La Liga standings: Argentine players in contention to win it all


With only three rounds remaining in La Liga this season, Atletico Madrid, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and to a certain extend Sevilla are all in contention to winning the league.

We are almost guaranteed that at least one Argentine player will lift the league trophy in Spain’s first division this season. Atletico Madrid are managed by Diego Simeone and have Angel Correa in the squad. For FC Barcelona, Lionel Messi will look to add La Liga to his trophy cabinet for the season to go along the Copa del Rey.

Real Madrid are one of the other favorites to win it all. With no Argentine at the club, they are the only team that would not have an Argentine lifting the trophy. The other team with an outside chance are Sevilla. With four Argentine players in the squad, they represent the sky blue and white the most. Lucas Ocampos, Franco Vazquez, Marcos Acuña and Alejandro Papu Gomez will each look to lift their first league title in Spain. Here are the current standings with the remaining matches:

Atletico Madrid: 77 points
Real Madrid: 75 points
FC Barcelona: 75 points
Sevilla: 71 points

Atletico Madrid vs. Real Sociedad
Atletico Madrid vs. Osasuna
Real Valladolid vs. Atletico Madrid

Granada vs. Real Madrid
Athletic Bilbao vs. Real Madrid
Real Madrid vs. Villarreal

Levante vs. FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona vs. Celta Vigo
Eibar vs. FC Barcelona

Sevilla vs. Valencia
Villarreal vs. Sevilla
Sevilla vs. Alaves

Of the six Argentine players, five them are in contention for the Argentina national team squad for the Copa America. Lionel Messi, Angel Correa, Lucas Ocampos, Marcos Acuña and Alejandro Papu Gomez all have a very strong chance of being included in the Argentina team.


  1. I think the squad most likely announced if 23 players will be;
    Goalkeepers: Franco Armani, Agustin Marchesin, Esteban Andrada

    Defenders: German Pezzella, Juan Foyth, Nicolas Otamendi, Lucas Martinez Quarta, Marcos Acuna, Nicolas Tagliafico, Gonzalo Montiel

    Midfielders: Angel Di Maria, Exequiel Palacios, Guido Rodriguez, Giovani Lo Celso, Nicolas Gonzalez, Leandro Paredes, Rodrigo De Paul

    Forwards: Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martinez, Lucas Ocampos, Alejandro Gómez/Joaquin Correa, Paulo Dybala, Sergio Aguero

    • i believe in place of Andrada he will take Emi Martinez and one more CB probably Romero in place of one player from left side. in your squad there is many left siders and less right siders.
      all the others i am thinking same like you.

    • Well, that means the following likely:

      Montiel, Pezzella Otamendi(Quarta), Tagliafico
      Paredes, De Paul, Lo Celso
      Messi, Lautaro, Ocampos

    • Personally i expect to see more or less the squad of Copa america 2019.
      from 23 players of Copa 2019 i expect 6 or 7 changes of players.

      • Same. I would like to see the same base of players announced. Also does the “6 or 7 changes of players” include: Saravia, Funes Mori, Casco, Pizarro, Matias Suarez, Pereyra and Musso?

  2. “The reason why some Belgium generation may claim to be “golden generation” without winning a title actually is precisely that no other Belgium generation went so far.”

    That is false. For instance, the most common association with the term “Golden Generation” is Englands golden generation of the 2000’s. 70% of the time I have heard the term it’s about this England team. The reason I hear it so often is specifically because this team failed and did not pass quarter finals despite the talent it had. The reason it is called a golden generation is not because it succeeded/failed but because of the players it had, that you would expect the generation to succeed. The term is solely based on 1) the amount of talent and 2) the level of that talent. The belgian team did go far but it is a golden generation regardless because of the talent of their players that surpasses so many other belgian teams in history

  3. Godin11 has always been a genuine member in here, whose comments were always interesting to read at least for me and the same goes for Gonzalo as well whose knowledge regarding Argentine league and young prospects was unmatched. I hope Gonzalo is well and i would also like to say that Godin11 has my full support.

    LM10ABDV, you have asked about Lo Celso in the previous thread too, you keep asking in this thread too and when you have got some good replies, you keep on asking about Ascascibar. What is your point?? Is it something you want to say?

    • Next game that I am able to I will watch Lo Celso and give a report. It seems that not a lot of people have watched him. I am guessing that a combination of injury and the managerial change has been responsible.

    • I like to ask about our players who were thought to be promising. I want to hear how they are doing that is all. I hope it does not bother people. I would like to ask many more. I would like to ask about Cristian Pavon, Ezequiel Barco and Fabricio Bustos. They all were thought of as big club materials and still they are yet to make it to europe.

