River Plate with 12 COVID cases, including Gallardo, on eve of Superclasico


Ten players from River’s squad tested positive for Covid-19, this morning with two more along with coach Marcelo Gallardo testing positive in the afternoon. At the moment, the Superclasico to be played this Sunday is not at risk.

Paulo Díaz, Federico Girotti, Enrique Bologna, Germán Lux, Robert Rojas, Nicolás De La Cruz, Rafael Borré, Bruno Zuculini, Tomás Castro Ponce, and Franco Petroli are the ten players infected in River’s squad. Three of them (Borré, De La Cruz, and Díaz) were supposed to be starters in tomorrow’s line up vs. Boca. Suarez and Rollheiser tested positive this afternoon.

On Friday, Alberto Montes, River’s goalkeeper coach, tested positive for coronavirus and was quickly isolated. Hours later, several players began to present symptoms related with Covid-19, including three of the four goalkeepers (Franco Armani was the only one who tested negative) for which the medical team decided on massive swabs.

This afternoon, the whole squad will do PCR tests to confirm the cases and see if there
are more.

Due to previous covid outbreaks in other Argentine teams and matches, tomorrow’s Superclasico looks to be happening as rescheduling would be difficult. In addition, we are just a month away from the Copa America and there is not much time to reschedule the match.

Per Ole, for now, Boca and River will play tomorrow at La Bombonera (17:30 local time) in the quarterfinals of the Copa de la Liga Professional. The tournament format is of just a single match, so the team that loses will be eliminated from the competition.


  1. I think OTAMENDI is suspended against chili. Now defensive combination will be complicated for Scaloni. I think LUCAS MARTINEZ QUARTA AND PEZZELLA will be playing together. Their combination didn’t go well for Fiorentina. Neither of them is in good form.

  2. the cases go up to 15.
    the f..king trip to Colombia this week destroy us.
    the game will be parody. it is not superclassico.
    we don t have goalkeeper. all of them is with covid.

    anyway we will lose and maybe big but anyway i will be proud for those left to fight for our colours and for our jersey.

    El más grande sigue siendo RIVER PLATE y será más grande aun en el mañana,
    por el juego, por las ganas, el orgullo de tener
    una banda roja que nos cruza el alma…..


  3. All clubs matches are happening in Argentina and in Columbia so International matches should be a problem for those countries.

  4. TyC: if Colombia can’t host Copa, there are 4 options.
    First option is to host it all in Argentina, on the condition that the matches scheduled for Colombia take place outside of greater Buenos Aires (including the final)
    The other options are to co-host it with another country. Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay – in that order

  5. But only 3 key players, btw what will happen in the same Covid situation in Copa America? Taken into account ARG bad luck…russian roulette.

  6. Given the current situation in South America, one wonders if the Copa America will go ahead.

  7. I am Really upset for da situation for Exeqiel Palaciso. He have been a super sub in Copa for Lo celso but unfortunately he is injured.

    Losing him is truly an irreparable loss i think. His injury made it clear that we did not yet have enough troops to go to war. I didnt see any better option than palacios in last 2 yrs. Yes we have enough option, But we dont have any better option especially in Box to Box. Becoz..

    1. Emiliano Buendia is not a player like Palacios. He is more creative option.
    2. Nicolas Dominguez is just an Bellow average young star, palacios much better than him (Passing and positioning).
    3. Erik Lamela is not a player like palacios. He is a lazy kids like super paredes.
    4. Enzo perez is enough Older, Battaglia not Creative.

    5. Papu gomez(Mundos fan favorite?) is not a Box to Box Midfielder. As a Hard working B2B midfielder…. Papu gomez is not an option becoz of His height, not good enough for Tackles, Not good enough for interception, not Good enough for positioning senses(Defending).

    Papu Gomez in left wing….i Dont have any prblm. But papu as a midfielder in argentina with paredes and De paul…it will be a suicidal option.

    Yes..Papu played as a midfield role in sevilla but This is not an example becoz Fernando and Joan jordan is a super defensive midfielder with heavy height.

    • What my little football talent says is That…. Palacios will be replaced by Roberto Pereyra in 23 man squad becoz of his height. Plus
      He is a decent type of player, Good passer, not a good tackler but hard worker, better than Nicolas Dominguez( for me). And the most important think is that…Scaloni likes him.

    • From when height became criteria for midfielders.Emi Buendai and Papu Gomez would be best in Left Midfield. All Argentina need is creative players in midfield. Prime Barça, prime Real Madrid even now Man City depends on their creative midfielders not on box to box kind of player.

      • Does that mean you add Papu Gomez and Bunendia in midfield (both 1.70, 1.65 ) and Argentina will become Prime Real Madrid, Prime Barcelona, Prime mancity? Waah what a logic?? 🤣🤣🤣

        We Dont need the Quality of prime Barcelona. We just need an effective team.

        • But that should be the benchmark whether any other team either achieve it or not.
          But you want Roberto Pereya because of his height never heard a non sense like that.

  8. Absolute disaster. We will need to use 21 year old goalkeeper Alan Diaz who hasn’t even played for the reserves. Worse than Boca is the possibility of missing out on qualification for the Libertadores knockouts.

    • Is there no provision to postpone game? Seen Europe club games postponed when many players catch covid. River also has a libertadores game on 20th.

      • I am asking the same question as you. Apparently fixture list is congested and because of Copa America there is little room to move it forward. Still think it should be possible to try something out

  9. THE LIST;

    Goalkeepers : Armani, Emiliano Martínez, Esteban Andrada and Agustín Marchesin.

    Defenders : Montiel, Nahuel Molina, Lucas Martínez Quarta, Germán Pezzella, Nicolás Otamendi, Walter Kannemann, Nicolás Tagliafico, Nehuén Pérez and Lisandro Martínez, (Cristian Romero and José Luis Palomino as options).

    Midfielders: Rodrigo De Paul, Leandro Paredes, Guido Rodríguez, Nicolás Domínguez, Giovani Lo Celso, Marcos Acuña, Ángel Di María, Lucas Ocampos and Roberto Pereyra

    Forwards : Lionel Messi, Sergio Agüero, Lautaro Martínez, Nicolás González, Paulo Dybala and Joaquín Correa

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