Argentina likely to be announced as sole hosts for Copa America


Argentina are likely to be announced as the only hosts for the Copa America.

When the Copa America kicks off in June and ends in July, it will very likely only be played on Argentine soil. Per several reports coming out of South America, Conmebol are set to announce that Colombia will no longer be co-hosting the tournament.

Civil unrest in the country has meant that Conmebol are looking at other solutions. At one point, an option was to hold the tournament in Argentina along with another country, with Paraguay and Chile being options.

The tournament will take place from 13 June until 10 July. Independiente’s stadium, as well as Boca’s iconic La Bombonera stadium are rumored to be added as venues.


  1. I m really excited about Defensa y justisias young midfielder ( river loane) Enjo jeremias Fernandes. This guy is really promising.

  2. olive my friend. i don t know if you learn the news but really i want to put BOMB in Conmebol.
    they are fucking kiding us right?
    they didn t accept to allow us put 1 goalkeeper !!!!
    WE WILL PLAY WITH 10 players and EMPTY BANK !!!
    Casco or Maidana will used as goalkeeper !!!!

    Se puede pensar seriamente en jugar SIN ARQUERO, con uno menos, y SIN BANCO DE SUPLENTES ?? ES RIDICULO. Yo lo banco al muñe, pero si Gallardo cree q puede hacerlo en serio, raya la necedad absoluta. NO SE PUEDE. Nos comeríamos 10 goles. Los dos antecedentes que hay (Colombia y Ecuador) jugaron con 7, uno se lesiono a los 10 minutos, y se suspendio. ESO ES LO QUE HAY QUE HACER !!!

    • Realmente no se que le cuesta al Conmebol dejarnos tener un arquero. Asta que les debe ayudar tener mejores equipos saliendo del fase de grupos. Tener que empezar con diez no lo puedo creer. Ojala que hoy pierda Junior para tener chance de sobrevivir. Yo tambien lo banco a Gallardo y estoy re orgulloso por todo que hizo pero se equivoco en no anotar 50 jugadores. Va a jugar Lecanda o no puede estar? Ase mucho lo quiero ver debutar

      • I think they had already called up 4th choice reserve keeper Petroli, but not Diaz who would have been 5th choice and is bench warmer on the reserve team

      • Alvarez is not ready for NT yet but definitely u23. I like him he is decent with dribbling and always has good ideas for passes but many times fails to execute them. He does have a lot of assists though. If he became more precise his assists would double because he has great ideas on the pitch. A europe move in two years would benefit him

  3. Just checked a few match reports today.
    Man City – Aguero not playing- injured (again)
    Lazio – J. Correa not playing- injured

    With Alario and Palacios already out and many corona cases in local league, we keep our fingers crossed.

  4. I love this, hope some fans will be allowed but probably not. If he plays some of the young guys like C. Romero , and saves di maria for the bench , and plays Emilio Martinez. Have a great shot. Scaloni please don’t out think yourself here, no to the 3-5-2, stick with your 4-3-3 . Let messi be your playmaker and let lautaro , and ocampos/ Gonzalez do the front work.

  5. Everything is shaping up for us, if we have no more injuries and Scaloni is smart about player selection than we are very likely to win

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