Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni comments on World Cup qualifier, Copa America, more


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni spoke at a press conference on Monday where he commented on the team, the match vs. Colombia, the Copa America and the players in the squad.

Lionel Scaloni will try to keep his team in second place in the South American World Cup qualifiers when his team plays Colombia on Tursday. Never an easy opponent, Scaloni has a few players back and a few that will miss the match. In regards to the match itself and how they will try to mark Lionel Messi, here’s what Scaloni had to say:

“We have to create many more chances, on a defensive level, I don’t think we’re suffering. Tomorrow is going to be a match totally different, where you have to take more precautions but I don’t think it’s because of the characteristics of the central midfielder. We’re backing Leandro (Paredes), we also have other options but I don’t believe the problem is in that position.

“We have to do better, to be more concentrated in front of goal, that the team creates a lot more. We finished the match vs. Chile with three or four forwards and that doesn’t guarantee us goals. We have to occupy the spaces well and know where to attack the opponent.

“Messi’s always marked by two or three people. We are planning on doing something which we have not been doing in the last games. Hopefully we can do it. We will have to see what Colombia does. They are the hosts, they just won in a convincing fashion and we will see if they have the same team. Messi being marked is something that we assume.”

In regards to the younger players on the team:

“They are players who transmit a lot of enthusiasm, they can give us things and they’re playing well. The idea is for them to grow, that if they have to play at the Copa America, they’ll play and for the future, it’s a lot better.”

Scaloni also spoke about Sergio Aguero, Franco Armani and Lucas Alario:

“Aguero only trained one day with the team. He’s only had one training session, he’s well, logically, he is missing rhythm and he will get that little by little in the training sessions. He will have to improve his condition but for us, he’s still an option and we are happy that he is with the group because he contributes, he gets along well with everyone and that is very important to us.

“Franco’s case hurts me a lot. We know that he’s not contagious and that he played with his team a few days ago and there were no problems with him. The truth is that it’s a difficult situation for him because he wants to be with the group.

“The worst thing for a player is to not be able to accompany his team mates and that is what hurts us. We don’t know when he will be ready to play. It’s a problem because having a player but not knowing when he will be available is difficult and for him, in his head, it’s not good either. Hopefully it’s resolved soon because we need him with the group.

“In Lucas Alario’s case, he is trying to recover. In this training session, the first impressions were good and the last few days, not as much. We will wait, he’s an important player for us.”

The coach also commented on the Copa America and Argentina being based in Ezeiza:

“We know what everyone knows. That for now, it’s going to be played. The group is aware of that and nothing more. There’s not much to add.

“Having a base in Ezeiza during the Copa America will be important, it brings us tranquility. We’re much calmer in the decision of being at home but the worrying aspect is still there.”


  1. Argentina national team is in safe hand. Scaloni changed this team a lot. He made the team conceding less goal. I can remember conceding goals was Argentina main problem. A team strong in defence is real competitor for every tournament. Look Al atletico Madrid, how difficult it is to score against them. With current midfield potential Arg will be a balanced team by 2022.

        • It’s their U21. Anyways average age squad of ours could be not more than 21.5 – 22(discarding GK Jeremias Ledesma, the only squad member from the permitted quota for the over-aged). It could be an interesting match!

  2. mr.scaloni, you spent 3and half years with AFA but no improvement. this is not team propblem its your propblem. you do not know how to make formation, no technical knowledge and players position. still you are observing which player is suitable in what positions.
    your team never win any cup. paste 3andhalf yrs your team did not score more than 3 goals against bestt teams.

    • He completely changed this team.
      He has found suitable players in all the position. It’s not easy as you think. He is building a team of future. And he’s not shy to try new players…and still get the result needed.
      May be he’s not that much experienced.. but he’s a great manager.

      • Exactly insider , de Paul , paredes, nico Gonzales , lautaro , foyth , acuna , ocampos and many more were introduced by scaloni and look at them with their clubs

  3. Does anyone of us here dream of winning any title let alone Copa America or the World Cup itself with Lionel Scaloni at the helm of affairs. It’s just not going to happen. I wish it happens but we need a coach not a novice.
    Think about Scaloni against Luis Enrique or Deschamps or any other. It won’t work at all.
    Di Maria, Aguero, Otamandi, Armani – really?
    Let’s hope a miracle happens for Lionel Messi to win anything at all with NT.

