Lionel Messi, Emiliano Buendia, Emiliano Martinez in Argentina team for World Cup qualifiers


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has selected his list of players for June’s World Cup qualifiers vs. Chile and Colombia.

The European based list has been announced with a lot of fan favorites included. A total of 30 players have been announced with the likes of Emiliano Buendia, Lisandro Martinez and Cristian Romero called-up. The veterans on the team are Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero, Angel Di Maria and Agustin Marchesin have all been included.

Paulo Dybala and Mauro Icardi both don’t make the squad with the surprise being Dybala. With the Copa America beginning just a few days after the qualifiers, his place in that squad could be in jeopardy. The 27 year old has missed much of the season due to injury and only has four goals to his name.

Despite the fact that Lucas Alario and Exequiel Palacios are both set to miss not only the World Cup qualifiers but also the Copa America, all three players have been included in the squad. The list of local based players is expected to be announced within the next few days. Here is the list:

Marcos Acuña (Sevilla)
Sergio Aguero (Manchester City)
Lucas Alario (Bayer Leverkusen)
Emiliano Buendia (Norwich City)
Angel Correa (Atletico Madrid)
Joaquin Correa (Lazio)
Rodrigo de Paul (Udinese)
Angel Di Maria (PSG)
Nicolas Dominguez (Bologna)
Juan Foyth (Villarreal)
Alejandro Papu Gomez (Sevilla)
Nicolas Gonzalez (Stuttgart)
Giovanni Lo Celso (Tottenham)
Agustin Marchesin (FC Porto)
Emiliano Martinez (Aston Villa)
Lautaro Martinez (Inter)
Lisandro Martinez (Ajax)
Lucas Martinez Quarta (Fiorentina)
Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona)
Nahuel Molina (Udinese)
Juan Musso (Udinese)
Guido Rodriguez (Real Betis)
Cristian Romero (Atalanta)
Lucas Ocampos (Sevilla)
Nicolas Otamendi (Benfica)
Exequiel Palacios (Bayer Leverkusen)
Jose Luis Palomino (Atalanta)
Leandro Paredes (PSG)
German Pezzella (Fiorentina)
Nicolas Tagliafico (Ajax)



  1. After a long time, seeing people here not whining about selection. Good Job Scaloni.

    Regarding some omissions
    Senesi : There are many CB’s already. I would still take him over someone like Pezella, but he hasn’t had a great season like Romero or Licha. So understandable.
    Dybala: Dybala’s club form has been shaky this year. He only plays good when he plays no 10 and we have Messi who can do that for Argentina. Dybala is a very poor player when on wings.

    Excited for the qualifiers and Copa. This team is good enough to win, but injuries to Gonzalez, Dominguez, Palacios can prove to be very costly. Hope others can step up.


  2. Great list, I’m not surprised to see C.Romero (he wasn’t called up for the olympics meaning AFA wanted him for the main team) or Molina (Foyth injured leaving Montiel as the only RB hence Molina becomes an option), however I am (pleasantly) SHOCKED to see Emi B and Licha on the list. With that being said I will remain Cautiously optimistic because it’s one thing to call the right players, it’s another to use them.
    Kinda surprised to see Paulo omitted but with Alario and Palacios definitely missing out while Nico Gonzalez, Foyth and Nico Dominguez are all recovering from injuries and their inclusion is in question, not to mention that I wouldn’t be the least surprised if the no. will upped to 26 players given how terrible COVID control is in SA, I wouldn’t rule out Dybala (or Icardi for that matter) just yet.

    • I should also add that this is what I think the final 23 list will be:

      GK: Armani, Emi and Manchesin.

      Sadly I think Musso will miss out.

      DF: Montiel, Foyth, Quarta, Pezzella, Otamendi, C.Romero, Acuna, Tagliafico.

      Licha and Molina (unless Foyth fails to recover in time) will sadly miss out.

      MF: De Paul, Celso, Paredes, Guido, Papu and Nico Dominguez

      Nico Dominguez will recover in time but he will be short on match fitness so don’t be surprised if Scaloni made a shock inclusion like Enzo instead.

      FW: Messi, Lautaro, Ocampos, Maria, Kun and Nico Gonzalez.

      A.Correa and (sadly) Buendia will very likely miss out, as will J.Correa. However Nico’s recovery is in question and if he doesn’t recover in time J.Correa will replace him.

      If the list is increased to 26 then expect Licha, Buendia and J.Correa to make the list also.

      • Dybala? Aguero is class but out of form, will be only a super sub imo. Dybala could change Lautaro as false 9, or Scaloni want to try Joaquin Correa there? In Copa without Dybala and likely without Joaquin Correa, we have 1,5 centre forwards (Lautaro and super sub Aguero) what will we do without Lautaro? (covid, injury or suspension)

  3. Martinaze
    Ocumpus. Messi

    Loselso. De paul

    Tagliafiko. Otamendi. Lesendro. Saravia

    Emi martinaze

    Argentina best team for all the competition ….
    There may some change in central defence but midfield, Forward and goal-line should not be changed…….

