The Argentina Copa America goal of the tournament


While Lionel Messi was the Copa America top scorer with five goals, there were some gems which found the back of the net for Argentina.

It was Lionel Messi who scored the first Argentina goal of the tournament but it was one of the tournament hero’s Angel Di Maria who scored the last one. Lionel Scaloni’s team had six different goal scorers.

Messi scored his first of two free kicks at the tournament in the team’s opening match vs. Chile. Guido Rodriguez, who was in and out of the team throughout the Copa, scored a header in the 1-0 win vs. Uruguay.

Alejandro “Papu” Gomez managed his first of the tournament following a great pass by Di Maria in the win vs. Paraguay.

After that came the four goal fest vs. Bolivia. Gomez managed his second after great work by Angel Correa and the assist by Messi. Speaking of Messi, he got his second and third goals of the tournament in the win vs. Bolivia, a penalty and a chip goal with Aguero getting the assist. Lautaro Martinez broke his duck with a close range effort.

One of the players of the final Rodrigo De Paul managed his only goal of the Copa in a 3-0 win vs. Ecuador. An assist by Messi and a cool finish by De Paul gave Argentina their first goal of the match.

Lautaro Martinez added a second goal to his name at the Copa America, once more from close range as he placed the ball into the top corner of the net. Messi added the third, an incredible free kick from the edge of the penalty area.

Again it was Lautaro scoring, this time for the third straight match as Gio Lo Celso played a ball into Messi who assisted Lautaro with his first time finish.

That match also saw Emiliano Martinez become a national hero saving three penalty kicks vs. Colombia in the penalty shootout.

Angel Di Maria wrote his name in the history books as he not only scored at the Maracana but scored Argentina’s winning goal vs. Brazil at the Maracana in a Copa America final, a chip one at that.

Of the 12 goals which were scored by Argentina at the tournament, which one was your favorite?


  1. Di Maria goal of the tournament

    Stats Perform’s Opta data include 4 Argentines in team of the tournament:

    Emiliano Martínez
    Rodrigo De Paul
    Lionel Messi
    Lautaro Martínez

    De Paul to Atlético for €35m is an absolute steal even in covid times. He will fit perfectly into Simeone system. Lautaro also would, and he is said to be his #1 forward target and we should hope it happens. Huge NT benefit with 3 players there coached by Simeone

  2. All people saying that the goal was a Lodi mistake…. like takes some credit away from Argentina……to me it did not look so… that is the best Lodi could do……Please explain people…Olive, Waveride, Choripan……….

    • Usually when you get scored on, it involves some kind of mistake being made by your defense, nothing unusual in that. Lodi’s positioning was not ideal but should not take away anything from Fideo’s goal, it was a brilliant touch and lob over the keeper. Di Maria did his job perfectly. It’s not like a defender passed him the ball. He had work to do and executed it well!

      • If they are saying that his positioning was not ideal that is fine with me….. but if they are saying that Lodi could have cleared the ball and he did not…. I do not agree because when the ball fell… all Lodi could is barely touch the ball and that is what he did. What do you think?

    • To me it looked like an out-of-this-world pass from De Paul. It pitched 2-3 ft. off Lodi and bounced making it an almost unplayable stuff before trickling wide to Di Maria. Not even Thiago Silva would have read that ball!

      May be a more composed fullback would have kept tracking Di Maria all along instead of getting caught between ‘continue the run or try clearing’ – none worked for Lodi in this case though!

      Kudos to Di Maria for that finish anyway. Not just the finish but the pace, the ability to run straight and the fancy lob also. He didn’t let the intensity of the moment to get on his nerves…

    • I mean it certainly was a bit of a mistake to fail to clear it, but nonetheless the pass from De Paul was sublime and Di Maria’s finishing was world class in every respect. I do not think any Brazil player would have finished that, perhaps not even Neymar. Being able to capitalize on mistakes is a huge aspect of being a good team. Imagine De Paul’s pass had been in Udinese — not a goal. Plus if Di Maria’s unfortunate injury and Messi’s slip up had not happened there might have even been two more. Plus Brazil’s offside goal also came from a Romero mistake (not sure if people remember but he tried to smoothly touch the ball back to another defender and it ended up at Richarlison’s feet). Not like they created great chances without mistakes either

    • it’s a perfect ly created goal. That goal means tht what scaloni want from his players. An early goal helped Arg. to allow brz to attack and Defend remaining time with no error.Depaul
      again assisted Messi by a beautiful pass but th couldn’t lead to finish. Lodi is a left-footed player I think. He can’t manange it in a difficult angle when tht special pass comes.

