Rodrigo De Paul performance for Argentina in Copa America quarter final


Rodrigo De Paul was one of Argentina’s stand out performers in their quarter final match at the Copa America.

De Paul scored the first goal of the match, which also happened to be his first ever in an Argentina shirt. It proved to be the match winner but in addition to his goal, De Paul also played a role in the third goal of the match.

He sent in a cross to Angel Di Maria when Di Maria was tackled down. The free kick led to a Lionel Messi goal for the third of the match.

While it was Lionel Messi who was awarded the Man of the Match, De Paul was up there among the best of the match.


  1. Latest : Today at 3:30 PM local time, final practice will be held. Romero will join the training, if he responds well he will start next game. Reasons to be hopeful.

  2. I have no stake in this game per se but it’s mind boggling how people are ignoring Di Maria’s current form. Di Maria is a top player and currently one of the best players in world football. Di Maria would surely start in any of the Copa America team including the Brazilian national team, and no way that Richarlison guy would have kept Di Maria out of Brazil starting XI, so why are all the keyboard coaches excluding Di Maria from every lineup while reducing him to being just a 25-30 minutes sub in the second half despite the said player being the man of the match against Paraguay like two games ago.

    There is no way Brazil would have Di Maria on the bench given his world class ability and understanding with Neymar but only Argentina fans think Di Maria is not good enough to start over ”legends” like Nico Gonzalez and Lo Celso who clearly are not blowing away anyone’s minds on the football pitch. I’m still waiting on a memorable game from either Lo Celso or Nico Gonzalez. The only good game Lo Celso had in an Argentina jersey was a friendly game against Iraq. All this genius creativity and link up play with Messi whispered here about Lo Celso on the football pitch is yet to be seen.

    Brazil playing style is nothing special, they just defend, use the wings, hope for the opponent to make a defensive unforced error and then pounced, and if that doesn’t materialize, they’ll try and score with individual brilliance…Brazil is not blowing away anyone minds at this year Copa, they don’t deserve all the hype the media throws at them, I could understand the hype if this was the 2002/2006 Brazil national team of old where they had more formidable players especially in attack and defense.

    You can’t just put out a lineup and say the coach or whomever is in charge should sub this or that player after 60+/70 minutes because every game is different. Di Maria has made his case for the starting position in this tournament and against Colombia Argentina is going to need all their best players on the pitch from the start given there will be no 30 minutes extra time. The coach can make changes if certain players’ form and playing style improves along the way, there’s just no reason to keep out of form players in the starting XI at the expense of inform players, you just don’t see this at club level or with other national teams. These changes are not a long term strategy, no one is saying keep Di Maria and Gomez until 2050 over younger players, we’re talking about two games remaining at this year Copa America. The point is, Di Maria is in the form of his life so why should he wait on the bench while Argentina struggles to break down teams for over 70+ minutes?

    If the game is still deadlock at around the 70/80 minutes mark (not impossible given the recent Copa America history between the two teams) then the super sub strategy will likely fail because at this point of the game Colombia would be thinking about penalties. So if a penalty shootout is around the corner Colombia will likely go in a 5-4-1 defensive mode, play for the PK shootout or try and clinch a last minute goal via a counter attacking move. So not because Argentina scored a few late goals against Ecuador means the situation will be the same against Colombia.

    Juan Cuadrado will be Colombia’s most important player in attack, and this is also where you need Di Maria in his current form…Di Maria will keep Cuadrado honest and limit his attacking burst going forward (something you never had for the WCQ game) because at the same time he will have to focus on defending Di Maria at the other end of the pitch. Also keep in mind, Cuadrado is easily frustrated when he has to defend a lot, this put him at risk at being book or even getting a red card. Di Maria will shut down Cuadrado just like how he did against Bayern Alphonso Davies during this year UCL semi final. Things can switch around, like Papu Gomez can be a super sub too, same for Angel Correa, maybe these two players would be better coming off the bench in a situation where Colombia is parking the bus, maybe their style will be more suitable to break down the opposition stubborn defending.

    Di Maria will provide the width, pace and counter attacking options from the start of the game, this will benefit Messi sooner rather than later in the game.