  4. Overall happy with the squad. A bit sad that Senesi and Dybala did.not make it. But tbf Senesi has been a bit out of form in recent times,Lisandro has took his spot as the BEST defender in Eredivisie. Dybala is slowly Coming to form,but it wont hurt us hopefully

    • Montiel probably, and pessimisticlly Armani. Maybe a possibility for Angileri who has bene brilliant recently and in my opinion better than Montiel, but that is more likely in a 26-30 man squad

  5. I think this list was submitted to afa a week or two ago…otherwise some of the inclusion and exclusion don’t even make sense…having said that, i think scolani already talked to individual players and have reliable infos when they can make a comeback…either way it doesn’t make sense because it’s a squad for WCQ not copa…so calling players that’s injured is ridiculous…. Otherwise happy with overall selection……
    Dybala has scored couple of goals after coming from injury, is in better form thn aguero i kun having the experience and proven track record, i don’t actually mind…Alario might make sense for copa bt for wcq?? How come?? Palacio would not be in the list, if scolani decided it yesterday, so i think he did it one or two week ago and already submitted that…if we take out those unfit players just came from injury or in injury, will still have a very competitive team…. I can understand exclusion of sensei though some mundo follower is not happy, bt we hv some good inclusion in defence, we can’t hv all the new guys….so we can see the core players in scolani’s plan, even injured out of form, they made it…others forced themself in the plan like c romero and lisandro…
    For keeping i think scolani hv always preferred musso,merchesin…even emi got a called up when he barely was playing in Arsenal before the impressive run in last half of the last season… So i think scolani is more open in this position willing to switch players from his earlier days…bt because of politics he couldn’t….
    Im interested to know what do u think overall??

    • It’s not. Emi Buendia wasn’t even in first primalary list. He got called in later for Palacio injury maybe i think. All those injured players will be evulate untill last minute obviously coaching staff has already thought about it. They must have back up too

    • Or may be scaloni is thinking long term….scaloni thinks these injured players will play a role for my team in the future. At least these injured players can partake in video session or something like that.

      • As far as i know the primary list wasn’t official… It was made by tyc based on speculation…. Last time this happened too…thn scolani published a different squad….

        And if scolani is thinking long term still doesn’t make sense to include them…they are there, after injury they will be back, bt for next wcq he doesn’t need to add them…

  6. After the River game I am nothing but PROUD. Alan Diaz held his own and even nearly saved the Tevez goal which should not have stood. 15 players out, new goalkeeper (for penalty kicks), in the Bombonera for the third time, referee that favors Boca (can be proved from his reaction to River’s near goal last game that somehow bounced out), and still only 1-1. The effort they put was unmatched. Imagine with all our players and fair conditions. Excited to see the next game for Copa Argentina when we have our players

    • Because there were most regular players missing, others had very high moral…if all the regular players were playing they wouldn’t outmatch boca that easily i guess….boca didn’t hv infos of the new players that much,that’s also played a part…if all the regulars were there they would hv a proper plan…. And boca underestimated new players…. Some of this new players deserve inclusion in the regular xi, river should make some regulars in the bench permanent ….
      From a neutral point of view….
      What’s the fuck wrong with bocas tactics… Is the coach even a deserve coaching boca??with this experience players they Won’t even held a candle with other teams

  7. As far as I heard Palacio could make it before Copa. Still a rumour but I say he is worth to take risk. I heard the rumour about excluding Dybala but shocked to see it is true

  8. senesi exclution is quit unexpected. palomino stronghold player. his strength is exequsite and his ball control and movement is not agile this is why commit faul often but the selection is not bad.. pezella not looks good anymore.. with the inclusion of romero lisandro defence have some good … pezella should dropped to inject new blood in defence

    • All the RIVER family we are PROUD for the team.
      those that played makes us look like we didn t have 15 players out with covid.
      what to say really my friend. just i feel PROUD. the young kid Diaz is talented. if he continue working hard be sure we will see his name in front of us one day in future again.
      he was lion tonight.
      as about Bosteros nothing to say. they needed an illegal goal to beat what left from River and again it was not enough.ha ha ha.
      they should be very happy and proud with theirselves.especially by the way this piece of shit Tevez. shameless Bostero.
      anyway my friend. it is over. we have 2 more games for Libertadores now and after i can concentrate to national team.

      • Completely agree with you. A pattern I have noticed with River is that many of our youngsters are surprisingly good yet we never know because they don’t get chances. It would be ideal for Diaz to be loaned out somewhere for a while because I don’t see him displacing Armani or maybe even Petroli. Very happy for the effort he put in today. I am scared for the Libertadores qualification but if they put in the same effort they did today I am sure it is possible. Even in these bad months for River that is still finding its place after losing Nacho for us to perform like this, it is impressive and makes me so proud

  9. The list is very good. I am really very happy to see C. Romero and Emi Buendia in the squad in the right time. But selecting good players doesn’t make any sense if they sit on the bench and never get the chance to showcase what they are capable of. For instance, If Scaloni put another keeper ahead of Martinez, it’s a waste a of time for him being there and sit on the bench all the time while a useless keeper like Armani cements his spot in the line-up. I hope our best and brightest players will get what they really deserve. Vamos Argentina!

