Emiliano Martinez achieves clean sheet record with Aston Villa


Emiliano Martinez didn’t concede a goal in Aston Villa’s 0-0 draw against Everton as he reached Brad Friedel’s club record of 15 clean sheets in a single Premier League season. With still two matches left to playin the league, “Dibu” could even overtake this mark.

Even though Aston Villa is in 11th place, Martinez is positioned as the 3rd goalkeeper with the most clean sheets in the Premier League this season. Only Ederson (Manchester City) and Edouard Mendy (Chelsea) are ahead of him in this field.

Following Thursday’s game, Martinez also became the Argentine goalkeeper with the most clean sheets in the Premier League with 21 to his name. Following him are Julian Speroni (former Crystal Palace, 20), Wilfredo Caballero (Chelsea, 11), Sergio Romero (former Manchester United, 6), and Paulo Gazzaniga (former Tottenham, 6).

Emiliano Martinez was transferred for €20 million from Arsenal to Aston Villa in September of 2020, becoming the most expensive Argentine goalkeeper in history. Although he was coming to a “smaller” club, his main goal at that time was having more playing time in order to be considered for the Argentine National Team.

With the Copa America just one month away, Martinez is on the door of achieving his objective as he seems to be Lionel Scaloni’s chosen starting goalkeeper, fighting with Franco Armani.


  1. Look at him, this guy is a giant of a Goalkeeper isnt it. Hr has put on mass i think.He is massive, an intimaidating presence inside the goal compared to all the other Goal keepers we have(who all looks similar lean,tall and skinny) Its a huge factor when someone is gona take a penalty against him.

    At this stage we all know that Armani is Scalonis chosen one. There is no point in saying the same thing again and again. May be the NT Goalkeeping coaches are seeig something in Armani which we never know. Sooner or later Emiliano will get the nod. Till then we cant do much other than complaining.

  2. Excluding Martinez, Romero, and Lisandro in the name of consistency is Bullshit. Consistency is never an alternative of quality but a parallel thing. You can’t keep playing less deserved players when you have excellent alternatives. This is a very dangerous trend. At some point, someone will ask the question why I am striving for the highest level when my level isn’t even considered for a National team call up. It is Demoralizing.

    Or, we should keep playing DeMaria (who is still at the highest level, and I think he should be in the squad) for consistency?

    You can still maintain consistency while introducing 1-2 quality players in the squad for 15-30 mins as a sub. This is not a rocket science to understand.

  3. Brazil team has some good players but some fairly average. No major standouts except for Neymar and maybe pace from some players. This Brazil squad (a squad that in theory is always the best on the continent by some people’s opinions) proves that our fate rests in our own hands. If we have good form, no more bad luck with injuries, and most importantly SELECT AND PLAY GOOD PLAYERS we can beat them 100%

  4. I am not too worried about the paper line up. I think have the individuals to win a game against Brazil. Why we have not got results against them are more because of us.

    They always look more confident against us and they get results also. I must say, our pitfall is, we play the brand of football that suits Brazil’s game. We have to be tactically shrewd. We should play a counter attacking game against them and not high line possession based game. I am sick and tired of their second string players out performing us – Countinho, Julio Baptista and all sorts of crap. For once we need to me smart.

    Above all, referee and VAR has been really against us. I have no idea how we overcome this.

    And there is our selection. Will hate to see Coutinho/Firminho strike sailing past 5 meters of Armani and he is rooted on his feet.

  5. It’s same old Thiago Silva, Dani Alves and Danilo. What’s so scary about it?

    What’s so scary about Everton, Paqueta, Fred, Richarlision, Lodi and Luiz?

    Other key players like Casemiro, Alison, Firmino has regressed. Arthur is a forgotten man. If anything, Tite has failed to inject new blood to Brazil and they will suffer for it in near future.

    • T.Silva and Dani Ales still can give to Brazil,T.Silva got contract extension at Chelsea and Chelsea going to play CL final and T. Silva is undisputed starter for that match.
      Fred, Richarlison and Lodi are too good player, Casemiro is always vital for Real Madrid, Ederson going to start over Allison, Danilo is good player defensively.Brazil’s playing eleven going to be scary.

      • Scary for you maybe 🙂 We should not underestimate any opponent but such language is unnecessary to say the least.

        Imagine how the feel when they have to face Messi, Lautaro, De Paul, etc..

        • Yeah I agree Argentina is also scary team with good selection I count on Argentina as world cup top 3 nation.France,Belgium and Argentina.

      • yes true. i afraid so much too. i didn t eat today because the thinking of Brasil. i have one suggestion i am sure you will agree. i will go to Tapia and i will say to him if happened and our bad luck bring us to play against Brasil i will say to him to withdrew our team before the game. no reason to shit our pants on the sight of mighty Brasil. our children will cry etc terrible picture truly. i support you kevin.

  6. Brazil had a terrible team selection. Loads of quality players not called up. Emerson,Rapinha,Guimares,Caio Henrique among others.
    Hopefully Argentina makes some nice selections, especially in defence,like Romero,Lisandro,Senesi

  7. This Brazil squad looks scary every deserving player is there. For me their best playing 11 going to be like
    Dani Alves. Marquinose T. Silva. Lodi L.Paqueta/Fred Casemiro. Fred/D.Luiz
    Richarlison. Firmino. Neymar
    Fabinho. Gabriel. Everton. Vinicius jr
    Danillo. Militao

    This Brazil team is really scary looks really well balanced from goalkeeper to defence,defence to midfield,midfield to attack Argentina needs better player in every position if Argentina does not choose right players then Brazil is favorite to win Copa America 2021 and then Scaloni have to leave the job of Argentina coach.

  8. best player per position in diffferent European championships 20/21:

    GK: Emiliano Martinez
    CB: C Romero
    Winger: Buendia
    Playmaker: Di Maria
    Central midfielder: De Paul
    Striker: Messi

    for the other positions, no obvious winner for me. And nobody except Messi and De Paul will be included in the 23 of Scaloni. If we give up 1 top player for some unknown reason, ok i can still take it but 4 is way too much! And without any explanation! The Argentine journalists got to do their job and chase the coach for explanation. Scaloni hasn’t won anything yet in his career and that’s not the method to win.

  9. But in the end he will be neglected by Scaloni as always 😡. We can’t even dream of reaching copa america final without playing Molina, Cristian Romero, Emi Martinez and Lisandro Martinez/Marcos Sensi in starting XI.

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