Atletico Madrid sign Argentina Copa America winner Rodrigo De Paul


Atletico Madrid have announced the signing of Argentina Copa America winner Rodrigo De Paul.

It has been long rumored but finally official, De Paul is an Atletico Madrid player. The recently crowned Copa America champion joins on a five year contract.

This would not be De Paul’s first stint in Spain. He joined Valencia back in 2014 from boyhood club Racing Club. He spent two years signed to Valencia but spent part of those two years on loan at Racing.

He later joined Udinese in 2016 where he would go on to become their captain. In the prime of his career, De Paul is 27 years of age and has become an integral part of the Argentina national team.


  1. This looks like a great move in paper, AM is club which is playing in the CL with a great coach. I hope De Paul keeps on his upward graph at AM too. Correa and De paul will be our key players moving forward, they both are in their prime age too.

    Off the topic, Like Romero and Emiliano suddenly owned their spot in the back line, will any other youngster suddenly emerge and make a spot in the defense?

    All our veterans will be going to the WC. It will be their swan song for sure (Bar Messi he can keep on playing for as long as he wants) What Scaloni now needs is to find the backups and polish them. I am sure someone will emerge.

    • To be honest I would have been really surprised if Romero or Emi failed. I was confident about their success, not us winning the trophy. Also, I feel, they did not emerge suddenly. They were both playing at top level for couple of years. We did not incorporate them.

      I really hope there is a good solid right back somewhere in Argentina. Need a sudden emerge of that 🙂

      • Yes we need to corporate as many new players , because i think we do have some allready who could have been allready corporated til now as players playing on field and not only just ball watching from the bench like for example Lisandro Martinez and we can deffinetly be able to corporate more in the coming friendliess which i hope AFA can be able to arrange as many as possible…This a very needed thing to do and we should have done it allready in the past better than have we done and specially now even we finally have won after 28 year’s of draught we must and allways should look for the coming future because it will stupid to rely on all the players from this Copa squad because as everyone knows some of them are not that young anymore and also some are unfortunatly maybe more injuryprone than others and even if not well anyone can get injured at anytime so that is why we should try find at least 1-2 players for every spot as back up and at least 1-3 players fighting for the first eleven and to included in our next WC team for the continuing qualifiers it is also important that we have those back up players ready to step in at any moment as necessary and they must be the right players and also pretty much the one’s going to next WC because unfortunatly time is limited and it literally flies past one and another, but offcourse we also have to prepare for every game as unit and do it as good as we can and now we should use this energy from our winning team of group of players to boost our confidence even more, but also at the same time include anothers who have allready been with our beloved Albiceleste and also one’s that have not yet presented our Jersey and like u said we could have corporate Emi and Romero much before we did, but we did’nt instead we waited until the very last moment which worked fine, but one can’t be sure that same strategy will work with every player because everyone is different from each other and some are more mentally strong than others and this very important thing in football to be able to play at best level as possible, but also be able to be mentally strong enough and for some players that need more game’s in the our beloved Albiceleste than for example Emi and Romero who are so strong mentally that i have not seen for so long time with so few caps got our beloved Albiceleste and for me Rodrigo De Paul is very good example for many of our coming future players because he have fought so hard to acomplish to what he have come as a very complete and a very great player for our beloved Albiceleste as for A.Correa who have became so important player more and more for Athelico Madrid and Simeone even though allmost in every transfer window he has been linked to another team, but Still even we have seen him performing good enough for our beloved Albiceleste Still i think we can get so much more out of him for our beloved Albiceleste as same goes for Dybala and specially Lisandro Martinez have to be included in our starting eleven because as i said before we must allways use our best players as much as we can offcourse depending onour opponent and who we are playing against, but Still i think for me it is Still a bit of puzzle why Scaloni has not used him basicly at all at least he could have played against Bolivia and come in as substitute for allready before this Copa for me i would introduced hin allready long time ago as i would have done with Emi and Romero too and maybe also with some other players, but i’m not complaining just rather wanting even better future for our beloved Albiceleste and thinking of which is the best possible way to do it…
        After 28 year’s of waiting i’m Still literally in heaven and deffinetly on cloud 9 for god knows how long as i wish this current feeling of mine and others who supporting Argentina and our beloved Albiceleste to continue as long as possible and i’m so so happy for the whole country of Argentina and for our past and present players of Albiceleste and for everyone for supporting our beloved Albiceleste with that special passion in their heart’s forever !

      • I think Molina or Montiel can become solid if one of them is played consistently during Quals

        If we keep switching like we did last qualifiers then it will remain a week spot.

