Argentina Olympic squad announced, Alexis Mac Allister of Brighton included


Argentina U23 coach Fernando Batista has announced his squad for the Olympics which begins later this month.

Fernando Batista has selected his team of 22 players for the tournament as Argentina will be looking to win their third gold medal at the men’s football tournament. As we reported earlier, Lucas Alario is injured and will not be taking part in the tournament.

Batista has included one overage player as goalkeeper Jeremías Ledesma is included. River Plate did not allow Julián Alvarez to make the squad.

It’s a total of 22 players but only 18 would be allowed per match squad. The squad was released through the social media channels. Here are the players that have been selected:

Jeremías Ledesma (Cadiz CF)
Lautaro Morales (Lanus)
Joaquín Blázquez (Talleres de Cordoba)
Hernán De La Fuente (Free agent)
Marcelo Herrera (San Lorenzo)
Nehuén Pérez (Atletico Madrid)
Leonel Mosevich (FC Vizela)
Facundo Medina (Lens)
Francisco Ortega (Velez)
Claudio Bravo (Portland Timbers)
Fausto Vera (Argentinos Juniors)
Santiago Colombatto (Club Leon)
Tomás Belmonte (Lanus)
Martín Payero (Banfield)
Fernando Valenzuela (Famalicao)
Alexis Mac Allister (Brighton)
Thiago Almada (Velez)
Esequiel Barco (Atlanta United)
Agustín Urzi (Banfield)
Pedro De La Vega (Lanus)
Adolfo Gaich (CSKA Moscow)
Ezequiel Ponce (Spartak Moscow)


  1. Barcelona requested Spanish FA to not include Pedri to Olympic squad. Request has been denied.

    In Argentina, AFA requests for players, clubs denies. They could not even get Julian Alvarez.

    The Argentine youth system is now below average due to the clubs. We used to think it is due to the absence of likes of Pekerman. In current environment, Pekerman could not do much. Where is the players? In club level, quality of youngster has decreased. On top of that, we can’t even get the bests among them.

    • Right, and it makes me mad when Argentinian clubs deny. Do they not care about Argentina? Just pure greed. It is a little more understandable when a Feyenoord does it but these Argentinian clubs should care more about the nation

  2. The Copa America instagram handle is posting many videos on insta that they are upgrading the pitches for knockout stages. They have replaced the pitch of maracana and upgrading mane garrincha where we would play semi final. Let’s thank Conmebol.

  3. Not so much impressed with the selection for Olympic games, but is that’s all we have. I would prefer Dybala or Icardi can be included for the overage players; give them a chance. Bustos or even Ascacibar

  4. Guido Rodriguez,Mollina,Acuna,De paul and Romero will surely start if they are fit. Papu Gomez is no brainer he is must for team. Messi and Papu Gomez best duo for Argentina. Lo celso and Paredes are doubt but I prefer Lo celso if he is fit otherwise Paredes should start. Paredes was phenomenal in UCL we want that Paredes again.
    Between Lautaro and Aguero I prefer Aguero because of good chemistry with Leo Messi. Papu Gomez, Lo celso,Messi,Aguero will provide chemistry in attack.These four creates best movement on and off the ball. Angel Correa also has good chemistry with Messi and company.

    • See i believe its all about getting the combinations ryt. If papu is playing then it should be Lautaro Martinez up front. If Aguero is playing it should be Nico in the left. If pardes is playing cuti Romero should be in defense. Similarly if cuti Romero is unfit it should be Guido in the 11. Regarding Tagloficio he should never start. De Paul and Lo Celso are not replaceable in Mid. Similarly Messi. Will be glad if lisandro Martinez gets a node ahead of Ottamandi. Monila though has weaknesses but is the best avilable resource.

