Sergio Aguero wins Premier League with Manchester City, makes history


Congratulations to Sergio Aguero on winning the Premier League with Manchester City.

Sergio Aguero has now won 15 trophies with Manchester City, a club record, as the they win their first Premier League trophy since the 2018-2019 season. City lost their last match 2-1 vs. Chelsea with Aguero missing a penalty. However, Leicester City’s 2-1 win vs. Manchester United on Tuesday means that mathematically, City have won the league.

Aguero has only managed two goals in the league this season due to injuries but his goal vs. Crystal Palace to give City the 3 points proved just how valuable he remains to the squad. In his last year at the club, Aguero will be looking for one more big trophy, the one that has eluded him the most in his club career, the Champions League.

Congratulations to Sergio Aguero and Manchester City in their league win!


  1. Ajax Fan : ” Lisandro is player of the season for me.”

    Nice that he is being targeted by Barca and City

    • Guardiola like this kind of centre back, able to deliver long pass. When I look at City defense, the only player of his kind is Laporte and he is not even in the starting 11. So he should have bright future if he goes there. Barca could be good for him as well, Pique is going nowhere and Lenglet is pretty average.

  2. So much cry about how Martinez and and Romero are soooo good……. unfortunate truth is at least one of them probably will sit out. IDK what the hell scaloni is thinking. BTW I thought Senesi was such a great prospect…… these days no comment about him.

  3. In La liga …
    Ángel Correa have 7 goal . 8 assist
    Lucas ocampos 5 goal (4 Pen). 4 assist…
    Who will be good for copa … ?

  4. A couple of things before qualifiers and copa :

    Quarta cannot start although he might along with Armani in which Martinez should also player for Armani . Quarta has been super average this season and his form declined in the last couple of months and biggest proof that he’s not starting in fiorentina .

    Otamendi should be sub maximum and should not start for obvious reason , city changed when otamendi left and a partnership of Diaz and stones was formed .

    Left back it’s even and I won’t mind either acuna or tagliafico because acuna has a been a big part of Sevilla in this excellent season of theirs .

    De Paul needs to start this season of obvious reasons .

    Lo celso even though his team is shit , he’s excellent but he’s at a mess of club now , anyone who watches Tottenham knows . He will always perform for us .

    Paredes is also a good player with an excellent vision and should start .

  5. Why barca dont sign cheap options Romero and Lisandro Martinez instead of laughable Lenglet, old Pique, always injured Umtiti, Oleguer 2.0 Mingueza? Only in Araujo has potential, this defending is laughable, Barca scored more than 20 goals more then others, but defense cost them the title.

    • LMQ is better than Van dijk, Ruben dias, Ramos, Upamecano, T silva, Marquinhos in my opinion. & Scaloni is greatest coach in the present world

  6. Nice and fitting goodbye for Aguero. Maybe he can add CL victory later this month.

    off topic
    Earlier today I read about a remarkable fact. At the age of 25 Coman has won 10 league titles (with PSG, Juventus and Bayern).

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