  2. It has always been a dream for me to see most of our player in the top 4 leagues…The time is ripe for messi to lift his World cup next year in qatar…it has been written in the stars i guess…i hope and pray that becomes true

  3. Great move. DePaul and Atleti are perfect match. DePaul is a workforce with lot of quality which is exactly what Atleti is..

    I just hope Cholo doesnt squeeze all of his energy. El Cholo is such a demanding coach.

    We need a fresh DePaul for the world cup.

    • That would be awesome move. I am so eager to Senesi move another team in Italy or Spain. One good season like Romero would do the trick. He should get a call up in next September fixture. Pazzella time is up for sure and thanks for that.

    • Senesi sounds intresting could u maybe be able to give a little bit of data from him for the present and also maybe from his past if possible and id so find enough time for it…i would personally really apreciate it !

  4. Cholo & RDP has one thing in common, both won Copa America. Now hopefully they could win CL. Great signing. Not big fan of that club but any club that has big history with Argentines, I supports them.

  5. Okay guys do you notice one thing that we’ve always wanted for our players?

    The multiple number of argentines in one club thing. It’s surely happening and there’s no stopping it.

    Nico, pezzella and chino at Fiorentina.
    Nehuen Perez, correa and de Paul at Atletico.
    Messi Kun at Barcelona.
    Licha and tagla in ajax.
    Paredes, Di Maria at psg.
    Emi buendia and dibu at Aston villa.
    Cuti and musso in Atalanta.

    This shit is happening right before the world cup, exactly the time when it’s most important that we build chemistry before going to the world cup. Can’t expect anything more than this.

    Plus Argentina’s players stock has risen to unexpected heights. Aston villa are already plotting for Alvarez. Balerdi permanently in OM and so foyth as well.

    Young talent Dario sarmiento in city and possibly almada to OM.
    Plus Medina and Bruno amione and also barca’s Ramos Mingo.

    Things are aligning. I just hope now that when Messi’s luck has finally opened, god and this luck should give him the prize that he and all of us had wanted for long time.

    Also guys ……..I won’t be going deep with this but I wanna give you a mysterious surprise.

    Argentina’s goal against brasil came at the 22th minute and it was scored by a player named ANGEL.

    So…..ANGEL comes and save 22.

    I leave it here.

    Vamos argentino 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷
    Dale Campion🎉🎉🎊🎊🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

    • And let’s hope that if these players get moves: Senesi, Montiel, Lisandro, Molina, Rodriguez, Alvarez, and maybe Dybala they go to a club where they A) get game time and B) will be with other Argentinians. I hope they are smart about it because if these players get these types of good moves it could go a long way for the next world cup. Looking farther in the future I hope Luka Romero, Almada, de la Vega, Velasco, Barco, and Gaich do the same

    • Dude you left out one of the legendary clubs that won 6 eurocups…SEVILLAAA…Acuna, Ocampos and papu plays with us…Hope scaloni brings in ocampos to the WC 2022…He can also play as a RB

    • I think that’s why Germany always seems to have such synchronous teams.

      They are immediately able to fit together.

      Hoping we can replicate that chemistry.

  6. So I see, the whole Messi barra brava has arrived in Spain. Lmaooo……

    De Paul at Atletico
    Kun and Messi in Barcelona
    Papu and Acuna in Sevilla
    Guido Rodriguez at Betis.

    These guys are surely having lots of parties and hanging out together come the next season.


  7. There is a possibility that the Artemio Franchi trophy will return, which is like a super cup between the winner of Copa America and Euros, hence a match between Italy and Argentina. We were the last winners of this in 1993. What do you guys think?

  8. Only 35 mill? Wow that’s peanuts, even in COVID era!
    Argentines haven’t had the easiest time with el cholo (Vietto, Kranevitter, Gaitan and Ansaldi) but I think De Paul is gonna go the way of Augusto Fernandez and A.Correa, he the has the physicality and tenacity for El Cholo’s teams not to mention the fact that his world class skills would class up Atletico and la liga as a whole.

    So if we look at the transfers thus far:

    – Kun to Barca.
    Really hope he stays fit because he and Lio together can only mean good things.

    – De Paul to Atletico.
    A world class CM for a la liga champion? Why not!

    – Musso to Atalanta.
    This could be a great signing and if he does as well as I think he will, he may give ‘Debu’ some competition.

    – Cervi to Celta.
    Now this signing hasn’t gotten much fan faire but honestly Cervi is a fantastic box to box midfielder and Coudet is an excellent coach, so keep an eye out for Cervi at Celta because I think he’ll force his way into the NT team.

    – Buendia to Aston Villa.
    I think Emi is a world class talent and in a team with a top GK like Debu and a fantastic player like Grealish I think Aston villa will do something this season in the BPL.

