Nicolas Otamendi gives Argentina press conference before quarter final match


Nicolas Otamendi spoke to the press prior to the team’s quarter final match.

Otamendi is expected to start for Argentina vs. Ecuacor in Saturday’s quarter final match. An experienced defender, Otamendi spoke to the press on Friday. Here’s what he had to say:

“The most important thing from a leader is being able to give information to the younger players, transmitting what it means to play for the Argentina national team.

“We are very focused on this Copa. We have a very good group, the 28 that are here feel important and we don’t relax.”

Regarding the defending:

“A solid defense gives you a better attack. With the potential in attack that we have, it’s important to give them (the attackers) some security for them to be able to attack with a peace of mind. We have to try and have order in defense to take advantage of the potential we have in midfield and up the pitch.

“We have to stay focused for 90 minutes and adjust details. Because of one detail, you could be eliminated and that is why we must be focused.”

On the Argentina team and the Copa America:

“We are taking on this new challenge with great enthusiasm. In every tournament, we have to think that we are here to win it and that’s what we are looking for.

“This shirt demands commitment and to win tournaments. One always wants to leave a mark on his country. We will try to do our best to keep moving forward.

“The group is very important when it comes to a long tournament. We are all available for the coach. We have to push ourselves for the training sessions to be good, to make it difficult for the coach to pick his team.

“Our mentality is to take this match by match. We have to give our all to continue advancing.”


  1. I hope Molina gets attention after copa and move to a decent club because Udinese is going to be relegated, De Paul and Musso both saved them left this summer.

  2. Playtime is over………..nothing is easy in this world, you want it then GO AND GET IT.

    Not to give ShitLe any credit but they played well vs the blond dyed hair infatuated team……….funny but ever notice how a lot of their players wanna be blond LOL
    They had 56% of the ball, pushed, outran, out hustled and could have easily taken the lead but then again wasted some chances until they gave that goal away. JUST TO BE FAIR, whatever the hell his name is, he pushed the defender out the way before shooting and scoring and the ARG REF. let it go……probably would have not counted had it been ARGENTINA playing but oh well.
    Point is, Brazil is not what its cracked up to be, JUST DON’T GIVE them the game.

  3. News updated hours before the match: Leandro Paredes seems to have won the starting spot over Guido. So 9 should be confirmed. The remaining 2 are: Romero or Pezzella and Nico Gonzales or Papu.

  4. Angel Correa started a lot of matches in Atletico Madrid this season, first I was surprised now I know why Simione used him so much. Angel Correa is one of the important player now his link up and reading of the game is very good,he also deserve starting spot.

  5. I am confident that Scaloni will get the team formation right. Worst case the 5 subs gives us the opportunity to correct mid match. So NicoG vs A Correa ; Papu vs LoCelso ; Lautaro vs Aguero ; Parades vs Guido may not be that major a factor in starting 11
    But i am more worried on whatz our logistical plan for next week . With just 3/4 days between matches , i am hoping we decide to remain in Brazil & not return to Ezeiza camp after every match.

  6. How in the world they choose Paredes over Guido? Come on guys let’s the best players play….?!

    • Paredes is a better player, (passer, crosser, shooter, dribbler, retention dribbler) all star team member in last Copa, in defending Guido is maybe better (Paraguay and Bolivia match is too less to judge it, so only maybe, Betis was one of the shakiest and defensively instabile team with Guido in the heart). Guido needs to step up to the next level, into a good UCL team, im not sure he would be a starter there, his attacking skills is too limited imo, only elite passers play on the highest level.

      • Guido seems to be a committed defensive midfielder whereas Paredes looks like a roaming midfielder. Guido gives more balance in defense. Also Guido makes De Paul more effective. Why we change a winning team ? Paredes never brings balance. For a reasonable time it’s defensive midfielder decides the success in major tournaments. Guido and Lisandro should accompany De Paul and Lo Celso.

      • What Real Betis finished 6th in La Liga,they were good defensively. Guido Rodriguez should start in knock out games he can do anything, he covers a lot of area that should be highlighted.

  7. France will drop the Olympics, look at their squad, unknown players in every position, Argentina play with a mediocre strong team, Brazil and Spain are top favourites with maybe home Japan.

    • Yes Brazil , Spain are stronger teams on paper. Japan is a well oiled team & they have been preparing for Olympics for last 2+years – so good balance of team strength & chemistry.
      Our team is decent ( missed opportunities on overage players / fullbacks/ spare striker ) – but we definitely have an advantage of strong team chemistry for key players. For sure we will go further than Rio 16 – though we may not be a contender at this point.

