Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni confirms eleven vs. Chile in World Cup qualifier


Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni has confirmed the starting eleven which will play Chile on Thursday.

The starting eleven has been confirmed by the coach during a press conference on Wednesday afternoon. Emiliano Martinez of Aston Villa will start in goal for Argentina. Here’s the starting eleven:

Martínez, Foyth, Romero, Martínez Quarta, Tagliafico, Paredes, Ocampos, De Paul, Messi, Di María Lautaro Martinez


  1. Paredes ocampos de paul in the middle?
    This aint gunna be the line up maybe close to it. I dont think lo celso should start the game either, emi buendia should for sure come in as a sub.

  2. Finally I am so happy that romero is starting 🙂 And I hope scaloni sticks to this starting 11 and brings in angel correa, buendia and lo celso as subs

  3. Great, I thank Almighty God for this great job of treating minds of Scaloni he has done. You’re welcome Emiliano Martinez in our goal, now we can be safe that our goal is not free but protected.
    Even Argentina’s fans around our world even here in Africa we are so excited and waiting for the happiness of winning every next match.

  4. Wow, Emiliano and Romero starting. Does it get better than this. Looks like all the complaints here has been answered. Scaloni is not adamant coach like his predecessors. Cool..

    My only concern is Di Maria. Starting for the upteenth time. Acuna or Lo Celso would have been better. Anyway the positives are far higher than the negatives.Lets go…Its NT football time.Hopefully no further disruptions. All the best…

  5. With all due respect, for those complaining about releasing lineups early, they should try to understand that this lineup isn’t in cement. He can change it any time from now till the start of game. Scaloni was a player and now a coach, it may be hard to believe for many but he should know more than the expert fan and spectators know.
    With that being said, if you are new to this sport, this is a known technique to show the lineup early, the first time I saw it being used is 1998 world cup. There are many reasons to do it early, but I don’t feel like typing a lesson right now with all due respect.
    Secondly, our central defense is weak no matter how we line it up. We have to hope for help from the left and right back players including midfielders, hence the lineup he has set in the middle.
    Ive enjoyed reading this site for last 5 years and before this site I followed the world cup Argentina blog since 2008…. I am happy to read other fans opinions and insight…. But I must say the snobby, feminine, elitist approach needs to stop. This is very consistent and done by way too many participants. Don’t forget to humble yourself. Let’s have fun, vamos!

    • first of all i am very happy to see you here again. pass long time.
      secondly i hope things go well for our next games and we win because if things don t go well for us you know what follows. after the big welcome come the crucifixion. from the same people usually. those 2 things are very damn close unfortunately my friend.

    • Well said. Also it is too late for opposition try to change their tactics now even if they know lineup. These people are professional coaches

  6. My respect for Scaloni is up by 200%. There is not silver bullet lineup..but this is close as we can get to it…He seems like he is getting the pulse of the team. Can’t wait for the match.

  7. pezella defence is solid not bad as a deep position defender or as sweeper he is not bad either.. but he is little slow and teams need to improve all round for best..

  8. The Chilean traitors can know our line up… but can they stop the unstoppable!!!
    Ocampos and dimaria are running beasts… together will create space for Messi… romero and Martinez starting together Js me excited!!!

  9. I think in this formation Paredes and de Paul will be playing as double pivot.some of our mundo friends today mentioned that Scaloni has called up FAUSTO VERA for copa America preliminary squad. I think that’s a great decision. I would be very happy if FAUSTO VERA Is selected for copa America main team. Because we have only one solid defensive midfielder, Guido . Paredes,de Paul and lo celso are great players, but none of them is solid defensive midfielder or blockers. Can you guys please give me a link where FAUSTO VERA has been selected for Copa America preliminary squad. I think Scaloni is getting more and more matured as a coach.

  10. We won 😄

    I don’t mind Quarta. He is better than Pezzella. Apart from aerial game, Pezzella offers nothing.

    Even though Quarta is not a good marker, that would not be a problem. He will act as 2 while Romero will be a 6. And playing in back 4, with capable defenders may bring good performance from him.