    Parcedes is being put in a difficult position, he is not a CDM, he just doesn’t have either the height, strength or pace to play in this defensive role. So Parcedes makes the entire backline vulnerable. If the coach likes this guy so much then utilize him in another position. Otherwise I don’t see how this Parcedes guy is anyone’s favorite given his limited status on the pitch.

    • Di Maria is in beast mode now, one reason for that is the tired and disoriented opposition.
      He is very effective in this role, there is no reason to alter that. Agreed, Nico has been a let down in this tournament, so far. But, He is not going to be another MEZA or Pavon, this guy is highly talented and he is going to stay. But considering his form, it will be better to bench him, he will be as good as di maria in late querters, considering his skills and high speed. His defensive ability will also be good to utilize in the late minutes.

      So Starting Di Maria in place of Nico may not be a great idea. Rather that slot should be given to Papu, who has been extremely useful this season so far, and he’s not a super sub material. He is a perfect player to start the match in front foot, he can be very helpful in breaking the organized defense in closed space (That is what we will be getting from Columbia, because all are aware of Argentina’s early ambush and the thirst for an early goal, which has been seeing high success rate recently. When was the last time we didn’t have a first half goal? )

      De Paul- in attacking engine mode (Thanks to Guido’s presence instead of Paredes, hopefully), Lo Celso and Papu along with the Goat… This attacking combo can breach any impregnable walls. which Columbia can ever build.

      Agree with you that if it was Brazil, Di Maria would be starting ahead of their EPL mid table star. But we are Argentina, our attacking options are way superior to them now. Not saying we are the damn hot favourites, But as far as talent pool is considered, our attacking midfield is way ahead of them. So frankly, what brazil hypothetically would have done with ADM is not a thing we should worry about.
      I am happy that, we have ADM in beast mode coming from bench to help us out, when our Rivals don’t have anyone near his quality to do the same.

      • Sampaoli’s biggest error was to not play with a number 9 against France and bring Aguero off the bench when Frence legs were tired.. his stupid strategy didn’t pan out well and it was too late for Aguero to change the game. Hopefully Scaloni will take into account that there is no extra time next game and Columbia will park the bus and hit us on counter and we need players who are good offensively and at the same time track back and defend and Nico failed to do that against Eduador. Scaloni’s love affair with Pareded and Nico is beyond comprehension. There is a reason he plays for a B-division club and Angel Correa and Diamria play for top tier teams in Europe and Dimaria is in exceptional form right now. Messi, Dimaria, Lautaro and Angel Correa should lead our attack next game!

    • Di maria will be more effective in subs than starter because of age, he is no more 2011-2016 stamina plus injury prone always so better to use proper way which made the difference.

      • Does Di Maria plays as a sub for PSG in the UCL and I guess, everyone knows the difficulty level of UCL is even more than WC?
        He doesnt, then why he shouldn’t come as a starter given that he is the best besides Messi and surely you can see the hungerness in his eyes, who is willing to give everything so that Argentina could clinch their 1st title in 28years. Like it or not, nothing special about Nico Gonzalez, he is just another Dembele of Barcelona.
        The trio of Messi Gomez and DiMaria is certainly a luxury for any NT. Pure talent and not a single percent overhyped.

        • Because most of the folks here are used to playing fantasy football in their Playstation!! The most important part to consider that Its a knockout match without extra time. If Columbia is leading then they will easily waste last 20 mins by pulling Paredes’s oscar act and if the score is even then they will force the match into penalty shootout!!

    • Kidultood, I agree with starting Di Maria for the reasons you mentioned and because Nico is very poor right now. But people reduce him to a substitute role for a reason: either he has the game of his career and scores a rocket goal from outside the box or he loses the ball every five seconds and does nothing. With him it is a lottery. Look at his first game against Chile. Playing him as a sub usually seems to reduce the risk of him playing badly. Also Lo Celso has played great games, look at the november qualifiers.

  3. From latest report, Guido is likely to start in expense of Paredes or another midfielder.

    Acuna will start if he is recovered from tiredness.

    Nico vs Di Maria remains same.

    The biggest concern is Romero. Not sure if he can start. Really gutted with the situation, reminds me of Samuel situation in 2010. But Samuel never made the impact Romero did in few matches.

    One more training session left.