      • If there is no sarcasm, then it doesn’t bother me at all. The thing with a team like Argentina is that we have an ambundance of wealth when it comes to talent, but as many genuine members in here said, talent alone is not enough. Cristian Pavon was one of the hottest prospects and the same goes for Barco as well, but ending playing to MLS was a huge setback to their development and the proper development of a player is the key of success. Moreover, marketing hence players managers play a signifficant role for a player’s future that is why despite the fact that many players with no necessarilly imense talent but having good managers end up to a top club.

        Argentina has the talent but in terms of marketing and development of a player, are really poor unfortunately.

        • Thanks for your reply. I would also like to ask you about your thoughts on Gio’s current run of form. I would also like to say that Lucas Biglia was a fine player who might have made it to a big club.

      • C. Pavon and Bustos were never a class player I would say they were below average player. Braco was good

  4. i see that some posters here attack to my friend Godin 11.
    their motive is strange and their reasons stupid.
    In same time as i see everybody that have respect for Argentine football accused from some Europe lust people.
    well you people can start attack and to me too if you want.
    i will support my friend Godin 11 that i met here in May of 2018 when i start be here.
    we have similar opinions in many subjects about Argentine football so if that make me Gonzalo too then ok by me.
    we are all Gonzalo then.
    i don t have to prove anything to anyone here so my friend Godin 11 i advice you do same.

  5. Dear All,
    Some good discussions and debates going on. I hope nothing gets personal and ugly. I am sure at the end of the day we all wish the same. Our beloved team to win. The wait is excruciating.

    There is clearly some who likes local players more, some likes Europe based players more. It is OK and we should respect the feelings. There is a general understanding that European league is the top in the world in many aspects. Therefore, when a player starts from Latin or Asia or Africa and makes it to a European club, his value and prestige increases. It is seen as professional progression. I think most people will agree to that. Doesn’t mean there is no good player playing in Asia, Africa or South America.

    I am of the camp that, you need to create a solid team. Superstars won’t make much difference. There are books on that. Can’t go on details here in a comment. In short, the nature of the game does not allow that. Basketball on the other hand is different. Signing LeBron can significantly increase your chances of winning.

    So, I hope Scaloni and company build a solid team, have a plan, defend well and then we need a bit of luck and VAR to be not against us blatantly.


  6. As of today, I don’t see any Argentinean midfielder who can deliver assists and create goal opportunities like Di Maria. I watched many games of him with his club this year, he’s still one of the best playmakers in Europe. He demonstrated that he’s still very fit, defending a lot. He couldn’t play well with the national team previously because he was used in the wrong position. Now it seems very obvious that his true position is the right playmaker. I’d like to see a 442 with De Paul and Di Maria on each side, Paredes and Guido/Palacios in the middle.

    • De Paul most certainly can, infact De Paul is number #1 in clear cut chances created in all of europe!! Yup you heard that right! Messi and Papu are also capable of delivering incredible assists like Maria.
      A 4-4-2 is what Scaloni used against Brazil last time and I think it’s a good formation to use in certain tight games but I still see 4-3-3 as the default formation because Argentina has the right players for it.

  7. If Emi Martinez does not start in any of the two world cup Qualifiers in June then I am not going to hope that Argentina can win Copa 2021 this year.
    Emi Martinez needs to play some matches in Argentina jersey before Copa America starts

  8. Thanks to my friend chori for acknowledge that I’m not that kind person I really appreciate you Mr choripan.
    @ meo whatever your name is
    You know people who accuses other people
    Having different accounts or usernames
    Are the most likely to do things like that
    Let me tell you something dude
    My man hood don’t allow me to do hypocrisy in my country hypocrisy is one of the biggest crime. Having different accounts for what? only crowds do that my time is precious. Here in mundoalbiceleste it’s platform Argentina fans express thier opinion and happen to be I’m one of them like any other fan i express mine.
    I know 100% i can’t please everyone with my opinion or the way I see things some will understand even though they don’t agree some will take personal and that’s live.
    Listen gentlemen I’m open to be criticize but
    What I can’t accept a liars against me
    I make oath in front of you I swear to my Lord who is above the seven heavens I don’t use different accounts or usernames I will never do such thing in my lifetime
    I have balls, guttes to say how i see things
    Politely, civil manner I go my way.

    I knew when I said i’m not biggest Messi fan
    Will be attacked because some people the love they have for little man is enormous.
    Using Google translate hhhh it’s joke right.
    The truth is English isn’t my first language
    But still I’m happy and proud I can speak, write and read Very Very well.

  9. I think Argentine club slowly giving chance to youngsters to prove themselves except from gk position L.Morales from Lanus is the only young regular gk player in the league.. What do you think guys about this…???