    • Its not going to happen , not because of Scolani but because conmebol chosed their lovechild brazil to host it again in all sudden.

      Brazil always win Copa at home , homecook refereeing will happen again and if we get to the final , expect Messi to be suddenly tested positive.

      The winner has been predetermined.

    • Chalz…

      Yes, I’m not only dreaming about winning, I know we can win something with Scaloni…

      As for the players you mentioned. Armani is probably out or at least when Emi steps up in big games… And Di Maria and Aguero are gonna be good in Copa either as Super Subs or Part Starters. I also think that Otamendi can be solid next to Romero…

      I hope sooner or later a lot of you guys stop hating so much on Scaloni. You bash him for old players or for players he didn’t call or for youngsters he has not played…

      I think Scaloni is doing a good Job, and don’t forget we didn’t loose in the last 10 games or so…

      Of course we should score more Goals with Attackers like this, but the Team still relies 100 % on Messi. I hope in the Colombia Match with Lo Celso there is less pressure on Messi…


      • This people hate almost every coach once things doesn’t goes there way. Whenever a coach doesn’t select their favourite players they start doing it. I have seen it here before with Tata,Sabella aswell.

  4. Scaloni has done good work and getting the team on shape with C. Romero, Emi Martinez in playing eleven he has done great. But Martinez Quarta and Montiel are not needed in team. Acuna is better than Tagliafico and need not to start Lautaro Martinez every match, Alario, Aguero and Dybla should be starter too.

    • football is mind game every country players are using their brain how and when, where to pass the ball but AFA players dont have a brain except messi and aguero rest all of them are bullshit when they are playing with nationals team.

  5. It looks like the Copa may go ahead as the Brazilian players have more or less given a green signal. But still will get a confirmation only after their WCQ match.

    For us are we really gone travel from Brazil back to Argentina after each Copa match? It sounds ridiculous, the travel fatigue will be enormous. I don’t know. This Copa became a real mess. Meanwhile the Euro cup is playing in across 11 countries and venues. Really?? they are going ahead with that during this pandemic and there are no confusions too. Whereas here we are trying to find at least 1 nation to organize the Copa. Well.

    Off the topic, Can’t Papu Gomez be started? To reduce the work load of Messi and Even if Messi gets man marked Papu can still wreak havoc, added to that Papu unlike Lo Celso who plays similar to Messi is a right footer he can fit in the Left side and cut inside easily. We haven’t tried that yet if I am not wrong. Papu is one plyer whom we are not using at all.

      • No one is crying, Genius, It’s called having an opinion. That’s what this blog is about, We all know that none of us saying whatever don’t make any difference for Scaloni, for AFA or for any of our players, they are not even seeing what we are saying.

  6. if the approach is defencive why to play paredes in colombia match. paredes should be used when play is offensive. argentina needs air power for colombia match. romero,otamendi,guido or nico should be in squad.. and about dimaria, youth bring energetic grits which brings learning progress and old brings experience.. argentina needs innovation in better way.. experience come in handy after innovation .. experience can help innovation but not can brings same energetic grits as youth.. dimaria will only useful in second half

  7. Happy birthday to El jefecito. He is 37 today. Our midfield is crying for him! Anyone who watched the 2006 & 2014 WCs will never ever forget him!

  8. match vs peru it seems most of the time Colombia tries to attack through the air and crosses. match vs peru ota will be effective bcs his ability in air unquestionable. in middle if guido plays it will be even better.. paredes should be left from starting eleven. playing paredes will be very wrong decision from scaloni

  9. Di Maria is a world-class player and has huge skills, but one thing that makes him look stupid and inefficient is that he overdribbles. Ariel Ortega had the same problem. One of Di Maria’s best recent performances was the last Copa’s third place game vs. Chile. He was very sharp in that game and I liked every second he played that match. As many have suggested, I think it’s best to have him in the NT till Qatar 2022, but shouldn’t be an automatic starter.

    • I generally use twitter. Login and search for columbia vs argentina live stream. It will throw up a few links. I have been successful in watching last few matches of Argentina using twitter. Hope this works for you too.

  10. Guys it would be great if someone can share a link of tomorrow’s match to watch from India.

    Like Di Maria wot is the point in having papu gomez in team at the age of 33 not even getting a chance as a substitute. Play him or don’t call him at least he will have a good time with his family.

