Argentina land in Ezeiza, players expected to be dropped for Copa America


The Argentina national team have landed back in the country and are in Ezeiza.

Following the 2-2 draw vs. Colombia, the team flew back to Argentina where Wednesday will be seen as a day of rest. As we reported earlier, tests will be done on Cristian Romero while Emiliano Martinez has recovered from the knock from Tuesday’s match.

Lucas Alario is already out of the Copa America due to injury. At the moment, the others who are likely to be dropped from the Copa America squad are Jose Palomino, Emiliano Buendia and Nahuel Molina. This per ESPN. And in addition, one of the four goalkeepers in the team.

Franco Armani will not be with the team until he tests negative. He missed both of Argentina’s World Cup qualifying matches as his PCR tests were still positive. As mentioned, one of Armani, Emiliano Buendia, Agustin Marchesin and Juan Musso will likely be dropped from the final Copa squad on Thursday.

Argentina are going to have five training sessions prior to the start of the Copa America on Monday.


  1. take out otamendi, and play lisandro at the back…need to start with angel correa and buendia and bring lo celso for buendia and nico Gonzalez for correa after break…bring in aguero for lautaro after break

  2. LeandroARG20

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  3. Commenting here after a long time. Sorry for the long post. The final list is not published till now, I know. But the whining is unbearable sometime. Here’s my two cents.
    Currently we have 33 players on list. The maximum number of players allowed is 28. So we need to remove 5 players from the list.
    (1) Alario: Out injured
    (2) One Goal Keeper: Logically it’ll be Musso who’ll be out. As long as Emiliano is the undisputed starter, I don’t care who’s out, but still I want to keep Musso and either Armani or Marchesin to be out.
    (3) 1 CB: Currently we have 6 center Defenders(Romero, Pezzella, LMQ, Otamendi, Licha, Palomino), we can have 5 CBs, and look at the possibilities of RCB & LCB. I can’t complain if Scaloni takes Palomino out. Romero & Otamendi / Licha is going to be the starting pair. 2 LCBs already and LMQ can play both side. Do we need a 4th LCB? Logically I can accept.
    (4) 1 right side/Wing back: Currently we’ve 3 (Foyth, Montiel & Molina) Foyth and Montiel is experienced and versatile. Foyth can play as a RCB or RB and Montiel can play as RB or RWB in 4 man or 3/5 man Defense. Now tell me how many of you guys have watched Molina play efficiently in a 4 man Defense which we play majority.
    (5) One Right winger/Forward: It’s between Di Maria, Angel Correa, Buendia. Whoever it is, he’s going to be a substitute for Messi. So you know how often he’s going to play. I really like Buendia, but he has to prove a lot to be ahead of Angel Correa and Di Maria. Logically Scaloni is acceptable again.
    Please don’t say Buendia can be De Paul backup. Hes a RAM/RWM with a lot of freedom on the right side. Similar to suggesting Papu as LCM. Lopetegui tested him there, but he’s not suitable for that. If you’ve seen him play on Atlanta, you know what I mean. It’s not FIFA/PES where natural instinct and mentality is not counted.

  4. One fellow here says Julian Alvarez better than Buendia…I can’t understand how is that.
    If anyone know that measures…please explain…

    • Then reply to my message u coward.
      Why is buendia better than Alvarez who u have seen play only 27 mins in your life and saying that it’s due to where they play shows your lack of intelligence.

      • I can’t keep on message you. There is limit here…in understand that first.
        There is nothing to reply you too. Just dumb…why they are still in Argentine league is the answer .
        And I stop arguing with you. You are not an intelligent person..just a dumb..

      • Leandro

        I am a River fan too but I don’t understand why you favor Alvarez over Buendia. Let’s just ignore the difference in the leagues (which is hard to ignore because one who plays in a higher level is best suited to playing against other players from higher levels which is a huge asset to have for the NT, plus the fact that playing at a higher level brings the most out of a player’s potential and forces them to be the best version of themselves), but again lets ignore that. On an individual level what makes you think Alvarez is better than Buendia, you say you have watched them both now is that so? It doesn’t look like it. Alvarez is a bright young talent but Buendia is more developed and more suited for the demands of the national team. The only reason I think a local player should play is if there is a deficit in their position (like Montiel) or if they are just so good that they blow it out of the water (which some players have rightfully done in the past). I don’t think either of these bases apply to Alvarez at least now.