  4. Players need 100,% concentration against brz. lazy 1 minute is enough for them. Brzs back 6 players always steady against Arg. Thy never gave any gap in back line.They never give arg to counter attk. Brz never try An all-out attack against arg. Thy should sit back and looks to get a counter..As always brz back 4 is not a big threat. Thy r also sloppy defndrs. Scaloni must try to get advantage against brzn defndrs..

  5. A Brazilian COW referee plus Dump VAR plus Brz s players physical play plus Bulk of luckof Brz team is enough to discourage ARG.

  6. xG’s after 5 matches Lautaro 3,8 (2 goals) Messi 2,6 (4) Nicolas Gonzalez 1,6 (0) Aguero 0,7 (0) Papu 0,7 (2) Angel Correa 0,7 (0) De Paul 0,5 (1)….xG/90 Lautaro 1,40 (Correa 0,90 but only 73 minutes) Nico Gonzalez 0,61 Messi 0,52 Aguero 0,50 Papu 0,50….Lautaro finishing is really bad so far, but his movements and ability to make scoring chances are God-level, Nico the same warm and cold, only Messi’s and Papu’s finishing are really good. non penalty xG/90 1. Lautaro 1,40 2. Neymar 0,73 3. Firmino 0,71 4. Nico 0,61 5. Borja 0,57…in Euro TOP3 1. Gerard Moremo 0,73 2. Havertz 0,72 3. CR 0,64…

  7. Hopefully Romero will be fit. Papu is not a substitute player… He can give you advantage only when he start. ADM playing well as Sub.. hopefully we won by another messi magic..

  8. Lautaro
    A Gomez | Messi | DePaul
    LoCelso | Guido
    Acuna | Otamendi | Romero | Molina

    After 60-70 mins:
    Nico | Messi | DiMaria
    Guido | DePaul
    Acuna | Otamendi | Romero | Molina

    We need an early goal badly. So we have to start the match like against Paraguay/Bolivia. Apart from bringing the goal scoring threat, A Gomez will have to put in the best defensive performance of life.

  9. Staring XI – 4:3:3


    Subs: After 60/70 mins. (—) 4:2:3:1

    —(DiMaria)—-Messi—-(Nico G)—

    This is our best combination
    Starters and Subs.

    – Start Papu
    – Off The Bench (DiMaria) and (NicoG)
    They will run the tired defenders wild.
    – Otamendi is ok for me as a starter, we can bring Lisandro after 70 or 80 mins to give him some experience. He is the future.
    – Guido is a MUST. No Paredes 🙏🙏🙏🙏
    – I hope and pray Romero is ready.

  10. The latest news of the training camp. As we know no more big changes now. It is reported the probable starting line up:
    Emi; Molina, Romero/Pezzella, Otamendi, Acuna; Paredes/Guido, De Paul, Lo Celso; Messi, Nico Gonzales/Di Maria, Lautaro.

    Only 3 places are in doubt. The last 2 because the subs performed better than the starters. The first case is merely because of Romero fitness issue.

    I like Molina a lot better than Montiel but he needs to mark his man better. Last game, Ecuador sent some dangerous crosses from his area/his man.

    Also we need to pay attention to their most dangerous player, the right winger Cuadrado. Acuna would be tested. Lo Celso and Nico Gonzales would need to cover.

    • Romero is the biggest concern of all. The difference between Romero and Pezzella is big.

      A right winger is more necessary to support messi than a left winger. The LW becomes receiver of Messi’s passes while RW helps messi in combo play. I am not sure whether Di Maria will be as influential from left. A 4-4-2 is more appropriate than 4-3-3.

      Guido over Paredes is no brainer, specially if Romero does not start. Zapata / Muriel will skin Pezzella. Rewatch Atalanta-Fiorentina match for reference.

    • The only problem I have is Paredes.
      Beside that I am ok with the squad.
      – I hope Romero is fit to play.
      – Guido is a must for 90 mins
      – I am not ok with ADM to start, He is fragile and I want him in Final. And he is not at his best on the Left Wing. So the best way to use him is last 30 mins as a super sub. He is our wild trump card.
      – I am ok with Nico Gonzales only of he comes in as a sub with Dimaria. Both of them will run the tired opposition wild.
      – Start Papu and Sub him off with Nico Gonzales at 60/70 mins.
      – You can bring Paredes on for Locelso after 70 mins. But please not a starter.
      – Acuna over Tagli, Molina over Montiel.
      – I am ok with Otamendi and Romero. Otamendi is doing alright. I would like to see more of Lisandro in the Qualifiers. But 2 young defenders without the “Final” experience could be dangerous.

