Sergio Aguero and Manchester City make Champions League final


Sergio Aguero will finally take part in a Champions League final for Manchester City.

A decade long journey with the club will finally lead Aguero to a Champions League final as he says goodbye to the club. A 2-1 win in the second leg of the semi-finals vs. PSG could mean that the Argentine gets his dream exit out of Manchester.

It’s the biggest trophy in club football and it’s the one trophy that has eluded Aguero throughout his career. A winner of the UEFA Super League with Atletico Madrid, Aguero has already lifted a European trophy but never one with Manchester. Now on his way out, Aguero is in his first Champions League final.

With two goals so far in the competition this season, no doubt the 32 year old will be looking for a third in the final. Manchester City will play the winner of today’s clash between Chelsea and Real Madrid on May 29 in Istanbul.


  1. Many of you have Paredes in their line up. IMHO he is a red card waiting to happen. Given the defence liabilities on the flanks my line up would look like this
    Foyth. L.Martinez. Romero. Acuna
    De Paul. Palacios. A.Gomez. Tagliafico
    Messi. Lautaro

    • Paredes is the best midfielder his role is distribution of the ball and he is damn good in it. Paredes rarely gets red card.

      • True. Coach often substitutes him after 1st yellow to avoid a sent off. He is a hot tempered guy that can easily be provoked. His passing and long range shots are an asset. He should be included in the squad.

    • You have Tagliafico higher up the pitch than Acuña rather than the other way around?

      I think Guido Rodriguez could provide that insurance against stronger opponent in the middle of the park should we need it. I think Paredes is key though, despite his temper. His distribution is world class, on par with the likes of Jorginho for example.

      • Living in the Netherlands I saw many games with Tagliafico. He is strong going forwards and scores the occasional goal. Defensively he is not super. With Acuna behind him we are less vulnerable.

  2. Tagliafico gets 3 weeks off from Ajax. His coach expects Argentina to go far and the Copa final is later than the training sessions for next season. He has therefore been given a holiday.

  3. my squad:
    de paul- paredes- locelso/palacios – ocampos
    messi – lautaro – nico

    in second half i would like to introduce
    dimaria in place of de paul… and add gomes or acuna to 4 man midfield to 5
    aguero/dybala inplace of lautaro.. or guido inplace of paredes

  4. Around a month remaining for the Copa. Its been long time waiting to see us in action.

    When is Scaloni gonna announce the Copa squad?

    And Andrada has been poor recently for Boca. But he may still make it. So out of Emiliano, Marchesin, Musso only 1 will be there. Its sad to see Emiliano even havent debuted for us till now.

  5. I am surprised that City signed Sarmiento. Sarmiento hasn’t kicked on since he first made a name almost a year ago. A tough assignment for him considering 2 other youngsters Garre and Zuculini failed at city before him.
    Speaking of not kicking on, Tiago Almada for all the praises he got when he burst onto the scene 3 years ago has really stagnated. Looks more like a Mati Vargas at this point.
    However, I am excited about a few other who look very promising. Boca duo Medina and Varela are making the most of their chances and both look very good. Sadly, they play behind a pathetic Boca forward line and in front of a Mediocre backline, which is hard on the youngsters.
    River too are struggling for goals, despite Ghallardo’s obsession with shitty Colombians Borre and Carascal, there have been 2 guys who look very good. Hector Martinez, after a great time at Defensa, is now showing what he can do at River. And goals may not be flowing for Girotti, but he looks a very good player. Once the goals go in, he can be world class.
    Facundo Farias at Colon is another kid, who plays regularly and plays well. There is a genuine interest from Juve, which would be great if it happens.
    Gabriel Florentin at Argentinos, is another youngster who continues to impress.

    • I think Sarmiento is better than Garre and Zucculini, at least more talented. Out of the academy came Diaz, Sancho, and Foden. Worst case scenario he gets bought by another club in Europe and plays well there. River still have to find their place because we have struggled after loosing Nacho Fernandez. It feels like we either do a goleada or fail to score enough.