        If club bias is your reason let it be known that Buendia is a huge River fan just like us

  5. in a 4-3-3 Foyth cant play DC because he is not fast, not strong, no smart and make too much mistake. He cant play RB because his offense is zero . Messi love to have a RB like Dani Alves who can take defenders attention and open him some wide zone

    So Foyth can only play as DC with 3 defenders and he is even not good in this situation like yesterday !

    So stop with Foyth ! Molina deserve much more. Foyth miss his chance with 2 bads games this week.

  6. Jesus Christ i can t believe what i am reading over here.
    i should cry or smile i don t know but sure i should ignore as hard to me it is difficult to do that.
    i dont say i am happy with the draw last night or anybody should be happy about that but till to read what i read here is far from my imagination. this place is very toxic and it is because of some specific people that show up only when the games comes and they wait the team lose to put all their toxic poison to everybody inside the team.
    on the contrast i am very happy to see back when team have game some old posters that are missing over here.
    i will not say names because i am not police here and i don t have any desire for something like that. Just which people i am happy to see back here they know who they are and toxic people are also well known who they are.
    Besides the voices of logic is very visible here and the toxic voices with poison is also very clear and visible here too.

    • Cox, more often than not it’s just knee jerk reactions, unsophisticated opinions, lack of knowledge and/or respect for Argentine league and clubs, lack of awareness of AFA issues, Grondona, Angelici, Tapia, etc, etc

      • my friend you are right. Just in my life personally i hate to be around with people without respect. this is why in my life i stay far from this type of people.
        last night i didn t sleep well from my sadness and in my work today i didn t have mood to speak with anybody but did you see any post from me to curse anyone inside the team? critics yes sure. spread hate NO.
        anyway my friend. this is life i guess.

  7. Have to say. The playing 11 which started against Colombia is the most complete we have in each position. Apart from 3 spots. Otamendi, Acuna and Montiel. Rest all squad looked good. I mean the likes of Emiliano, Romero, Nico Gonzalez, Lo Celso makes us much better. And our first half was much better and more smoother too. If all stays fit then this 11 can bring some consistency for us.

  8. Dybala is missing from this team. I am hoping that Musso becomes #2 keeper. No one is ever talking about Walter Benitez who is Nice’s #1 keeper and seems to be doing a great job.

  9. Is Montiel better than Molina as a modern day attacking side back? I don’t think so, but then why Molina out & Montiel still there? Because of Seniority in NT?

  10. Scaloni this, Scaloni that…Some folks here have completely lost the plot. Did you forget that Scaloni is at the helm because that’s what AFA can afford? Blame AFA for their corruption and incompetence. Scaloni is still a rookie, that’s true but the powers that be in Argentina are at fault for this.

    I actually think Scaloni is not as terrible as some may think. Yes, some decision are questionable, like trusting Foyth, Di Maria, Otamendi but he is doing way better than disaster Bauza who had much more coaching experience.

    Sack Scaloni and you might get an even more mediocre option. If you need to be angry, be angry at AFA…

  11. It’s just a report copied from TyC Sports and hence carries little-to-nil authenticity. Why cursing the coach already? If you think Arg NT is more important to you than it’s to Scaloni, it’s OK, so be it! No issues at all… But if you thought that you’re more important to NT than Scaloni, you’re just a moron. Nothing more, nothing less…

  12. some of you here are like a…loving e.martinez doesn’t mean you have to hate the others marchesin had a great season he kept much more clean sheet than martinez musso I would argue is better than martinez he was last year serie a keeper of the season what they both have over martinez is consistency they have been great for the last 3-4 years it is martnez first season as regular.

    some of you please watch football you just see what is trending and you just comment everybody was like foyth foyth but every time i watch him he is example of nervousness by the way he is older than Romero and licha he won’t improve now he makes mistake with argentina everyone hates him in a day and don’t say play licha Martinez in LB role since he came to europe he only played LB three times it was at the start of this season when tenhag had second thought about him tenhag clearly Sayed l Martinez is not a midfielder or a left back especially not a left back