  8. After watching copa America and euro Cup till date, I think we are only behind of Belgium, Italy and Brazil. I think if we start playing with Sabella’s approach we can go far. Yes as a team we are not in a position to say that we can beat any team at will but after watching euro Cup and Copa America it’s evident that no team can beat us at will either. Italy and Brazil are ahead of us because they have 2 outstanding and experienced coaches unlike us. Still I feel that our trophy drought will be over this time in Brazil.

    • Yes that guy certainly runs a Portuguese camp in the Premier League (his priority is not to compete for the league, but develop Portuguese talents), and most certainly will bench Lo celso, as he is a gem for the Argentina NT and developing Lo Celso with game time could hinder Cristiano’s WC hopes as he will be playing in the same NT of Leo.
      Our players must pretty assure with their club officials to have game time this year as much as possible, else their career will be over.

  9. My fvrt xi. I know all of them disagree with me
    4-4-2 will be suitable for us.
    Gomez ………….. messi
    Lo celso ….. Guido………d paul… Dmaria
    Molina…. Romero …..pezella.. Acuna
    It will be a great team balance in attack and defense.
    With that team we can win copa

    • What Argentina do in this tournament are early goals scoring bro, when the team need the goal they score very early, plkus vs Chile and Columbia too in WCQ.

      • Scoring one goal is never enough.
        I agree, we have shown that tendency of Scoring goals when it’s needed. It’s encouraging, but not secure enough.
        We are lacking the intention to score again when the opponent is in Backfoot, just after conceding.

        Hope it changes against Ecuador.

        • Yes my point was the same. I said early goals.. 1 goal is not enough atleast 2 in 1st half or be at 2 goal advantage at every time will be good .

      • Yea problem is we haven’t quite been able to build on that early goal lead (apart from the Bolivia game ) Almost feels like we attack at our best to score one solid goal then resort to defending deep and counter attacking for the rest of the game ..I’dont mind that as long as we take the chance we create through counter attacks!! That Chile game in the first game of the Copa ..oof..and second halfs too we need to score

  10. La liga has made Acuna a very good player the same thing Brazilian League has done to Renzo Sarvia.Mollina and Renzo Sarvia for Right Back and Acuna and Angilleri( because of inconsistency of Tagliafico) for Left Back.
    For Center Back C. Romero, Juan Foyth,Lisandro Martinez and Otamendi looks good. Medina and Sensei should be called too.

    • How did Renzo Saravia improve in Brazilian league ? He landed there in feb 2020 & got injured for a very long period. He has started getting minutes now . If you have even bothered to track him in the last 1.5 years in Internacional he wld have played like 10 games !!!! & this was after a 8 month spell in Porto where he didnt even play in first division . Seriously get serious Kevin😉

      • Wondering the same thing Amit. I highly doubt Kevin has even watched a single game of his, after all he seems go have a big problem with “mediocre” leagues

  11. “Please, someone enlighten me on this”
    When was the last time Brazil played beautiful Samba football? Did they ever play it? I’m a young guy who remembers football only from 98 World cup. For the last 23 years even once I’ve never seen anything magical from Brazil. They were a counter attacking team in 2002, that’s it. Till Tite took charge they were a defensive counter attacking team. Since Tite, they reverted back to their old self. Offensive counter attack. So what did I miss? Samba? Where did I miss it? Is Samba not an entertaining dance form? Last time I checked, it was, then why is it not in their play?
    Please, help me. I need an answer…

    • I say you in 1982WC, since the 1990WC they play traditional tactical european football with some great individual upfront and with a lot of dirty physical cannibal midfielders (Dunga, Cesar Sampaio, Kleberson, Gilberto Silva, Emerson, Casemiro, Fred etc.) their playing style and passing game were always boring and uncreative, all of physicality and speed and dirty fouls when needed. They call samba the unnecessary skills and tricks.

    • The last time the samba style exist is under Tele Santana with his “Jogo Bonito” style, we may hate the yellow but we can’t hate Tele Santana stylish attacking football. Carlos Alberto Pereira is quite successful with his selection and win the WC; unfortunately our Alfo Basile, El Loco Bielsa, Peckerman and Sabella didn’t succeed and win the WC at their prime time and great players

    • theAbNormalOne July 3, 2021 At 6:36 am
      “Please, someone enlighten me on this”
      When was the last time Brazil played beautiful Samba football? Did they ever play it? I’m a young guy who remembers football only from 98 World cup. For the last 23 years even once I’ve never seen anything magical from Brazil. They were a counter attacking team in 2002, that’s it. Till Tite took charge they were a defensive counter attacking team. Since Tite, they reverted back to their old self. Offensive counter attack. So what did I miss? Samba? Where did I miss it? Is Samba not an entertaining dance form? Last time I checked, it was, then why is it not in their play?
      Please, help me. I need an answer…