  10. […] With only three rounds remaining in La Liga this season, Atletico Madrid, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and to a certain extend Sevilla are all in contention to winning the league. We are almost guaranteed that at least one Argentine player will lift the league trophy in Spain’s first division this season. Atletico Madrid are managed by Diego Simeone and have Angel Correa in the squad. For FC Barcelona, Lionel Messi will look to add La Liga to his trophy cabinet for the season to go along the […] La Liga standings: Argentine players in contention to win it all […]

  11. @Godin 11..My frnd
    “i would take Ocampos, Joaquín Correa and nico gonzalez over di maria any day i also take Lautaro over Aguero.
    Having world class players doesn’t guarantee success”

    If i m not wrong…Earlier you called vargas is better player than Di maria, Pavon is Better than Di maria, Meja is Better than Di maria. Even pussetto, pratto, matias suarez all are beeter for national team. U r like Gonzalo 2:0 version😂😂😂😂.

    • My friend I don’t remember if I would say such thing
      But pls bring prove I will put my hands up and I will admit I got that one wrong but to make clear again I would take any player over likes di maria aguaro otamendi who thinks they own arg nt. I know you reyen you attached those players so much if anyone has different opinions you here to bark instead coming with rational arguments Please tell me what di maria Aguero otamendi achieved with Argentina since they had overwhelming caps over other deserving players.

      • I can’t give any paper evidence here. But I have followed your comments with my own eyes for the last 8 years. I prove it myself. Thank you my frnd.

    • I think if Nico Gonzalez is not fully match fit for copa or qualifiers then there is some worry for scaloni. Ocampos is not a forward, he is clueless in the final third, I love his energy but c’mon his final third skills are awful.
      Joaquin correa on the other hand is opposite to Ocampos, he doesn’t have any energy in him but is decent in the final third and can get behind defence.
      Nico Gonzalez does the both sides of the game pretty well, he always help defence by tracking back, has incredible energy plus his final third skills are okay and not to mention he has some pace.
      I don’t want to see di maria on the left wing ever for obvious reasons.
      I think we can struggle for goals, lautaro Martinez is not Aguero or icardi in the box, he has other qualities which they don’t have. Messi is not the same anymore, he can only makes late runs in the box these days. I hope I will be wrong. And i may be overthinking things.
      Nico Gonzalez gives us cutting edge in the attack which we will miss if he is not match fit.

      • Yep u r right Bro…Nicolas gonzalez will be a big factor on copa. We just need him badly. If he injured…. Marcos Acuna could be a option for left wing or left sided midfielder (just my opinion becoz i am a defensive minded fan😊)

      • Ocampos may play Lavezzi’s role, like a defender in attack for dirty jobs. Joaquin Correa I am big fan of this player and I am sure he’ll be in the list, Aguero as sub is great, he only need 1-2 occasions to score. We need creators like Di Maria and Papu in the midfield to support Messi, even though both of them are old. No choice, the young players don’t have the level yet.

    • Reyan, Godin 11 and Gonzalo are the same people. Not only their comments are identical but also their English is exactly the same. It is just they pretend to be from different countries and using different language using google translate.

    • It’s based on his personal opinion: the title is : My 23 for the Copa. It’s like on Mundo everyone is giving his personal idea regarding who should be included in the list.

    • Same question … But didn’t get answer…. Euro 2020 squad last date is 1 June. 10 days before tournament start…

    • Yeah, that’s what happens when you play someone out of position in a club that is struggling overall. I said it before, Celso is an attack minded CM and he is being played as a DM in a double pivot system, doesn’t work.

    • He is playing ok….his movements are okay but he can do better in this department, he is dictating midfield pretty well, u can’t do much when you’re playing with the likes of hojberg who can’t pass the ball or Hugo loris who is the biggest coward in the world always likes to shoot the ball to the forwards and those forwards can’t win the ball in the air.
      I don’t think so he is having a bad run, if that was the case Ryan mason wouldn’t have been playing him ahead of tanguy ndombele in the past 3 matches not to mention the league Cup final against man City.

    • yes, absolutely he is more a trequartista. He should find a club that allows him to play in that position. Besides, I found Premier League is too fast for him, a team like AC Milan, Lazio or Bayer Leverkusen will be perfect for him.

    • He seems to be controversial because of the csabalala gonzalo arguments (which I read some of when I was only reading comments over a year ago), and while he is no Kante (nobody is), his past few games have been solid. I watched a video on the soccer comps (now called Argentina comps channel) which I think was deleted because I don’t see it anymore. Here are some recent stats:
      Vs arminia Bielefeld:
      -7.1 score
      -80% pass accuracy
      -5(2) long balls
      -10(5) ground duels
      -3 tackles
      -1 interception
      -3 dribbled past
      Vs Freidburg
      -7.6 score
      -1 key pass
      -92.1 accuracy
      -1(1) long ball
      -9(7) ground duels
      -2 interceptions
      -5 tackles
      Nothing to make your jaw drop at all but if he stays fit and plays consistently as he is now he can become fairly good as we know he has a good potential. He should serve as a decent back up or competition to guido

    • Santiago Ascacibar played much better in last few matches. He could be a good option for Olympics. If he can improve himself further, he can be good option for national team. He needs to be improve a lot to be like Monster Kante.

