Cristian Romero to start for Argentina vs. Uruguay, Nicolás González a doubt


Cristian Romero is set to start for Argentina vs. Uruguay while Nicolas González appears to be a doubt.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni held a training session on Wednesday and once more, Cristian Romero trained alongside his team mates.

Romero missed Argentina’s opening match at the Copa America due to muscle strain but per reports by both TNT Sports and TyC Sports, he will partner Nicolas Otamendi vs. Uruguay. Per the reports, Romero has recovered and will replace Martinez Quarta.

One player who is not fully fit is Nicolas González. The soon to be Brighton man has a muscle strain and is a doubt for Argentina’s second match at the Copa America. While Gonzalez was part of the initial eleven in training, he was replaced by Angel Di Maria. Here is the rumored eleven:

Emiliano Martínez; Gonzalo Montiel, Cristian Romero, Nicolás Otamendi, Nicolás Tagliafico; Rodrigo De Paul, Leandro Paredes, Giovani Lo Celso; Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martínez and Nicolás González or Ángel Di María.

This would mean one, possibly two changes from the team that started vs. Chile. Romero would be brought in for Martinez Quarta while Di Maria could start in place of González.


  1. There is an interesting stat about Buendia. He lost lost possession 18 times per match during the season. He lost the possession 17 times per match when he was in PL(’19-’20).
    Compared to 6 per match of Locelso and 8 from Palacios, this year. Thats very risky from Buendia given that our defence is not world’s best yet.

    Maybe Scaloni has a point. Too little time for buendia to integrate into the squad.

    • Comparing CM/DM to AM..!
      Also.I beleive from last season this is the only reason Scaloni doesn’t like him. But can you also check how many chances he creates per match..!
      Compare like of DiMaria, Nico to Buendia .that’s more fare.

      • Nico and Buendia different players. Nico is a striker and Scaloni using him as winger. His working his socks off,making those runs and helping defence too. You can’t write him off after one game when he gave you 2 important goals in qualification game. Nico to Buendia you need Nico type players when You have Messi and Lo Celso playing together.

  2. If Nico G was fully fit, I would keep him in the starting lineup. His finishing was beyond horrible, but we cannot mistake his runs and top notch spacing. Let’s remember he had those chances because he put himself in those positions. The goals will come. Di Maria seems to like being a facilitator more than getting into a position to score. On PSG all his goals seem to be from spectacular individual efforts or following the play.

    Cuti is fit so he’s a no-brainer to come in. My only other change would be to sub Tagliafico with Acuna. Acuna is much better on attack than Tag. And frankly, while I thought the PK was a 50/50 ball and shouldnt have been awarded, after watching the highlight Tag does hesitate for a split second and wildly kicks at the ball. Otamendi and Emi were blocking any direct hit so Tag only needed to lift his leg up or slide his body to his left. Oh well.

  3. You change your players. You change your coach. You can try many things. Until Argentina shows the aggression and interest to win and convert that to pressing football, they would always be on the receiving end. Look the way Denmark played against Belgium for the first 60 mins. That’s the true footballing attitude in the modern game. Even a player like Braithwaite looked so dangerous. In this Argentine team only Messi can enjoy the luxury of garden-walking on the pitch because at any moment he can turn the game around. But when players like Otamendi, Montiel, Lautaro etc loll around, either they are being snobbish or they are disinterested in the white-blue stripe which once belonged to the greatest of all – THE DIEGO MARADONA. It was almost surreal to see Argentine defenders not chasing the ball when Emi Martinez made such a great save in the penalty. Taking the risk of sounding like a pessimist, let’s brace for trouble against a highly motivated Uruguayan side. As Messi said, it would be a complicated game.

    • there is no fighting sprit and positive attitude in players mind. when they put one goal they will start defend to protect opponent players not to put goal. and also players and coaching staffs are also thinking one goal is enough to win.

  4. Fielding same team is the key to win a tournament. In 2006 wc, Luca Tony did not score until QF, but Lippi continued with him.

    There is no way I will change Nico gonzalez for correa or others. Same goes for Lautaro. Let’s say Aguero starts instead of Lautaro next match and he does not do well. What do we do next? Change staring XI again?

    Both Lautaro and Nico are getting chances, goal will come.