    Vamos Argentina 🇦🇷

  11. Ah the great Dimaria debate rears it’s ugly head again. As I said before I like Angel and I have no issues with him being on the team as long as he is on the bench and not a starter. Also if Scaloni has to start him (he really doesn’t) then start him in his favored position where he can be useful i.e. RFW. Scaloni tried Dimaria as a LFW in copa’19 and the results were terrible, Sampaoli started him as a LFW in WC18 and the results were terrible so doing the same thing and expecting different results is the very definition of insanity according to a very smart man.
    In summary, keep Angel on the bench and use him as a supersub where he comes into the RFW position and Messi goes into the false 9 position, however if you were to start Angel then it should be to sub for Messi at the RFW position.

  12. I don’t understand why some di Maria lovers are shouting here how great was di Maria in 2014, That was 7 years ago, Even i used to like him then, And i dont hate him, I am just saying that he is not relevant anymore, And we should part our ways with him, We can’t have any player above 30 at wc 2022 other than messi. Because we did the same mistake of carrying older players to russia. Even aguero has to go after copa 21.

    • > We can’t have any player above 30 at wc 2022 other than messi

      Talent and form should dictate call ups, not arbitrary age.

      > we did the same mistake of carrying older players to russia.

      Absurd. Players are not to blame. DOGSHIT Sampaoli solely caused the disastrous results.

    • if di maria under performed then messi under performed also because except for one or two tournaments di maria was much better than messi especially in the 2014 world cup.di maria didn’t play in any of the finals and Argentina lost all of them wh could argue ocampos is better than di maria a correa better than di maria if he lost his place for dybala buendia or j.correa i would understand. i even think banega should return to the national team because after all this years he is still the best midfielder we have may be depaul is better know midfield is becoming our weakness palacios looks the only one with world-class potential

  13. I remember when i said we shouldn play 352/532 a few days back in this forum 😅😅
    Look like Scaloni keeps tabs on my comments lol

  14. If we play 3 center backs,which players will you guys take? Personally for me , the RCB spot must go to Romero. No explanation needed. Regarding the LCB and the middle Center Back,i think it will be best if we use Quarta/Senesi/Tagliafico on the left. These guys will push up to take the LB role incase Acuna gets further up the field as an auxiliary winger. And finally Lisandro will play as the sweeper , pushing up to play as a defensive midfielder to stop counters and also having the freedom to drop behind the defensive line or go up the field to distribute the ball. Lisandro’s passing, dribbling and pace will be perfect for this role. What do you guys think?

  15. @Calimeroi: Di Maria is easily one of the all time greats both for his national team and club football…His achievements are only second to Messi and Mascherano in the last two decades. Di Maria is easily one of Argentina most decorated and successful football players in the modern game hence the reason why he won ”Argentine player of the year award” several years ago. None of the new players on this current Argentina national team is anywhere near Di Maria world class status and quality.

    Di Maria won the U20 World Cup Championship in 2007 and the 2008 Olympic Gold Medal (including scoring the winning goal in the final) for his country. These are all achievements the last time I checked the meaning of success.

    Di Maria’s success with the national team goes beyond the Ecuador game in 2018..And yes, Di Maria was involved in both Messi goals in what was a crucial game for his country. So yes, Di Maria stepped up like always in big moments when he is not injured. And like five days ago, it was Di Maria assist that led to the PK against Chile when nobody else on the team (including Messi could break down Chile)

    From 2012 – 2014 under Sabella, Di Maria was an integral part of the coach’s counter attacking playing style. Di Maria was scoring, making key passes and assisting during the 2014 World Cup Campaign and friendly games. Who can also forget Di Maria’s long distance wonder goal against Germany in Munich? The notion that Di Maria never shows up for Argentina makes your argument counterproductive to any football discussion. You’re just commenting with pure emotions and not enough footballing analysts. You’re just cherry picking stats that goes along with your self made narrative. If you’re going to make a case against Di Maria then you need to do a better job and dive deep into some real football analytics.

    Di Maria at the world cup has done more in the knockout stages compared to Messi and this is a FACT! At the 2014 World Cup, Argentina failed to score against Netherlands and Germany, the two games Di Maria didn’t participate in. It’s no coincidence Argentina failed to score against Holland and Germany with the absence of Di Maria given he was involved in both goals against Switzerland and Belgium.