      Well, even i never ever have like Brazil or should i say today’s Varzil, but i Still want to answer your question, because it was indeed very good question ! So last time Brazil played what they themself call as their famous Samba was as i remember from 1982-1986 in the WC’s of Spain at 1982 they won their group stage with an goal average of 10-2 against teams like Scotland, New Zealand and Soviet Union who had Rinat Dasayev as their Goalie and Oleg Blokhin as their famous Forward also Scotland had a great players like Grame Souness, Kenny Dalglish, Gordon Strachan and Steve Archibald etc… as for Brazil had Junior as their best defender and great middfielders like Socrates, Zico and left footed Falcao who was selected the 3rd best player of the whole tournament and offcourse they had their rightfooted forward called as Eder who had one the hardest shot’s in the whole tournament so Yes after they progressed through an quite easy group at least for themself’s with an goal average 10-2 they were drawn against our beloved Albiceleste and Italy in another 3 team group from where one team would progress to semi’s so they literally kicked the shit out Diego as did the Italian’s because they all knew that if they could eliminate Diego then our Beloved Albiceleste as the Defending Champion’s would be a much weaker so they all feared Diego allready back then very much and we all know why if not well here as good example what happened written by Stuart Horsfield : Diego Maradona played in four World Cups; in each one he left a different indelible imprint around the globe, none more so than on a football-mad youngster living in England. A boy who grew up watching a player that at times looked like he had descended from heaven and at others like he had ascended from hell.

      I have never supported a football team, never felt the pull or need for indoctrination into a particular club. I have always been a fan of football and enjoyed watching special players and special teams, leaving me free to experience all football without tribal prejudice. This has given me freedom to appreciate talent and clear vision to see the game’s darker side.

      I was nine-years-old when the 1982 World Cup kicked-off in Spain, already a devout follower of football – innocently settling down to a glorious month of football. I was about to be introduced to a 21-year-old footballing genius. Our paths would cross a further three times via the television networks – in the 1986, 1990, 1994 World Cups – and once with my own eyes at Wembley, in a Football League Centenary Celebration game where Maradona captained a Rest of the World team.

      The World Cup in Spain was to be the biggest tournament so far as João Havelange made good on his electoral promise and increased the finals from 16 teams to 24 teams. There were to be 52 matches played between 13 June and 11 July. This was before the current television saturation and online streaming, which allows viewers to watch the game almost 24/7. For me, it was Christmas at the height of summer.

      Diego Armando Maradona missed out on selection for the 1978 World Cup because the pragmatic chain smoking César Luis Menotti decided he was too young to handle the pressure. This was despite the Argentine making his professional debut at the age of 15 for Argentinos Juniors and his full international debut aged 17.

      Nevertheless, by the time the 1982 World Cup had come around, Maradona had already become an icon of Argentine football. He had signed for his beloved Boca Juniors in 1981 and led them to the league title soon after. A year later, and just prior to the World Cup, Maradona was sold for a world-record £5 million to Barcelona. The Catalan fans did not have to wait long for a glimpse of their investment.

      Argentina arrived in Spain as reigning champions and kicked off their defence of the trophy in the Camp Nou, Maradona’s new home. After the crushing disappointment of missing out on a place in Menotti’s 1978 tournament-winning team, Maradona was desperate to make an impact in Europe, however a below-par performance by the Argentines saw them lose the opening game 1-0 to Belgium.

      The Argentine squad was a blend of older players retained most probably beyond their effectiveness out of a sense of loyalty by Menotti, and young players that lacked international experience in the intensity of a World Cup. Maradona was to be the lynchpin that held the team together, but he never really got on the ball in the opening game.

      Even more of a concern was the treatment of Maradona by the Belgian defenders; they set the tone for a tactic which was implemented by every team Argentina faced during the tournament: stop Diego and you stop the team. How he was stopped didn’t seem to matter to the opposition or, more importantly, the referees.

      The second game saw a more cohesive performance by La Albiceleste as a 4-1 victory over Hungary helped to dispel some of the national mourning back in Argentina that had followed their earlier defeat to Belgium. Maradona scored two goals in a virtuoso performance, which gave credence to the pre-tournament hype surrounding the Argentine number 10.

      The performance served notice and momentarily drew my eye away from the flamboyant Brazilians and their number 10, Zico. It was not enough, however, to usurp the Brazilian from being my player of choice in the school playground the following Monday.

      The final group game saw Menotti’s men play Central American side El Salvador, who were playing in only their second finals. The now familiar pattern of violence was repeated, however it wasn’t just Maradona who was targeted; anyone wearing the pale blue and white stripes were fair game. El Salvador had been soundly beaten 10-1 in their opening game against Hungary and spent the rest of the tournament trying to ensure that no opposition player could get into their penalty area.