    Personal mistakes get solved with time. We must be patient.

    • But Lautaro Martinez is not good with the ball, poor finisher,weak in air, small height so going to be easily outmusscled by big defenders,average physicality, he has to be changed. Argentina midfield is doing great now we do not need Lautaro much now but the one who can finish those chances. Aguero, Alario,Icardi kind of Center Forward played is needed for Argentina now

      • “In 2006 wc, Luca Tony did not score until QF, but Lippi continued with him.”

        The same is true for France’s Stephane Guivarch (1998 WC) and Olivier Giroud (2018 WC) whom failed to score a SINGLE goal in the entire tournament, but the coaches trusted and continued with them.

        I agree we have to start El Toro every match to create a strong bond between him and the midfield, but he should also try to improve a lot. His decision making is very bad at times. I am very optimistic about the team in general, so let’s hope the upcoming match will be the turning point. Vamos Argentina Carajo!!!

    • You’re creating a singular failure point. If Toro gets injured, then what? No one has played any minutes and our attack will suffer mid tournament.

      Giving time to poor form Toro while benching great options doesn’t make any sense and posees too much of a risk. I would even say its borderline reckless of Scaloni to have that mentality. The best teams are able to mitigate risk by not having singular fail points. If Scalonoi has a solid system, then Aguero, Martinez, Nico, A Correa, etc should able to swap without any interruption to style and flow. Also, it’s perfectly normal for great strikers to slump in form. They just need time to get back up but in the meantimes, plenty of other options. lastly, competition would do him some good. ENOUGH of this UNTOUCHABLE CRAP.

    • I agree with you @mafioso. Lautaros goals will come. No one was complaining when he was scoring. Forwards blow hot and cold when it comes to finishing, He does however run and press which usually results in the opposing D making mistakes. Just because you aren’t scoring goals doesn’t mean you aren’t pressuring the opposing D and helping create chances for your teammates. The same could be said about DePaul, I agree his offensive contributions are low because of Scalonis defensive mentality. He wins the ball back and those “back passes” allow the team to reset and look for openings again. He is an engine in the mid. He does a lot of the dirty work and does it well….Same as Lautaro IMO


    Not all team needs a traditional 5. Ancelotti’s UCL winning team had Alonso-Modric-Di Madria. Alonso is great passer but bad defender. Conte’s Juve had Marchisio-Pirlo-Vidal. Pirlo is not a 5. Pirlo is exactly what Paredes is. An attaching mf turned regista.

    With Lo Celso and De Paul, we don’t need a traditional 5. We actually don’t have any quality 5. Guido is not the answer, too static.

    In nt, you work with what you have. Paredes is the best deep midfielder we have and must make most out of it.

    Crying for Kante and Masche like midfielder is childish stupidity. We don’t have such midfielders.

    Defence is not really concern. If we take away personal mistakes, our opponent could not test our gk. Concern is goal scoring.

    BTW, according to latest news, both Gonzalez and Romero are fit to start. Gonzalez has recovered from muscle discomfort.

    • Respectfully, I disagree about Guido being static.

      “The central element of this Betis team is Rodríguez,” opined Seville-based journalist Javier Macías.

      “A pivote that’s closer to a broom than a footballer, he sweeps up everything and ensures that nothing happens in the space behind him. He’s the garbage truck that cleans the field and leaves the bins full.

      “His physicality enables him to cover both sides of the pitch, stealing the ball all over, and with each performance his distribution is becoming better and more effective.”

      • Hello EnganChe,
        Thanks for your response.

        Guido actually adds another advantage. Height and aerial ability. With Guido, Scaloni can field Lisandro without height concern.

        But will he do it? Not if he is forced.

      • the more you point out guido the more i want to see him play. To say the least, Im really curious how the team will perform if he starts in the role.

        • Chorpian, I think Guido can be a missing part in our midfield, at least in the second half, especially if we have to protect a lead. I am always in favour of some classic elements in a team. A proper number 9 and a proper DM that can actually tackle and mop up well.

          We can see that De Paul gets exhausted by the end of the second half. Why not bring Guido for him or for Paredes. I like Parades, I really do, but he’s neither Redondo nor Gaga in his prime.