  6. Jose Luis Palomino looks good he should be called to national team.C.Romero and Palomino should be CB pair in Argentina team.No issue of Chemistry as both are good player and plays in same team in Atalanta and Atalanta is doing very good in Serie A in 2nd position.

  7. Hi, everybody..
    I am back again…

    My team so far this season.. Is this..

    Foyth– Romero- Martinez

    ___Messi __martinez..

  8. Christian romero > Overrated Quarta
    Foyth > overrated Saravia
    Senesi or Lisandro > Otamendi
    Emiliano martinez > Lord Armani

  9. My 11 for the copa would be
    Willy Caballero
    Marcos Rojo
    Ramiro Funes Mori
    Emanual Mas
    Fabrizio Bustos
    Matias Kranevitter
    Maxiliano Meza
    Guido Pizzaro
    Savio Toto
    Matias Suarez
    Gio Simeone

  10. My predicted 23:

    GK: Armani(Musso, Marchesin)
    Defense: Quarta, Pezzella(Nehuen Perez), Otamendi(Lisandro Martinez), Tagliafico(Acuna)
    Midfield: De Paul(Palacios)-Papu Gomez(Lo Celso)-Paredes(Guido)
    Strikers: Ocampos(Nico Gonzalez), Messi(Dybala), Lautaro(Alario, Joaquin Correa)

    But I won’t be surprised if Di Maria and Aguero will take Dybala and Correa’s place in the last minutes.

  11. Palomino and De Paul in Serie A team of the month in whoscored and Acuna and Messi in La Liga team of the month in whoscored.

  12. Juan Foyth injury is a huge setback for us, our RB spot is perhaps our weakest of all the positions, Not sure how Montiel/Saravia is going to cope with better opponents. Were as LB spot looks fine with the ever reliant Taglificao and surprisingly Acuna too looks good now. Can any of them play as RB? Like Lahm played in the LB or like Zanetti used to play on both flanks? or else can Ocampos be played as a RB? If I’m not wrong, he has played in that spot right? Or else we may entirely have to change into either 3-4-3 or 3-5-2. Scaloni had used 3-4-3 before, but it’s generally not a formation which yielded us good results.

    Our defense is in shambles, Lisandro Martinez and Cristian Romero may not be even in the 23/26 players. Let alone in the starting 11. Without a strong defense it’s impossible to win a tournament. Pezzella-Otamendi duo haven’t played together for us in ages. Add to all this our starting Goal keeper is Franco Armani. SMH.

    Off the topic, Kevin De Bruyne now may have a better chance to win the Ballon D Or now. The Euros and the Copa will play a huge part in this years Ballon D Or. Lets hope Messi put on a good show at the Copa and clinch his 7th.

    • Just to be clear, we don’t really know for sure who are Scaloni’s final 23. I mean we know for sure that the likes of Lio, Lautaro, Ocampos, Celso, Paredes, De Paul, Tagliafico etc… will be chosen (if fit) but there remains plenty of question marks for example:

      – Apart from Armani, who will be the other 2 GKs? Will it be Emi and Musso? Will Manchersin and Andrade have a chance?
      – Are C.Romero and Senesi in Scaloni’s plans? Since neither were picked for the olympic team one would postulate that they may be picked for the senior team.
      – What about Molina? We know he was being scouted by Samuel, does he have a chance?
      – Nico Dominguez is very unlikely to join the team since he won’t be back until it’s close to copa kick off, so who will replace him? Papu Gomez perhaps?
      – Of the available no.9s who will be chosen to back up Lautaro? Kun? Icardi? Dybala?

      I remind you all that Tye sport’s 50 player list isn’t 100% guaranteed, I think it’s 99% accurate but there could still be a surprise or 2, so I wouldn’t rule out Molina or even Buendia, although the latter is very unlikely for some god knows reason.

    • Need not to worry about Sarvia except injury. He will be good even against big teams he handled Neymar well against Uruguay he was great.