      One of the worst offences came on 20 minutes after Argentina were awarded a penalty for a foul on Gabriel Calderón. The referee was in no doubt, but the El Salvador team swarmed around him like an angry mob before defender Francisco Osorto lost his cool and kicked the official in the leg. The result, remarkably, was just a yellow card for Osorto. It appeared that the referees afforded themselves the same level of protection as Maradona.

      Argentina won the game 2-0, with the diminutive number 10 showing only occasional glimpses of his ability. A free-kick exquisitely bent over the wall and into the side-netting was the closest he came to scoring. He would certainly need to be more effective in the second round, which consisted of a mini group against South American rivals Brazil, who were playing the tournament like it was an exhibition (think Harlem Globetrotters playing football).

      The other team in the group were the very antithesis of the Brazilians, Italy. The Azzurri had scraped through their opening group without winning a game. Progression was on goals scored (two), which was better than Cameroon’s (one). What they did have, though, was an uncompromising defence including two combative centre-halves, Gaetano Scirea and Claudio Gentile.

      The opening group game of round two saw Italy take on Argentina at 5:15pm. What followed would have struggled to get past the 9:00pm watershed in 1982. For a nine-year-old sat in his front room on the sofa, it was probably the nearest I would come to witnessing a public assault.

      From the first minute, Italy targeted Maradona, Enzo Bearzot gave Gentile the task of man-marking him. The Juve defender was the archetypal pantomime villain, with dark hair and of Middle Eastern origin. To round off the look, a thick moustache menacingly adorned his top lip. His team-mates nicknamed him Gaddafi due to being born in Libya. Had it been Christmas, in a theatre you would have shouted, ”he’s behind you”, but this was the World Cup and Maradona knew very well he was behind him.

      Years later, the Italian defender gave an interview where he commented: “I studied him for two days, watching videos and realising there was a strategy I could use against him. That was to make sure he was so well marked that he couldn’t get the ball from his team-mates, because once he has possession that’s when he becomes a problem.”

      Maradona was followed all over the pitch by Gentile for 90 minutes, during which he endured foul after foul. At one point Gentile went straight through the back of Maradona as he received the ball, which resulted in no caution. The ball was played into Maradona’s feet but, before he gained possession, Gentile produced a stiff arm across the face, leaving the playmaker in a crumpled heap. Another free-kick to Argentina and another let-off for the pantomime villain.

      On 35 minutes, Maradona was booked for protesting too strongly to the referee after another x-rated challenge had gone unpunished.

      In the second half, Bearzot’s men visibly grew in confidence as their perfect – if crude – plan was having a demoralising effect on Maradona and the rest of the Argentine team. Two goals within 10 minutes by Marco Tardelli and Antonio Cabrini gave the Azzurri an unassailable lead. Argentine captain Daniel Passarella pulled a goal back with seven minutes to go, only for midfielder Américo Gallego to be sent off a minute later for Argentina. Catenaccio had won the day.

      Maradona never blamed Gentile for the brutality served upon him by the Italian; instead, he laid the blame squarely at the feet of the official who failed to protect him.

      At full-time I drew breath and, in my naivety at what just happened, was very excited as it meant that Argentina would have to attack the Brazilians in their next game. It was going to be a glorious sight – Zico and Maradona would be on the pitch at the same time, with no negativity and the dastardly Claudio Gentile to spoil everything.

      I tried to point out the exceptional confrontation that lay ahead to my mum, via my 82 Panini sticker book, but I was met with, “uh huh, that sounds good, time to get ready for bed”. Nobody seemed to understand my excitement at the impending clash between South America’s two footballing behemoths.

      They looked otherworldly. Having only been used to watching FA Cup finals and the occasional England game, the majority of my viewing experience thus far had been predominantly pasty footballers, often with perms and moustaches playing in the rain, or at a tired soulless bowl that was the old Wembley. Now there was colour, noise and exuberance to match the glorious image of the Seleção’s golden shirts and La Albiceleste’s blue and white stripes.

      As the two teams walked onto the pitch, there amongst all the anticipation and fervour were the two number 10s, Maradona and Zico. I was a mercenary to skills and tricks. This game would determine whose name I would claim in the playground during the first break on Monday, and for the remainder of the World Cup.

      The game was played in a far more languid style than the previous staccato encounter with the Italians and their dark arts. Both sides were happy to trade attacks, though for all the skill and creativity, the score was only 1-0 at half-time – a Zico tap-in after Éder had sent a wicked, swerving 35-yard free-kick crashing into the underside of the Argentine crossbar. It looked like the name would remain the same on Monday.

      In the second half, the game started to get stretched. Maradona was seeing more of the ball and starting to make inroads to the Brazilian defence, with close control and an electric change of pace. It was this type of movement that allowed him to slip the ball past the Brazilian left-back, Júnior, who recovered and lunged at Maradona as he went into the area. The ball wasn’t even within playing distance when the challenge came in. The referee gave a corner; Maradona, incredulous at the decision, did a backwards roll into a handstand and onto his feet, then screamed at the referee at the injustice.