    • Paredes is incredibly talented and has done well but he hardly takes risks. You want to liken Paredes to Pirlo and Alonso, then let’s hold Paredes to the same standard.

      The problem is that if a DM is lacking in defense, he better make it up with incredible forward passing, like Pirlo and Alonso. But that isn’t how Paredes performs for the NT, is it? So now we have a very conservative DM, who holds the ball incredibly well but mostly passes backwards and sideway. The same DM doesn’t defend well and over his tenure, you can easily pinpoint a handful of goals against that were his fault or he was part of the blame. Competition fot the spot will also serve him well.

    • Pirlo is Pirlo…! No comparison to Paredes.
      Paredes is the reason DePaul need to go more defensive…He’s the reason our CB pair is opened to attack many times in a match. His speed, acceleration, aerial ability..all are concern. Even his ball winning ability also not good when considering he is DM.
      His positive..? Passing…but how many chances he creates? Back pass and side pass…most of the time..!
      Lisandro will do better than Paredes in DM role for NT. I am sticking to that.

  6. Had some of these PlayStation experts were given the role of coaching Argentina, they would have change every player game to game after one has a bad day with any new names that can come up with. Changing this player with that player is fundamentally based on the speculation that the new player will perform better than the existing player. It happens in imagination but not in reality.

    They talk as a preacher using phrases like “should do this and that”, failing to understand that they are only entitled to have an opinion and there is a graceful way to express that opinion than being assertive.

    Now, even scrolling down the page and ignoring comments just by the name of the commenter become tedious because of the sheered volume of basically the permutation combination of same/similar comments.

    Somebody talked about an “ignore” button. I add to that appeal to add a “like” button as well.

    • man you are reading my brain. God bless you. i start read anymore only my friends posts and scroll down ignoring when i see the names of posters that not interest me.
      As about the playstation experts man i smile with myself when i think them as coach of our team. They will not be allowed even to land in Ezeiza airport from angry people that will waiting them to “kill” them in return back home ha ha

  7. Toro is out of form, enough of this “untouchable” crap from Scaloni. We have great players waiting on the bench. It’s time to give Toro a break and for Scaloni to show respect and demonstrate that he isn’t a stubborn mule and willing to adapt and call on Kun and A Correa to lead the line.

    Heres my “change shit up” squad, no clue how Lisandro over Paredes would change the team but it does look fun:). I also picked Lisandro over Guido since he can move into CB position if needed when Molina and Acuna bomb forward to help De Paul and Lo Celso.

    ————–Aguero – A Correa
    —-Lo Celso – Lisandro – De Paul
    Acuna – Otamendi – Romero – Molina

    • Yes I would prefer Lisandro to drop in than to have to keep one full back back and only allow one to come up, especially since it’s a narrow formation

  8. I wanted see Molina at least once but don’t know if that possible or not. Scaloni also can try false 9 instead of CF. Should try Joaquin Correa instead of lautaro in false 9

  9. The defence must be alert and specially otamendi about slightest contact to suarez in and around the penalty box as he is arturo vidal kind of player in making most of the even slightest of contact to gain penalty or freekick.

  10. No di maria he is not going to make runs, Messi and di maria can’t play in the same team these days…….may be Joaquin correa can help.
    But Gonzalez is huge miss, he looked lively.
    I think Messi and lo celso will find you if you’re going to make right runs. We need runners.

      • I see Palacio do this for us but unfortunately he is playing wrong role so far i think. He is proper box to box modern midfielder.

          • Kavinder, just because your understanding of football is poor, much like your manners at times, does not mean that Palacios is objectively an overrated player. At least have a decency to say “in my opinion”.

          • Enganche at least my understanding is far better than your. You always choose average players they do not give anything to team. Palacio will be my last choice
            Palacios is over rated here I am going to give you list midfielder better than Palacios who is over rated :
            Lo celso
            De paul
            Emi Buendai
            Guido Rodriguez
            Papu Gomez
            Erik Lamela
            They all are better than Palacios so Palacios should be last choice.

          • Lo Celso is better, that’s true, but Paredes is DM, Emi plays in a different position, Guido is a DM, Papu is a SS or AMF, Lamela is an AMF too, wrong categories, apples to oranges and in general consistent with your clueless approach.