    At the 2016 Copa Centenario tournament in the opening game against Chile during Messi’s absence due to injury it was Di Maria who stepped up with a goal and assist to lead his team to victory. And like always Di Maria got injured and wasn’t at 100% for like the last two remaining games of the tournament. So Di Maria’s problem has always been health issues, not his lack of talent and contribution.

    You’re bringing up players from Barcelona as a thesis to dismiss Di Maria’s strong performance against Ecuador because like I said earlier it goes against your whole narrative. As far as you’re concerned, Di Maria hasn’t done anything for the Argentina national team which is ridiculous.

    Why bring up what Messi did with Xavi, Iniesta, Pedro, Villa etc. at Barcelona? Was this supposed to be some kind of insult towards Di Maria? Di Maria has done the same things with Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Higuain, Marcelo etc. at Real Madrid and consistently playing at a high level in the UCL for over a decade now! Di Maria at Real Madrid was the king of assists (same as in the UCL), so yes, he knows how to play one two with other teammates around the opponent 18 yard box which none of the current Argentinian players can do to save themselves. As I said some time ago, when Di Maria has the ball nobody is overlapping into the opponent’s 18 yard zone. So Di Maria’s only option when he is so far advanced is to either shoot or dribble past a few defenders which he is good at, and with pace too! One can admit today that Di Maria is not the same as he was several years ago, but this doesn’t mean you have to go out of your way to disrespect a legend. The current team is playing horrible so of course, let’s use the ‘’oldies’’ as scapegoats instead of showing us the improvements Scaloni has made post the 2018 World Cup nightmare.

    Football is about making it count, the international window for the likes of Messi, Di Maria and Aguero have already closed. The Messi/Messi generation window was between 2006-2014..The era of 2006-2014 was peak Argentinian football, and the football brand during this period was stronger globally…Kylian Mpabbe might never even play in another World Cup final but unlike Pekerman, Deschamp kept his youngest star Mpabbe on the pitch instead of the bench.

    • Yes, all your stats are well reported and true too!, but, what has all this his Albiceleste legend thing has to do with our current team situation exept he had his impact on the Chile game and was involded in creating our only goal unfortunatly etc… and, yes maybe he had an Ok game for Albiceleste this time like he has had in the past too, but Still Romero and Messi were personally for myself our best players specially Romero in his first senior cap did a exellent job and Messi is allways Messi even sometimes he disappears for a while, but as usual he Still and will get very much involded in our coming games if he only stays fit and that there’s no 2-3 man marking on him, but even there is no man marking on him we just simply can’t constantly rely on him only and that is the reason why our current coaching staff is trying build something different than in the past Messi era where the ball was allways just played to him and this take’s time and in the past messi era we lost so much time and full behind because of some of our previous coaching staff’s and now we have a huge gap to reach the so called super nations in modern football who have been constantly introducing and developping new talent’s in to their team’s and i’m talking about Chile now! So the only way is introduce and developed new players in to our team for that i do give my respect’s to Scaloni, Aimar, Samuel&CO. Compearing to some our previous moron coaches and i’m not talking about Sabella who quit allready allmost 7 year’s ago or Tata either even he pretty much sticked Still to the old guard of Messi Era, but Still Sabella left Banega out our world cup team for displinary reasons, i quess? But, also he could have brought for example Icardi with him, because i’m pretty sure he knew the condition of aguero and also how injuryprone player Di Maria is and only god knows (or maybe he doesn’t) what would have happened if Di Maria could have played in the final in Varzil against German’s, but Still time flyes and passses on and lime i said that happened allready allmost 7 ago+ if i remember right those 2 copa’s that we lost against Chile with pretty much Still the same old guard of messi era also happened quite some time ago so my point is that we all should live in the present moment when we discuss about who should play right now in which posession for our beloved Albiceleste team and also at the same look to future allways because like i said before in the past messi era with we did not and Sabella had our golden era most propably at their prime so there can’t be also any comparison from this to the current situation, if u understand what i mean and i think u do because myself like talk about Albiceleste legends lime Riquelme, Redondo who had unfortunatly his hain issues with Passarella or what would have happened if Ortega would have not spit in to Van der Sar’s face or if Bielsa would have played Batigol and Crespo together or Diego would not been gaught for Efedrin or if allmost our entire team starting eleven would not have got injured before flying to Italy and Still we made to the final only because our stuborn defence that the Varzilan’s could Open up and offcourse Diego’s magic and Ganiggia’s speed and great finishing!
      So we can continue on this path and past and talk about our Albiceleste legends forever or we concentrate at the present and for future too! So my pick is the present and the future even we have lost and wasted so many year’s, but one has start from someting to be able build up someting new so the task given to Scaloni, Aimar, Samuel&CO. is allmost like suicide misssion, but Still they at least are willing try, because unfortunatly there ain’t no other recepies around available, period! So no one really knows how long it will TaKe, but truly trust my beloved Albiceleste and why? Because they have done in past and won us 2 worldcups so why not again ? There’s allways been p,entä of talent in Argentina and there allways will be so it is just the matter of time to put up a proper team whon can finally win us either Copa or maybe even worldcup one day and that is why we can’t waste simply anymore time because it allways so limited for our national team to be able train together! And that is i think our game looks like it looks at moment because Scaloni, Aimar, Samuel&CO. are not stupid at all and i think Aimar could have end up instead being professional football player as Professor in some Major University! So they are play with quite high risk in fact because of limited time for themself to be able together with our players and which make’s it even more harder for them is that previous coaches did’nt developed or introduced hardly any new players or talent in to team in fact the last one i remember who did that was Pekerman,lol! But, like Pep got it wrong against Chelsea this year it also happened to so many other coaches like Bielsa, Pekerman etc… around the world and that is just never gonna stop and we all just haveto accep it even it pisses me off Still and i think i will never get passed what has happened so many times to our beloved Albiceleste in the past and i will allways keep remembering and wondering how many final’s we couldhave won, but Still in the i reccomend from my own experience to better stick to theoresent and keep on lookind in to future as well! All best and my best regards to all the Albiceleste fans in Argentina and also worldwide around and offcourse to our beloved Albiceleste team which will live and be the only one in my heart forever!