      As the second half wore on, Brazil took a stranglehold on the game. A rare far post header by Serginho put Brazil 2-0 up, then Zico played a pass which took out four Argentines. The aforementioned left-back, Júnior, was the furthest forward, and he slipped the ball first time past the advancing Ubaldo Fillol.

      Frustration and tempers reached boiling point. On 85 minutes, Maradona clipped a ball into Juan Barbas; Batista raised his foot and caught the midfielder on the side of his head with his studs. Commentator John Helm summed up things best: “A kick on the head there, following that Maradona managed to put a little kick in on Batista, and he’s off. That is the end of Diego Maradona’s World Cup. Well, this is sensational, the world’s greatest player by repute has been sent off. He lashed out at Batista there, after the original offence by the Brazilian substitute.”

      Maradona slowly walked toward the touchline. The giant Argentine defender, Alberto Tarantini, pulled him into his chest, ruffled his hair and kissed him on the head, like a parent calling their disconsolate child in from playing out, while their friends carried on having fun.

      Helm continued: “Diego Maradona looked almost in tears there; he’s being roundly booed here in Barcelona. What a tragic end to Maradona’s World Cup. He’s about to come and play in Barcelona, but this must be the most tragic moment of his career so far.”

      Maradona crossed the touchline, making the sign of the cross, kissing the small silver crucifix around his neck and then looking up to the heavens. What had I been thinking? How could this man ever replace Zico in my affections?

      And so he was gone. With a brutal kick to Batista’s midriff, Maradona vanished from my mind for another four years. His name destined never to be used at Overdale County Primary.

      El Diego, however, would return in Mexico with a display that, within the space of four mindblowing minutes, had me crying, followed by stunned disbelief. It would be a tournament performance of which the world is still waiting to see repeated. Maradona would be back, this time as the Archangel.

      So in my oppion all that injustice what Diego had go through from 1978 until 1986 when he changed the whole world of football by his own ! And again the same injustice at 1990 against Germany in the Final and then came 1994 which ended like it did for him was so Harsh and unfair to him and because of all this constant frustration, hype,media bullshit stories etc. had offcourse an big impact on his personally life, but Still he was so good player that in a period of 16 year’s he could have won 4 world cup’s for Albiceleste because that good player was he, good bless him forever and may his soul rest in piece ! World football will never be the same without Diego he truly came literally from heaven to show the whole world how good player he was ! So if we compare this story to Messi’s story it is clear that Messi also been send to us from heaven and also he has witness so much of unfairness with our beloved Albiceleste, but not so brutal like what they did to Diego, because u can’t simply do that anymore in modern day football, but from 2006-2018 Messi also could have won us 4 WC’s, but we all know why did it not happen and for me realistically 2006 we could have easily won if we would have just beat the German’s again because our team was once again the best of the tournament, but sometimes things just don’t go your way as they say…
      And 2014 well i don’t even want to talk about it because it was like a repeat from 1990! So here are and back to your question about when did Brazil played last time what they call as their famous Samba ? From 1982 they needed only to draw against Italy to progress to semi’s against Zbigniew Boniek’s Poland, but they lost it again 3-2 against Catenaccio! With Paulo Rossi scoring a hatrick and who had just been released few months before from a pretty longtime playing suspenssion to be able play again, but i the cause of the suspension… Then Italy beat Zbigniew_Boniek’s Poland by 2-0 both goals scored by Rossi again, but Poland eventually won Bronze beating the down beated French by German’s who lost the final against Italy 3-1 goals scored by Tardellu, Rossi and Altobelli. So in the another Semi France drew with German’s 1-1 after 90 min’s and scored a 2 goals at extra time leasing the game by 3-1 and they just continued to attack and wanted to beat the German’s literally down, maybe because of what Shumacher did to Battiston and they eventually gave the themselfs a chance for German’s to drew the game to 3-3 by 1 goal from Rummenige and who also assited the second and who only came on at the extra after German’s were trailing 3-1, because he was been injured in the game’s before and again like in Mexico France lost it to German’s after penalties and in Mexico 1986 they lost 2-0 again in the semi even they had won the Euro’s at 1984 and had much better team than German’s in my oppinion! But back to your Samba question again so 1986 one the entertaining game’s of the whole tournament was between France and Brazil :
      In the quarter-finals, France faced three-time world champion Brazil in Guadalajara. Brazil were well on top in the early stages, and Careca put them one up after 18 minutes. Five minutes before half-time, France drew level when Michel Platini scored his 41st goal after converting a cross from Dominique Rocheteau. Brazil had a chance to regain the lead in the second half when Branco was fouled by French keeper Joël Bats in the penalty area. Zico got up to take the kick, but Bats saved Zico’s penalty.
      The match went to extra time, and France finished slightly the stronger of the two sides. No more goals were scored, and so it was time for a penalty shoot-out. Socrates, who had earlier missed an open goal and headed an easy chance straight into the French keeper’s arms, failed with the first kick for Brazil. The next six penalties were all converted, and then Platini fired over the bar. Brazil were back on level terms – but not for long. Julio Cesar struck the post with his penalty, and Luis Fernández then scored to put France through 4–3 on penalties. So after this very entertaining and quite an dramatic game as well the saddest thing was that many people commited several suicides around Brazil and that i will never forget ! Luckily, because of what Diego did this sad story people committing several suocides was quite quickly forgotten, but offcourse not in Brazil and even i have allways been only supporting our beloved Albiceleste from 1978 it is Still sad thing to happen for those people from Brazil which nowdays has turned to a Varzil ! So may god bless them and lay rest on their souls !
      Yes, so this was the last of the called famous Samba as they called it in Brazil and it ended very, very dramatically indeed for them! But, i’m pretty sure that there has been people committing suicides because of football also in another countries most propably in SA, but hopefully not that much in Argentina, but i’m affraid that i could be wrong with my wish so i rather have the Argentine’s members of Mundo Albiceleste to comment on this matter if they wish to do so…because even i have only and i’m Still only supporting our beloved Albiceleste and also i’m not from Argentina even i do know some of the country’s past history for example i won’t want really comment on this kind of matter, because allready at 1986 it was not a nice news from Brazil to hear that so many people had commited suicides ! But, with Diego on our side and specially after the famous game against England and those 2 famous goal’s scored by Diego himself and specially the last one was just pure magic ! And from that point when France had beaten Brazil by penalties i was allready very optimistic for our beloved Albiceleste to be Champions again specially after 1982 unfairness against Diego was finally brought in to justice! And the magic just continued against the Belgian’s and even Jean-Marie Pfaff was unable to stop Diego scoring 2 great goals again ! And the end from 1986 WC is just pure bliss an great joyness from Diego and our beloved Albiceleste ! So one day like my friend Cox4 said that day will return to our beloved Albiceleste whether it is with Messi or not i don’t care even i wish from all my heart that Messi would also have a chance like Diego did to turn all that unfairness to in justice!