  3. We need to incorporate Dybala, Buendia and Senesi as soon as possible into the NT.
    Nobody rates Argentina enough by the global mainstream media and that’s basically good for the NT.We are capable to show our levels on the pitch, not on some hypothetical debates in the TV.
    After this silverware, I am confident that we will be a tough contender for the WC. But, to win a war of the highest stature, you should have idea about the opponents too.
    1. Germany: This team can be a real threat as Hansi Flick has taken the responsibility. Mentally, no team is equivalent to them and I respect them in that regards, but nowadays the players are not that quality wise as they were pre 2018 WC.
    2. France: Their greatest asset is their speed. hence, nullifying Mbappe will reduce their abilities by 50%. Their coach is way too defensive and they don’t have a creative midfielder to be honest.
    3. Brazil: Never gonna undermine them, whether they are our arch rivals, but definitely they will be a squad filled with much technical players than any european nations.
    4. Spain: They are like headless chicken, will just dominate possession, cann’t penetrate in the final third. {I’m a Barcelona fan only cause of MESSI (may sound plastic, but cant you not adore and love the GOAT)). Pedri is a good talent, but is overhyped like the coming of next Iniesta. iniesta was really a balller.
    5. Belgium: Without Debryune the team is nothing. As he plays for the PL, he is hyped much more than his capabilities. DiMaria is literally a better player than DeBruyne.
    6.Portugal: This is the team I hate the most. They are just penalty merchants, nothing more, nothing less. Only Diogo Jota is good from that squad.
    7.Italy: They are playing good ATM, but I’m confident we can handle them easily.
    Finally, lets hope GOD helps the ARGENTINA NT once again to lift the World Cup in Qatar in 2022.

    • Wow what a biased analysis of national teams. France does not have creative midfield then who is Pogba,nullifgying Mbappe is not enough they have Griezaman,Benzema and whole team. Portugal has Renato Sanches,Ronaldo,Dias do not underestimate them.
      Spain gave hard time to Italy.
      Just a biased scenario you do not know anything about other teams.

  4. Messi played with a hamstring injury in the final. Di Maria left ankle was swollen (his wife posted the picture of the swollen ankel) after that incident in the first half but both kept playing. They did not want to let the team down. They deserve a credit.

  5. Icardi & Dybala must for the next cycle, both are hitting their prime along with a CB. 500 days left for the world cup and Aguero Dimaria Otamendi won’t help us and not even messi like this year copa.

    • Icardi is an awesome finisher but he can’t replace lautaro type of striker. Icardis work rate is not high enough for this scalonis defensive pressing.

    • You really should not undermine the football God AKA Messi, he can be in his prime whenever he fucking wants if Zlatan can do it so can Messi

  6. Di Maria scored a similar goal in the Olympics Final …….and won the tournament with Messi & Aguero….. Years before…..

    • if you like basketball watch Argentina national team. We have very good team.
      In last world cup we won silver medal. We lost in final.

      • In the group of death with european champions Slovenia with the phenomenal one man army Doncic, the best european team and world champions Spain and host Japan.

        • yes true. maybe we can qualify next round as best 2 third teams.
          Slovenia didn t announce their squad yet. I hope Doncic don t be allowed from Dallas mavericks to play in tournament. Else things is very difficult for us.

          • No Doncic was there in the qualifiers too one week ago, yes quarters would be a good result, but with a little bit luck even semi final is possible…against France or Australia…avoid Team USA with Kevin Durant, Lillard, Booker, Tatum, Middleton, Lavine, Bradley Beal…too much talent for others, much stronger than their WC squad, even Nigeria is very strong with 8-10 NBA players.

  7. FIFA ranking before the Copa and Uero Cup:
    1. Belgium 1783
    2. France 1757
    3. Brazil 1743
    4. England 1687
    5. Portugal 1666
    6. Spain 1648
    7. Italy 1642
    8. Argentina 1642

    After the 2 tournaments, I am sure Argentina will be at least 2nd. Italy should be first.

    The top 8 or FIFA ranking will get the number 1 seed of the World Cup group.

    • Euro and copa america have same weightage in fifa ranking but the fact that italy have defeated belgium, england and spain who are in front of them in previous ranking means they have gained more points than argentina.

    • I think italy will replace no. 4 spot and Argentina will be no. 5 England will be 6th Spain will be 7th and Portugal will be 8th.
      According to me rankings could be like this

  8. Di marias goal, not due to the technicality but due to the importance. Its one of the moments which has broken the shackles for us. This may finally open the door for us in the upcoming WC or may be we may become over confident too. Its upto the players and the Coach to keep the motivation for winning the epitome of football.Qualify first thats priority now.

    I have a feeling that a relieved Messi may be even more dangerous for our opponents. At Barca he can relax, he dont have to prove anything for anyone any more there. I dont even care if he wins another CL also. But he should just keep in shape for the WC.

