Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni comments on the match vs. Chile, Copa America


Lionel Scaloni spoke this Wednesday through a press conference, and commented about the national team, in addition to confirming the starting eleven on Thursday’s game vs. Chile.

Scaloni stated that River Plate players Gonzalo Montiel and Franco Armani will not travel with the team vs. Chile since both player’s PCR continue testing positive:

“We are very sorry that they cannot travel with their teammates, we waited until the last moment.”

Besides, Argentina’s coach previewed tomorrow’s game against Chile:

“We will face the match vs. Chile as we face every match. Sometimes the rival takes the initiative, but our idea is always to be protagonists. We will have a great rival in front of us, we must take the necessary precautions.”

Scaloni also talked about some of the young players that will be in the starting XI, such as Cristian Romero and Juan Foyth:

“We decided based on what we saw in the practices. In the case of Cristian Romero, he had a great season. It is time for him to play and to show what he can do. Obviously, it is his first game, but he has all our confidence.

“Juan Foyth has improved a lot, both defensively and offensively. He is a player who gives us different ways to defend, he is interesting, and we trust him.”

Otherwise, this is what Argentina’s coach had to say about the Copa America:

“Everything has been said. We are going to go, play, and try to do our best. There are still many unknowns (regarding Brazil hosting it) though.”


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  2. Where can I watch the match in india?

    I know one Spanish streaming site which broadcasts almost all kinds of matches, but it’s very tedious and take an enormous amount of time to load.
    It’s good but lately it has become horrible.

    So anyone here, who can provide me few links or even apps for free streaming of these matches? Just like rojadirecta, if there’s anything that’s similar to it.

  3. Any good links for this match and time? Thanks.
    I was praising River Plate’s Hector Martinez, and I also read Sampaoli is monitoring him. But, we don’t need to bother about him anymore, as he has been called up by Paraguay for the qualifiers.
    Facundo Farias on PSG radar.

    • Martinez is good and he has improved a lot since his first games at River but I don’t think he is Argentina level and I’m fine with him at Paraguay because he should suit them more

  4. Honestly i think Acuna deserves a chance, atleast as a sub. Acc to Ajax fans Tagliafico hasn’t been the same this season,he lacks his usual desire and hunger. And then Acuna has been excellent for Sevilla,and with his strong crossing, dribbling,and strength he has been a huge asset. Hopefully he gets atleast a chance to prove himself

    Acuna among La Liga left backs

    – 2nd most ground duels won: 132
    – 3rd most successful dribbles: 42
    – 3rd in most balls won back: 62
    – 4th in precise passes to the opposition half: 586
    – 4th in key passes: 32

  5. Holy $hit I forgot how strong the French NT is… they’re even stronger than 2018! The amazing bench depth, confident free flowing football and a good mix of youth and experience. A HUGE hurdle in our path to 2022 glory. Right now France, England and Spain are the teams to beat…not worried about Varzil too much.

    • Until England reach final again since 1966 in any tournament, then we can start including England in conversation. They lost 3 games in 2018 WC.

      Spain has always been pre tournament favorite , yet only passed round 16 once in last 4 World cup. Isnt Germany unbeaten in 2018 qualifier? I guess S Korea is world beater then.

    • I think in WC 2022 there are more than 10 teams which can win world cup. In recent time there is a flurry of talent in the world football.
      Spain is looking good, Italy also got every thing settled and they have good unit.
      France, Belgium, England, Portugal already good. Everyone knows there are favorite to win Euro.
      Netherland is also looking good, VVD De ligt, S de Vrij,De jong, De pay, Wijanadam and many others. One year ago they were favorite for Euro.
      Germany also has many talanted players.
      In South America Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay are looking good.They all have a good class of player to win any tournament.

    • Maybe only France team has squad to fear off. Simply because of their core players has been together for long time,their chemistry is stronger. Also lately they producing good talent all over the position. They got coach who knows his players and playing with a system. But others you mentioned just a hype. Italy and Spain are getting better again. They building a squad like us

    • Yes, best team by a distance.