  16. Di Maria only effective when he played in a team that counter fast like Psg, real & Sabella’s team. Pipita, Kun, Lavezzi, Messi all still super fast at the time.

    Just look at his goal against Switzerland or his assist in CL final 2014, his goal at Olympic final,… But in current setup where we have no idea how to counter like that, he’d never excel.

  17. I think di maria should have been dropped after copa 19
    And they did drop him for 6 to 7 matches but idk why scaloni called him again , He does not contribute anything on the pitch, losing possession, and he sends his crosses to heaven, he is not the 2014 di maria,
    I hope he is dropped after this copa because we dont want him in wc 2022.

  18. This would be best for 3 5 2 formation.
    Emi Martinez
    C. Romero. Otamendi. Foyth
    Mollina. Acuna
    De paul Paredes Emi Buendai
    Messi. Alario/Aguero

    As De Paul and Emi Buendai have good work rate so they will help attack and defence. Paredes is creative engine. Romero, Otamendi and Foyth are solid in defending they can not leak goals, Emi Martinez is always solid in the back. Mollina and Acuna are good in going forward and Molina can also track back as his speed is good. Messi is Messi. Alario and Aguero are better in providing end product.

  19. Batista’s U23 plays today evening vs Denmark U21. Expecting to see below line up :
    De la Fluente – N Perez – Medina – C Bravo
    M Payero- Fausto Vera
    De La Vega – Macalister – Barco

    Sub – Almada , Belmonte

    Unlike Japan friendlies , Batista gets a squad close to his final selection. So will be interesting to see how we fare in these 2 matches & this will be a good reflection of what is in store in Olympics . Surprisingly we dont have a CB back up in squad after Balerdi & Colombo withdrawn with Covid. God knows what Senesi should be doing to impress Sr NT or U23.

  20. If the formation is 5-3-2 it is going to be more of counter attack by keeping Messi and Lautaro on the edge and play defensively to manage the speed of Colombia attack..

    Good that Scaloni feels the same as we do on the midfield issues and probably would have had a word with Paredes..

    I still question calling players who are not close to fitness level..

