Last Argentina practice before traveling to play Ecuador in quarter-finals


The Argentina national team trained this morning for the last time before they travel to Goiânia this evening. On Saturday, Argentina will face Ecuador in the quarter finals of the Copa America.

During Friday morning’s practice at the AFA training facility in Ezeiza, the squad began exercising in the gym at 10:30 (local time). Then, already on field number 2 of the sports complex, the coaching staff set up some tactical moves, which concluded with free-kicks and corner-kicks in attack and defense.

According to the AFA’s official website, a press conference is planned for this evening (4:00 PM local time), where coach Lionel Scaloni plus Nicolás Otamendi will answer questions from the media.

At 4:30 PM, the whole squad will be heading to the Ezeiza airport, which is just 8 minutes away from Argentina’s training center. The estimated arrival to the city of Goiânia is 8:30 PM today and they will all have dinner at 9 PM.



  1. Italy really justified that they were the real dark horse of Euro 2021, tough I’ll put money on England wining it which Greenstone Lobo also predicted.

      • Italy is never a dark horse. 13 games unbeaten, over 1200 mins of clean sheet. The DNA also consist of 4 WC triump. England is not a better team than Italy. Both Historically and on current form. I dont know what football you are watching. Zodiac Football? lol

      • Considering France, Portugal, Belgium, England etc big name teams surely Italy was the dark horse by ESPN

    • A dark horse is denmark or switzerland at least before today. Italy is one of the biggest football countries in the world. But I guess last time Italy won something you were still in the womb so makes sense you’d think that

  2. According to Scaloni’s interview. These players are confirmed to start: Emi Martinez; Molina, Otamendi; Lo Celso, De Paul; Messi, Lautaro.

    The remaining 4 are:
    1. Romero vs. Pezzella. We know how the situation is now.
    2. Acuna vs. Tagli. Acuna seems to win the battle but Scaloni won’t confirm it
    3. Guido vs. Paredes. Lo Celso WILL start Scaloni already confirms it, so it is Paredes vs Guido. Paredes seems to have the edge according to the interview.
    4. Nico vs. Papu. As Mafioso said Scaloni likes them both but Nico seems to be the starter.

  3. Scaloni and Otamendi have attended a press conference just a while ago.

    Scaloni did not confirm XI. He compared between Papu and Nico. For him, Papu can play from inside while Nico is more vertical. Interestingly he compared Lo Celso and Guido Rodriguez and acknowledged Guido had good matches.

    He also praised Lo Celso few questions later and wished he has a good game tommorrow. So I think Lo Celso is going to start along with Paredes. RDP was fixed.

    He mentioned that he respects Ecuador but they have weaknesses and his team wil try to capitalize on gaps made by Ecuadoran players. So in that sense, more direct Nico gonzalez will get preference I believe.

    With an offensive midfield and forward line, he may opt for a ‘balanced’ LB.

    • With paredes playing same old midfield. What exactly changed?? Nothing. We may be out seeing guido not playing and no creativity apart from messi and locelso. Paredes makes us defensively weak susceptible to counters if equador defends well thn we r in trouble

  4. I don’t wanna be pessimistic but I don’t believe we can’t play or sustain the level of football played in Europe right now…. Italy vs Belgium… What a treat!!!!!!

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