            You obsession with error prone Foyth is a sufficient indicator of how well versed you are in football.

          • Enganche Foyth won Europa League and he was major part of that title. Palacios only played 9 matches last season do you have any idea.They all are midfielders and can play at many position. Paredes has even play as RM or LM in PSG.Palacios is not national team material.

  11. 4231 will be better. Nico needs rest as he’s not fully fit. LoCelso will also be not fully fit to play full 90 minutes… Aguero will be same.
    I like DiMaria…will love him to come as sub..!

    L Martinez

    DiMaria, Aguero, Paredes, Papu, Molina etc…to come as sub.

  12. Luis Suarez praised Emiliano Martinez before the game vs Argentina..Good players always deserves praise. I think Emi Martinez will be goalkeeper of Copa America 2021 season.

  13. Why ADM should go with angel Correa and playe as 442… Montiel real test will be against Saurez and Cavani. Hopefully Romero will bail out us…. And we won wining the group is so much important

  14. When we will lose after a new pathetic game of Otamendi, Montiel, Tagliafico, Paredes or Lautaro, Scaloni will maybe FINALY stop that joke if he want to save his position.

    Because now is not a story to win that Copa, we all understood after this 3 last games it wasnt a credible option… The project for Scaloni is to not be ridiculous like he is now

    • Argentina team need to calm down as they played well in the first match just that goals did not go in which I am sure will come.. Before that the Argentina fan needs to calm down.. many people here wants not 11 players in the field they wants 20 players in the field at least.. They want everyone in the field.. Romero and otamendi will be fine.. Don’t worry.. Otamendi has very good aerial ability.. And Romero and emi Martinez at his side will calm him down.. Maybe lisandro Martinez in future but let otmamedi partner with Romero.. This team will flourish as the tournament progress.. Vamos Argentina

      • Nico & Lautaro are the only two that looks nervous. There’s 2 occassions where they’re open to shoot, yet the passed it back to Messi. You can see Messi looked pissed at Lautaro.

        As for Otamendi, he’s not nervous, its basically him doing his daily job, making a defensive error.

    • ADM provided winning assist in Copa del rey final 2011 and CL final 2014 from left flank. It depend on the team setup. When he scored Olympics 2008 winners, he was also on the left.

  15. We do not need to worry about Otamendi he will be fine.i think he is best pair for C. Romero. In first half he was great vs Chile but if whole team lose momentum then he becomes error prone.Otamendi just need composure in adverse condition. He will be fine just need to include Mollina in Backline

  16. For god’s sake scaloni, not otamendi again, not Montiel again.

    Give it to MOLINAAAAAAA………..

    I don’t know what’s his fantasy with Montiel and otamendi.

    When you have players of the calibre of lisandro and Molina, why otamendi and Montiel???

  17. Although scaloni tripped off foyth for his reckless mistakes and also ocampos for his draught in the last couple of NT matches, I do think we’re missing them from a certain distance.

    Their work rate was really crucial especially foyth’s robust and physical presence and ocampos’s physicality as well as his high speed recovery. In some way we are surely missing that, not that we would have guranteed a win in our copa opener, but we still could have had a chance.

    But the most creepiest thing I noticed about scaloni in this copa is his strange and contrasting explanations of certain omissions.
    He said ” No one is more sorry than me for dybala’s exclusion.” This is what he said and this was the headline of all the news outlets before copa began.
    But the strange thing is here, he said he didn’t pick dybala cause of his less playing time and being off rythmn but at the same time he also never hesitated to drop buendia who was tremendous and was coming as being the player of the year.

    Very strange.

    • Yes great point mate either bundia or dybala needs to be in team i love to have bundia in team because his defencive quality is excellent and he can assist plus score
      I dont how and why our coaches always find reasons to ommit worldclass players every time a tournament going to start😐

    • Scaloni is a shit and he oils the local media. According to local media he selects his team. That’s how he is doing his job. No media is against Scaloni after 3 poor results in 3 consecutive matches. If it was any other manager, media would tear him apart. Excluding Ocampos-a main player of a team which won Europa League, is the worst decision… No sane coach with proper footballing strategy would do that…

      Who Scalpni picked? Julian Alvarez. By picking him he oiled local media.

