Lionel Messi scores volley for Barcelona in 3-3 draw vs. Levante


Lionel Messi contributed in different ways for Barcelona’s three goals, but he also helped assist Levante’s second goal. With this unexpected draw, the team led by the Argentine star let a big opportunity pass and now they await the results of its competitors, Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid.

Messi opened the score with a fantastic but strange volley, inside the penalty area, while falling to the floor.

The 2-0 was scored by Pedri after a precise pass from deep by Messi which found Dembele as the Frenchman made a great run and played the ball into Pedri for the goal.

In the second half, Levante quickly raised their level and equalized early. The second goal came after Barcelona’s “10” and captain lost the ball by misplacing a pass. The start of the play wasn’t a strong one as Messi received the ball in an uncomfortable position, and Barcelona conceded its second goal within five minutes.

Barcelona gained back the lead a few minutes later when Messi started a dangerous play, passed the ball to Griezmann, who then found Dembele, who scored the 3-2. Levante would draw level once more late in the game, leaving Lionel’s team in an extremely difficult position to win La Liga, with just two games left.


  1. Game over for Barca, it’s impossible to play Dest, Pique and Sergi Roberto. They just don’t have the level for Barca, Dest may have some potential but not ready for the Liga. Fortunately Sergi Roberto was injured otherwise I guess Barca would probably lost the game. There are great players like Pjanic and Umtiti who never has his playing time. This club is a total mess on the management side.

    Seems the transfer for Dybala to PSG will not happen, Pochettino interested in him but the management decided differently due to his recurrent injuries. It’s a shame because a swap with Icardi could be benefit for both players.

    • Dest is one of the best thing happened to Barça last season. Umitti and Pjanic great player? Umitti after knee injury never been the same player I do not see anything great in Pajanic.

      • Why not? Umtiti even at 50% still better than the current Pique, otherwise Busquets as libero. Pjanic-De Jong as double pivot, Pedri or Coutinho as left midfielder and Dembele on the right in a 442, I think this Barca will be already more balanced than now. Dest is not a winger back like Alba, he need to play simply as fullback.

  2. There goes Messis last chance to win another Ballon D Or… Unless we win Copa he dont have a chance. Otherwise he has to score truckloads of goals for rest of the year. We never know becoz its Messi. Lets hope he wins 1 more Ballon D Or in his career.

    Meanwhile it will be interesting to see who Scaloni will start the defence with. When was the last time Pezzella and Otamendi started for us? Only confirmed spot is the LB rest all spots are up for the grab. Hopefully we will get an idea within this coming week. When scaloni releases the list of players.

    • even LB may not be a confirmed spot . Acuna is in great form & Tagli cant be seen as a sure starter anymore. It may depend on match situation & opponent. Not a bad problem to have considering Argentina will end up playing 9 matches in a month ( assuming we reach Copa finals ) .

        • Sounds good. But i dont think Scaloni will start Acuna ahead of a fit Tagliafico. If not for the height factor. Tagliafico could have been tried as a left CB and Acuna as the LB. If i m not wrong Tagliafico have played as a CB.

          Its not a popular opinion but i think Tagliafico is one of our most assured defender. He has come a long way for us. If not for Messi a great Captain material too. A confirmed starter, its due to him we are not much worried about our LB spot. Ofcourse mistakes will happen now or then but still Tagliafico had solved our LB headache for some time now.

          • Acuña is having a great season but Tagliafico brings leadership qualities too and is a vice captain.

            If anything, I would not mind both Acuña and Tagliafico starting on the left in some games.

  3. Anyone knows what happen to Nico Gonzales? he seems to be promosing young talent and has scored some crucial goals in WC qualifier. He scored 15 goals in 29 games last season but this season he seems to be injured forever? or he has recovered but has yet to play for his club?

    Our NT needs to have some standard. You cant take Aguero and Dybala just because they’re popular name while they;ve been mostly crap to mediocre for most of the season. Even Icardi still hit 12 goals in just 24 games despite rarely starting. Joaquin Correa should be there aswell.

  4. Hope Messi is now motivated to make the switch. His form this year has been marvelous & cld have easily got him a Balon’D Or in some of the other top clubs. To lose lead twice against Levante speaks volumes of Barca’s frail defense & tactical inefficiency. Hope he lands up at PSG & make a dream South American gang win CL.
    Its also nice to see Chimy Avilla & Renzo Saravia starting to get some playing minutes. Both went down to ACL & Chimy’s case was terrible as he was injured twice & a time when he was starting to emerge as a late bloomer. Hoping they grow in strength & not go the Lanzini route.

  5. The top 3 teams in La liga dont deserve the title. They’re trying to outworst each other.

    Obviously Messi has been scoring and assisting relentlessly since begining of this year but none of the Spanish teams are CL contender at the moment. They’re just WEAK.

  6. Koeman will be out after the end of the season… Xavi will replace and the new era of Barca will start, one striker will be included Depay or Kun,-

    Apologize for the the post about Barca.. it’s bcoz of Messi we love Barca

  7. Lucas Quarta Martinez does not mark opposition players well so he should not be starting eleven ever.He can be easily outmussled and outrun by opposition players so Argentina needs to be careful.
    Lionel Scaling should rather groom player like Medina,C.Romero and Nehuen Perez.

      • Perez & Medina still have some distance to go to be in NT contention. Olympics is a good starting point & one more season in top 10 Laliga/ Ligue 1 clubs with regular playing time will help them reach NT starting spot discussions. I am 100% sure C Romero cannot be ignored anymore for NT starting spot. If not it will go down as one of the biggest coaching team selection blunders for NT.
        Hence for now its between Otamendi, Pezzella , Senesi , Licha , Romero & LMQ. I am deliberately keeping Foyth out of this list & will look at him as a RB for now. Cuti Romero is clearly the No1 . For the strengths & development areas Romero brings in , he will need a ball playing CB as partner . That can be addressed by LMQ , Senesi, Licha & Otamendi also. ImO this is what i think of these 4 as a partner to Romero
        1) Senesi – saw his game against Ajax last week . Inspite of the own goal, he played relatively well. I am not worried on his pace ( he is not fast.. but definitely not Fazio mode ) . But regularly i see him out of position & its a common trait in 4-5 full games i have seen of Senesi . He is a proactive interceptor & this can be risky . He is anyway not in Scaloni’s contention & a move to Serie A / La Liga needed to make him relevant to coach .
        2) Licha – unfortunate the height perception coach carries kills his chance. Actually meets all criterias & with Blind’s injury has had solid minutes in 2nd half of this season.
        3) Otamendi – passing/ aerial ability is still good. But he & romero together can be a quite a dangerous live wire. Romero has 10 cards & Otamendi has 12 cards this season. For me Otamendi is needed in squad .. but maybe as the CB sub.
        4) LMQ – given Scaloni not willing to look at Licha & senesi not getting a shot , i think LMQ is best available option. Hoping he gets more minutes at Fiorentina. Was running into a good form at club before again losing place. I think long term he will improve & we need to also acknowledge he is in a new club, country & already seen 3 club coaches. He also has an advantage bcos coach clearly prefers him over other youngsters.

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