Sergio Aguero hits out at critics in Twitch stream


Sergio Aguero has been streaming for several months and the Argentine has attacked his critics over it.

Aguero will be taking part in his first Champions League final on Saturday when Manchester City play Chelsea. However, the soon to be Barcelona striker was on Twitch streaming where he attacked his critics.

With thousands of people watching and subscribed, Aguero had this to say about his streams:

“I think today is my last stream, I don’t know for how long. My agenda is full. I think it’s my last day. On Thursday, I fly out to Portugal, Saturday is the match. After that I have to go to Argentina. I’m in Argentina the entire month of June. And in July I won’t do anything either.”

Regarding his critics:

“Today, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, the record. How great Kun is when just a while ago they (the journalists) were killing me. Today it’s how great Kun is, it’s incredible what he did. I would prefer to be calm, to enjoy it there and focused on the national team.

“Everyone is expecting the slightest mistake and if something happens, the first thing they will say in Argentina is that I am a streamer. There are many journalists who didn’t like me from before. I don’t care.

“Some didn’t like it (him streaming), that I injured myself because I’m sitting. That I was streaming and thinking about football. What does streaming have to do with it? As if I’m riding a motorcycle and I’m about to kill myself.

“If you say I’m on a motorcycle, say it and that there’s a possibility that he get injured and he kills himself. I would say ok, that I’m irresponsible and I’m playing games. So I’m streaming, am I doing something wrong? I don’t understand why there are people who don’t like it.”


  1. It looks like mow 4 2 3 1 can be the best formation for Argentina
    N. Gonzalez. Messi. Emi Buendai
    Paredes. De paul
    Acuna. Otamendi. C. Romero. Foyth
    Emi Martinez

  2. Overview of our players’ seasonal ranking on Sofascore and Whoscored (Europe top5 leagues):

    Whoscored team of the season includes Messi (8.52) and Emi Martinez (7.0). Romero (7.14) and De Paul (7.41) were topping the list previously but fell down in the last week or two

    Sofascore team of the season includes only Messi (8.33). Emi Martinez (7.18) fell down in the last game but is close second, just 0.01 below Navas

    Sofascore team of the season per league:
    Premier League – Emi Martinez (7.18) – #22 in league but #1 GK
    La Liga – Messi (8.33) – #1 in league and world
    Serie A – De Paul (7.53) – #2 in league (0.02 behind Insigne). Romero (7.09) misses the list by 0.02
    Ligue 1 – Di Maria (7.54) – #2 in league (0.05 behind Depay)
    Bundesliga – nobody. Crap league for our players.

    Whoscored top100 player rating:
    #1 – Messi (8.52)
    #22 – De Paul (7.42)
    #28 – Di Maria (7.33)
    #78 – Lautaro (7.17)
    #96 – Romero (7.14)

  3. Arsenal has shown genuine interest in Buendia and he is their number one target in this transfer window. Given the situation Arsenal has been going through recently I think it’s not the right team for Emi, but staying at Norwich is worse than moving to Arsenal. Moving to Liverpool, Sevilla, Ajax, or even Borussia Dortmund would be great for him. Let’s hope the boy ends up in a good team.

  4. Before all the coaches coming to the Argentina team, everyone has selected one goalkeeper from the Local League. Scaloni thinks Armani is the best goalkeeper in the league. So he always selects Armani.

    Mind it, Armani is performing well in Copa 2019 at a bad time, saving a penalty at a crucial time to keep the team in the tournament. So Scaloni has repaid his trust for the next two years. And it is not unfair. Because we didn’t have a reliable goalkeeper on that time.

    But now the situation is different. Scaloni and co is not stupid. He will definitely take Emiliano Martinez in the Best 11 and that will definitely be the next match.

    I see Armani and Emi Martinez comparing every day like some fan fools. I am telling them, you don’t need to punish so many football pundits.

    Scaloni, Aimar, Samuels are not stupid. Everyone knows that Emiliano Martinez is now one of the best goalkeeper in the world. Argentina’s best goalkeeper of the moment. And that’s not unknown to Scaloni and co.

    Although you guys not sure if Emi is in the best 11 in the next match, I’m sure.

  5. Argentina govt has withdrawn all lockdown restrictions from international sports tournament!! 💪💪

    Source: Bounes Aires Times.

  6. This should be Argentina 23 man
    1 Emi Martinez
    2 A. Maschrein
    3 Musso
    4 Foyth
    5 Mollina
    6 Acuna
    7 Lisandro Martinez
    8 C. Romero
    9 Otamendi
    10 Pezella
    11 Paredes
    12 Lo celso
    13 De Paul
    14 Emi Buendai
    15 Papu Gomez
    16 G. Rodriguez
    17 E. Palacios
    18 Messi
    19 Aguero
    20 Lautaro Martinez
    21 Di Maria
    22 N. Gonzalez
    23 J. Correa
    Lisandro Martinez is the best Left Back substitute for Acuna. If list is 26 player then
    24 L. Alario
    25 Dybla
    26 Quarta Martinez

  7. If I was him I did not travel because guarding will make him at the bench is a bench player right now he does have nothing to offer can see pep Guardiola saw that and that’s the reason he is on the bench

  8. For me the 23 man squad would be
    Emi Martinez

    C Romero
    Acuna/ Lisandro

    De Paul
    Lo Celso
    G. Rodriguez
    Emi buendia
    Palacious /Dominguez [Depends on Recovery]
    Di Maria
    Papu Gomez


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