  18. So sad That Dybla is not in Nt squad. He is very unlucky bcz NT & Juve treating him badly. He deserves a starting place in both squad. I think Scalonis overthinking lost his place in Nt.He is Arg s current No.2 beautiful finisher in my opinion.Already all coaches treated him badly..

  19. Good that Romero is starting, At least we don’t have to entirely close our eyes when the opponent is attacking us. With Emi-Romero-Tagliafico we generally are safe at the back. Whereas Otamendi will surely mess it up anytime. Montiel haven’t been tested properly yet.

    It’s strange to see player like Foyth, Ocampos, Icardi, Dybala etc. are dropped on the basis of form altogether where as players like Otamendi & Di Maria after playing above 70 matches keep on making mistakes and being head less chickens, and have still not been dropped for tournaments. Only Scaloni had the guts to remove an in form Di Maria from the Squad (For which he was whining and complaining in Social Media. Crapppppp)

    • “It’s strange to see player like Foyth, Ocampos, Icardi, Dybala etc. are dropped on the basis of form altogether where as players like Otamendi & Di Maria after playing above 70 matches keep on making mistakes and being head less chickens, and have still not been dropped for tournaments” exactly mik btw di maria over 100 caps OTAMENDI over 70 caps that tells you whole story of Argentine nt. It’s beyond joke it reaches the point where OTAMENDI almost guarantee to give opponent very good chance to score weather it’s silly penalty or been out of position or rushing, clumsy whichever way you like and worst part is you can’t get awy with it cus V.A.R that is what i call real liability Damn it

    • I think Foyth and Montiel both are not reliable enough for NT. I am surprised that Scaloni could not find a reliable RB in last 3 years .
      Another thing is Lautaro could not score in last 3 matches .If he starts again it will injustice to other players

    • > Foyth, Ocampos, Icardi, Dybala etc. vs Otamendi & Di Maria

      Apple and orange comparison but the answer is fairly simple. Talent and contribution. ADM is still up there, no matter how much you dislike him. he still performs. Otamendi also doing well , despite the eff ups.

      Proper Comparison –
      Foyth vs Molina and Montiel

      Ocampos vs Correa and Nico and ADM

      Icardi vs injured Alario for god sake

      Dybala vs Alvarez

        • So Lautaro is playing well for us now? Really?. Icardi’s play dont suit us to be fair, but even though still for all his antiques he never got a proper chance in the NT. How many games he started for us along with Messi? How many matches Lautaro did? Its sad that his personal life antiques completely ruined his chances for the NT.

      • For the Umpteenth time, Di Maria is a lost cause for the NT, He can’t perform well consistently for the NT, He will always play phenomenally for the Club due to may be the position he is playing in club or whatever reason. Once in a while he may score a cracker of a goal like he did against France in 2018 WC, but other than that 99% of the matches he played his contribution to the NT will be utter 1%. I really don’t know when we are going to understand this. Ocampos played Headless during last 1 or 2 mates but Di Maria has pioneered the Headless act for us over the past decade. His time as a starter is long gone for the NT. Saying that he may score a goal against the Uruguay in next match…SMH

        I will still give Otamendi a benefit of doubt and will keep in the Squad he is phenomenal in the Air. One of the best we have. Only Aguero(if he stays fit) and Messi are players who deserve to carry on for us till the WC 2022

        • > Once in a while ADM will score

          Yeah, that’s EXACTLY what we need since no one is doing jack shit. our attack is garbage right now with Nico and Toro up front. Love them but they are out of form.

          For Di Maria, he is hands down doing better than Ocampos. After seeing Ocampos, no one thinks Ocampos was doing better than ADM. I love Ocampos but he wa atrocious. Ocampos also in competition against Nico and A and J Correa. Should have been called ahead of them? Maybe Ocampos over J Correa but not over A Correa or Nico.

          • So basically we have to wait and persist with Di Maria in the hope that may be once in a while he may score a cracker and give a stunning performance for us. Future young players also can wait in line.

            Good luck with that,so far we are on schedule and in que waiting for that performance from Di Maria.

          • its tough. i get where you’re coming from. I understand the hate towards ADM. I just havent reached your point. As long as hes in form, and because he’s a big game player and will come through in some key moments as he has proven in the past, i do want to see him play.

