Emiliano Buendia on Argentina call: “Dreams come true”


Emiliano Buendia has expressed his joy of being called-up to the Argentina national team through an Instagram post.

Buendia has found himself in the Argentina squad for the first time in his career. The Argentine was named as the Best Player in the Championship as he helped Norwich City reach promotion to the Premier League for next season. He finished the season with 14 goals and 16 assists.

Having came up through the Real Madrid youth system and later on moving to Getafe, Buendia represented both Argentina and Spain at youth level. However, he would go on and play for Argentina at the 2015 U20 World Cup.

Norwich City have even put out a Tweet asking what has Emi Buendia done this season to get an Argentina call-up, with a video.


  1. olive my friend. i don t know if you learn the news but really i want to put BOMB in Conmebol.
    they are fucking kiding us right?
    they didn t accept to allow us put 1 goalkeeper !!!!
    WE WILL PLAY WITH 10 players and EMPTY BANK !!!
    Casco or Maidana will used as goalkeeper !!!!

    Se puede pensar seriamente en jugar SIN ARQUERO, con uno menos, y SIN BANCO DE SUPLENTES ?? ES RIDICULO. Yo lo banco al muñe, pero si Gallardo cree q puede hacerlo en serio, raya la necedad absoluta. NO SE PUEDE. Nos comeríamos 10 goles. Los dos antecedentes que hay (Colombia y Ecuador) jugaron con 7, uno se lesiono a los 10 minutos, y se suspendio. ESO ES LO QUE HAY QUE HACER !!!

  2. Dear friends what about your opinion about Fabrizio Angileri…i’m seeing most of the video’s of him and i think he has good pace on field and good in tacckling and crossing. Is there any chance of him to use left back in NT??
    Cox4 do u have any special note about him bcz u are a river plate fans and u notice always river’s players.
    I think Scaloni can use him as backup against Acuna or Tagliafico..

    • Acuna play with Sevilla, play the Champion’s League, compet against the best in the world.

      Tagliafico too, even if Ajax is not that strong.

      Angileri need to move in Europe to compet the best competitions and Leagues. He need more experience against the best team and the best wings of the world to be in competition with them.

    • Angileri has been great recently. Definitely third choice left back. He is great at crossing the ball for attacks and is good on the ball. Also balanced contribution in defense. Also great freekick ability. He has in my opinion been better than Montiel recently. He has gathered up many assists this season

    • Angileri is one kid product of River academy LB. this season is his first as regular starter.
      he was in shadow of Casco past years and the truth is when he was take playing time to relax Casco he was bad. He was playing in place of Casco against small teams. But the kid is hard working and he improve so much. Now he is one fast player with good technical ability and capable with the ball and without it. his weakness is the long balls and the missing of experience. Of course both is matter of time to fixed. i believe so much in him.
      if he stay in River for 2 more years he will be one complete player i believe. it happened to know that he is one hard working and with good character person.
      if he do the usual mistake and leave from River sooner than he should then he will be just one more talent that lost in the process to arrive in top. one of the many. patient and correct timing is everything. if you have not the brain do that then the odds is against you.

        • Yes i write wrong about academy. he is “product” of River plate.
          because Gallardo make him the player he is now.
          in Godoy cruz he became profesional player.

          But don t even mention Boca at all. they just take him on loan and after some testings they send him back to Mendoza almost directly.
          they didn t deserve any single piece of credit about Angileri.

  3. There is a possibility River players may miss out on qualifiers due to Covid, Montiel, Armani. Montiel is a worry because we need as many options in RB as possible. Also River situation is worse, we may have to field 10 players in the Libertadores. We need to do everything possible to stay in Libertadores

    • it is almost sure for Armani because he should be in carantine till 29 May and sure for Montiel because he end his carantine 1st of June. without trainning so soon after to play is imposible.
      we have 14 players left and nobody is goalkeeper.
      things is worse than bad my friend. 5 players from game with Boca founded posirives.

        • personally i don t see how it is posible one player to be in carantine till 29 of May (and that means without trainning of course) and in 3 of Lune to play game. i believe he will not play.