  12. This team can win

    ———–Lo Celso— De Paul

    If we win : Gonzalez for Gomez at 60. Di Maria for Lautaro and Paredes for Lo Celso at 70
    If we lose : Gonzalez for Gomez at 60. Aguero for Lautaro and Di Maria for De Paul at 70
    It it’s a draw : Gonzalez for Gomez at 60. Aguero for Lautaro and Di Maria for Lo Celso at 70

    • Plz bench Martinez.
      gomez……. messi
      Lo celso ….. Guido………d paul… Dmaria
      Molina…. Romero …..pezella.. Acuna
      Martinez we don’t neet number 9 because gomez can do it also gomez better player in d box than lautaro Martinez.

  13. Brz is the luckiest team after Chili to get into finals of Copa. They are escaped from facing Thr toughest opponents like Uruguay &Paraguay..Brz looks always struggled against these teams. Badluck for Arg. Now Arg. need to press hard and play without any preasure..

    • Argentina won 14 times out of 28 finals
      Brazil won 9 times out of 20 finals

      We’re historically still better than Brazil except since 2000s where Brazil , Uruguay and Chile has been more successful despite Argentina reached the most finals in past 20 years.

    • Subs
      Tagli – Acuna. 50. Scaloni rotated his full backs but Acuna in form
      Gonzalez-ADM 70 when Gonzalez is tired
      GLC – papu 70 tactical shift
      Lautaro-Aguero 70 tactical
      Pazzella – Romero 80 just to give Romero some time

  14. Brazil dont have a great squad of 1990s or 2000s (only mentioning recent past) to be envy of. Their squad is not better than us. Its just that they play with more intent, have more cohesion and play better as a team. Although they have a much stronger defense, our defense at their best can stand shoulder to shoulder with them.

    Our team will have to play with more cohesion and show more intent. Sometimes, we dont move the ball fast enough, dont attack with speed and show dont much intent. Players have not perfected the chemistry yet.

    Having said that, this team have what it takes to win this Copa. They might not always best football or play upto their potential, but they can get the job done.

    Compared to the teams of previous generation (till 2009-2018), players like Emi, Romero, DePaul are great upgrade.

    We have developed a lot in a year, Scaloni are building the squad nicely and Im sure we will have an even better team at the WC.

    • Brazil wins it through grit (winning at all cost) , just like Chile in 2015 and 2016.