  20. Fielding Di Maria on the left will not be good. It will restrict Lo Celso’s attacking play as Maria wont help in the defensive part of the game as much as Nico Gonzalez

    • Yes fielding Di Maria in the Left does not make sense. It should be J.Correa instead. Hopefully Nico could play. I don’t want to see C.Romero walking off again which I’m worried. That will put us under huge pressure and Cavani n Suarez will tear our defense apart.

  21. I think this should be line up vs Uruguay
    Emi Martinez
    Mollina. C. Romero. Otamendi. Tagliafico
    De Paul. Paredes. Lo celso
    Messi Aguero. J. Correa/Di Maria
    Emi Martinez
    Mollina. C. Romero. Otamendi. Tagliafico
    De Paul. Paredes. Lo Celso
    Messi. J.Correa. A.Correea/ Di Maria

    I do not believe Lautaro Martinez his finishing is piss poor, link up is poor, can not take crosses for headers, in long balls his small height always loses duels(even Messi free kick duel he lost) he is mostly poor in many areas. Lionel Scaloni please do not include Lautaro Martinez he will be easily outmusscled by heavy Uruguayan defender he needs another CF like Lulaku to flourish.Lulaku always drags the defender and makes life easy for Lautaro,Lautaro alone is waste.
    Argentina is running out of time to find a rhythm when Knock Out starts you lost one game and you are out of competition.

  22. The good thing is Uruguay is getting old and are not as lethal as they were in previous years. The bad thing is we play to the level of our opponents.

    In conclusion: I don’t see us losing; We could win, but I expect a tie.
    No one on our team has shown the courage/determination and calm to take it upon themselves and decide a match. The fact they haven’t lost in several games tells me all that is needed is a change in management (because Argentina is supposed to win, not tie). Look at Italy’s winning streak and style of play, look at Portugal these days, these days Brazil is not trying, and with Belgium, it’s business as usual.

    I know this site is all about Albiceleste, but we have to analyze these teams and ask where do we stand today against these teams? In the past, we would say we were the better team and maybe we need to watch this or that player who’s dangerous. Today if we were to play these teams in a major match, we would be biting our nails with anxiety. Things can change in a year, but I’m tired of hoping. I feel the same feeling as I did 5 years ago. This world cup is looking like another wasted chance – add 1998 (no Redondo) 2002 (Crespo) 2006 (Messi on the bench with best team in the tournament) 2010 (Maradona fiasco – no Riquelme) 2018 (should have change coaching 5-8 qualifying matches ago – Sampaoli needed more time). I hope I’m wrong. I’ll pray.

    • I would love see Argentina play against like France, Italy, Portugal and Belgium than you will see how they retreat and change thier stlye or game plans because of respect and fear they have for Argentina. Don’t take m..c guys drawing vs chile and Colombia it doesn’t mean likes Italy, France and Belgium will destroy arg no never in fact that will bring out best of Argentine.

      • They would play scared only because of Argentine legacy and history, but all they have to do is simply play counter-attacking football after letting Argentina back pass & pass side-ways. Last Copa America Brazil did that and we thought because we “dominated possession” we were somehow the better team, but Brazil actually baited us. The same thing happened in the WC vs Croatia and with France, we had over 60% possession and they killed us with 4 goals. These are the details we sometimes miss. Obviously, teams have to respect the potential we bring in the attack. But an important match is won with good strategy. Belgium beats Brazil in WC 2018 with counter-attacking football with 3 players (DeBruyne, Lukaku, & Hazard).

        Do you think when Otamendi is so high up the pitch, with slow Tagliofico, a powerful Lukaku with a through ball from World-Class DeBruyne is not going one-on-one with our keeper? We better hope Lukaku is out of form. What about France with Kante, Pogba, Benzema, Greizmann, Hernandez passing from the left-back position, and of course, Mbappe speed? You have confidence Tagliofico or Otamendi (these days) can stop Bernando Silva, Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes without yellow/red card, penalty, or foul in a dangerous free-kick area (better hope Ronaldo takes it and not Bruno Fernandes)?

        The fact is, as of today Argentina is not World Beaters. People criticized Alejandro Sabella, but the fact is he always put the team in the best-case scenario to win given the squad he had. He only needed Pastore, Tevez, Lamela (bench), and Icardi to complete the team (we had too many injured players).