  12. as some friends define the term “world class” players then that guide us to following.

    1982-world class players, war back home -shitty results.
    1986- no world class players,the best ever leader- result world champions.
    1990-same as 1986 -result wc finalists.
    1994-some world class players, messed up from our leader-result shitty.
    1998-more world class players than last wc result quarter finals. not bad not good.
    2002-world class players and team result the worse ever.
    2006-world class players and team result quarter finals. not bad but sure not good too.
    2010-world class players, no coach no team-result same as the last wc.
    2014-less than last 2 wc world class players,good coach-result world cup finalists.
    2018-some world class players alone without coach without team chemistry without anything.simply a mess. result…….no comment !!!

    i am saying all this only because my point to friends here is that having world class players doesn t guarantee anything to you. it is needed more than that. Argentina s history and history of football beyond us should teach us all.

    • That’s a valid point Cox4. That’s what my point is also. We have decent players, very good players and we can form a team to win something. Need some amount of luck also.

      However, I don’t agree that 2014 was less than 2 WC players & 2018 was more. 2014 we had many world class players. If we compare 2014 to today’s team we have only 1 now – Messi, which beats the argument by many of our friends that we have many world class players.

      Fabian Grosso or Mario Gotze are not world class players, but they won WC. That is not the point. We have decent players to build a good team that can win. We may not start as favorites, but we have a chance.

      I don’t see any shame in being humble.

      • yes i agree with you about everything you said up my friend with just one difference about 2014 team. i believe in 2006 and in 2010 world cups we had far better squad than 2014. of course as we both agree that does not mean anything.

        “We have decent players to build a good team that can win. We may not start as favorites, but we have a chance.I don’t see any shame in being humble”. you said it all my friend. i put my sign down of your words.

    • Its painful to think about the number of missed opportunities due to poor coaching/management. Just like players, there is abundance of smart coaches but somehow it goes to shit. Shame the team was so dysfunctional at times.

      For the topic, yes, worldly players is not guarantee as other factors can make a difference.

    • You exaggerated a bit on 86, it was a very good team with young talented players, fast in transition, players were good on or off the ball and hardworking. Valdano, Borghi, Batista, Ruggeri, Burruchaga were top players. I don’t believe any team can win a world cup with only 1 phenomenal player.

      • i was very young in 1986 and i am not able to remember anything from personal experience. So according to my father and people in that age they insist that 1986 team was as i said. Even if you don t believe it in 1986 it is true that it was Diego together with 10 below average players and they won.
        i don t have reason to not believe so many people insist on that.
        they was fast in transition, good off the ball some of them (forwards) and very poor in everything else.
        i repeat it is not personal experience but opinion of many serious people that i trust they opinion including my father.

        • Maybe because they compared 86 squad with the one of 78, just saying maybe because the 78 squad was full of world class players in almost every position such as Kempes, Luque, Villa, Houseman, Ardilles, Bertoni, Tarantelli, Passarella, Fillol and moreover, even though the 86 squad wasn’t that good as the one of 78, i also thought that they still had good players, apart from the greatest of all time, i mean Valdano used to play for Real Madrid back then, Buruchaga, Ruggeri, Brown and Pumpidou were very good as well, we also had the maestro Richardo Bochini whom Diego was praising if i am not mistaken and mainly we had a team formed like a well oiled machine.

          BUT, this is just my opinion and in the end, if older and wiser people like your father who are also Argentines claim that, they know one or two things more than me my friend therefore, i will also stick with what they say!

          • yeah, I was less than 10y old, I remember that before the wc, they planned to play with 2 creators Maradona and Borghi on each side behind Valdano. But Borghi wasn’t fit and so they switched to a more defensive 352.

  13. Atletico going to win La Liga this season. Grenada game cost La Liga to Barcelona Koeman choosed wrong team vs Granada. Sergio Roberto over Dest was big mistake.
    One or two wrong decisions and you can lost a title.

      • Guys don’t fight over silly thing. We already lost alot intersitng poster from this blog. Don’t want to lose you guys too. I don’t post like you all do but I always visit every day once to see you guys thought. Better brace yourself for Copa. Godin11 is genuine poster here so was Gonzalo. Stay together for good time ahead.

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