  5. I don’t know what will be starting lineup. Guido should start ahead of parades. Romero should not start if not 100%… We should try to won by 2-0 or 3-0…

  6. It’s highly confusing. Guido Rodriguez gave reasonable balance that we are seeking for a very long time and that Paredes never able to give for all his chances, now why we take Guido out of equation. This is tournament football and he needs to play all matches especially now all are knock out matches. Guido and Emi are two important people for their positions next to Messi. Germany lost 50% of the match before the kickoff as they played Werner instead of Gnabry (forgive the spelling). Also Do Maria is really good in right. Why again we try him in left. Tuchel went with basics and won the champions League. Guardiola tried smart things and failed. Play the same team that played Uruguay and Paraguay. Keep Guido. Keep Maria in right.

  7. From last training, it is possible that midfield 3 might be paredes, guido and de paul . Paredes as LCM and RDP as RCM.Now it’s between Paredes or Lo Celso. It is because of Lo Celso’s frequent fitness issues.

    Acuna has edge over Tagliafico.

    Nico gonzalez started in training but then Papu gomez appeared instead of him.

    Romero is more unlikely than likely. They will wait till last moments, if not, Pezzella will start. Romero wants to start.

    • Yes that is the latest news update. With that being said, if the latest training is the indication of the starting line up, it will be:
      ——————-De Paul

      This line up is not bad at all. By playing double DM, it will encourage De Paul to have the free role the same way he has in Udinese. Also double DM is a good idea to protect 2 attacking minded fullbacks in Molina and Acuna.

      Romero if not fit should be rested. I am confident we can beat Ecuador even without Romero. Let Romero be fit for the Colombia/Uruguay match in the semis. Pezzella has done not bad so far anyway.

      • I believe when defending this formation will turn into 4-4-2 with de paul and nico helping the wingbacks.

        While attacking it will turn into 4-3-3. The news is that Paredes will operate from left, much like Lo Celso. Paredes played in same role during Tuchel’s time in a 3 man midfield. Paredes actually does not do well in flat double pivot.

        With relatively defensive midfield, attacking fullbacks and RDP will be key. If Paredes can provide forward passes, then it is bonus.

  8. Not the best available, because the bulk of the best eligible are with the senior squad.
    I hate it when players are selected for sentimental reasons, like Mosevich, Colombatto, and Urzi, just because they were with the squad earlier. Mosevich and Colombatto don’t have much prospect as far as the NT is concerned, Urzi has not kicked on, in fact he played with the Banfield Reserves most of last campaign. Wasting three valuable places.

    Martin Payero is closing in on a move to Middlesborough, now playing in second division.

    Adolfo Gaich is in talks with Celta De Vigo.

    • Celta Vigo move would be great, in a top five league like his Benevento spell but a step ahead of Benevento. Middlesbrough is a move that I think only can be judged after some time because there are both positives and negatives and no real place to point your finger and decide if it will work or not. On one hand it is in England and not a top division, but on another the Championship is great for producing talents and could be a bit of a stepping stone, plus they are in the conversation of promotion contention

      • True. Remember, Coudet took over a struggling Celta and finished 8th I believe. Hope Coudet, can get atleast 1 or Argentines to join Celta.
        You might have also heard of PSG interest in Joaquin Correa.
        Sampaoli is looking at both Pavon and Almada.

        • I believe the Almada deal is not happening bcos of Velez release clause. Sampa is reportedly chasing Gio Simeone & dump Benedetto. Its Coudet’s time to now get a couple of youth talents – we dont get a better opportunity. I wanted Jorge Almiron to survive Elche for this reason. Our best bet is when we have more Argentine managers in Laliga / Serie a etc.

          • Agreed. I believe for me that the non elite Argentinian managers like Sampa and Coudet should play the role of brining youngsters first out to Europe. That would be the most ideal. Then Simeone and Poch bringing better players to their elite clubs

        • Yes what Coudet did for Celta was impressive and very underrated. I remember at the beginning of the season they felt completely hopeless and I thought they were entirely destined for relegation

  9. Reposting again to the relevant section .
    Overall bad selection & only solace is that its better than Rio 2016. For sure we are not a contender considering Spain ,Brazil, Japan squads.