  13. Unbelievable. I am losing my patience with Scaloni every passing minute. How embarrassing we must look to other European countries like France, England, Germany. If he drops any one of them he will have to write a long essay explaining why to convince me

    • I am not a professional player or coach but anyone can see who is performing and who is not. Foyth has been the cause of a goal in each of the last two games. I’m sorry but he doesn’t have the mentality to see out tight games. Otamendi will lose his head at a crucial point during the copa. Nico, LoCelso, Martinez, Romero and Licha have been a revelation and must start. With good young defenders that we have why not attack more? Scaloni is a career defender and it shows in his tactics but has no idea how to set up an attack. I want to see
      Molina, Romero, Licha, Tagliafico/Acuna
      Depaul, Paredes, LoCelso, Nico
      Messi, Lautaro.

      There is no pressure. No one realistically thinks Argentina will win the Copa America, Why not give the young guns a chance to turn some heads or get some much needed experience before the next round of WCQ’s Buendia being dropped is making me sick…They didn’t even give him one minute…Not one.

  14. I hope we exit from group stage in Copa so that we can sack the dumb ass coach Scaloni.

    I really miss Tata Martino, who knows how to build a team.

    Motherfucker Scaloni has no clue about football.

  15. Kick out all local players. None deserved to be in NT. We have better players.
    Who will remove Buendia? One of the best in form player of our squad.!
    Palomino and Molina will be useful as they are playing with Romero, DePaul, and Musso at club level.

    Musso to be removed? Scaloni still prefers Armani and Marchesni ahead of him..? What the fk Scaloni thinking?

  16. We all cursed ‘Romance King’ when he often mentioned players like Armani and Peryera excel in Scaloni bed. Can feel ‘Romance King’ is expressing his disappointments in his own ways. Selecting Otamendi Pazella n Foyth n dropping players like Musso n Molina is beyond understanding. But the biggest culprit is Messi, the silent spectator. Since 2006 we are writing our own downfall through our coaches. Still can’t believe Scaloni is our coach (he’s a learner and nothing wrong in it and he need to gain experience but not in crucial matches like WCQ or Copa America). We need a proper experienced coach as someone pointed how Mancini changed Italy in a very short time. If we are really serious we need to go for a coach like Zidane or even Roberto Martinez.

  17. How can you out Molina when you have no reliable RB. What kind of decision it is! Molina is must. Can not accept this decision. I repeat molina is must

  18. What Buendia,Mollina, Palomino out of copa one of the worst decision. Ocampus,Pezella and Otamendi should be out. Such kind of decisions making me lose my faith in this team.
    Mollina looks best RB option, Emi Buendai best CAM, Palomino for right now best pair for C. Romero.

  19. Scaloni is a pig.

    Buendia is much better than Alvarez or Ocampos
    Molina is better than Foyth and Montiel
    Palomino is better than Qarta and Otamendi.

    How Foyth after all his mistake can always be in the selection for the copa america ? How many dumb games from our defender we ll need ?

        • None of them deserve it? Half of the team is made up of ex river players u absolute brainless moron. I’d rather play a full river team being coached by Gallardo. Argentina would then actually win something due to there being players with actual BALLS!!!!!!

          • You the brainless moron. What I said is..none of this local players.. including riverplate’s deserve. Kick them..they are here only because of local reservation…we have better players.
            Who has issue with ex-riverplate players..? Read carefully and understand the meaning.okay?

          • I know what u said you brainless retard all the players we have at one point in their life were local players you are just blind and prefer European because u have zero knowledge of Argentine soccer. Your point is redundant wat if Julian Alvarez was playing in Valencia, Villarreal or juve like he is being linked with? your stupid ass would want him starting for Argentina already. Say Julian Alvarez was playing in norwitch and buendia was playing in river who would you prefer? Get that European shit out of your eyes and recognize the influence that the local league has on the national team then come talk. Buendia is not better than Alvarez I’ve seen them both Alvarez is better and has a waaaaaay higher ceiling than freaking div 2 England with norwich and Aston villa so calm your tits

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