Copa America knock out changes, no extra time, only in final


Changes have been made to the format of the Copa America knock out stages.

The format will be reverted back to the 2015 and 2016 editions. That means in case of a draw in the quarter finals and semi finals of a Copa America match, the game would go straight to penalties. There would not be extra time if a match were to be tied after 90 minutes.

However, extra time would be available in the final. That means in the final, if a match is tied, it would go to extra time, followed by a penalty shootout if necessary.

This was not the case in 2019 where extra time was available in the semi finals and final but not the quarter finals.

Should Argentina vs. Ecuador be drawn after 90 minutes, that means the match would go to penalties.


  1. Olympics 22 man squad announced. Overall bad selection & only solace is that its better than Rio 2016. For sure we are not a contender considering Spain & Brazil squads.

    The Goods :
    1) Team chemistry will be good as lot of the players have been together for last 2-3 years – Gaich, Macllister , Valenzuela, Fausto Vera , Perez- Medina CB combo
    2) Batista managed to get some great talent integrated in last 2 friendlies . Better late than never – Almada , De La vega , Payero , Lautaro Morales .

    The Bads :
    1) We couldnt even fill the 3 overage player slots. Only Ledesma comes as an overage player. It was an opportunity to make Dybala as captain & he could have been the secondary striker . Maybe AFA tried & couldnt convince him.
    2) Full backs – i guess our biggest mistake. We have picked 4 full backs & none look promising . It is clearly a fire & pray approach. AFA shld have got Angileri or Ansaldi ( even at 34 he has 6 assists with Torino this season ) or even a Bustos. Even Saravia has started getting minutes in Brazil league. They cld have also done like Spain & get one of Molina or Montiel to play here.
    3) 2nd Striker – It was clear that Alario was not going to make it. They should have kept a back up like Lucas Boye or Druissi or give an opportunity to next gen like Girotti / Tomas Chancalay. I doubt Ponce can create impact if Gaich is misfiring.
    4) Not getting genuine U23 talent like Julian Alvarez , Senesi , Balerdi & even Ascacibar ( over Colambatto) . Alvarez is a real bad case. Needlessly picked in Sr NT when Buendia should have been prioritized. 2 good players being jumbled up . After Aston Villa move – Buendia anyway cld have never made it into Olympics squad due to new club preseason. AFA’s inability to push local clubs to release players is so unfortunate.
    5) Left wing looks weak – Again Ocampos an an overage player or even Pavon chld have been tried . Urzi looks a headless chicken & Barco is inconsistent.
    6) GK – While Ledesma is decent , a tournament guy like Ruilli or an NT inactive Musso/ Marchesin wld have been a stronger option

    • its unfortunate Zaracho didnt make it for Olympics squad . Brazilian club wld have shut that option for sure Sampaoli leaving Mineiro was bad for him .

  2. Scaloni can’t play ‘defend the 1-goal lead’ anymore. ALL matches we need 2 goal margin by the 80th minute.

    We have conceded penalties in the 2H if under pressure, especially a brazillian referee will shamelessly point to the spot with a smile.

    Defensive play-breaking before opponents get to our box is crucial. I’d save RDP-Parades combo for that.

  3. Great for fatigue but risky for results. I forget who said this (maybe El Mongol) but Alfaro knows to play for draw and that will most likely be their strategy if Arg is dominating.

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