      You might not notice, but Brazil committed 45 fouls in Copa 2007 final. That’s basically 1 foul every 2 minutes and somehow they escaped a sent off, although received like 6-7 yellows. That shows you they’re willing to do anything to stop opponents from playing well. They’ll hack you down constantly and get into your skins , thus you’re losing concentration. Its what Chile did in those 2 finals aswell.

  15. Papu Gomez, Mollina and Acuna are must for Argentina. Scaloni needs to go with the flow do not break the rhythm of the team everything is going good no change is required.
    Guido is better for Argentina than Paredes for right now. Guido Rodriguez is very very special player you can see him anywhere in the pitch the area he covers is insane just give him Lo celso and De Paul in midfield everytinhg will be okay.
    Paredes,Di maria and N. Gonzalez can come as substitute. Aguero should be starter he brings chemistry in final third. After Copa strikers like Dybla, Alario and Icardi are needed.
    Vamos Argentina🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  16. Acuna starting spot in confirmed.
    8 Are confimed to start now:
    Emi; Molina, Otamendi, Acuna; De Paul, Lo Celso, Messi, Lautaro.

    3 more:
    1. Romero or Pezzella will be decided until the very last minute
    2. Paredes or Guido: The first one has the edge
    3. Nico or Papu.

    I am glad Acuna won the starting spot so he is the real starter of LB now and Tagli has officially been a back up.

      • Yep, Paredes has always been good only for short period of time in every game. It seems that after 30 minutes, he always became less and less involve on the teamplay and just wondering around. Stamina issue I guess. Its noticable since qualifier games, he started well and then faded. Even when we played against Brazil in 2019, he was good early in the game , even threatened their goal.

        I’d prefer Guido since he defend better and could head the ball in. If Acuna’s playing instead of Tagli, than we pretty much already have an extra player providing attacking threat from the deep . So a better defensive player in midfield is better option.

    • While its 2nd division, i am happy for payero as he is moving to europe at right time. A good starting year & he can well noticed for PL or any of the other big leagues. Really liked him in the denmark, saudi U23 friendlies. He gets into the box well & we need more such box to box prospects. Hoping galoppo also gets his chance soon.

      • Galoppo should have been picked for the Olympics. Picking players on merit, and when they are in good form. Argentine coaches always seem to miss the beat.

  17. Brazil made Chile look like hopeless… even with 1 man down for whole 40 mins, they defended and make sure to scare Chile with counter attacks… just thinking what would Scaloni have done in such situation (1 goal up, 1 man down). hope we beat ecuador tomorrow. Praying for luck to be on our side this Copa.

      • Chile forgot how to score goals on open play. They only scored 3 (lowest ny any team) goals in this tournament. If this was another team instead of Chile today, (Except Bolivia or Ven) Brazil could have been in huge trouble.
        Every team is different so dont judge Argentina with the way Chile played against Brazil. We are still undefeated. And we will stay undefeated.
        Vamos Albiceleste.

    • Do you reliaze Chile hasnt beat Argentina in 10+ games ? except those 2 shootouts in 2015 & 2016. Last time they really beat Argentina was in 2008. They didnt even qualify for WC 2018. They’re not actually strong side and never will.

  18. Always think about it but forget to share. People make such a big deal out of that Croatia match. It would never ever be 3-0 if it was not for Willys mistake in the second half. If you concede a goal like that in the second half in such an important game…. you go crazy and lose it. Such an idiotic thing it is in sports…..People get credit/discredit for blunders….. If it was not for that mistake we would either draw or lose by one goal most likely who knows maybe even have won….. But look all the experts started saying ARG is poor… Croatia are great…. Not at all. Not for once people ever mention that all these would never happen if it was not for that blunder from Willy.

  19. Chileans completely useless. I wanted them to take advantage of the ten men Brazil. Just passing it around the box. I guess everyone was right about Brazil only facing weak sides at the beginning because after watching this I have lost all fear of them. The only fear I have is they will try to rob us. Brazil will go to the final most certainly and now I am waiting to see the looks on their faces when Messi beats Pele’s record in front of them. Richarlison and Neymar diving like the pussies they are. Glad to see both teams suffering though.

  20. Chile only knows to play on the counter while fouling others. They forgot to practice what to do if other team gives them possession and/or a man advantage.

    • Brazil in final already they’ll beat Peru easily

      They didn’t have to go on full gear to beat Chile

      Lucky bastards

      We’ll have it hard way again

      Beating Ecuador and Col/Uruguay won’t be easy.

  21. Brazil just scored and got man sent off but haven’t been playing great

    They not as great as the Media say they are

    If we meet them in a Final, and we play up to our potential they are beatable.