    England fans mean while got what they exactly deserve in a silver plater. Booing at other nations National anthem, makeing fun of a crying young german girl? Not surprised though. People who wanted to Colonise the whole world. What else can we expect from them.

    • booing the national anthem is really shit behavior. Leave the country and fans out of it, all animosity should be within the pitch and for/against players/refs, etc. The minute English started booing, they are now directing anger and hostility towards fans and family.

      • The English are shit. They booing national anthems very often.
        Not only Argentina every time we play but in many other occations.

  9. Lineker said Chiellini and Bonuci might be on something cause they could still play so many games at that age. Appearently Lineker isnt any different than any other English pundits when things dont go England’s way.

    I’m so glad Diego punched that ball in.

    • They will be exposed in wc against a decent counter attacking team they will struggle. Italy nothing special. They were dominated by a young spain side if spain had a decent forward they would slapped italy 3-4 goals minimum. They struggled against a austrian side. They won against a Belgium side whose main 2 star players 1 playing with injury and other one out to injury then they faced an England side which reached final only because the route to their side was easy that too they got referee help against Denmark to progress just cocky English media hyped that mediocre English side. You guys hyping Italian win like its an Italian blog.

  10. 4 best goals of tournament

    4. Papu Gomez first goal from Messi assist.
    3. Messi chip shot from aguero assist.
    2. Messi free kick goal.
    1. Di maria goal vs Brazil


  11. Jefe, Romance KING, aka Raj, aka Siddiq has not learning his lessons. Sexual innuendos against Scaloni, looking for romantic partners on this blog and trolling as usual.

    • my friend i bet he will return with new nickname.
      Sure something related with that Indian actor he likes.
      The kid have serious issues.

        • Yes after Messi retire from national team he will return to support his beloved Germans. Now that i am thinking this is the only good thing that will come up from Messi retire ha ha 🙂

        • > You can always tell who he is instantly

          It’s like “calling cards” for serial killers, that guys calling cards are on repeat –

          1) Heart with arrow
          2) Scalonis bedroom
          3) Stories of che guevara and freedom of speech
          4) Proclamations that Icardi will 100% get ballon d’or “this year”
          5) Fanatical love for anything with a pair of boobs

          • hahahaha that is hilarious, perfect summary. Might add a number 6 — obsession with player’s wives (although it merges with #5). Or maybe a slot for his comments on “mickey mouse” tournaments and farmers leagues. Or perhaps a comment hating on Alario for no apparent reason

  12. Argentina is the only team in Euro and Copa who not started the penalty shootout and won it from 6. Btw statistically better to start the penalties, a lot of luck in coin flip.

    • Wow this is very interesting what ive found now:
      “An analysis of 207 penalty shootouts in 14 international football tournaments between July 2003 and August 2017, including the World and European Championships, found that only 56 percent of all captains opted to go first, while the remaining 44 percent sent their keepers into the goal first. Shooting second could be a strategic decision, the researchers suggest, if the team’s own goalkeeper is considered better than that of the other team and more likely to make a save.

      As a result, the evaluation confirms earlier studies, according to which the decision to take the first penalty kick does not bring an advantage. In the games analysed, the winning frequency of the teams kicking first was only about 51 per cent. The result of the coin toss, on the other hand, made a difference: about 60 percent of the teams whose captains won the draw were able to win the subsequent penalty shootout. This is significantly better than the 50 percent chance one might expect if the captains’ decision did not matter.”

      So the conclusion with a world class penalty stopper (Emiliano Martinez, Donnarumma) better to let the starting in penalties. Very hard to score penalties against these goalkeepers, very height body 195+, good reflexes and athletism, so they can wait till the last second before the jump.

      • a) kicking first was only about 51%
        b) 60% of the teams whose captains won the draw were able to win the subsequent penalty shootout.

        The results are confusing. On one end, it doesn’t matter who kicks first. If it doesn’t matter who kicks first, then why would any subsequent decisions matter like a captain deciding who goes first? whats else is happening with the captains choice that leads to more wins?

  13. Still after this Copa the WC2022 winner odds: Brazil 5-6,5 (LOL) France 5-6,5 England 7-9 Germany 7-12 Spain 7,5-10 Argentina 10-12 Belgium 9-14 Italy 7,5-14 Portugal 12-20 Netherland 14-20

    • 1 year 4 months left. massive changes will happen. Some players may get lengthy injuries some players break through like emi Martinez, Romero some players may loose form i just hope foyth becomes a monster in right back position and also Romero lisandro cb pair will become a regular one and acuna improves further and improve his crossing abilities and buendia becomes a star in aston Villa. We can’t win wc with an unfit midfielder like locelso who can’t hold his stamina even for 60 minutes. Plus we need a good defensive midfielder i don’t rate paredes much.