    Di Maria if played in right wing is another good decision.

    Overall best possible lineup, but as usual Scaloni made it public too early. I think Scaloni does this to end media speculation.

  11. Martinez ‘Quarta’ is literally the fourth Martinez on the team, others being Emi, Lautaro and Lisandro. He’s actually a good defender regardless of the rough patch he’d gone through at Florence. And I really hope these Martinez’ carry some form of distinct identity on their back.

  12. foyth–romero–quarta–tagliafico
    dimaria —depaul—–ocampos
    ——- messi–


    this is something mind blowing squad

  13. Yeh thats my line up, said it earlier today…
    When lo celso,palacios fit, they will be replace occampas
    At this moment Romero and Quarta are perfect for Cb position though @roy nemer not consider Romero Against chile😀

  14. great line up. would love to see lisandro in place of taliafico, lisandro had a great season with ajax. Lo Celso should also start but absolutely no complaining here. Come on argentina let’s get this job done!

  15. C. Romero, Emi Martinez and Foyth in the defence line that was my main wish thank you Scaloni.Now Argentina is looking like a real contender. Thank you Scaloni

  16. this is the defence i would prefer
    GK : emi martinez
    RB: montiel against teams where we are expected to score a lot , foyth againt teams like brazil
    CB: romero and foyth/martinez quarta
    LB: acuna/tagliafico/lisandro if acuna doesnt start then he should be an impact substitute.
    also regarding this lineup i wud prefer buendia over di maria

  17. Great line up. I hope not to see anyone complain about LMQ because this is actually a perfect adjustment from Scaloni, to only switch out Pezzella for now so that there isn’t too much dangerous change and in the future he may make further changes. I actually came here to comment that to change Romero with Pezzella only would be the most logistical option and just then this article was posted. I also hope to see Lo Celso play because I don’t really see the point in not making him a starter for several matches, for instance the Paraguay one I think was a mistake. Hopefully a 60 minute sub.

    • Super happy if this is a 4-2-3-1 . di maria gets right wing, messi as a floating enganche & ocampos for some hard work in left wing. But most importantly emi & romero finally get the much deserved breaks. All these rumour news channels like tycsports are trash & they just speculate without any basis. Great selection by scaloni & kudos for keeping local pressure zones at bay.
      If its 4-3-3, will be curious to see ocampos in midfield.

  18. I hope after seeing this lineup ( Martinez and Romero), people here stop mindless bitching and whining regarding Scaloni.

    All those allegations about local club pressure, Scaloni will only play certain players because they play in local clubs etc. etc. will be put to rest.

    Scaloni has shown to be a calm and smart customer. We need to trust him.

    I am still not convinced about his tactical prowess, but for national team, I don’t think it is really needed.


  19. As ALWAYS, before, now and FOREVER…….LETS GO ARGENTINA!!!!!

    I have no damn love for Chile, I want and hope ARGENTINA put their feet up Chile’s you know what.

    • just to know my friend England and Chile is the most hated countries for one Argentine.
      and i am not speaking about football. just to know.

  20. Emi Martinez and Cristian Romero start!! Woop woop! I’m super excited for the game! Let’s kick their asses!!!

    So many complaints for so many months by people with the ability to see the future proven wrong. Thank you Scaloni for making them eat their words!
    Reconsider why you invoke yourselves and others with negative energy. It’s a total waste

    • 4-4-2 I’m guessing

      Ocampos-Paredes-De Paul-Di Maria

      Di Maria should always be on the right

  21. Great thought by Scaloni. Muscles and Brains in equal proportions here. Acuna for Tagliafico, Buendia/Palacios for Ocampos and Nico Gonzalez for Di Maria are the changes to expect as we go along…

    • I always say scaloni is very smart guy and he will do well. I’m sure if palacios and N. Gonzalez were fit they would have started over di maria and Ocampos, i’m loving this coaching staff
      Definitely Buendia will get his chance

  22. great line up i’m loving it too.. baundia and j.correa could be great change for dimaria, j.correa in second half

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