Tests to be done on Cristian Romero following injury with Argentina


Tests will be conducted on Cristian Romero on Monday to determine the severity of his injury.

Cristian Romero, who scored Argentina’s opening goal in their 2-2 draw vs. Colombia, was substituted off in the second half. A muscle injury saw the Serie A defender of the season replaced by German Pezzella.

Per a report by ESPN, tests will be done on Romero on Monday. In addition, should Romero not be fully fit, Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni is expected to still call him up for the Copa America. The final squad is expected to be announced on Thursday.


  1. After so much waiting two players who were so deserving got started, Ironically both were taken out in their second match.🤦🤦🤦 It takes us back to square 1. Armani and Pezzilla to start at copa. SMH…

    • I really hope that! he can go to napoli! 😩😩
      Marcos Senesi is a beast!
      After today’s match.. I’m feeling very down and disappointed 😔😔😔😭😭😭😭

  2. “You can’t make the head coach after three and half year an assistant coach. You could have done it three years ago, not now.”

    @Rahman, I am not suggesting to downgrade Scaloni to an assistant role after all the time he spent and the hard work he did. If you remember well, Sweden had two coaches at the same time in 2002 WC and Euro 2004 tournaments – Lars Lagerback and Tommy Soderberg. I think we can use the same setup properly if there is willingness from the AFA guys. Giving Gallardo a two-year part-time contract can bring balance and expertise to the table, and I think the AFA can really afford that financially since it’s not a full-time contract. Being Gallardo based in Argentina makes things easier as well. Scaloni had a meeting with a few coaches in Europe a week ago to exchange views and ideas on football, so it’s obvious he is looking for help.

  3. Fed up with Otamendi he is making mistakes since Man City days now is the time for Marcos Senesi,Palomino and Medina to be paired with C. Romero. Lisandro Martinez can play at Left Back along with Acuna.
    It is high time to call Marcos Senesi and Medina, national team needs them

    • I would love to see Marcos Senesi!HE is just a beast! valoni should call him as soon as possible! Because we want him in 2022 World Cup! why is scaloni ignoring Marcos Senesi? D.Martinez
      Molina- Senesi-Romero-Lisandro!💥💥💥💥💥.

  4. It will be huge loss if he ruled out. But looking at it didn’t look like it was that severe. I knew he was promising but never knew he would play like this in NT. His game reading amazing. If he plays Copa he will be definitely best defender in Copa for sure. I was so frustrated and angry on Foyth last night. I lost completely hope on him not because his double error cost us points. Because he was too easy to dribble by those Colombian and they weren’t even that good of a players with all due respect. Also I didn’t like Scaloni approach that he didn’t wanna kill that game but he went defensive. Maybe I am missing something there. Also Lo celso and Gonzalez inclusion made the team much better. Whole team needs to increase the intensity of passing in final third of the field. If we trying to play from the back then we must build better then this. But it was certain after Martinez left the game gone shit and from Second half we didn’t wanna attack atall. I always said From Armani and Merchesin we need one of em not two. Same goes to Otamendi and Pezzella. Draw wasn’t bad and we are still in second place and next two fixtures relatively easy atleast on paper so finger crossed for 2 win in next two games. Also stop those hate. BEGGER CAN’T BE CHOSSER. AFA doesn’t have money to hire your fancy coaches and Scaloni doing good job within his capacity and payroll. His player selection is way way better then others.

  5. Why argentina is always unlucky like that ?

    In 2014 Di Maria realize a brillant game against Switzerland he is in his best condition of his career. in semi against Belgium he have a injury, Argentina never find a good football again

    In 2016 Biglia is injury, Augusto is titular and the Argentina play very well until the semi final for the first time since years. Augusto is injury during this game and Biglia is back for the final with his terrible poor level : we lose

    in 2018 Lanzini is the revelation of the Argentina squad before the World cup, every people imagine a great connexion with Messi … Lanzini broke is ACL and miss the World Cup.

    2021 : Romero apparition can be THE defender of the Argentinian Copa America …. he have a injury 1 game before and could miss many games.

    But of course Otamendi, Foyth or Quarta are fit … pffffff

    • Lets not forget Lavezzi in 2016 tripping on the advertisement signs and braking his arm. He was such a great supporting player. Big loss. (as was Sabella substituting him the WC Final is 2014)

  6. Scaloni should not drop Emi Buendía from 28…
    Marchesín should be droped if armani PCR Test comes negative. Not musso.
    PAZZELA LMQ OTAMENDI… I STILL WANT Polomino in the squad. Keep Molina in the place of FOYTH or montiel

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