      • I honestly think we will need Ota to play alongside Romero. Paredes can play at 5 if he keeps his concentration. Lo Celso should be fine if he plays more minutes in the next year he is a great creative player. Just going to need Gonzalez to get sharper since Di Maria cannot play every minute in a short tourney like WC

  14. The importance of this trophy is huge! First of all it was in Brazil and beating Brazil in Maracana in a final is extremely difficult and rare! Keep in mind that 5 out of total 9 copa americas that Brazil has won up to now were won in Brazil so you can realise how difficult is to beat Brazil in their own land!

    But in my humble opinion, the most important from all is that Argentina has finally gave an end to this trophyless draught! I had and still have a thought, a belief, that once Argentina ends the draught they will be back winning titles, one after another and now the draught has finally ended!

    Argentina was a sleeping giant and now the giant has finally woken up and all of our rivals and the ones who don’t like us know it very well!

    • Well said. I was furious when it was given to Brazil for a number of reasons, and now I have switched and I am happy it was there. We have something on them for years now, good bragging rights. It was unfinished business from the World Cup and makes it all the more historical. They were gifted the route to the final and luckily we did justice for all of South American football in the final. So happy it was in the maracana

    • Yes, so so true ! The importance of Winning it in Maracana or anywhere in Brazil is huge and it is like allmost mission impossible, but like u said my friend we finally have ended our draught and now the others and everyone against us are deffinetly not that confindent anymore and maybe some of the cockyness will hopefully vanish soooner the better offcourse and Yes my friend i also allways thought like u or should i say rather belived like u that once we will end our draught for trophy’s then they will start coming more again the day or another so now for me this 28 year’s suddenly feels like not really anymore like it did before and deffinetly not like 28 year’s ! But, offcourse at sometimes i find my thoughts back in our history what could have happened at WC 1982, 1990 , 1994, 1998 , 2002, and 2006 even it would have been great to win it at 2010 with Diego at helm not to even mention 2014 and also 2018, but everything in life has reason even though sometimes life feels and it is Still so unfair to so many around world like from globally wise talking etc…But ofcourse this site is not maybe for to talk about all the unjustice Still going around the world so strongly or maybe even more stronger than ever depending on everyones own personally oppinion Fairly offcourse…But then when i find my thought flying way too much back to our past year’s then instead before when i really did not had any Remedy for mentally to recover that quick at least now it is like feeling of rebooting myself with one very quick push at the button and Yes here i’m again feeling so alive with full joyness and happiness for whole Argentina and our beloved Albiceleste and for everyone around the world who are feeling and supporting our beloved Albiceleste with all of their love deeply and truly from their hearts ! GONGRATLULATIONS once more to the whole Argentina and to our past and present beloved Albiceleste and for everyone around the world feeling that very special passion for our beloved Albiceleste ! Enjoy it all ! And really looking positively for the future to deliver us hopefully some more trophys sooner the better offcourse, but after 28 year’s of waiting personally i won’t even Mind to wait for another 28 year’s, because for me personally Argentina has allways as international football has existed and will allways be a very power house in world football as we have clearly seen it finally once again and in what a fashion to do It by winning it at Maracana and in Brazil’s homesoil which is so so rare like allmost impossible, but now we have show’n the whole world that we did it and that everything is possible when everything is prepared and trained together as team building their chemistry together by amongthemself’s as a players, but also arranged from our coaching staff and everyone around and involded in the project, offcourse luck has allways a bit of to play and that anyone can’t really to change that only maybe by creating their own luck which offcourse come’s from the several good performances and continuism from the team it self and now i have the feeling that we are deffinetly been allready even before this Copa win on the right track or path and now for finally once that we have broke our draught for the trophy’s there’s is clear evidence and also that very need confidence for our beloved Albiceleste that give’s us as fan’s also so much of happiness and joy to enjoy and also realisticly to wish for more trophy’s to come in the future, but also one must be Still patient as patience is allways necessary thing with pretty much everything etc…But let just focus now for our great, great win at Maracana and for that finally our draught has ended and just celebrate it all around the world and i can’t even imagine how the people of Argentina are celebrating and that how happy and proud they deservedly must be, wow well done our beloved Albiceleste ! Stay well and healthy as u can my friend and all the best for the coming future with everything ! Ricky

  15. Gomez goals were best – especially the chip from Messi and Volley finish against Bolivia.
    However, Messi goal against Bolivia resembles the final goal of Dimaria but the long range pass from Rodrigo looks more intelligent
    So my ranking
    1. Gomez goal vs Bolivia
    2. Dimaria goal vs brazil

    Welcoming any disagreement …..

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