    • It’s not impossible to play in a defense of 3, I think Fiorentina plays with 3 CBs, so Pezzella and Quarta are used to that formation, you may add Otamendi, Nehuen Perez or Lisandro Martinez as the 3nd CB, that could work. We have some good right midfielders able to defend to fix the issues of right fullbacks. But I guess most likely end up with a 352 because Paredes performs better with 2 central midfielders.

  13. So some football professor said Ascacibar has bigger potential than Ngolo Kante LOL, this man is a beast, unbelievable stamina and energy, unparallel, Ascacibar cmon

      • the fact that Gonzalo disapear without say nothing suddenly just in the beginning of pandemic make me think bad for his health situation to be honest with you my friend. i wish he is good and healthy at least even if he is not with us in Mundo.

    • well it is said, that Ascacibar ‘can’ have bigger potential to be next Ngolo Kante; let’s add if only he can develop and get trust to have a big role in the team… it will happen.
      Free from injury and move to La Liga or EPL is one of the route to be successful

    • he said so? but to be fair, Kante came from nowhere. he started to play in L1 only around 23yo. That career path gives hope to many people. I believe, in addition to his talent, his attitude and mindset is just exceptional, we need that kind of player in NT, whatever the position

    • To be fair Kante moved up the ranks through diligence and hard work, he didn’t start out as a prodigy. As for Ascacibar, well I still maintain that he’s a real talent, but it’s well established by now that Germany isn’t for Argentines, I mean look at poor Alario, he scored regularly yet is always treated like a sub, which is partially his (and his agent’s) fault, because most other players would’ve demanded to move somewhere else to establish themselves.

  14. Walter Samuel may join Mourinho coaching staff at Roma Not bad idea because can be brig more arg talents in roma in meantime mascherano can replace him to work with a long ayala and Aimar as assistant scaloni.

    • Could be a blessing.

      I have no clue whos making the calls on tactics and players selection but defense is lagging. i have not see our defense improve as much as much as forwards and midfield. Masche might be the missing piece here.

      • I agree won’t be big loss as long we keep ayala and Aimar also I rate mascherano very highly and he is already working for AFA so it won’t be problem joining the senior set up unless scaloni reject.

    • I really like this news. It may not seem that big but it really helps to have scouters in Europe, after all these years we all know that some of our talent is not sought after as much as it was a decade ago. We have Velasco and De La Vega who could use a move like this within the next couple years. I think this should work out because Mourinho and Samuel know each other from Inter days. Expect some of our own to be linked with Roma soon enough

  15. With Neymar and Mbappe knocked out. Looks like Messi has a chance to win another Ballon D Or. If he win the La Liga and make a gud show at the Copa. Its remarkable considering how disjointed he was in Barca last year end. This is realistically possible.

    Even though the Fifa will prioritize the Euro cup player performance. Messi has been killing it this year till now.Lets see..

  16. I hope to see Kun in final instead of Bernardo Silva even though the Portuguese deserves his place. I actually want to see him for 1 more season with City, they have now Foden and Mahrez on each side and their playing style mix perfectly with Aguero.

      • thx mate but oh no, everything except Neymar, this guy dribble too much and slow down transition. Anyway with the Fairplay economic, barca cannot afford neymar. I think Koemen wants young and fast players, so I guess aguero will be more a political signing to keep Messi. that’s why I prefer to see him in a different club than barca

        • yeah, i doubt Neymar will go to Barca. It’s probably just contract negotiating tactics…

          For Aguero, he’s the perfect short solution. Reduced wages, free transfer. Besides, Barca ain’t spending big on Haaland or some young prolific scorer. They need a 9 so bad and Greiz and Braithwaite arent it and Fatis injury means he’s out until next season and who knows how he’ll perform. Id say its a really safe bet and instant improvement to the team.

          You also have a point though, I’m sure Messi is asking…

          • yeah you are right, just Googled a bit, looks like Koemen stuck to his 3142 so only 2 spots for strikers, make sense to hire aguero. the 2 French and 2 Argentine plus Fati.

      • in any case, if I were Leonardo, any club willing to put 100m euro on the table for Neymar, I wouldn’t hesitate 1 sec. if he is still the leader of Brazil national team, I guess we will beat them easily at Copa.

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