Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni press conference: “Messi is the best of all time”


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni spoke to the press following the team’s 3-0 win vs. Ecuador in the quarter finals of the Copa America.

Lionel Scaloni lived the game, as he usually does, in a very passionate and intense way. That’s how he was as a player and that’s how he is as a coach. We saw him constantly giving directions to his players, and also complaining repeatedly to the referee.

This is what the Argentina coach had to say in the post-game press conference:

“All the players gave their best until the last minute of the match and that, as a coach, fills me with pride. We are at a decisive stage, and we will try to move forward with work and humility.”

Regarding the substitutions:

“With the substitutions, we took the initiative again and refreshed the team a bit. Ecuador is a good team and that must be considered.”

He also commented on how tough the Copa America is:

“Anyone who believes that all games can be won easily is wrong. The matches are tough, they are played to the limit.”

“It is a very difficult Copa America; there is a good level. To reach the semifinals you must play to win all the games. We have gone step by step. In the end, one always wins, but we made it clear that the process is important.”

In addition, Scaloni praised Lionel Messi’s fantastic game:

“Leo’s game… I honestly don’t know if he’s ever going to get tired of being praised every day. The best thing that can happen for us football lovers is that he plays until he can, so we can continue enjoying him.

“Messi is enjoyed even by opponents when they play against him. We are talking about the best player of all time.”

Thinking on Tuesday’s semifinals game against Colombia, this is what Scaloni stated:

“We faced Colombia recently; they are a very difficult opponent, with top players. We hope to play with the same intensity, with the same enthusiasm.”


  1. To all the Christina Lovers around here……………..Messi doesn’t wait to be fed the ball inside the box and then cry about it and throw his arms in the air when he doesn’t get it.
    Messi shows his leadership by doing what he does best, running the show and not pretending to do so by running his mouth to the media and posting videos on Tik Tok.
    Messi wears his captains armband with absolute pride and would never throw it on the ground and kick it like her majesty after losing.
    Not one single player on the Argentine squad wonders about when Messi is going to retire behind closed doors while I cant say the same about Penaldo.
    Messi wants to win before anything and could care less about individual accolades unlike sunshine who wants the world to know, ‘see I scored and its not my fault we lost’
    ….and they say both are equal and its a competition because there never was one.

    • Yes spot on ! There never been any competition and there never will be ! And they never ever have even been close to an equal, so Penaldo can try and do what ever he want’s, but that won’t change nothing ! I don’t know why people even talk about him ? They must be insane or retired or never seen Messi’s game or how he plays, behave’s, respect’s others etc… the list just goes constantly on…

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