    They not Unbeatable ,far off

      • The first half Chile out possessed them. Chile had a couple of runs from robbing the ball high up the pitch but that’s it on their part for attacking. Brazil were pretty conservative first half and didn’t have any very clear chances. About the goal keeper I have no clue they change them every game.

        • Bit surprised why tite is constantly changing GK. Even weaverton got a chance. Anyway today ‘s game gives hope that brazil is not unbeatable as initially thought pre tournament. With France & belgium out, maybe brazil also has chink in their armour. Jesus out is good riddance.

      • Keeping my fingers crossed.
        I am not scared of Any teams. If we are destined to win we will against any team. I just enjoy watching Brazil losing. Also enjoy watching Chile losing too 🤔.
        Its a win win situation. 😁

        • The presure is always bigger for Argentina due to thropy drought since 1993.

          However, Brazil is actually pre tournament fav since they’re in better form in recent time and playing at home …so the preasure isnt small for them either.

          We’ve seen them crumbling badly in 2014 despite being host so if we play without fear like Germany, we’re more than capable of beating them. If teams like Peru, Paraguay & Belgium can eliminates Brazil in major tournament in last 10 years, there’s no reason to think that we cant.

  22. I have gathered a lot of thoughts about basically everything, so apologies about the long comment

    For one the Euros remain interesting and you have to feel for Switzerland because if they had maintained confidence and composure against Spain they most certainly would have won given Spain’s recent record. Italy Belgium also interesting and this was the last chance for the golden generation. IMO Belgium could do playing with a better manager because their talent is not playing to its fullest potential. Spain, Italy, and England are the real candidates now and I really hope England does not win because their fanbase is probably the worst in the tournament and for other reasons.

    I will watch Brazil and Chile smiling the whole game. One of them will be out and either is great. Just hope Paraguay manages to beat Peru because they will give more competition to the winner of Brazil Chile but with a red card it is looking unlikely.

    Now onto Argentina: For one great move for Musso. Their current keeper is not very impressive and to have Musso playing with Romero is very helpful. He deserved this move. But I also don’t like Atalanta trying to control what Romero does with the NT, I know it is logically more ideal for him to rest but it still is kind of annoying when clubs do that. With Romero out this means Pezzella-Otamendi which after so long of us fantasizing about hypothetical Romero-Licha, Senesi-Romero, Senesi-Romero-Foyth, Lisandro-Romero-Senesi and more it feels like a bad step backwards. In our heads both Pez and Ota have felt like they were out of the equation all year but now back to reality I guess. Does anyone think it is possible for Licha to play with any of Pezzella or Otamendi? Lisandro and Otamendi would both be good in the air together although physicality could be an issue (which is why I think in all cases Guido should play to add height and strength plus the other reasons).

    Either way now things are going to get exciting. If Brazil manages to reach the final which is totally plausible I think there is a real possibility of Messi beating the Pele record against Brazil IN Brazil in a final against Brazil. But one step at a time.

    • Hope Chile can eliminate Brazil because there’s no other team in this planet that I hate more than brazil

      Even though I don’t see any time beating including Argentina.

  23. Where are all those Mundo experts who were saying European teams are much better than Argentina team?
    France lost to the swiss……..
    Germany lost to a toothless english side and were struggling against Hungary……
    Portugal Could not go past second round and demolished by the Germans…..
    The Dutch lost to the czech………
    Belgium did not look impressive against Italy and lost….
    Spain barely defeated a 10 men Swiss…..
    Argentina would come out on top against most of these teams
    They have a serious chance to win WC 2022.

    • Most of those fans are the younger fans with less football experience. When these European goes head to head with South American Giants its a different scenerio. Yes European has won 4 back to back WC. We almost won in 2014. But every game is different you cannot compare teams watching different games played in Different Tournaments. We gave France a scare in 2018 that no other teams could. Argentina have beaten all the top European teams before and we can always do it again. We are a powerhouse its in our DNA. This will go on forever.

        • Fucking LOL that started by a blunder by Willy……. in the second half if you concede a goal like that you get crazy and hence the 3-0. Without Caballeros blunder it would either be a draw or Croatia winning by a fine margin. And that ARG team does not even compare to this one.

    • Uruguay eliminated Portugal in WC 2018, Colombia only lost on penalties. South American is actually superior. Do people forgot Spain was eliminated by Russia in 2018 ? lol , and they’re out at group stage in 2014.

      The only difference between Argentina vs France and Swiss vs France is that France got the 4th goal against Argentina, otherwise they would probably lose on penalties aswell like against Swiss.

      France defence has always been shit, they conceided twice in WC final, 3 against Argentina and conceided 6 goals in last 3 games at Euro. Overrated team.

      Yet, people never mention how shit their defence statistically lol. Now if only Argentina could get back their goalscoring prowess, we could beat anyone.

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