become an essential part of his image. Through the years we’ve seen Kevin Keegan’s bubble perm, Roberto Baggio’s divine ponytail, John Harkes’ early ’90s mullet, Carlos Valderrama’s fro, Zidane’s bald patch, and, tragically, we’ve watched Andy Carroll and Gareth Bale resurrect the ancient tradition of the man-bun.

        Yet with all the questionable styling choices, there’s still classy hair in the game. There’s still one footballer hairstyle that continues to dangle below the rest, that continues to avoid complete extinction – the rat tail. Part braid, part flyaway, for the past 10 years the rat tail has graced the neck of the one footballer dashing enough to pull it off. Yes. That’s right, it’s Rodrigo Palacio.

        Under normal circumstances the rat-tail is unacceptable. When your hair style is named after a rodent’s appendage, a bit of self-reflection needs to take place. But Rodrigo Palacio is not normal circumstances. His career, like the mammal his tail is named after, continues to live on despite threats of imminent doom. And while certainly not the most heralded of Argentinian football players, Palacio has found his own way into the hearts of many an Inter supporter.

        • Great article 😂 palacio definitely has one of the more “unique” haircuts in football. Up there with the R9 haircut

  15. Agreed my frnd Alive maj… Actually i m not saying that LMQ is a solution of Rightback. I just said that… He can be an option for a rightback.

    Becoz of…
    1. Foyth absence.
    2. Saravia was injured allmost whole season.
    3. Molina.. not included in top 50 squad.
    4. Montiel is not a Guaranteed starter.
    5. LMQ allready played as a rightback in ligue matches and Fiorentina training matches.
    6. And most important thing is that…Scaloni likes him( LMQ) very much. Management trust him(LMQ…) Thank you.

  16. Defence is the major problem for Argentina.
    LMQ, Pezella conceded 34 goals in last 17 Serie A matches,Pezella started every single match and LMQ started 80% matches. This is 2 goal per match ratio even relegation threaing team does not have that ratio.

  17. Reyan and everyone else:

    A couple of months ago when Molina was beginning to gain some attention I was in agreement with everyone else that maybe we should wait a season or so to evaluate him. Since then he has become an undisputed starter and has had good performances. If he were a midfielder, striker, or something else I wouldn’t asking him to be called up yet, but we are just that desperate in that position that I think it may be necessary — at the very least in place of Saravia which can’t hurt. It is true that the process takes a little longer than what I’ve been asking but at the same time they don’t hesitate to call up Zaracho before he makes it to Europe and before he even becomes a complete starter at Mineiro (correct me if I am wrong but I think he made the final cut). It is true that Molina lacks a bit in defense but then again we don’t have many options so as to exclude him for that alone. The idea of converting LMQ is obviously a possibility but I don’t think it’s worth taking a second risk as was already done with Foyth, but it’s far better to use one of the three options we already have. Personally I want LMQ to be a backup center back.

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