Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni comments on Lionel Messi, Paulo Dybala, Sergio Aguero


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni spoke about Lionel Messi being part of the Argentina team, Paulo Dybala’s exclusion from next month’s World Cup qualifiers and Sergio Aguero.

Lionel Scaloni made headlines recently when he announced his squad for next month’s World Cup qualifiers. Among the names of those included were Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero. However, what was surprising was who was left out and in this case Paulo Dybala.

The Juventus man has not had the best season. Having missed several matches due to injury, Dybala has found it difficult to get playing time. Speaking in an interview with ESPN, here’s what Scaloni had to say regarding Dybala’s exclusion:

“He is a player that we always had and we love but the lockers were almost complete and we had to make a decision. He hasn’t been playing the last few months and his club is going through a few problems with the standings and their game.

“It’s important that he joins us with rhythm, we will always have him in mind. Hopefully he’s able to regain his form and that he can play to be able to decide later on.

“You have to put aside the affection and empathy towards the players to put together a list of 23 players. We have to deal with Dybala, who always responded in the best way possible and put in the effort to play in positions that weren’t his. But the team always comes first.”

Scaloni also commented on star man and team captain Lionel Messi and his role in the team:

“We are excited because we believe that a base was achieved in which everyone understands. Everyone is playing well and it’s important for Leo (Messi) to be able to incorporate well.

“Unfortunately, we don’t see the players often and we can’t enjoy them the way we want. But in the training sessions and in a few parts during the matches, he gives us some joy. But the real joy is what he will give the team.

“He is the first and the most aware that today, you win with the team. He, along with his team mate need each other, the opposite will be very difficult.”

In addition, Scaloni commented on Sergio Aguero and his current situation:

“I spoke with Kun a month and a half ago and the three matches he played were very good. He gave us a good impression, he made us remember the best Aguero. I understand that he is not playing due to a contract situation. His future is being decided and we don’t get involved in that. We would like for him to be able to play before joining us, we saw him as quite fine.

And finally, Scaloni spoke about the possibility of Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero playing together at Barcelona next season:

“They know each other by heart, it would be good for them and their friendship but regarding the Argentina national team, they know each other well and by memory. It does not benefit us nor does it harm us.”


  1. Ok leaving out Dybala because of his lack of game time makes sense (kinda) but then to turn around and take Kun who has had even less game time than Joya? That makes no sense and is just hypocritical. Also what about LMQ, he’s not playing for Fiorentina, is he gonna get the same treatment?
    I love Kun but his fitness is a major issue and for me he’s 4th choice striker after Lautaro, Dybala and Icardi.

  2. I have another formation option in my mind
    Gk :Martinez
    Def: Romero, lisandro matrinez (ball playing central defender), palomino
    Mid : Ocampos/Molina, de paul,paredes, lo celso, tagliafico
    Fw: Messi, lautaro martinez

    With this formation lisandro matrinez can be replaced with di maria. Or di maria can be used in place of ocampos later

  3. The problem I have with the Dybala exclusion is that when he has played for Juve, he has played well and put up good numbers.

    Serie A notable numbers:
    Big chance created: 3
    Key passes: 1.5
    Shots per game: 2.3
    Scoring frequency (probably his worse stat but understandable): 262 min
    acc.long balls: 78%

    I understand the list is short, it is not the biggest surprise that he can’t fit all of the best players because we have a lot of talent. But if we become able to call up 23-30 players he should be included.

    Another big question I have is why and how is Alario included if he is injured? Is there a possibility of him recovering in time? Even if he is not in the final 23 what is the point? Is it not better to have a fit Dybala even as a backup instead of an injured Alario? Will he be switched for someone else eventually?

  4. PROUD for the 11 players that enter in the book of history of RIVER.
    PROUD because those lions wear the jersey of my beloved club and because they are members of the River plate family that i am small part too.
    Special thank you to Enzo. he was injured and still as River soldier he enter and show why he is one club legend in our hearts. he show what represents River spirit.

    no we didn t win a cup. no it was not that we beat any monster.
    they enter in book of history because what they succeed it will be memorable forever (especially in Argentina) because it was unique, it was example of attitude and remind to any single one of us what is the Argentine fight spirit that we tend to forget in the modern era.

    i want to end my post by say one BIG FORGIVE ME to those 11 lions that enter the pitch yesterday. ONE BIG APOLOGY because yesterday before the game i wasn t believe in them.
    i was sure that they will lose and i was just wishing to don t be humiliate by lose so big.

    Exept the happyness and the PROUD i feel SHAME for myself for not believe to them and most important because i forget my fighting dna that RIVER PLATE represents.
    when conditions from covid allow me the last things i said in this post i will say them personally.

    Enzo Pérez, Milton Casco, Tomás Lecanda, Jonatan Maidana , Héctor Martínez, Fabrizio Angileri, Jorge Carrascal, Felipe Peña ,José Paradela, Julián Álvarez , Agustín Fontana.

    • I am just as proud as you are. What players. Hopefully Lecanda and Pena get more chances. This night we will remember for a LONG time, a very long time. We did this against CONMEBOL and everyone.

      • my friend this night already enter in the book of history of River plate and Argentina s. for not say international football history. the reason is that exept of heroic win the most important beyond that is that it will be remembered forever as example in football history to everybody for TEACH what you can succeed with BELIEVE with EFFORT and with HEART. even miracles can happened if you NEVER GIVE UP even everyone is believe you are finished.
        personally i take my lesson yesterday. those lions remind me my dna.

        • Agreed. The kind of effort and fight we showed was the same we did against Palmeiras and Boca. If only those weren’t corrupt

  5. Not worried about our attack and midfiled even without Dybala, he was not gonna start anyway, most probably. Whats scary is our Defence and GK. If Armani is not allowed to play due to quarantine then who. It will be between Andrada and Marchesin i think. Looking at Scalonis selection pattern.

    Otamendi- Pezzella duo will have to click from the first minute itself. These are not friendlies these r the WC qualifiers and Copa.There are no room for errors.

    • like most here i would go with Romero but unlike many here, i would pick Otamendi over Peez anyday. I do want to see what Romero + Martinez can do but Scaloni ain’t going to change the backline so maybe 1 of Ota/Pezz and 1 of Romero/Martinez?

  6. I can see in his speech that Scaloni did try his best for Dybala but the truth is the spots are limited and as a coach of the national team, you just need to make the call. I believe that Dybala’s style may not be a good fit with his tactics: J.Correa can make the difference by himself and creates goals for others, Angel Correa is good in counter attack, Lucas Alario(even though I guess he won’t be selected due to injury) is a versatile player, Kun can score within 5-10 minutes and quite useful as super sub, Ocampos has that grinta and can serve the team like Lavezzi did in 2014.

  7. The reason aguaro is there ahead of Dybala.
    Is a good friend and roommate with Messi
    During the tournaments. Without aguaro, messi will be lonely.

      • I leave for more than a year and come back to hear the same old B.S
        messi friend this messi friend that.
        but on the other hand, they say support the coachno matter what, why not support the coach on these decisions? this just toxic tabloid news, I jsut think that in Dybala’s position we have many, but as striker, we don’t , that is why Aguero made it and Dybala did not
        support the team, and the coach, period.

  8. This is so unfair to Paulo man. If the pandemic doesn’t happen and Copa was scheduled last year like originally, Dybala would probably be the first one on the list. This whole year he’s been suffering from COVID, Injuries beyond his control. Now he starting to regain his fitness but I guess it isn’t enough for Scaloni. Now he’s also gonna miss the Copa Tournament. So Sad man. Forza Paulo. Vamos Argentina, Always.

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