    • i was wrong before. 14 players was available before the 5 new cases come up. now we are speaking there is 9 only.
      we have available Jonatan Maidana, Fabrizio Angileri, Milton Casco, Tomás Lecanda, Hector Martínez, José Paradela, Julián Álvarez, Jorge Carrascal and Agustín Fontana.

      • Wow. I don’t understand why CONMEBOL doesn’t allow a suspension or new squad members. Absolute disaster. They did not hesitate to postpone the Boca game for Maradona

  4. Got this from a website which says Dybala can still make the squad for the Copa America because he was part of the 50 in the preliminary squad.

    The coach of Albiceleste Lionel Scaloni has not summoned the Juventus playmaker for the qualifying matches for the 2022 World Cup against Chile and Colombia but has included him in the list of pre-convened (the 50 seats) for the upcoming South American appointment that will be held in the summer.
    The tournament will start on June 13 and then end on July 10, which is why the Juventus Joya will have to make the most of the last matches in the league to earn the trust of the Argentine coach. A possible call for the Copa America, however, could postpone the discussions for the renewal of the contract with the Juventus management who would like to avoid losing it to zero next year, but could also find an agreement for the extension of the contract as long as the player manages to guarantee the continuity of performance that he lacked during this long experience in the black and white jersey.

  5. Please Scaloni… Just to try !

    ————Paredes—De Paul


    ———–Lo Celso—-De Paul

    • I will take either of it, looks really good on the paper. Just I will add one of foyth or tagliafico since both molina and Acuna are attacking full backs

      • In the 21th Century to be a left back and a right back need offensive skills and to crosse well. Alba, Alves, Marcelo, Carvajal, Alexander Arnold etc… Best clubs in the world have great left back and right back who can do great things with the ball, not just tackle.

  6. Guys… Is there any chance for Romero-Senesi CB partnership in Copa or atleast in WC? And someone please explain the good and bad of the same.

    • no because Scaloni is the only man in the world who think Quarta (substitute in a weak team) and Otamendi (finish for the top level football) are the best argentinan defenders. Only many
      consecutives dramatics defending perfs could change his mind … And they will happen soon but sadly too late for the Copa America.

  7. Back in 2010 I want to quit following arg nt because of several disappointment but I couldn’t and yet again there were unbelievable exciting generation was arising which made me more exciting, looking following players at the time. kun aguaro di maria messi higuain gago banega pastore otamendi gaby milto E.Garay mascherano Demichelis and many more. Even though they made their own history and reached world Cup final and broke wc quarter finals hoodoo which was very important in psychological pointview by it self. And to extend they were unlucky not winning world Cup 14 and copa 15&16 . This is the point I want make,
    After that generation many believed arg will not produce talents like those in decades for so many reasons however I always believed arg will produce talents it may not be likes Messi, Di Maria , mascherano and kun standards but I believed they will be future for arg nt. Now I can say in the last squad scaloni have released I have just seen that. because it looks good and well balanced in each department from golie , defenders, midfielder and forwards, now my hope is to finish the drought in God’s grace. BTW I’m super happy to see in the squad likes emi Buendia, cuti Romero, lich martinez N. Gonzalez. Add to that the brave decision coaching staff took that they included palacios in this call ups who I believe he will have chance to make the final cut if everything goes according to plan.

    • Is there some sort of breakthrough in Palacios’ fitness? All of our players need Sevilla doctors who got Ocampos and Acuna back out playing way ahead of time hahah

      • Olive
        Palacios and alario are both in AFA premises already. The coaching staff are monitoring his situation in daily bases. Personally I think the coaching staff believes he will be fit enough to play last Group matches for copa.

  8. 6000 doctors in Japan are urging their government to cancel the Olympics. The public also protesting. Less than 2% of their population is fully vaccinated…

  9. Really hope he gets a chance to prove himself in the qualifiers. A good performance could mean inclusion in Copa squad. Same goes for Romero, Emi, Lisandro and Molina. We have 6 matches before knockout stage of Copa begins. It’s a good opportunity to gel these new players together with the team

  10. If Lo Celso is injured, Buendia will be able to play in his place in attacking Midfield. Buendia is a super skillfull ringt winger, attacking midfielder who can also play Different position likes central Midfield, Right Back(Getafe time). He can Dribble, Ball distribution super, He can Tackles, He can interception, he can run…. Hopefully he will get a place in the 23-man squads.

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