Alfio “Coco” Basile hospitalized with pneumonia due to COVID


Alfio “Coco” Basile is reportedly in the hospital with pneumonia due to COVID.

Basile was the last person to ever coach Argentina to a senior title when the team won the 1993 Copa America. In addition to the 1993 Copa America, Basile also won the 1991 Copa America, the 1993 Artemio Franchi Trophy and the country’s only Confederations Cup back in 1992.

He would coach Argentina a second time back in 2006 when he took over the national team job after Jose Pekerman and the World Cup. He remained in charge through the 2007 Copa America and into the 2010 World Cup qualifiers. He stepped down as coach back in 2008.

Coco is also the only man to ever coach both Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi. He managed Diego at the 1994 World Cup and Lionel Messi when he was in charge in his second stint as coach.

Already 77 years of age, Basile won the Copa Libertadores with Racing Club as a player and as a coach managed both Racing Club and Boca Juniors.


  1. The difference between a good coach like Mancini and Scaloni is huge, Italy play fantastic attacking football with a less talented squad than current Argentina, players from Sassuolo, Lazio, Roma, Napoli etc., but imo they have minimal chance to win Euro, Deschamps on the other hand play very conservative and even ugly football in very succesfull way, but they have world class players neirly in every position, imo rather play ugly and win, ARG showed beautiful football so my times and just lose, no more please.

  2. Italy has similar squad as Argentina: Mediocre midfielders. Slow defenders. No wing backs. Offense heavily relies on one or two star players.

    However, Italy play the best and smartest football in Euro so far.

    The difference between Argentina and Italy is the coach. Suckerloni can be a kindergarten coach, but his fucking low football IQ can’t build a WC contender..

    Italy knows when to change pace of the game, how to make quick forward pass, and how to make diagonal pass. This is not hard for Argentina, but our dumb ass coach has no clue about football tactics. He just falls in love with Armani and those low IQ defenders.

    • Italian Midfielders are far superior. They have such an understanding – the movement, the flow, the one-touch passing, and technical ability. They bring 4-5 players in the box every attack! (Argentina always attacking with one lone striker by himself – how many times we’ve seen Higuain with his hands up like, “where’s everybody).

      Look at Locatelli only 23 years old and he is a world-beater (even though this match is his first brace ever, he has shown that he can be something special). In Argentina, even after a player is 26-28 years old we say, “He’s still young and needs a chance to improve!”

      We can learn a lot from teams like Belgium (since 2012, Italy (since 2019), Netherlands/Holland (after 2002, after 2018), and even Brazil (after 2010, 2016). They know how to reinvent themselves.

      • Those movements, passes, attacking positions are instructions from coach.

        I will take Lo Celso, Paredes, Palacios over Italian midfielders any day.

        All those European teams recovered by a coach who identified truly good players and designed suitable tactics.

  3. Our last coach to win trophies. Have good memories of his successes. He gave young Batistuta, Simeone, Leo Rodriguez and Redondo a chance and saw their potential. After the 0-5 in Buenos Aires he brought Diego back. I was sure we were gonna win WC94 until the incident.

  4. “Cox 4 take a chill pill and show some respect for individual opinion. Accept the truth River Plate player are not world class. I am talking about players not club. Argentina have better player than Montiel,Quarta Martinez, Palacios, Armani everybody would agree.Renzo Sarvia,Emi Buendai, Foyth,Marcos Senesi would have been much better than them. I like Alvarez and Angilleri only”.

    i don t need to take anything to chill.
    i have to do better things in my life than waste my time with you so to end it once and for all (i hope) hear 2-3 last things from me.
    first of all you to speak for respect is completely joke. you don t know the word.
    But anyway here is the thing.
    i don t care or i have any kind of problem with individual opinion. i didn t attack you for your opinion for players or football. as you remember well i don t speak to you all this time even if we never agree to anything. i avoid you always BUT Yesterday i attack you for very clear reason. here it is

    “These salty River Plate fans can not stand the truth. They always support mediocrity, because their club along with them is mediocre. Quarta Martinez, Palacios are blocking the real talent of Europe ,Montiel may be may be good addition.Argentina need to get rid of those mediocre players”.

    As you see your old post is not same with your last resent post. you try to make things soft now probably because you understand your mistake (i hope).
    anyhow you can continue your way and i can continue mine. if you don t pass the red line again i will leave you in your peace.

    Just don t say to me that i understand wrong. English is not my mother language but i understand your words very very well.

    your last post words “i am talking about players not club”
    your first post words ” “These salty River Plate fans can not stand the truth. They always support mediocrity, because their club along with them is mediocre “.

    “SALTY RIVER PLATE FANS can not stand the truth. THEY always support mediocrity because THEIR CLUB ALONG with THEM is mediocre”.

    kevin as i said before stop insult people speak about football only polite if possible and i will leave you in your peace.

    • @cox : I think there is no use complaining with Kevin. I can show you post where he compared the stats for Dybala and Palacios who btw plays in SerieA.

      Then the next post is how Lautaro is average as he plays in average league SeriaA.

      My eyes hurts reading the comment section lately. I understand everyone’s frustration but it’s one thing to say that Emiliano Martinez is better than Armani but to say that someone is in bed with Scaloni is insulting.

      Hopefully, we will put up a good fight against Uruguay. On a side note, I miss Alejandro Sabella. Hope he finds peace.

  5. Hi Roy can you make a post about AFA’s hate for Dybala? I might be missing something but why is he never called up? It’s mind boggling!

    He is easily our best talent and has been starting regularly at a top level club for the last 3-4 years, why hasn’t he gotten consistent call up?

    • I can think of 2 possible reasons:

      His form this season was not great.
      MESSI, similar player or at least many believe so. Now, I personally thought this particular issue was resolved since he played well in the last COPA along side Messi and scored against Chile!
      Another possible reason that he might be on the Olympic team.

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