    – Nico Gonzalez to Fiorentina.
    Not sure how I feel about this, Serie A is a good league and it suits Argentines just fine but Fiorentina is a mess despite having good financial backing.

    If I missed any others, let me know.

    • Juan Foyth to Villareal.
      Leo Balerdi to OM.
      Both of them move permanently after a good loan spell.

      Martin.Payero to Middlesborough.

    • Also remember that with Musso and Atalanta we will have a club with an Argentinian goalkeeper and two Argentinian center backs in front of him – great

    • Franco Cervi has everything. Speed, acceleration, ball control, defensive contribution, passing, dribbling, stamina… everything. He can play in multiple positions too. Surely Scaloni will love to have a guy like that in NT.
      Only thing needed is..a coach to motivate him. There is a great possibility that…he will be back with NT much stronger.

    • The momentum is good for us now & hope to see more transfers. I wish to see the following before transfer window closes
      1) Marcos Senesi moving to Serie A / La liga in a top 5 club
      2) Gaich sealing a good transfer move. CSKA or Benevento ( without Inzagi & in Serie B ) is not ideal
      3) Angileri & Montiel to Serie A / La Liga
      4) Almada , De La Vega, Julian Alvarez – its ripe time to be in Europe for them to realize their potential
      5) I feel Udinese can pick a couple of Argentines with their strong affinity & money from Musso/RDP sales.
      6) With Heinze in Atlanta United – i am fine with Barco doing a full season there . Same for Girotti who should spend a season as key striker in River before any move .

    • @Mamoun dear friend any update about olympics football team??
      And our properity in the tournament??
      No senior player included in the squad, so how many chances has the Argentina for championship??

      • I know the olympic team is playing a friendly against S.Korea soon, which will be their last game before the olympics.
        The team itself looks good, all the guys (except Julian Alvarez and Capaldo) who dominated the S.American qualifiers are there.
        I think it’s a huge waste not to take Buendia and either Dybala or Icardi. I also wish that the likes of Senesi, Balerdi, Foyth, Ascacibar, Robertone, C.Medina, Almendra, or Varela were there for backup but I’m guessing it wasn’t possible to reach a deal with their clubs.

        I personally have faith in this squad because I saw them play some excellent football in the olympic qualifiers but it ain’t gonna be an easy road because Argentina’s group has Spain and if Argentina makes it through to the second round they’d have to play (very likely) either Brazil or Germany and the former in particular is hella strong (easily the strongest in the whole tournament).
        In any case VAMOS el pibes, not only because an olympic medical is prestigious but more importantly because olympic football has become, in the last 20 or so years, a real hub for big clubs to snatch up young talent and I think the likes of De la Vega, Vera, Gaich, Almada are worthy of good clubs where they can develop.

  9. As a die hard Argentina and Atleti fan, this is great news for me.
    This guy is full of energy will fit well in Atleti plans, and become better under simeone for la seleccion. simeone will bring the best out of him which will reflect positively. He will sharpen his passing technique more like the pass he gave to DiMaria

  10. This is the best thing happened after Copa for me. Everything working out. We need another CM in good club with regular football. Maybe Palacio

  11. Stats Perform’s Opta data include 4 Argentines in team of the tournament:

    Emiliano Martínez
    Rodrigo De Paul
    Lionel Messi
    Lautaro Martínez

    De Paul to Atlético for €35m is an absolute steal even in covid times. He will fit perfectly into Simeone system. Lautaro also would, and he is said to be his #1 forward target and we should hope it happens. Huge NT benefit with 3 players there coached by Simeone

    • That is a joke. Team of the tournament featuring 4 Argentines and NO defenders among them? Argentina conceded only 3 in the whole tournament. Emi Martinez makes the GK, no doubt about that. But Nico Otamendi should be one of the ones making the All Copa America twam!

      Nico played amazing without Romero and even better with Romero. He organized the defense and he was rising to the occassion.

  12. great news as Simone is known for his physical fitness training the toughest anywhere. It will be good for him and anyone else who plays there.

  13. This guy is a general. He inspires the whole team with his work ethic. I’d say he’s been 2nd or third best player for Argentina this Copa behind only Messi of course and Martinez or Dimaria. His boots touched every blade of grass in that final. A few years with El Cholo and you may witness something truly special in Depaul as if this year performance wasn’t special enough

  14. Under Simeone he’s going to be a bigger player. Perfect for WC 2022. He and Angel Correa can build some chemistry. That will be great for NT.

  15. This is awesome. Love it. We should see more of our players taking significant roles in top clubs. Clubs that create winning mentality, great physical regime, diet etc.

    Good to De Paul, though it feels like he will be fantastic success anyway!

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