      But im reminded of 2018 when we almost beat them. I know all the haters will still talk sit about Messi, Aguero, and Di maria but they handled it well considering dogshit Sampaoli. Now were even stronger in mid and defense so we’ll see.

  6. Good morning from Kathmandu Nepal..I personally don’t take care about the CT value.. POSITIVE us positive negative is a consultant physician and assistant head of covid-19 comittte in my hospital I recommend if there is no symptoms and completed 10 days of isolation no need to do repeat PCR test.. they are noninfectious.
    However if symptoms we need to isolate more.. steroids have a role when there is oxygen requirement

  7. Basically means they’ve developed antibodies but are still showing positive in their pcr tests. There’s a marker called ct value in every person’s pcr test which we see to assess the likelihood of these patients of spreading the virus. If their ct value is above a certain value then they’re already in the ending stages of their infection and the ppl around them can feel safe despite knowing that they’re covid positive patients. In the two river plate players case, I believe their ct value is very high hence safe to be around everyone.

  8. Many criticise Paredes for his defensive work but Paredes is best tackler.He always wins ball cleanly in midfield. In his range he is very fast to react.

  9. From TYC – One by one, the losses of the Argentine National Team to face Chile:

    Lucas Alario: recovering from a right thigh tendon injury.

    Sergio Agüero: the Covid-19 antigen was positive, but then the PCR was negative.

    Franco Armani: still has traces of Covid-19. Although it is not contagious, the goalkeeper is prohibited from entering Santiago del Estero.

    Joaquín Correa: drag some annoyance.

    Nicolás Otamendi: must meet a suspension due to expulsion date.

    Gonzalo Montiel: he still has traces of Covid-19. Although it is not contagious, the defender is prohibited from entering Santiago del Estero.

    Nico González: he is recovering from a ruptured muscle fiber in the back of his thigh.

    • Found this about Aguero –

      Agüero took 5 tests last week and yesterday’s AFA test result was positive, but they already did a more reliable test and the result was negative. In other words, yesterday’s test was a false positive. Agüero does not have COVID-19. The negative test 👇

      Lautaro only 9. Unless im forgetting someone obvious, that leaves Messi, Di Maria, Buendia, and A Correa only goal threat (Ocampos not too much of a threat past season).

      What a dumbass decision by Scaloni to leave Dybala at home.

  10. Hey boys, the only thing that is certain about Corona is that NOTHING is certain, not even it’s origin!
    With that being said we do know that:

    A. If one tests positive on multiple tests then that person is contagious and must be isolated for 2 weeks atleast.

    B. Results indicate that being vaccinated does provide a good deal of protection if you get infected.

    C. Being vaccinated doesn’t mean that you are 100% immune to the effects of disease.

    D. Just because you’re vaccinated doesn’t mean you won’t carry the virus and transmit it, hence we go back to point A. and isolate.

    As for how Montiel and Armani are there with the main team, honestly I have no idea, if they’re positive they should be in total isolation otherwise they’re transmitting the infection to Lio and the other others who in-turn become carriers and can transmit the infection to someone who isn’t vaccinated (when they’re going through airport security for example).

    To be honest the manner by which S.America is handling this deadly disease is so irresponsible that it’s no wonder that S.American countries are in such dire straights and the Argentine government should be commended for doing something right for a change and actually opting out of hosting the tournament.
    As much as I hate for it to happen but it’s better to cancel copa than to play it in Brazil and risk the players’ and people’s lives.

    • I have been a Covid patient. I have never heard doctors advising to abandon isolation if PCR result comes positive after 14 days. With covid you take no chances. Armani and Montiel situation will be a scandal in our country and I am not even from a developed country.

      Aguero took an antigen test upon arrival and came positive. Antigen test is not reliable, why do antigen test when accepting a new player to the squad? It must be a PCR test.

      Seriously, I don’t have a clue what they are doing. There is something wrong regarding how it is being handled. 900 deaths per day is the proof.

    • They might still be positive but not contagious anymore. Likely traces of virus still show up in their system. Some people may test positive for COVID-19 even after recovery for some reason. I think Mamoun can help us with that 🙂

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