Cristian Romero suffers thigh strain, could miss Argentina Copa opener


Cristian Romero has suffered a thigh strain in his left leg after having been substituted off for Argentina vs. Colombia.

Romero was replaced in the second half of Argentina’s 2-2 World Cup qualifying draw vs. Colombia as tests were done on him on Wednesday. The Argentina Twitter account tweeted out that he suffers from a thigh strain.

This could be seen as good news as Romero is not injured. However, he might miss Argentina’s opening World Cup qualifying match vs. Chile on Monday.


  1. SCALONI!!
    – Play Emi Martinez, if injured(I hope not any issue) pick Musso but not Marchesin should’ve called up Rulli instead
    – Play Cristian Romero(if fit) partner him with Lisandro Martinez or LMQ but not Otamendi or Pezzella please!!
    – We have criticized Tagliafico for having less attackiing threat but, Acuna isn’t effective either, he gave away too many wrong passes and lost possesion
    – We lack depth in Right Back position, only Montiel

    – The Midfield is solid He should stick with Paredes, De Paul as double pivot in 4-2-3-1
    and Lo Celso up front, the formation can be dynamic either way.
    – The front line should be Nico-Lautaro-Messi ( I would like to see Buendia get some chances)

    I don’t see us winning Copa America with recent performances individual mistakes cost us heavy and luck is also not always at our side…..

  2. Why not using Molina? As he can play for Udinesa he can also play for Argentina NT. For me he should be in the 11 without any doubt.

  3. What a player he has turned out to be for us, He solves a huge problem for us, He is 23 years only means he can serve us and be the backbone of our Defence for long time, and take the baton from Otamendi. Now the missing peace of the puzzles are the Second CB (Replacement for Otamendi) and RB spot, Other spots more or less we have solid options. If Scaloni utilizes them or not that another thing.

  4. WTF is the obsession with a second best goalkeeper anyway? He should be dropped. Yes he did some decent job when he needed to step into the shoes of Caballero. But his time is over by a long margin. It is a good thing he can not perform and Scaloni must know it.

  5. Hi All,
    I’ve not commented for a long time but I do check in time to time.
    Hope all are well. Its amazing to see the albiceleste family grow. All the invaluable love for our team even though most of us have no affiliation to the country. Anyway regardless, a massive shout out and thanks to Roy who’s taken Seba’s blog to a whole new level.
    And a huge congratulations to Roy for setting up the chat on YouTube. Both yourselves and Seba are fantastic on there.
    Back to our team….I am afraid that whilst Scaloni has answered our requests for the players we want drafted into the squad, it seems we’ve lost our footballing ethos and identity for good. I’ve struggled in the past 5 years to really be positive with our play.. no point dwelling in the distant past but in the last match I’ve been subjected to watching a team that plays in moments.
    Apologies again if this may come across as crude and negative, but asking our players to play across the back line only to find dead end allies when eventually lofting it forward due to the high press from opposition tells me the lack of confidence from a nation that produced ball players! It’s frightening to watch.
    For the first 9 minutes I was given the shock treatment and it took me back 18 years on how we would press with intensity and push forward as a unit. I was taken aback….but then….the inevitable occurred. We revert to type. Much credit goes to Colombia for not giving up but the same needs to be said on how our midfield imploded with dictating the tempo.
    Now I am not saying we didn’t deserve to win but we deserved the draw considering we didn’t excute some golden chances aswell as stifle Colombia’s rhythm. With going 5 in the middle, that should’ve been our opportunity to monopolies the ball.
    Individual errors and unfortunate injuries may effected the overall performance or result, however we cannot mask whats the biggest concern; which is dictating the tempo or and a massive or….if we are to sit deep…we need to cooperative movement for 3 players when excuting the counter attack. Which we failed miserably on several occasions. When your 2 nil up, either pass the ball around until the opposition subjects themselves to needles fouls and admits defeat or soak in the pressure by being deadly on the counter. We did neither.
    Here is my backbone for our team: Emi Martinez, Romero, Lisandro Martinez, Messi and Lautaro Martinez.
    And for the chop….Pazella, Otamendi and I can’t believe I am saying this but Di Maria.
    Oh and I do believe Foyth is a talented player who deserves to be in the team and I have full faith he will be a albiceleste legend. His deliberate attempt to dribble put of trouble led to a foul and ultimately the 2nd goal. But I wouldn’t tell him to change one bit of his game. He will adapt and he will learn, because he is that intelligent.

    Vamos albiceleste and see you all at the Copa games. Till then….be safe and please protect others and your families.

  6. If we don’t win this COPA – Scaloni should be fired and replaced with a world-class manager. We need to move on from experimenting. I don’t have confidence with an excuse maker. World football is a results-oriented sport. If you can’t produce the required results, then step down.

    I used to hate when good managers left our coaching staff after losing a final because I felt that they could still lead us to world cup victory eventually (like Germany’s manager – longevity is important – imagine Pekerman remaining or Batista or Tata, etc). I feel different now because Bozo almost cost us to not qualify and Argentina today seems to be comfortable with “second place.”

    I hope Scaloni is not a pretender and could prove me wrong about him. I know we’re unbeaten, but I’m tired of a draw. I’m only satisfied with victory.

    • Thats pretty unrealistic since no matter how good a manager is, there’s only 1 winner. Even Bielsa who played great football in 2004 , he lost the final on penalties just like Tata in 2015 & 2016.

      However Scolani should at least reach the final considering Argentina has been in Copa final almost 30 times in 40+ Copa. So Argentina not reaching a final will naturally be considered a failure.

  7. Hope Cuti Romero will be 100% fit for our second game of the Copa. Some reports say Scaloni will keep Romero in the squad even if his recovery takes more than what’s planned. Here is the amazing thing, from being an ignored defender for a long time to becoming the cornerstone and the glue that holds Argentina’s defense together. I think Emi Buendia’s case would be the same once given a chance. Argentina is a football powerhouse, but the endless mismanagement kills the beauty of it’s football.

    • Emi Buendía should go copa in place on of those players papa gomez, Angel di maria and Joaquín Correa remember in copa 19 scaloni took de Paul as winger but he covered him as midfielder which was brilliant I think he should do same to emi Buendia i mean to take him as midfielder instead as winger/ forward.

      • Godin11, I agree. Buendia can contribute a lot to the success of the team and because of his versatility Scaloni can deploy him in many formations.

          • Non Buendia is for Alvares spot

            I have nothing against Alvares but who is that guy ? This kid have 40 Professional games in this career in 3 years !

            Maybe he have talent but nothing justify he have the spot of Buendia or Dybala yet! River’s propaganda is always strong.

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