  21. We need three points that’s all. All the coaches has their own idea. And they select player based on that. Whatever players are selected against Colombia I don’t care if we win…

  22. Last four games we have used different formations. Isn’t it time for there to be a conclusive formation that can get the most out of our talent and prevent us from having to make so many lineup changes in regards to certain players? This is the last game before Copa and we are still tinkering. I know that in modern football formations do not entirely define the way a team plays and players are capable of playing differently in the actual match but it still seems like Scaloni is inconclusive. Hope we settle on something for Copa that works

    • You’ve nailed one of my frustrations of Scaloni. Like Sampaoli, the guy does not seem stop fidgeting with formations and players. I’ve said this before but we were very successful with 4312 narrow….why have we abandoned it? And looking at the last few games, it’s hard to see Scalonis idea when we get into the final third. When he took over in 2018, it was ok to use “rebuilding” as an excuse but that same excuse is getting old after being said 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021. And now few days before Copa, i do to see any style or cohesive team taking shape. Thinkin about it is actually making my blood boil same shit as last copa “rebuilding” days before. I do like Scaloni but i’m curious if player selection is the only thing he can bring to the table. At some point, we need to develop a system and i’m not convinced Scaloni can take us to the next level.

    • Agreed! Scaloni is back to his non stop experimentation that nearly got the team knocked out of copa 19 group stage.
      The 4-3-3 line up is perfectly fine, he was missing Celso and N.Gonzalez who are both essential for the formation to work so what he needed to do was substitute accordingly, namely putting Papu in place of Celso (Papu proved that he can play LCM at Sevilla) and Ocampos in place of Nico (instead he played Ocampos out of place in the midfield) and those aforementioned 2 have the added benefit of playing together at Sevilla.
      Now it seems that Scaloni intends to use a the 3-5-2 system that did him no favors in the friendly against Venezuela 3 years ago (Argentina lost that match 3-1 btw) or against Germany (Argentina was losing 2-0 until Scaloni changed the formation in the 2nd half). Sigh, I see no winning this match but I really hope I’m wrong.

  23. Guys let’s hope that team gives results. Scaloni has been very cautious using three defenders and while putting Tagliafico on the bench(He did that only twice). I believe based on the players that we have it is one of the best decisions. Although I would prefer a 3-4-3 with Nico Gonzalez in front. personally, I think it is a very interesting idea and huge improvement from the coaching staff. For those who expect to see Licha on the left side, I think that it is coming we just have to be patient.

    • Against Zapata & Muriel , i would prefer a 4 man backline. Nico Gonzalez is a must starter in Copa – but provided he has recovered 100% on fitness & looking sharp. There is not much of information on his fitness. With such a long layoff, i think he will take time getting into his groove. Maybe some minutes against Colombia is a good start.

  24. @Dinucci and everyone, Why so much hate on ADM? Let us see what he has done so far:

    1. Scored that crucial goal against Switzerland at the very last minute which took us to the quarters. Otherwise it would go to the penalties.
    2. Played one two with Messi in that crucial last match against Ecuador in WC qualifier which was the equalizer for Argentina. Who knows if we would even be in 2018 WC without that?
    3. Scored that equalizer against France. Otherwise we might just have ended up something like 4-0.
    Yes, that is what everyone’s hated ADM has given to the team. I realize half the games he is from average to poor and rightfully called a headless chicken. But I feel like half the games he is from decent to great which makes him better than a lot of other players. In the current setup I feel like he should fit the role of a super sub.
    Stop hating him.

    • I don’t know why they hate him. As far as I remember he scored the goal in final of 2008 olympic also…

      Di Maria has always been a big match player for Argentina. Argentina suffered every time Di Maria got injured…

      The pace Di Maria still have, the vision, it’s spectacular and he is playing at a big club like PSG for a reason… That’s simple.

      I absolutely love and admire our players and definitely Di Maria…

    • Having Di Maria as a super sub is a luxury. Same goes for Aguero. I think that’s when they’d shine the most for NT, coming on against tired defenders allow them to unleash the best of themselves at this age

    • 1. in 13y with the selection people remember what ? His goal against Switzerland … i think the answer explain it … Di Maria never realized important things with the selection…

      2. Di Maria realize a One -Two with Messi in a game ! Whaou ! This is the problem… Our guys never connected well on the field ! Score a goal with a One – Two isnt something incredible. Messi did it with Iniesta, Xavi, Suarez, Neymar or Pedrp 100 times ! In 13y with Di maria the football connection was so bad so when they finaly succeed on One-Two it became like the goal of the year ….

