Rodrigo De Paul to join Atletico Madrid for €35 million from Udinese


Rodrigo De Paul is set to join Atletico Madrid for €35 million from Udinese.

De Paul will be joining Diego Simeone’s team as the club are reportedly already planning the medicals. Per a report by Fabrizio Romano, De Paul will join the Liga champions for €35 million with just the final details remaining to be completed.

The Udinese captain managed 9 goals and 10 assists in 36 matches in the league last season.


  1. Finally in a top club. Hopefully, he will be a consistent starter/key player. I hate Nico’s move to Brighton (WTF move is this). Atleast Everton, Arsenal, or West Ham. My gosh, our players like to kill their careers before it even starts.

  2. If his name was James Smith and he was born in Cornwall, he would be selling for $50m+.
    wow $35m is cheap af. great business from Atletico. great move for RDP. couldn’t be happier.

  3. If Lautaro Martinez starts again I see draw against Uruguay. 2 matches 2 point Argentina in trouble. Uruguay has good defenders.

  4. As much as its been agonizing to see the Albiceleste results lately, I’m always excited to watch them play……….and with this spread out schedule will allow players to get healthy and ready for the next clash.
    Any word on Kun’s health?

  5. A good transfer. A great one. Top club. Will fight for titles. Play CL all the time. I like it. This is what is needed. Messi’s high endorsement is another thing I liked. He should do more of it. Not saying it happened because of Messi.

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