    The Goods :
    1) Team chemistry will be good as lot of the players have been together for last 2-3 years – Gaich, Macllister , Valenzuela, Fausto Vera , Perez- Medina CB combo
    2) Batista managed to get some great talent integrated in last 2 friendlies . Better late than never – Almada , De La vega , Payero , Lautaro Morales .

    The Bads :
    1) We couldnt even fill the 3 overage player slots. Only Ledesma comes as an overage player. It was an opportunity to make Dybala as captain & he could have been the secondary striker . Maybe AFA tried & couldnt convince him.
    2) Full backs – i guess our biggest mistake. We have picked 4 full backs & none look promising . It is clearly a fire & pray approach. AFA shld have got Angileri or Ansaldi ( even at 34 he has 6 assists with Torino this season ) or even a Bustos. Even Saravia has started getting minutes in Brazil league. They cld have also done like Spain & get one of Molina or Montiel to play here.
    3) 2nd Striker – It was clear that Alario was not going to make it. They should have kept a back up like Lucas Boye or Druissi or give an opportunity to next gen like Girotti / Tomas Chancalay. I doubt Ponce can create impact if Gaich is misfiring.
    4) Not getting genuine U23 talent like Julian Alvarez , Senesi , Balerdi ,Enzo Fernandez & even Ascacibar ( over Colambatto) . Alvarez is a real bad case. Needlessly picked in Sr NT when Buendia should have been prioritized. 2 good players being jumbled up . After Aston Villa move – Buendia anyway cld have never made it into Olympics squad due to new club preseason. AFA’s inability to push local clubs to release players is so unfortunate.
    5) Left wing looks weak – Again Ocampos an an overage player or even Pavon chld have been tried . Urzi looks a headless chicken & Barco is inconsistent.
    6) GK – While Ledesma is decent , a tournament guy like Ruilli or an NT inactive Musso/ Marchesin wld have been a stronger option

    • Spotless summary of everything. I agree about Alvarez, his inclusion in the senior team has done no good, none to the senior team and none to the olympic team that certainly could use him. If Scaloni wants to use him as a Nico Gonzalez (from when he was in the second division) and make him part of a project or showcase him to European teams it would be better to do so during the next round of qualifiers. The Spain and Brazil squads should be used as reference points for AFA on the level this olympics team should try to compete with, and using the overage slots to the maximum would be very crucial to get a couple of players from European leagues (which are almost nonexistent in the u23 bracket) to fill in the weaknesses in the squad. But oh well, the squad looks better than the March friendlies version no doubt. It is a little disappointing when it comes to the bads you mentioned because having a really really good olympic team that wins trophies is important for national teams to have a foundation for the future — look at the team with Messi, Zabaleta, Biglia, etc, etc that would at a senior level reach the world cup final. Plus it is a way of forming at least some chemistry between certain players that will eventually play for the NT (looking at Senesi) instead of desperately integrating them to the senior team when a risk they will not gel in immediately (something I imagine happening with him when Scaloni comes to a realization about Otamendi haha). But for me having Mac Allister is a big positive since he was very important to the team before and is now playing at a premier league level and will be an asset to compete against the best sides. I also would like to see Girotti come in eventually as you mentioned because I am excited about him and can bring incredible depth to the striker position alongside Gaich

      • Oh yes Girotti looks a solid talent & hoping he & Gaich go places in coming years. I guess Batista will start with Macclister & bring in almada as a sub for the CAM role in his preferred 4-2-3-1 . Maybe this is how it can be
        Herrera -NPerez-Medina-Ortega/Bravo
        Payero- Vera
        De La Vega – Macclister/Almada/ – Barco

        I feel he shld have picked Juan Bruentta over Urzi.

  10. Where are those river plate fan, who told river plate is the heart of Argentina!!!????
    So why river do not allow Julian Alvarez for Olympic?

  11. Im watching for Nehuén Pérez!
    I remember him doing well a few years ago at the u20 world cup. I hope he improves and can replace otamendi before qatar22.

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