  10. Fk yeah!!! Really happy with this squad list, so good to see Buendia, Romero, Lisandro, Molina!
    Scaloni made Many of you eat your words today.

    A couple of points..
    -Inclusion of players we know will be injured. For what purpose? Can they be replaced if still injured closer to the date? What am I missing?
    -Exclusion of Dybala and Senesi. Would have perfected it, but I’m not too fussed. Senesi will play the Olympics for sure before being integrated to senior squad. Dybala had a bad season with injuries but so did Aguero for example

    Either way, this made my day! Vamos Argentina!!!

  11. Huge wins for Coudet and Simeone. Coudet’s team did everything right and in the second half kept Barcelona from making chances

    • Díaz, Montiel, Maidana, Martinez, Angileri, Casco, Enzo, Ponzio, Carrascal, Alvarez and Fontana i expect to start tonight. the biggest gamble/danger for us is the 21 years kid that will be our goalkeeper. he never played again with profesionals.

      • I am happy with the backline players we have. But the Tevez goal is unbelievable. How that is allowed I do not know. The fact they have to rob us when we have 15 players out is embarrassing. But good save from Alan at the end.

    • It looked like atleti bottled it before lodi & then suarez pulled a miracle out. Simeone’s reactions were priceless. Cant imagine they not winning la liga from here.

  12. I just realized there is no Senesi. I mean the list is good there is more good than bad but Otamendi and Pezzella over Senesi is hard to understand. Oh well

    • I also realize it but Senesi has work to do, he is still raw, right now he does not deserve nation’s call up, his speed is the main problem and his spin around the ball. May be in months or year or before World Cup he could be ready to play for Argentina.

      • I understand he has these limitations, but it is the fact that it is over Pezzella that I don’t understand. It would be good to Senesi in olympics then

  13. Wow. Most may not have seen but our great friend romance king made a temporary appearance and is now gone again (complaining about Icardi)… thanks again Jefe

  14. Lionel Scaloni made the best decision. I knew that he is the right man for the job.Very happy for Emi Buendai,Jose Palomino and Juan Foyth.
    Now half the work for winning Copa America is done.Now Argentina need to select best playing eleven.

  15. Clear reflection of the choice of supporters……if Dybala were there would have been perfect though….. well done scaloni…….

  16. I said…not including Buendia is a criminal activity. Some said..he’s not enough. Some said…some will always cry for some players.

    We need Buendia..a great player for the future.

    Salute to Scaloni..he’s in the right direction.

  17. Well looks like the voices to have Buendia finally got in Scalonis ears somehow. Now people will say were is Dybala.We humans can never be satisfied i guess hehe. To be fair Dybala hardly performs for the NT even when he has been given chance. He was suppose to be the one who take the mantle from Messi. Now? Icardi omission was expected by the way.

    Anyway lets see whos gonna make it to the starting 11.Its gonna be the usuall base for sure. Glad that Scaloni is an open minded coach we havent had for some years.

  18. Nice he doesn’t call stopped armarni but in the same times he need to give Icardi his chances because stopped aguero always on the teams and nerver provide anything the only times he was decisive for the team was against France at World Cup 2018 plus he was injured and didn’t have a good season Icardi will be better than him for world cups qualifiers and Copa America and another things why calling some injured players while there is others available

    • This is the European list.. local list will be out in a few days Armani will be there and he’ll start and we can’t do anything about it

  19. Great to see Emi, Buendia, Romero and Lisandro M. A bit weird to include injured Palacios and Alario in the list.

  20. Woah woah woah… no WAY… every name I read I got closer and my smile grew more. PRACTICALLY PERFECT. There may be questions about Pezzella and Otamendi and Palomino but it is understandable if they act as subs. They also have experience so sounds good. BUENDIA AND MOLINA!?? Goalkeeping department perfect? Wow Scaloni this made my day and month. Also great that Nico is there assuming he will be expected to recover by then which is great for Palacios backup. Confused to see Palacios because of injury but I guess it will change. I am a bit bummed about Dybala though but this is still great nonetheless. Now we have to expect the local lost to come out and hope not too many of them enter the final 23. I am overjoyed for Buendia. Both league wins with Norwich he brought out his flag for the country he’s from and loves. On a humorous note maybe Scaloni did not know he was from Argentina until the flag reminded him?

    • Perfect. It looked like scaloni was reading all mundo comments😀. Dybala only name out. Assuming armani & montiel joins. Will be interesting to see how 32 reduces to 23. So many contenders. Super happy for c romero, buendia, licha, angel correa, molina.

      • I was thinking the same about him reading comments hahaha. I also expect Angileri maybe. Something to note about Dybala is that every time he plays for Juve throughout his horrible season in patches he has always put up good numbers despite that, so it would be a loss. But oh well, I can’t complain too much because there is more good than bad. No Pereyras or anything.

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