      My Team:


      Subs After 60/70 mins: (—)

      —(DiMaria)——Messi——(Nico G)—

      Our Best Winning Combination
      Starters and Subs

      Copa Is Ours to take.
      WC here we come.

      • If Di Maria to start it is more like 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 with him at the right, don’t think Scaloni wants Di Maria on the left.
        ————-De Paul-Paredes/Guido
        —Di Maria————————Lo Celso

        When Di Maria started the last time, he was also on the right.

    • Those cross would been delt easily if Romero was there i think. His Positional play is way better then Pezzella also his game reading.

  11. Why Scaloni is hell bent on starting Paredes n Nico instead of Guido n Gomez who are performing brilliantly in their respective positions.

    Against Columbia we cannot afford to miss chances after chances coz unlike Ecuador, Col have the squad to make us regret those missed chances.

    Also someone plz give chill pill to Otamendi so that he remains calm but can’t blame him either for last game as Brazilian referee was unbelievable, reluctant to produce yellow card.

  12. Apart from stats , Guido is not only better than paredes defensively but he also performs better than paredes under press, Paredes looses the ball in dangerous areas when he is pressed aggressively but Guido looks very calm and always finds his teammates.
    Guido’s paases might not be defense splitting like Paredes but he is very safe in shot paases in other paredes misplaces many passes.

  13. As much as i hate england, i must admit they have a very strong team…just can’t believe Rashford or Grealish not getting minutes..Though Scaloni job is safe..but, he got the selection wrong (Form and Injury)..but anyways except Messi no one is a we cannot do a France..

    But the only common thing between Argentina and England, Messi and Kane are assured starters..

  14. First goal incident..that Brazilian SOB referee should have shown at least a yellow card and for the reckless foul and last man of the defense both combined he should have seen a red card!!

  15. —————-Lautaro
    —Gomez——-Messi—-De Paul
    ———-Lo Celso—Guido

    minutes 60 : Gomez -> Gonzalez & Di Maria -> Lo Celso

    —Gonzalez—-Messi—-Di Maria
    ———-Guido—–De Paul

    Gonzalez and Di Maria can be very nice as Sub who come from the bench to give new energy on the wings for the last 30 minutes !

      • I like your XI. Play with Creative players with finese in the beginning and when the opponents are tired bring on the fast Monsters for the counter. But with this tactics we must score first.

  16. I have watched 10 minutes of Colombia Uruguay match after half time and then watched extended highlights.

    Colombia started with 2 strikers. Muriel and Zapata. On several occasion Zapata got better of Jimenez and forced saves from Muslera.

    Colombia mainly attacked from the wings but also tried combo play from the middle and tried to release Zapata.

    Their backline was organized and Ospina is in good form.

    If we don’t mark them well and give the control to them they will score. Also half hearted finishing attempt will be costly, as there will be fewer chances.

    Romero’s presence is very important. Pezzella won’t be able to handle Zapata. Also with Paredes we will be exposed to their attacks through middle. Guido is not a difficult decision.

    If Scaloni atleast does not bring Guido, expect 10th to 70th min situation from Ecuador match. Only it will be harder.

  17. Player of the game is undeniable: LeoMessi

    … but the play of the game was Marcos Acuña!!! With the game 1-0 Ecuador’s low cross was sent to the back post of Argentina and acuña’s marking knocked the Ecuadorean player off balance to the point that a certain “tap in” goal and 1-1 game was pushed wide!!! Play of the match!!!

    • Strongly disagree. Play of the game was:

      Messi releases Nico with a through ball

      Nico one on one, but the goalie comes out to block him,

      Nico is on the ground after colliding with the goalie, but Messi sneaks the ball from rebound before anyone else and tees up for DePaul with a no look pass. DePaul scores. Goal!!!!!

      • his assist in the first goal says it all, watch how he passed the ball between ecuador’s goalkeeper and nico, lifting up just above nico while he was on the ground, and managed to make it land exactly on depaul’s foot, he did all that without lifting his head up. This win is great boaster for the squad, regardless of the style of play, hopefully mistakes will be addressed by the scaloni, 2 more matches to glory

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