        • @Wisdom
          You bring few good points which I have counter.
          No with otamendi no chance however by the time arg meet those nations one of lich martinez and marcos senesi are already playing with cuti Romero in the centre of the defense, hopefully facunda medina will mature too as he can play left bk cuse he fast, aggressive to deal with likes lukaku and Mbappe plus guide Rodriguez as dm precisely vs France and Belgium
          Oh i almost forgot emi martinez as golie.

      • @Godin11 I too think the same brother. Almost all of the above average European teams like to attack the opponent leaving spaces behind. More space means more time to work with the ball. We have players to do that. But highly physical and compact set up like Chile and Colombia is too much for us. Realising the fact that we must improve to play those tactics as well, I think/hope we could do better against Europen teams (atleast better than what we used to do in last 4-5 years) with Emi and Romero arround. Also the european grounds seems better for me atleast while I am seeing telecast (I dont know how it is actually)

  23. The brasilia pitch also seems in bad condition. Unbelievable the way conembol takes all shit that varsil throws up.
    On nico g, if he is not fully fit he shld not start vs uruguay imo. Its a long tournament & we critically need him, romero, locelso for KO. Would like to see scaloni try the correas & papu in some stage of match. I am not confident of aguero doing well for 90mins.. But guess our options are limited.

    • Agree with you. Hope Lautaro M. become sharper in front of goal. We are now solely depending on Messi for goal scoring. Also, Nico needs more gaming time support. Other option is move Messi to the striker role and put Gomez behind the striker. Hope that may work. With this we may restrict our options for header goals. But, with generally good defensive South American teams, I think header goal chances are limited in open play. Other problem is Gomez’s fitness to play full 90 mins. In that case, we can go back to the original formation after 60mins or so. Though DiMaria is an excellent player, his final output is disappointing. I think he is worried about fouls. If he can rectify that, he can be one of the best for Argentina.

  24. Argentina will not score or create chances of goals as long as we have Montiel and Tagliafico on the flanks. No team can win a tournament with only 3 attacking players. We have to put people forward… this is very easy for any average team to block Argentina attacks because they don’t spread the field, they are too narrow. VAMOS ARGENTINA…..

  25. Please scaloni please.. Don’t start dimaria.. If nico is injured start with Joaquin Correa.. Use dimaria as a super sub… Dimaria is not a starting material now.. Hopefully nico is fit.. Otherwise the starting 11 is fine.. This time we will score.. Vamos Argentina…

  26. Bring Kun Aquero in the first half and second half Angel Di Maria; it will create more attacking as against Uruguay it will be more an open playing.

  27. Please dont destroy nico’s confidence scaloni…the runs he made from the left wing is what Argentina needs right now…not a player like di maria…its better to bring di maria as a super sub

  28. Montiel and Lautaro should not start. Molina and Aguero would have been much better. J. Correa or Angle Di Maria at left wing is good choice.
    Scaloni needs to drop overrated Lautaro Martinez he can not finish and link up only for work rate player should not be selected his work rate is useless without end product.

    • dont worry, this team never move to anyother stage. against uruguay eiither draw or lose but wont win. i will bet you 200%

      • Ok bro.. I will see you after the match.. You are just here to see Argentina lose.. Isn’t it..I will see you after the match.. Argentina will win..

    • I agree so much with you. Lionel Scaloni doesn’t seem to have any imagination. He’s got a Premier League champ (Aguero) and a La Liga champ (A. Correa) who are both vastly experienced wasting away on the bench with Nico Gonzalez and Lautaro who have been unproductive getting rewarded for doing nothing.

  29. Doesn’t like Di-Maria inclusion atall. He will lose the ball and Uruguay will counter us. He is better from bench. A bully to tired defenders when he comes from bench.

    • dont worry, this team never move to anyother stage. against uruguay eiither draw or lose but wont win. i will bet you 200%

    • He is real deal I am telling you. Future of Argentine defence. Hopefully he finds a good club to move and plays regular football. I still believe Romero and Senesi would been make an amazing pair. Hopefully Senesi move to Seria A. One wonderful season would bring him to NT

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