      3. He scored a beautiful goal against france yes but after 60 minutes of a horrible horrible horrible football.

      The problem with Di Maria is simple : he is a star with a very poor Football IQ. He is a headless chicken who shoot when he should pass and pass when he should shoot. His best moment with the selection was 2 games during the 2014 World Cup before his injury. How many time i saw him try to be a hero with Argentina and make bad choice ? 1000 times. How many time i saw him made a good play ? 3-4 times in 13 years…

      I have no hate for Di Maria but his time is over. We have waiting a longtime for a great Di Maria and its never happening. Remember his Copa America 2011, 2015, 2016 and 2019.. All are terrible .. His world Cup 2010 and 2018 ? Horrible. Now he is 32… We have nothing else to wait from that man. It’s a era for Correa, Gonzalez, Buendia and others … Di Maria is the past.

      And the best position for Di Maria is Right Wing in a 4-3-3 … He have no spot as Right Wing in Selection…. At the left side he is even worst !

      • His time is over? Do not think so. I think someone like him would be great as a super sub. I would say the same about A Correa too. These two should be our sub when we need goals.

      • > The problem with Di Maria is simple : he is a star with a very poor Football IQ.

        Impossible to be one the generations best playmakers and have low IQ. The guy is brilliant but yes, he does have the headless noodle moments

    • Buendia should start . DiMaria can come in as sub post 60-70 mins. This will allow us high intensity in right wing through out match.

      • I watched the game against Chile twice and what I found most funny in the whole game was watching Ocampos running headless, as if somebody attached an irritating sponge on his feet. I am not against ocampos, he is just off form at the moment. What is hypocritical is that people still troll ADM as headless chicken even after watching ocampos acting like the grand pa of headless chicken. ADM had an average game, better than some others on the field, for example, Parades, Teglafico, Quarta, and Ocampos off course IMO.

        • yes, it is true that he had Ok game against Chile and also that propably performed and got involded in the game much more than for example as u mentioned Parades, Teglafico, Quarta, and Ocampos, but i think we Still should look at the bigger picture with him even i do not have anything against him and it’s true also that in PSG he plays pretty good football specially when neymoney is injured, but if we go back to previous Chile game for me it is Still not enough to convince me even like u said he had a decent game and was better than Parades, Teglafico, Quarta, and Ocampos, but those 3 were propably our worst performers against Chile and offcourse than can happen anyway to any player even to Messi himself or at least when he doesn’t score people commonly around the act like he played badly, but for me he is Still no.1 and i doubt that there won’t be any player in the future like him and i now i not mean that there won’t be someone who can break maybe some of those incredible indivual stats/records he has set up during his football career, but instead i’m talking now in so called football wise and looking in to a bigger picture and his unique vision of the game and any player who has even a bit of that same unique football vision on the field like Messi has are the greatest players in football history like for example Diego or messi’s former team mate Xavi, Iniesta or Italy’s Pirlo, Riquelme&Redondo for example from Albiceleste team as also Aimar had but, was mostly shadowed unfortunatly for him by Riquelme or the Albiceleste team could not really find away to play them together at same time which ofcourse was a shame and very big loss for whole Albiceleste team as it has happened so many times for Messi too that Albiceleste has not find or been able to get best of him yet, but i wish they will one day before end of his career! So if i look at our current players available well then i have to admit to myself that therea are allready several players in our team who have better understanding and vision of the game than Di Maria which doesn’t make him a bad player, but we should allways try use our best players and those who got at least allready some great understanding and vision of the game itself like De Paul, Lisandro and the true is that there are many more in our team who have better understanding for the game itself than Di Maria like Palacios, Nico Gonzales, Papu, Lo Celso etc…even Ocampos in form has got that over Di Maria who might be in some kind of form at the moment, but Still i would not give him a second opportunity against” Cafeteros” only if players would get injured etc…

        • yeah, i rewatched too and some people are absurd in their criticism. He had a good 1st half, constantly, pushed forward, dangerous mazy dribbles and control, etc. Some criticism is warranted and reasonable. Easy to tell whos being objective vs those that that have self made PTSD and won’t even tolerate 1 bad play while ignoring 15 good ones.

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